In the ancient times, where there was no entertainment, the appearance of mahjong and playing cards was quite like a splash of water. As long as you play a few games, you can instantly fascinate people. Even with so many leisure activities in this world, these two also occupy a special place.

At the same time, this is also a good thing to pass the time. Everyone made up two tables, and the afternoon passed quickly. A few sisters-in-law stopped their hands, and they had to prepare dumpling fillings and dumpling wrappers.

But the men don't have these troubles. For those who are celebrating the New Year, they don't have any heavy work at home, so they continue to play mahjong with great interest. Wei Jingshu was also a little interested in this. After the cards on his side broke up, he sat next to Qi Shiqin, learned a little bit, and encouraged Qi Shiqin to play cards.

Simply Qi Shiqin didn't know much about mahjong, and he didn't have much interest. After discussing it with Xiao Fulang, it was more interesting, and both of them got involved.

This can be called a gambling game. Naturally, there are bets. They don't play a lot. There are a few or more than a dozen coppers in a game. Everyone loses or loses, and there is not much loss in the end.

Soon it's time to eat dumplings. Although the game is tempting, the beautiful vision of reunion dinner that has been passed down for thousands of years has caused a few men to put down the things in their hands. Old man Qi said first: "The meal is ready, let's go to dinner."

When he said that, he stood up, and several others followed suit.

A large bowl of dumplings are cooked and placed on the table, each with a thin skin and a lot of fillings, like a large ingot that is raw and raw, and it is auspicious to see. Chopsticks and various condiments are also placed on the table, because they have different tastes, and the condiments need to be placed separately.

Wei Jingshu took three bowls. The tastes of him and Qi Ge are inseparable, but Qi Shiqin is different. He likes spicy food, the taste is heavy, and all the condiments have to be put in a lot. He tried to take a few bites and almost burst his tears.

Putting the seasonings into the bowl one by one, he stirred a few times with his chopsticks, dipped a little bit to Qi Shiqin's lips, and asked, "Taste it, is it right?"

Qi Shiqin nodded and said: "Yes, it's right."

When Wei Jingshu heard a satisfactory reply, the corner of his mouth twitched as he lowered his head to play with himself and his son with a smile.

Qi Shiqin picked up a big spoon and scooped a bowl in front of his son. Then he scooped a large plate of dumplings and placed them in front of the two. Everyone in the family eats differently. Young people like Qi He are mostly like them. Dip and eat. And Zhou Cuicui's elderly people are mixed with a large bowl of soup.

It is estimated that they are afraid that everyone will not have a "surprise". The various sugars, peanuts, red dates and copper coins that Zhou Cuicui put in the dumplings are not too small, and everyone has a good sign.

Then firecrackers were set off again, and crackling noises sounded one after another in the village, along with the laughter, and the sound of the frightened Grackle. It jumped around in the cage, and shouted: "Oh, why is it so loud? It scared me to death."

Seeing that no one came to take care of it, the mynah immediately raised his throat and shouted, "Beauty, what happened? Come and see me." It flapped its wings, hoping to make the movement a little louder, so lively The place doesn't have its mynah, and it really can't help it be flustered.

After a long time, it finally heard the creak of the study door opening, and Brother Grackle stopped and said, "Who is it?"

I saw a puppy sitting under its cage, barking barkingly at it. Mynah was scared immediately. Does a dog like a creature want to eat birds?

After talking to it for a long time, Erbao never heard the bird say another word. Its black eyes were full of confusion: [Why are you ignoring me? Don't you like to talk to people? ]

A bird and a dog stared at each other for a long time, until Qi Shiqin came in and saw the funny scene, and said, "What are you two doing?"

"Master, this fat dog wants to kill me. It's too terrible." Mynah was no longer called a big badass, and his voice was as gentle and soft as possible. Qi Shiqin was disgusted when he heard it, just like seeing a two-meter man blushing shyly.

Damn it! This silly bird was too insidious. Erbao's head was blinded for a moment, and he quickly ran over and rubbed his master's trousers aggrieved, his mouth made a pitiful whine, his round eyes really seemed to be soaked in water, and he couldn't tell. Cute.

[Master, that silly bird actually called me fat. ]

Qi Shiqin touched Erbao's head, feeling quite good, and took the whole fat dog into his arms, and the heaviness in his hand told him that the dog was really fat. As if knowing what the puppy wanted to express, Qi Shiqin comforted: "The second treasure is not fat, it's the stupid beak."

Mynah was angry: "You big villain, I won't care about you anymore! I'm not a stupid bird, I'm so smart, you're a big idiot."

Qi Shiqin took out a box of things and shook it in front of Brother Grackle, so that he could ask in his spare time: "Then do you want to eat?"

There is fragrant food. This breed of mynah has been eaten before, but it is a bit expensive, and the owner refuses to give it more.

It raised its head and said in a tangled tone: "Then…then you have to give it to me, I can't help it." And afraid of being slapped, it lowered its head, stepped on its right foot with its left foot, and tried to tell itself not to eat this. Nothing at all.

But the aura of loss all over his body was beyond hiding.

Qi Shiqin laughed, still put the feed into its trough, and then said before going out holding the fat puppy: "Er Bao wants to play with you, why are you afraid of it."

Mynah stood in the corner and ignored him. When someone left, it rubbed against the food trough, and muttered in his heart, saying that he wanted to play with me, so why did he scare me? Is it giving me power? I don't want to play with fat dogs.

But this one is really delicious, it would be great if it could be eaten every day.

After Qi Shiqin finished feeding the birds, he turned to the bedroom and took out a box before returning to the house where everyone was. Tonight is to watch the year. Everyone decided to continue playing cards, but the house is too big, even if you order a few. The candle is still not clear enough.

When the soft brilliance spread over the whole room, everyone was shocked. Qi Dalang, who has always been steady, asked what everyone thought: "This is the legendary moon pearl?"

I saw that this thing was as big as a big ocean bowl, and it was clearly visible within two meters of it. If you get closer, you can even read the text on the book.

Qi Shiqin nodded: "This is the trophies from the previous wars. This is not the best. It is said that there is one in the palace that is more than one meter long and weighs 6 tons." After that, he added: "That is the largest in the world. , Like me, although there are not many, we can still find some out."

Everyone has no idea what to say, Qi Erlang said first: "It's still important to play mahjong, Xiaoliu, hurry up and put things in place, this evening will be fun."

Everyone regained their senses and started playing again.

In the middle of the night, everyone ate another supper, and finally went back to the room to sleep when they couldn't make it up.

When he woke up the next day, Qi Ge subconsciously reached out and touched under the pillow. He felt his dad put something underneath in confusion last night. Sure enough, a red seal appeared in his hand, opened it, and sixty-six coins were strung with thread inside.

This is Qi Shiqin's evil taste, because the new year's money must be given in even numbers, and he wants to find a more interesting number.

After breakfast, the family got on the carriage and started a day of New Year's greetings. Of course, the first stop was to go back to the father-in-law's house.

Entering Yuecheng, when we first arrived at the gate of the Wei Mansion, a luxuriously decorated carriage approached here not far away. The bead curtains in front of the door touched together and made a crisp sound, and the small bells on both sides were also in the breeze. Rang in. The tulle at the window sill also floats in the air, and the picture can be said to be quite beautiful.

The carriage stopped, a maid stepped out of the carriage first, followed by a fat man with a smile on his face, and then a white hand opened the bead curtain, Wei Qingqing was supported by the maid and stepped on the arch of a lower man. Get out of the carriage.

Wei Qingqing obviously saw Wei Jingshu too. She glanced at the other person in amazement. She didn't expect that the magistrate's son who was followed by seven or eight servants in the past had actually fallen into this look.

Although Wei Qingqing hasn't spoken yet, Wei Jingshu, who has been through various tears since he was a child, has long been able to see through.

He didn't wait for Wei Qingqing to approach, holding his son in one hand, and Qi Shiqin's arm in the other, and walked into the mansion without looking back.

"Oh, brother, don't rush to leave." Wei Qingqing held a veil-like handkerchief and stretched forward slightly to retain.

Qi Shiqin looked at the enraged Wei Jing and said, "Are you upset? Is it possible that you dislike me?"

Wei Jingshu rolled his eyes: "I'm married. What is there to dislike? How can he compare to you. I'm just afraid that I won't win the quarrel. Every time I quarrel with her, I feel that I haven't played well when I look back. It must be brewed first."

Qi Shiqin couldn't help but laugh at this cute look. He said, "If you like it, it's okay to find someone to serve you."

"Forget it. Let's live with a big family now. I'm going to find someone to take care of what it looks like. My mother still works every day. I don't want to scold him." Wei Jingshu laughed. He was originally a person. It belongs to those who have a strong temperament, and if they don't say a word, they will be sulking for a long time. But after marrying Qi Shiqin, his life was much easier, and he didn't bother to make trouble with some people.

Besides, he knows his own genius, and he is secretly proud. When it comes to such a prosperous place, I don't know how many women are staring at it. He has to watch it carefully.

Happy New Year with his parents, Qi Ge, who followed along the way, received two gifts.

At noon, I wanted to stay in the Wei Mansion for dinner. Before it was early, Qi Shiqin wanted to visit his teacher for a year. After talking to Wei Jingshu, he left the child behind.


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