Many days have passed since returning home for New Year's greetings. These days, Wei Jingshu always feels uncomfortable, and his temper has become a little bigger. It is because Qi Shiqin's more tolerant personality has been made to want to sleep in the study room.

I thought that after the black history of this husband Lang passed away, Wei Jingshu was completely relieved and began to let himself go.

But because of pregnancy, his temper will change a little bit. His mother has said similar things to him, and Qi Shiqin decided to bear it again. Wait until he gives birth to the child before calculating the ledger.

"I'll get you some hot water and take a shower, Xiao Ge, go to bed quickly and cover it with a quilt. Don't catch a cold and take medicine."

Wei Jingshu's tone was a little impatient: "I said no hot water. I'm not feeling well. You can bring me some cold water."

"Are you crazy to take a bath in cold water in the winter?" Qi Shiqin became angry and said: "Wei Jingshu, are you too self-willed? Even if you have a bad temper after pregnancy, you won't get to this point! You know! Are you saying something? Can you stop making trouble?"

Wei Jingshu's eyes widened: "I said I was uncomfortable. I felt very hot and uncomfortable! Otherwise, I wouldn't feel so upset." He himself was aggrieved.

Qi Shiqin didn't bother to speak at all. He didn't want to quarrel with a pregnant husband. He went and flicked the water over without saying a word, and then said, "You can wash it."

Naturally, this is not for Wei Jingshu to wash himself. His stomach is getting bigger and bigger and he is inconvenient to move. Qi Shiqin can't worry about doing it himself. Across the large screen, Qi Shiqin took out the other's favorite bath fragrance and washed him inch by inch.

At this time, Wei Jingshu also calmed down. He attached his hand to the back of Qi Shiqin's hand and said in a rather coquettish voice: "I don't know what happened in the past few days. I am always upset and irritable, and sometimes I really feel hot on my body, but it's getting better after a while."

He once thought that something was wrong with him, but after asking the doctor to see it, it was all right. Therefore, Wei Jingshu always feels sorry after he got angry inexplicably. He also thinks that he may become so squeamish because someone was taking care of him during this pregnancy. You must know that when he was pregnant, his legs cramped in the middle of the night, and he could only cry in the night alone by himself.

"Yeah." Qi Shiqin kissed his forehead and asked in a low voice, "Is it really uncomfortable? Let's go to the city to find a doctor again tomorrow, maybe the village doctor didn't see the problem."

Wei Jingshu nodded: "In fact, it happens occasionally, especially when it feels hot on the face, but I can't see anything in the mirror. I'm a little afraid of accidents." For his face, Wei Jingshu maintained a score of 120,000. attention.

"Okay, let's come out." With the help of the person stepping down on the stool, Qi Shiqin took a cloth towel and quickly dried the water drops on him, immediately wrapped him in pajamas and stuffed the person into the bed. The son with a small warm bed has already become warm in the bed.

After finishing everything up, Qi Shiqin went to bed and hugged Wei Jingshu's back, and put his hand on his bulging belly to sleep.

The next day, a scream came from the other side of the house.

It was Wei Jingshu's voice.

Qi Shiqin woke up immediately, "What's the matter?" He looked at Wei Jingshu who was sitting next to the mirror, and he was relieved.

Qi Ge woke up vigilantly, Qi Shiqin patted his son's small body, "It's okay, you go to sleep."

When Qi Shiqin really saw Wei Jingshu's face, his heart was tense, and the original pretty little face was completely gone, and many red peas appeared on it, as well as some scratches.

At first glance, it was shocking.

His first reaction was to step forward and grab Wei Jingshu's hand, trying to restore this face with a supernatural power, but soon he couldn't react.

Wei Jingshu's face was even more uncomfortable because of the hair-growth power in the supernatural power. When almost the invisible power touched that piece of skin, Wei Jingshu yelled that it was too itchy and wanted to scratch it with his hands.

Qi Shiqin hurriedly stopped him and stopped his actions. He dared not do anything more.

He said distressedly: "Don't grab with your hands, what's the situation?"

Wei Jingshu cried and cried: "I felt very uncomfortable and itchy this morning on my face, so I scratched it with my hands a few times, and then it became more and more uncomfortable. I saw blood stains on the sides of my nails as soon as I looked at my hands. Looking in the mirror, I realized that my face has changed to what it is now. What should I do? Will this leave scars?"

Without his fair and delicate skin, Wei Jingshu's disregard for the image of crying has already made his face look unsightly. Qi Shiqin repeatedly asked him to control himself, and he couldn't touch it with his hands no matter how itchy.

On the other hand, I went outside to get water from the well. The water in winter became colder and colder. For Wei Jingshu, it was just right. This coldness made his hot and itchy face much more comfortable.

Qi Shiqin said: "Don't cry, tears flow into the wound, and the scar will not look good."

Beauty is a big killer, especially for the person Wei Jingshu once owned, he cares more than anyone. He tried his best to restrain himself, but his sadness still filled his eyes with tears. Qi Shiqin wiped him many times. From the anxiety at the beginning to the pitiful look of the other party, he gradually calmed down.

Clicking on Wei Jingshu's pretty nose, he said: "You are really a little crying bag, don't worry, your situation is normal. I have seen it before, and it will be fine in half a month."

"Really…really?" He didn't believe it.


Wei Jingshu didn't want people to see him. He didn't say hello to his family, but Qi Shiqin greeted Qi Ge and brought Wei Jingshu to the city.

The old doctor looked for a long time and couldn't see the cause. In the end, it was estimated that it was allergies. He only prescribed some ointments. As for whether it will leave scars, it is hard to say.

His face was bad, Wei Jingshu didn't want to go back, he didn't want to see others gloating.

Qi Shiqin also let him go. It happened that Yuecheng had their own house. At this time, he unexpectedly stopped crying. He just drove Qi Shiqin to the outhouse every day. He didn't want him to see his ugly appearance.

It's just that he himself holds the mirror every day, praying that he will get better soon.

Wei Jingshu covered his face with a scarf. He was sad, but he still wrapped Qi Shiqin every day, carefully observing whether the other party became impatient. He was afraid that the other party would think of his terrible appearance, and he didn't dare not to see Qi Shiqin. He worried that if he pushed away like this, there might be more sisters and sisters in the family.

"This is the dish I personally cooked today. Can you taste it?" Wei Jingshu looked at Qi Shiqin with a smile.

Qi Shiqin tasted it and said, "Very good."

Wei Jingshu continued to pick up vegetables for Qi Shiqin. Qi Shiqin understood his cautiousness, and his heart became more distressed.

Turning his head, he immediately gave up using his inadequate brain to ponder the house fight, and went straight to Wei Qingqing's house at night, and directly absorbed the anger from the other's face, looking at that one, he was twenty years old in an instant. His face, he finally went home contented.

He is not good at conspiracy and trickery, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't know how to distinguish these, even if Wei Qingqing did not do it this time. At the beginning, this woman could give him medicine and throw him on Wei Jingshu's bed. After that, during his absence, she shouldn't show mercy to Wei Jingshu's men.

Counting it down, Qi Shiqin didn't feel bad at all.

When he returned, Wei Jingshu was still asleep. Qi Shiqin removed the veil that the other party was wearing even if he fell asleep. His face was beginning to recover, but the situation was not very good, and some scars would be left behind.

He thought of the little boy who had a beautiful face and proudly looked like a little cock with his head upright, and now the tears on the corners of his eyes are still there.

"Don't wrong yourself anymore, I love you." Ten fingers interlocked with Wei Jingshu's fingers on the pillow, Qi Shiqin vowed to kiss each other gently on the cheek.

Wei Jingshu's eyelashes trembled lightly.

Raising his head, Qi Shiqin put the scarf on again for him, put his hand in the quilt, and then turned to sleep outside.

Lying on the bed, Wei Jingshu cried silently. From the very beginning, when he knew that Qi Shiqin was his fiancé, he silently told himself that he could have a good impression, but he must not fall into it. Qi Shiqin's obedience to him, he felt it was because of his good-looking appearance, and he still remembered the surprise in his eyes when he first saw him.

His mother, the Zhang family, grew up well. When the magistrate of Wei County was not an official, she had a romantic life with Zhang's red sleeves, and she was in deep love and even promised a couple for life. But it didn't take long for him to excuse his heirs and bring them back to a beautiful concubine room.

Now, only his mother is left to remember the days back then.

But feelings do not mean that control can be controlled. In the past, there was a distance between time and space, as well as the pressure of life. Wei Jingshu could slowly forget. It's hard not to care about someone who likes you, tolerates you, and even the person who makes him blush and heartbeat up close.

So when he lost his proud appearance, Wei Jingshu began to want to do more to please Qi Shiqin. He just didn't expect that the other party felt more distressed for him.

The next day Qi Shiqin discovered that although his husband still wore a veil, he finally got along more naturally with him.

"We haven't been home these days. Go and bring Xiao Ge back. He can't figure out how to worry about it." Wei Jingshu tossed the thread, preparing to make two clothes for the child in his stomach.

Qi Shiqin: "Okay, I'll go right away." He also wants to have a baby son.

When she returned home with a carriage, Zhou Cuicui was still there. She said, "I heard Xiao Ge said that Jing Shu is sick. How is it now?"

That's how Qi Shiqin asked Qi Ge to tell his family.

He smiled and said: "It's not that serious anymore. We will come back to live in a few days later. Now it is convenient to find a doctor in the city. I will come back today and take Xiao Ge with him."

Zhou Cuicui said: "The doctors in the city must have good medical skills, and you are fine. Xiao Ge has missed you in the past two days. This is a parent who has been away from home for so long and doesn't know how to bring the child. Fortunately, Xiao Ge compares it. Sensible, no fuss. I'm studying every day, and the big ones at home are too embarrassed to play." When it came to the back, there was a smile in her eyes, which shows that she really likes some grandchildren at home to study seriously.

"That's fine, I'll go see him."

A stove was also installed in the study, and the coldness in the bones seemed to be squeezed out as soon as you entered the door, and Brother Grackle took the lead and exclaimed: "Oh, where have you been these days? I can't see you anymore."

Qi Ge also threw down the pen, and ran over at him, wanting to hug him.

Successfully picked up by his father, Qi Ge asked: "How is he mother?"

Qi Shiqin was in a moment of depression, and said with some worry: "I don't know what's wrong with your mother's face. We went to several medical clinics in the city and all said it was allergic. Now the face is better, and it is estimated that it can't recover from the previous I don't know he can stand it anymore." He was also worried when he thought of Wei Jingshu's original beauty-loving temperament.

Qi Ge said seriously: "It should be more than allergies. Mother has been saying that he is uncomfortable a few days ago, maybe there is a problem. And Aunt Liu and others, you bullied your mother before you came back. Last time you came home, Dad You have lost their face, maybe, this is what they did."

But only one night, it suddenly became like that, Qi Ge thought it was impossible. He regretted that he didn't pay more attention to it at the beginning, and he really thought that his mother was caused by irritability during pregnancy.

In fact, he can't be blamed for this. Wei Jingshu is quite restrained in front of his children. He doesn't want the children to listen to him and Qi Shiqin quarreling, so Qi Ge has never noticed anything abnormal.

Qi Shiqin naturally thought so too, so he took revenge on Wei Qingqing quite comfortably. As for Liu Qianqian, he would not make people feel better. He touched his son's head: "Don't worry, I won't let those who dare to bully your mother." Knowing that his son is more than four years old, he didn't hesitate to speak in front of Qi Ge.

After getting in the carriage, Qi Ge did not go in the carriage, wrapped in a thick cotton coat and nestled next to Qi Shiqin, saying: "Father, in fact, since I was abducted back then, I also met people who were in the same situation as my mother. I know them. What kind of medicine do you drink, I will help my mother to see when I go back, OK?"

Qi Shiqin listened to Qi Ge's clumsy weaving of clumsy lies, and he probably guessed from what Wei Jingshu said in the past that this son might be more proficient. Maybe he has always regarded people as his own little baby, but he has forgotten that there is a wizard around him.

Without piercing, Qi Shiqin pretended to believe: "That's great, your mother must be happy." For a while, he was relaxed, and he was in the mood to tease the child: "You give your father what you saw. Tell me."

what? Qi Ge grimaced and started to make up a story that didn't exist.

Qi Shiqin just said some words in a guiding way. After going back and forth, Qi Ge almost believed the nonsense that he had made up. It was reasonable and well-founded, and had a sense of true feelings.

After returning home, Wei Jingshu hadn't seen his son for a long time, so he felt very tight, and kissed a few times through the veil. Qi Ge did not dislike the somewhat uncomfortable face his mother was looking at now, his eyes were crescent-shaped, and he kissed him back.

As for the poison in Wei Jingshu, Qi Ge has never seen it before, but he has a little clue. He is confident that he should be able to make the antidote in half a month, but the scratches are still there, so he has to make some. Skin care products for beauty and scar removal are available.


The author has something to say: Qi Ge himself vaguely thinks that Wei Jingshu knows that he is a memory of his past life, because some of the things he hid when he was a child were quietly moved, and Wei Jingshu was a little afraid of him before. But he thought Qi Shiqin didn't know these things.

In fact, at first, I thought that a lonely ghost took possession of my son's body, and was later persuaded that he was indeed his own, but with memories of previous lives, so I guess I didn't drink Mengpo soup.

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