Looking at his mother's impulsive back, Qi Shiqin had predicted that there would be a bloody storm afterwards. He had already heard Zhou Cuicui summon people in that room to start telling stories.

The only good news is that tomorrow is the New Year, and the Qi family decided not to find fault for the time being.

But I have to say, knowing that Qi Shilang was not suddenly degenerate, and the atmosphere at home became a lot easier. Even Zheng's face was a little smile, and Qi Shilang vowed to give up gambling addiction.

Regardless of whether he can stick to this, but at the moment his mental state makes people happy when he sees it.

At night, on the big bed, there are still three people lining up to sleep. The innermost is Wei Jingshu, with Qi Shiqin lying in the middle and Qi Ge on the side.

In fact, this arrangement is quite reasonable. Qi Shiqin was woken up in the middle of the night, and Wei Jingshu was half of his body lying on his chest, and he fell asleep horizontally. And Qi Ge might be afraid of the cold, so he shrank in the bed, holding one of his arms with two small hands.

Qi Shiqin moved, but still didn't pull his arm out, the harder he hugged, the happier he was.

This is due to his strong body, otherwise he will not be exhausted even if he is tossed every day by these girls.

He gently took his son's little hand and shook it: "Son, can you sleep with your head exposed? Breath of fresh air is good for your body."

Qi Ge rubbed his thick arms in his hands and pressed against his cheeks, his small mouth moved twice, and his sleep became sweeter. Qi Shiqin had no choice but to lift him up slightly, opening a slit in the quilt, allowing him to breathe more freely, and don't hold his face flushed.

Then he gently put Wei Jingshu on the quilt, took his hand from behind his back, gently placed it on Fulang's bulging stomach, and soon fell asleep again.

The next day Qi Shiqin woke up early. He carefully moved away the wife who was pestering him, and put his son into Wei Jingshu's arms, who wanted to hold something. Watching them fall asleep again, the corners of his mouth were unconsciously brought back. Smiled.

Walking into the kitchen, Zhou Cuicui is already busy in the kitchen. Her cooking skills are better than those of a few daughter-in-laws. She cooks the chopped pork in clean water and prepares to make it later when she comes back.

Seeing Qi Shiqin, Zhou Cuicui's face instantly smiled: "I got up so early today. The rice is in that pot. I have fried two dishes with the soy milk porridge made by my mother. You take a bowl and scoop it yourself."

Qi Shiqin stretched his body a few times and walked up to see: "Dad did they eat?"

"I have eaten it a long time ago. How can I be like you. I sleep until early in the morning before getting up. They just went out and went to burn paper. I will go out soon. Do you want to go with me?" Zhou Cuicui complained, but his face I can't see the slightest concern on it.

It was early morning. For Qi Shiqin, it was just after eight o'clock, close to nine o'clock. This time is normal in modern times.

Hulu Hulu took a big bite, Qi Shiqin said: "I will go later, I have to eat the meal first."

It takes half of the village to burn the paper. Some people are buried far away and have to burn some paper money. If you run into some acquaintances on the road, everyone will have to chat for a while. So this morning was taken up by this incident, and when I got home, it was time to make lunch.

The order in which the Qi family burns paper is the same every year. Zhou Cuicui is not worried that he will not find anyone, and said: "Then I will go first, and you will take your time."

"it is good."

Before leaving, Zhou Cuicui also instructed Qi Yunyun to pay attention to the pot and add some water when the boiled water was almost dry. By the way, he would wash the chopping board, and finally sweep the floor. It was soiled again this morning.

Qi Yunyun was holding her breath in her heart, and she didn't dare to post it in front of Zhou Cuicui. She didn't want to make a big Chinese New Year move. There was a precedent. She replied, "I know."

In fact, I secretly scolded the old woman for not seeing others' leisure time, and always arranged for her with all kinds of work, large and small, since my son slept in the morning, she didn't even see her cursing badly.

When she gets married in the future, she won't have to suffer these wrongs again.

Thinking of marrying, Qi Yunyun has reached her age this year. She doesn't like those who come to propose relatives. She wants to live a good life, but she doesn't want to marry some dudes. She hopes that her husband is a capable person.

Although Qi Yunyun thinks a little beautiful, but this is also because of her thoughts. She is not bad in length, and she stands out from the other girls in the village, but because of working all day, her skin is not as good as the two daughters of He Yue's family.

After eating, Qi Shiqin went out directly.

The rice bowl is placed on the stove. Qi's family has no reason for men to wash and cook. This has always been a woman's and brother's business.

Qi Yunyun kept muttering in her heart, she still had to obediently clean the dishes.

In a blink of an eye, Wei Jingshu and Qi Ge also washed up and came in for dinner. Seeing Qi Yunyun who was busy in the kitchen, he didn't say hello either. He was not close to the Qi family.

There have been a few quarrels.

He glanced at the food left in the pot, which was pretty good in the village. Wei Jingshu's most picky thing is not the food, as long as the taste is not bad, he can accept it. For him, what he cares about is beautiful clothes, precious jade necklaces, various jewelry, and things that care for his face.

He brought out the dishes one by one, and said to Qi Ge: "Baby go and take the roast duck that your father bought back, and put it in the big cabinet in the house."

After pregnancy, he had a great appetite, especially like eating some appropriately processed meat. When he came back, Qi Shiqin bought him several roast ducks, and after a little bit of deep frying, the aroma was delicious. It is winter, and the shelf life of food is also long.

Qi Ge ran to the cabinet, which was full of food. He quickly found the roast duck and returned to the kitchen.

Wei Jingshu cut the roast duck into small pieces, put it in the pot and deep-fried it, adding some seasonings according to his personal taste. When he was an unmarried little brother, Zhang taught him how to cook, and he still knew the basics.

He is best at making soup. Originally, he thought, Xianggong was studying in the study late at night, and he walked over with a bowl of soup. This is definitely the best weapon to promote the relationship between two people. After drinking and drinking, maybe two people will go back to the room together and happen some indescribable things.

When he was in Yuecheng, he also did this kind of thing. Wei Jingshu blushed. At that time, it was not convenient because they lived with their children at night. So Qi Shiqin had an in-depth exchange with him in the study.

Qi Shiqin helped him back to the room with trembling footsteps. Fortunately, his son was still young, and he didn't realize what happened between his parents.

Not long afterwards, the whole room was filled with the smell of roast duck. Qi Yunyun was greedy, but she was unwilling to ask for it. She still remembered that she used to ridicule Wei Jingshu for being lazy and unwilling to do anything.

However, if they are a big living person here, if they don't want to eat it all by themselves, right?

However, Wei Jingshu proved with actions that he could not see anyone greedy, and after eating half a roast duck with his son, he took out the handkerchief and wiped off the oil stains on Qi Ge's mouth.

Then put the bowl on the stove, completely unaware of washing dishes.

Qi Yunyun stopped them from leaving, with a bad tone: "Everyone has finished eating, and the pots and bowls have been washed. What do you leave the bowls there for now? Wash them yourself."

Wei Jingshu was taken aback, and told him in a good voice that it was okay, but with a tone of command like this, it immediately made him uncomfortable, and he said coldly, "I didn't want you to wash, let me go."

Qi Yunyun refused: "You go to wash the dishes and naturally let you go out."

Wei Jingshu was not easy to provoke, so she stretched out her hand and pushed hard. Qi Yunyun didn't pay attention. She slammed her body against a sharp edge, and she started crying because of the pain.

Wei Jingshu ignored him and walked out on his own. Qi Ge carefully looked at his mother's face, and whispered: "Mother, or I'll go wash it, I can wash the dishes."

Seeing his son's worry, Wei Jingshu was a little embarrassed: "It's okay, if something goes wrong, I will find your father to solve it." In fact, he also knew that something was wrong with him, but he couldn't hold his face. In that tone, he didn't want to listen to her. Do the dishes.

After Qi Shiqin came back, Wei Jingshu held his arm and shook coquettishly: "I didn't read the script this morning. I have been teaching my son to read."

"Oh, isn't it?" Qi Shiqin replied, preparing to change to an older dress. The wood stakes for the stove at home are almost gone. The eldest brother is sawing wood in the yard, and he is going to help.

"Oh, why are you doing this." Wei Jingshu haunted him.

"Okay." Qi Shiqin stopped and sat on the bed, pulling the person to his lap and sitting: "Let's talk, what are you doing to me suddenly so passionately?"

"What you said, didn't I have been enthusiastic about you before?" Wei Jingshu pouted.

Qi Shiqin leaned forward and kissed a few mouthfuls, then licked it again: "You put something on your lips, and it feels that it tastes pretty good." After speaking, he wrapped it around and tasted it carefully.

After a while, Wei Jingshu gently raised his small fist and punched him, gasping sweetly: "This is orange flavor, the fresh stuff from that store, I bought some more before I came back, and there are other flavors. , I bought them all." His lips became soft and tender after applying them, which made him extremely satisfied.

Qi Shiqin rubbed his ears and temples together, his lips pressed soft kisses on his neck, and then a deep voice sounded: "I like it very much, and I will try other flavors later."

"Okay." Wei Jingshu felt that he was drowning in the affection of this man, his hands clinging to the other's shoulders, his body straightened up and bent into a bow shape, wanting to completely put himself in the other's hands.

For a long time, Qi Shiqin moved the distance between the two of them, wiped the XX on his hand with a cloth towel, and returned Wei Jingshu's open clothes to the original state, and kissed each other's watery eyes: "I'm out to work, you behaved, wait. I'll have dinner later."

Speaking of eating, Wei Jingshu realized that he had forgotten something. He grabbed Qi Shiqin's hand and said, "I didn't wash the dishes for dinner in the morning."

Qi Shiqin was puzzled: "What then?"

"Then Qi Yunyun insisted on washing me, so I pushed her and pushed her to the ground." Wei Jingshu looked at him pitifully.

Thinking it was a major event, Qi Shiqin said, "It's okay. You will leave it here and I will come back to help you wash it." When he said that, Qi Shiqin also understood that his mother would not let him do this kind of thing, he wanted Really did it, and it was someone else who was scolded. So this thing still has to be done by others.

But Qi Shiqin didn't care. He provided this home for his nephews to study, not to make his husband angry at home.

He doesn't have any thoughts of loving the house and the house. He is grateful to his elder brother, but it does not mean that he has to be kind to the eldest brother's daughter.

Sure enough, after Zhou came back, she saw her daughter's red eyes, and she knew she had cried. She hurriedly asked, "What's wrong with you? Why are you crying during the Chinese New Year? If your grandmother finds out, Inevitable scolding."

Qi Yunyun also knew this, so she avoided Zhou Cicui in this situation. Seeing her mother, she instantly aggrieved: "Mother, look at the back of my waist, it hurts."

Zhou pulled the dress away and saw a large bruise on her fair skin. She was shocked and said, "This… why are you so careless?" She hit her daughter hard on the shoulder, but she felt distressed. Hastened to find medicinal wine for her daughter to rub.

Qi Yunyun recounted what happened in the morning, and then looked at her mother stubbornly, expecting the Zhou family to be fair to her.

Zhou sighed: "It's just two bowls. You just wash it and it doesn't matter. You also know that they are the little sons of the county magistrate and never do these rough jobs."

Qi Yunyun snorted coldly: "He is noble again, and now he has married to Qi's house, even his grandmother is not as delicate as him."

Zhou frowned: "People have that ability, Xiaoliu is willing to defend him. Your grandma has no objection to those who are not convinced. This is the reality. And your brother reads the money that your sixth uncle pays. How can you be a child? Just remember these little things." She knew that she was not jealous, but for some things, it's better to see the reality clearly.

No one is obliged to treat you well.

Qi Yunyun was not talking. Since his mother knew that her second elder brother could pass the exam at Qingshan Academy every time, and when he was still very arbitrary, even the previous careful thoughts were taken away. But she was not convinced, the silver was not for her, so why should she be willing to bear the consequences?

By the time we had dinner at noon, everything was calm, and Wei Jingshu was relieved.

After eating and drinking, everyone took out the mahjong and poker cards that were newly released on the market in the past few months. This gadget has been sought after by everyone as soon as it came out.

Seeing Mahjong, Qi Shilang's eyes lighted up, and he explained the rules loudly to his brothers and sisters who didn't understand it, which seemed to give some pointers.

After speaking proudly, he met Zheng's calm eyes, Qi Shilang was shocked and shivered, thinking of Zheng's life and death to jump into the river, and his long-awaited child in his belly. Unhappy and said: "You can play, I just watch."

Only then did Zheng look away, except for the child in her stomach, everything is in a state of grief that is more than heartbroken.


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