When they were seated, they realized that it was not just their family members. Seeing that impressive yellow and wretched face, Wei Jingshu's face changed drastically: "You…Aren't you dead?" This person is really Wei Jingshu's nightmare. If he is not careful, he is likely to be married to this person.

However, Wei Jingshu bit his lip, really to the point where he really would rather die than live.

After the banquet became quiet, Qi Shiqin looked at Wei Jingshu with a small face that was bloodless. It was obvious that he was really taken aback. He took Wei Jingshu's hand soothingly. Wei Jingshu reluctantly smiled at him and sat down.

At this time, Liu Qianqian smiled and said, "Jing Shu, this child is still such a fuss." She looked at Qi Shiqin and said, "The family didn't know that you were still alive. The master looked for a long time and didn't find anyone. I regretted it for a long time. But Jing Shu has reached his age, and he can't delay any longer. His situation is not good enough to choose some good family backgrounds, so I wanted to introduce this distant nephew to him."

"Although my nephew does not look outstanding, he is usually considered capable. Everyone in the village praises him. The background book is a bit lower, but if I look at him, he doesn't dare to be disrespectful to Jingshu." If Qianqian noodles didn't change their color, they washed a lazy and delicious second-rate man into a honest and honest farmer. Moreover, the county magistrate Wei was really not worried. He was afraid that he had killed the son of the savior, because of his bad reputation.

Qi Shiqin's heart was tense at first, thinking that he had sent a letter to Wei Jingshu not long ago. He glanced at the person who lowered his head and did not dare to look at him, and was ready to go back and clean up this guy.

Then he looked sharply at the person sitting opposite him. A person's temperament gradually formed over the years. Even if Liu Qianqian praised a person as a flower, this frivolous appearance can still be seen through at a glance. .

Qi Shiqin did not reveal Wei Jingshu's deeds, and said lukewarm: "Aunt Liu is very enthusiastic about the destiny of her children in the main room. Your'down-to-earth and capable' nephew is not a dead cocoon." Speaking of this, , His voice was smiling, but it seemed that he was really pleased.

Liu Qianqian has always been called the second lady by the people in the house, and suddenly heard the word aunt, which made her face twisted for a moment. Soon she regained her expression and said: "This is no way. When my nephew went back last time, unfortunately, he encountered a horse going crazy and falling off the cliff. Fortunately, he was very lucky and survived, so he cultivated some at home. Time."

Qi Shiqin twitched his lips and said nothing. He was not stupid. He was fooled by a few words. The water in this backyard was deep, and he felt distressed when he thought of his husband being bullied when he was away.

But I also thought that this person would not release the news that he was not dead. It was obvious that he did not want to marry him, and his mood fluctuated for a while.

The county magistrate Wei saw that the atmosphere was not right, and said hurriedly: "Okay, you can't speak, you can eat."

Under the dining table, Liu's nephew quietly stretched his legs up to touch Wei Jingshu's legs. In his opinion, the princes of this kind would definitely not dare to scream in front of each other's comrades.

You know, these men, if their wives have something, they will get angry, but they will also feel that their wives are having an affair with others, otherwise how could they be so bold. After all, the seeds of doubt will be planted in my heart.

I can only say that the young man has a lot of ideas!

He sat a bit far away from Wei Jingshu, stretched his leg and didn't touch it. He moved his buttocks forward calmly and stretched out his leg again. Then I felt like I was grabbing my ankle with a hand, and then there was a fierce force, and Liu's nephew was grabbed out.

The body was lifted upside down, and his face was touched on the legs of the table several times, making his nose bruised and swollen.

A scream sounded, and everyone around could hear the sound of the bone being crushed. Qi Shiqin dragged the people into the courtyard like this, laughing fiercely: "Stretch your legs! I'll let you stretch!"

Liu's nephew wailed again and again: "Big brother, it's all my fault, I was wrong, you forgive me." Then he stretched out his hand and slapped his face severely, his face was swollen and nosebleed. Cross-flow, it is completely impossible to see.

Qi Shiqin remained unmoved: "What do you say about the kiss?"

"Big brother, it's none of my business. Aunt Liu said that as long as I come, she will bring me a beautiful daughter-in-law. I can't marry a daughter-in-law in the village. Of course, I agreed. Then the next thing is also her idea. , Or else I, a little B*stard, wouldn't dare to think about the son of the county magistrate." Of course, it was important to save his life at this time. Liu San immediately pulled Liu Qianqian into the water.

Liu Qianqian who was driven out heard this, her face froze, and said, "Master, don't listen to his nonsense. I was really good for Jingshu at the beginning. I didn't go out very much. I didn't expect to see it all at once. I walked away. Fortunately, Jing Shu had an idea on her own, so nothing happened." She took out a handkerchief and wiped the corners of her eyes. The tears really flowed.

The gloomy expression on Wei Xianling's expression was somewhat relieved. He did not approve of marrying his children with such a thing at first, but he didn't expect such things to happen later.

Qi Shiqin sneered: "Since this person is brazen in this matter, don't blame me for being impolite. This kind of villain who commits the crime is still dead."

He said so and did the same, and his subordinates were not merciful at all. Liu Qianqian was waiting to plead with the Wei County Order. After all, this nephew was not close to her, but if something went wrong, she wouldn't be able to explain it to others. Just as he spoke, Liu San had passed out in pain, and a bad smell spread from under his pants.

Liu Qianqian said bitterly: "Qi Shiqin, in broad daylight, you dare to kill a good citizen. Master, you have to be the concubine. This is how I will meet my relatives in the future."

The smile on Qi Shiqin's face seemed to be sulky. He said: "Good people?" He stretched the token given by the emperor, "Dare to be disrespectful to the general and husband, and despise the emperor's power, my father-in-law, this People should still go to jail for interrogation."

He was still there, and this little B*stard dared to do this. It can be seen that when he was not there, this person's behavior was designated to be bolder and more generous. As long as he thought of this, he was furious. He couldn't believe that if it were not for Wei Jingshu's own defensiveness, he might really not see anyone after returning.

And Liu Qianqian, as a concubine, can control the right of housekeeping, pressing the main room under her body, it can be seen that it is not easy, Qi Shiqin still knows a little bit in his heart.

The two generations of Qi Shiqin are not too young together, and Wei Jingshu is only 19 years old now, and he always wants to be more pampered with this person. He doesn't care about someone calculating him. Those who are careful thinking may hate him, but there is only a breeze blowing over him, so he doesn't care at all.

But once the design was on the person he cared about, he was full of resentment, because he understood that not everyone has golden fingers like him, and even if they fall into the quagmire, they can still get up.

The county magistrate Wei was full of smiles on his face, and he couldn't see anything bad, and said, "The son-in-law said that. Come, take him to the prison and take care of him."

"Yes." A few subordinates immediately came forward, and those who could serve by their side, figured out that the boss's mind was already supernatural, and the next experience should be very interesting.

Although no one understood what happened just now, why Qi Shiqin suddenly became angry. But after this time, sitting so far away, how Liu San was suddenly dragged out by his ankle, think about it carefully, everyone knows well.

It's really a long life to move hands and feet in front of the people who crawled out of the sea of ​​blood.

When I returned to the dinner table, the food was already cold, and immediately a maid changed the table, but no one was thinking about eating right now.

The county magistrate Wei kept instructing Qi Shiqin to pick up vegetables, and inadvertently asked about the origin of the token. Qi Shiqin didn't conceal it anymore, and directly recounted those things in general.

Wei Jingshu, who was sitting next to him, completely forgot that his previous death had not yet been resolved. After he realized what had just happened, his mood had been very surging. How could his matriarch be so safe! Happy! Then there was always a fascinating smile on his face.

A pair of peach blossom eyes are dazzling, very cute.

Under the cover of the tablecloth, he put his left hand on Qi Shiqin's lap, and continued to eat with his right hand still calmly.

Qi Shiqin was talking to Wei County Order, holding his troubled hand, squeezing his fingers in the palm of his hand, feeling a little itchy Wei Jingshu wanted to withdraw his hand, but Qi Shiqin held it tightly and could only give up.

In this way, Wei Jingshu kept a sweet smile on the corner of his mouth, even when he was taken back to settle accounts after eating.

Wei Qingqing endured for a long time. She was more careful, and she had discovered that the two were pulling and pulling at the table. The higher Qi Shiqin's status, the better the relationship between the two, the more she couldn't help thinking that this should have belonged to her. , But she was pushed to the person she hated the most.

Qi Shiqin, who was anxious to settle accounts with Wei Jingshu, didn't know Wei Qingqing's careful thinking, even if he knew it, he wouldn't care about it. Feelings were unpredictable, and he had always liked only one thing.

Closing the door, Qi Shiqin looked at the timid Wei Jingshu with a faint smile: "I remember I sent you a letter at the beginning. According to the time, you should already know that you are pregnant by then."

Wei Jingshu sat on the bed with his head bowed, and said nothing.

Qi Shiqin frowned, and he raised Wei Jingshu's chin: "Speak." The skin of the tentacles was delicate, and he touched it with his thumb a few times, thinking of his purpose, so he didn't do anything.

Wei Jingshu's pitiful appearance is like a small animal, helpless and pitiful. Qi Shiqin leaned close to him, still showing no expression on his face, his eyes faintly impatient: "You just don't want to marry me?"

The tears that gradually gathered in Wei Jingshu's eyes finally flowed down. Unlike ordinary people who are very beautiful and pear blossoms with rain, he just slapped his mouth, wailing, and leaping over to hold Qi Shiqin's waist: "Don't you I'm so fierce, I'm afraid. Sorry, I didn't mean it."

Tears quickly soaked Qi Shiqin's clothes. He was still in the air for a long time at a loss, and finally fell on Wei Jingshu's shoulders.

Wei Jingshu was really scared. Soon he cried and smoked, but he still tried his best to restrain, and choked and said: "You treated me like that. I didn't like you long ago. I'm sorry, I, I didn't mean it, don't…get angry, it's all…my fault. Oh~ I…I wanted Xiao Ge… to inherit the Wei family, and I didn't want to marry anyone."

Later, he was completely crying and speechless. Qi Shiqin didn't know what his mood was. He was a little sad and a little grateful.

He asked: "What about now, do you like me?"

Wei Jingshu raised his head, his eyes were red, and his nose was red. He leaned up to kiss his mouth, saying: "I like it, I now… I like it very much." As he said tears, Qi Shiqin's face was rubbed against him. Without knowing it, continue to say: "I love you very much, really! Don't be angry, okay? I'm so scared."

Seeing that he still kept crying, Qi Shiqin pushed people away, and Wei Jingshu immediately reached out and grabbed his sleeves, his emotions seemed to collapse in the next moment.

Qi Shiqin wiped his face and smiled: "Don't cry, I rubbed my tears and nose all over my clothes."

Wei Jingshu looked at him, and it took him a long time to recover. He cried and laughed and beat him: "You are almost scared to death, why are you so annoying." The act of acting like a baby is full of meaning.

"Okay." Qi Shiqin didn't think he was full of tears, so he leaned in and kissed him twice, "Hurry up and find me clothes. You see, it's wet so much, and I have to go back in the afternoon."

Wei Jingshu glanced at Qi Shiqin's chest, a large area was wet, the color was obviously darker than the side, and it looked very conspicuous. He obediently ran to look through the closet again. Fortunately, they lived here for a month. Qi Shiqin's clothes are also here. He took a suit with a similar color, and didn't want to be found out that he had cried.

Help Qi Shiqin untie the belt and put it back on. After marrying, he likes to do this kind of intimate thing, which makes him feel that two people are close.

He asked the next person to fetch water. Qi Shiqin wetted the cloth towel to wipe his face clean. Wei Jingshu closed his eyes slightly, his eyelashes trembling slightly, very beautiful.

After washing clean, Wei Jingshu immediately went to look in the mirror and said distressedly: "The eyes are still a little red, and I have cried at first sight." Then he took the kerchief soaked in ice water and put it on for a while, complaining in his mouth. Qin's fault prevented him from getting out, worrying about being seen as a joke.

Qi Shiqin was speechless. This little guy knew a lot about him on weekdays. Knowing that he spoiled him, he worked hard.

The door of the room was knocked carefully, and Qi Ge's voice sounded: "Father, mother, are you there?"

As early as today when Zhang saw Liu San, he had expected that the two of them were going to have an accident. No man would hope that his husband would still be unwilling to marry him even when he had his own child. Especially, this man thinks that there is some affection between the two.

So she wanted to let Qi Ge come to investigate the wind. When Qi Ge knew that his parents might quarrel, she was worried, so she came over and knocked on the door.

Qi Shiqin opened the door and picked up Qi Ge: "Why don't you play with grandma?"

Qi Ge's little head looked around the room, and after seeing that Wei Jingshu was okay, he said in a clear voice: "I miss my parents, when shall we go home?"

Qi Shiqin laughed and said, "It's only been a long time since I came out, you want to go home."

Qi Ge nodded and said solemnly: "No matter how good the outside is, it will not be better than home. It feels different." He feels that he has to be more free at home, and here he must be polite and respectful in doing things. Stay alone in the room and do your own business.

Wei Jingshu saw that his eyes had recovered a lot before he walked over and said, "Then let's go back, and buy some delicious food by the way. I don't know if the door will be opened today."

When Qi Ge saw his mother, he immediately bent his eyes with a smile, and his peach eyes inherited Wei Jingshu's appearance, which made him feel soft. Can't help feeling his hair.

In fact, when he didn't find Qi Ge was abnormal, he also liked this son very much, and no mother could resist his cute baby.

As for the child being taken by the nanny at night, this is the case with rich people in this era, and he is not to blame. He doesn't understand anything. He just knows to look at the child every day and tease him. It was his love for his son at the beginning that he could not forget his love. He also knew that his own abnormality scared his mother.

Everything is now developing for the better. The three of them went to say goodbye to Zhang, and Zhang was relieved to see that the child was in good spirits.

When I went to see the magistrate of Wei County, I just met Wei Qingqing and the two coming out of the study. Seeing that they had something to say, Qi Shiqin said, "I'll talk to my father-in-law, and I will come out immediately."

Wei Jingshu nodded, then looked at Wei Qingqing, and said, "What are you going to say?"

Wei Qingqing's expression is complicated: "Brother is really a fate. He used to be Dad, but now it is Qi Shiqin. Someone has always spoiled you."

Wei Jingshu had cried for a long time before, and had no intention of fighting with this sharp-mouthed sister again, and said dryly: "Oh, it's pretty good."

Wei Qingqing smiled, "Then I wish my brother so good luck forever." A fragrant wind passed, and the irritating Wei Jingshu sneezed, so he just didn't like playing with a girl who made such a strong fragrance. It was too choking. People.

Qi Shiqin just came out, and after shopping, he went back home immediately. The day is not over yet, some relatives still have to go to visit for a year, especially Qi Shiqin after so many years to come back.

Seeing that Wei Jingshu was a little tired, Qi Shiqin said, "Don't go, you're pregnant, and take a good rest at home. My son and I will be back soon."

But in fact, with Zhou Cuicui, a little conversant, they can only come back when it gets dark.

The rest of my life returned to calm. Under heavy snow, there was nothing to do. Everyone was in the house, the stove was burning vigorously. From time to time, people from the village came in and chatted.

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