As soon as Qi Shiqin left, the magistrate of Wei County was not able to chat dryly with a few children. He left the scene and took away Wei Qingqing's husband, Zheng Xin, the son of a wealthy businessman in the south of the city.

Wei Qingqing couldn't wait to say: "This season, the plum blossoms in the garden should also be blooming, so why don't we go for a stroll."

Garden—A place where accidents happen frequently, Wei Jing's book is not for nothing, and combined with the previous methods of the Liu family, he is self-prepared in his heart. He held his big belly and said softly: "It's not anymore, it's freezing cold this day, be careful not to freeze your nephew."

Wei Qingqing squeezed the palm of her hand, her eyes were impatient. It was clear that this slut would have to marry her mother's distant relative as long as the plan was made properly, but he did not expect him to do calculations several times. Enduring the impatience in his heart, Wei Qingqing said, "That's true. Brother, you are now married to a farmer, and there is no one to wait for him. You have to be careful."

"Oh, that's right." Wei Qingqing said with an expression that suddenly remembered: "My brother shouldn't have much money to buy some supplements now. Listen to my sister's advice. It is good for the child to use more nourishing body during pregnancy. This should be spent. Don't save on these aspects. Otherwise, when the younger sister returns, ask the next person to send some bird's nests and ginseng to the elder brother."

Of course she knew that Wei Jingshu had a dowry. After all, she was the magistrate's son, and she gave it not too little, but there were more gold and silver jewelry, and only two shops and the like. Zhang was originally a farm girl, and there was nothing privately enough to subsidize Wei Jingshu.

Ever since he got the boy, the magistrate Wei has no longer been indifferent to everything, and wants to keep everything in the family for his son. After all, it was a county magistrate, not a big official, and he had to respect the superior, so he didn't have as many things to marry the two children as imagined.

Moreover, her mother's position in the mansion has long been stable, so how much Wei Jingshu's dowry is, Liu Qianqian also blew the pillow wind in front of the Wei County magistrate. To be counted, Wei Qingqing is a concubine, and the dowry is really not worse than Wei Jingshu.

The dowry is the biggest reliance on the future life of a married brother. Wei Qingqing's remarks are obviously mocking. He will use his dowry within a few years after he just married. This is also a disguised way of saying that his husband is not strong.

Wei Jingshu secretly poked the villain in his heart, and now he is no longer the favorite child in his father's heart, and the only boy in the family was born to Wei Qingqing's mother. In this situation, Wei Jingshu's method of asking his father to help punish people when he was angry earlier was naturally not working.

He is not good at arguing with others, but following the second sister-in-law Wu, Wei Jingshu has learned a few tricks. He said: "This is no need for my sister to worry about it. The grandfather has always been careful and thoughtful to me. I am tired of drinking these things. I heard that one of my brother-in-law's concubine gave birth to a boy? This seems to be the brother-in-law's eldest son."

It's just like Wu and He Yue always say that they can't give birth to a son, and the moves are old, but they are quite effective. Wei Jingshu listened a lot, and felt that it was extremely lethal.

Sure enough, Wei Qingqing's face suddenly became extremely ugly.

The Zheng family, like most wealthy families, brought the maid beside him into the house when his son was 13 or 14 years old. At that time, he didn't kill his wife when his wife hadn't started. He drank contraceptives afterwards. However, two or three months after Wei Qingqing married, the medicine stopped.

The old lady in the family was also afraid that her son would be taken away by her married daughter-in-law, and within a few days of the newly-weds, Zheng Xin gave Zheng Xin two maids by her side to come over.

The two were by the old lady's side and couldn't move easily. Wei Qingqing was extremely frustrated. Every day, he was jealous with a group of women in the backyard, competing for Zheng Xin's favor. It didn't take long for her to be pregnant, and finally she could breathe a sigh of relief. Unexpectedly, two concubines were also pregnant, and they were two months older than her.

Naturally, Wei Qingqing was not reconciled to his eldest son being born in a concubine, so he dropped one, and the other was guarded by an old lady. He was also a powerful figure with full house fighting skills, and he just gave birth to the child in his stomach safely. And she finally gave birth to a girl after a long time of tossing herself, which made Wei Qingqing feel uncomfortable every time she thought of it.

At this moment, she can only pretend not to care: "It's just a B*stard, not worthy of anything."

Wei Jingshu smiled and agreed: "My sister is right, but she is a concubine." He added the accent to the last two words. Isn't his sister also a concubine? He was ready to slip after one move to control the enemy, and then he was afraid that he would not be able to resist it.

After tidying up his clothes, Wei Jingshu stood up: "I'm going to see where Xiao Ge has gone. This kid is shaking in front of me every day. It's gone now. I'm not used to it. Sister, you just want to visit the garden. Go by yourself, I won't be with me if I have anything to do." He left without waiting for someone to answer.

Under the full snow, the flaming fox fur cape was not a trace of variegation, and the skin of Wei Jingshu that lined it was like snow, quite a bit of ice and bones. Wei Qingqing only noticed this at this time. Firefox is not easy to find. This cloak is probably worth a lot of money in the capital.

She looked at the leaving figure with a jealous face. After a long time unable to return to her senses, the servant girl who served her called out, "Madam."

Wei Qingqing went all the way to Liu's room, and as soon as she entered the door, before her mother asked for a question, she pushed the tea bowl on the table to the ground with a crisp cracking sound.

"What's wrong with you?" Liu Qianqian asked, looking at her daughter's anger.

Wei Qingqing gritted his teeth and said, "That B*tch dare to look down on me, saying that I am a lowly person."

Liu Qianqian chuckled softly, picked up the new tea set that the maid had just changed on the table, poured a cup of tea, and sipped his lips gently, saying, "What is your anger with him? He has been relying on him since childhood. Others, if they don't have the ability, their mother will occupy the title of the main room. What will happen in the future is not certain. Look at it, men are all the same, Qi Shiqin now admires his color and spoils him, and waits for the future. Tired, his temperament has to suffer."

Wei Qingqing snorted: "I knew that his legs could recover, I didn't do that much at the beginning." She tilted her head to look at the void, thinking about her current life with a slight regret.

Since she was a child, Wei Jingshu has been under the pressure. Dad has never seen her. Such a good-looking boy is also Wei Jingshu's fiancé. When he came to the mansion, he never looked at her again, and his smile was not as good as his eyes, which made Wei Qingqing extremely dissatisfied.

Her life has been like this for a long time, and only defective products that Wei Jingshu don't want will be given to her.

But she didn't want it either.

Wei Qingqing knew that what she wanted was always the best, so when Qi Shiqin was in trouble, she became calmer and seized the opportunity to make things more in line with her own interests. This is the biggest difference between her and Wei Jingshu. Wei Jingshu is a flower that is pampered in the garden, thinking about things with naive fantasies, and has no ability to resist, so he goes with the flow and is not cruel enough.

Wei Jingshu treats Qi Shiqin as if he is divided into emotional stages. When he has a good impression of others, he is in a wait-and-see period. If it goes well, it's fine, if it doesn't go well, then forget it. But once he falls in love with each other, even if he is only a drag, he wants to bear it with him.

Obviously, Wei Jingshu, who was only fifteen years old at the time, had very tender feelings, not deep enough, and not enough for him to have the courage to bear the ups and downs outside.

Even if Wei Qingqing fell in love, she would kick someone away, and she would quickly bury her mind in the deepest place. And she hopes that the other party will stay like this for the rest of her life, not to rise, not to become dazzling.

Because if the other party is doing well, she will become more and more regretful. So the other person's bad life is the best, and she won't be sad.

At this moment, Wei Qingqing couldn't help wondering whether his original decision was correct.

Liu Qianqian obviously understands her daughter. She said: "Since you have made your choice a long time ago, then don't let yourself regret it. Don't pay too much attention to those concubine rooms. The most important thing for you now is to take care of your body as soon as possible. Give birth to a son."

Wei Qingqing's face was a little slow. Although Qi Shiqin had healed his legs, he did not enter the officialdom. Look at that, maybe he will be a teacher all his life.

After all, although the eldest prince did not have a high position, he was a member of the royal family after all. Wei Qingqing thought that Qi Shiqin should not be able to continue his imperial examination. Thinking this way, Wei Qingqing felt a lot more relaxed.

However, Wei Qingqing said: "I understand these, I will clean up those people sooner or later. However, my brother, I have to give him a meeting gift." She smiled sweetly but it was kind of kind. Feeling creepy.

And this Xiang Qi Shiqin did not wait much after paying respect to his teacher for a year, and returned with a gift for his son. He found his wife in the room when Wei Jingshu was not out of the pavilion when he was familiar with the family and the road, "Xiao Ge, see what daddy brought back for you."

Qi Ge's eyes lit up, and his father usually brought him some fun and delicious food when he went out, so his expectations were high.

Immediately ran to Qi Shiqin diligently to pour a cup of tea, and said obediently: "Daddy has worked hard, get a cup of tea to get rid of the cold."

Qi Shiqin smiled and sat down to drink tea, "Open it yourself and take a look."

Qi Ge carefully opened the box, and Wei Jingshu on the side also leaned in curiously, and saw that it contained a set of four treasures of the study, which was obviously used frequently by people. Qi Ge could hang a little bit of oil immediately. Pot out.

Wei Jingshu's eyes lit up and he touched Qi Ge's head intimately: "This is a top-grade blue-and-white inkstone. This species can only be mined from the rock every autumn and winter when the river drops. The merits of being astringent without leaving a brush and slipping and not rejecting ink have been promoted as the "first of the group of inkstones," and it is now a tribute. And this pen—"

He picked it up and looked at it carefully: "Is this pen-making method the work of master Li Guangsheng?"

Qi Ge opened his mouth slightly. He didn't expect that he looked like a mother who knew nothing but could understand so many things, so he couldn't help but look at his mother with a small admiring look.

Wei Jingshu was quite proud of it in his heart. These are all very simple to him, and he knows more.

Qi Shiqin affirmed his answer: "Yes, this is a gift from the mentor to our son. These things are commonly used by the mentor." However, there are many good things from the old man, and Qi Shiqin took it quite smoothly.

Qi Ge said, "Father, don't you often teach me that gentlemen don't take advantage of others? Since Grandpa Shen often uses these things, they must be his favorite."

Qi Shiqin first affirmed Qi Ge's words, not letting his son snatch some delicious food from him in the future, and then said: "There is a saying: the old one won't go, the new one won't come. If it's not your father, take this thing. Come here, then some of the inkstones in your grandfather Shen's warehouse are also precious, but can't you see the sky again, isn't it just a treasure in the dust?"

Naturally, Qi Shiqin will not ask for things that are really on the heart of the elderly. And he often plays tricks with Dean Shen is actually a different kind of happiness for the elderly, just like a father, always not hesitating to give good things to his children.

He can be regarded as grown up by Dean Shen, and even the old man's house has a special bedroom for him.

Pure Qi Ge thought about those poor babies, and nodded with sympathy: "Daddy, you are too right."

A maid walked in outside the door and said, "Young master, uncle, the master has ordered a meal."

"Then let's go." Wei Jing called.

Qi Shiqin gave a faint "um", picked up Wei Jingshu's cloak on the back of the chair, and put it on him carefully.

"There is also a hand warmer." Qi Ge said next to him.

"Okay, thank you son." After Qi Shiqin held his son in his hands, Wei Jingshu leaned over and kissed the child's white and tender cheek. The shy Qi Ge immediately hugged his father's neck with his little hand and his face was slightly red. Somewhat at a loss: He is so old, his parents still like to kiss him so much.

In fact, they don't need to do it by themselves, the maids who are waiting around will fix it, but they are accustomed to taking care of each other by themselves.

Every care and contact filled their hearts with warmth, and the meticulous warmth flowed slowly between the three. The far away figure left a trail of footprints in the snow.


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