Within a few days, Qi Ge prepared the ointment, which looked green with a crystal clear beauty. Qi Shiqin helped Xiao Fulang put on the ointment, and immediately felt a cold feeling penetrated.

Qi Ge said, "This is to let the ones on the mother's face disappear first, and then use another box for the rest of the nursery. It will prevent the mother's face from leaving marks."

Hearing this news, Wei Jingshu was ecstatic. His face was so beautiful that he couldn't bear it! Even if Xianggong treats him well now and doesn't look at his face, he hopes to give people visual enjoyment.

To put it bluntly, he is a pretty temperament.

He casually said happily: "Our son knows so much."

He did what he wanted. Qi Ge's heart was tight. He didn't know if his father and mother had explained it clearly. Even if he had a simple temperament, he knew that it was impossible for a four-year-old child to have so many things. And he is still a person who hasn't been taught by a master.

Maybe it's the resistance in my heart. Qi Ge often thinks that if he really is the child of his father and mother, the more he comforts him, Qi Ge is a little confused now. Maybe it was his illusion that the mother didn't find what he had hidden. , And never feared him.

He opened his mouth, just about to say what he had previously made up. Qi Shiqin opened his mouth and said, "How do you feel when it is painted?"

Wei Jing said in the book: "It's very comfortable, cool and cool. By the way, is the academy about to open?"

Qi Shiqin said: "Well, soon, the students have arrived one after another. This time the master of the academy has asked me to resign, and the dean asked me to be on top. I may stay in the academy a little longer in the future." He has taught before and is considered to be experienced. Moreover, the ancient teaching was actually very simple. Most of them were read by the students themselves, preaching and teaching karma to solve puzzles. Tao and karma are in the books of sages, and the masters are only responsible for solving puzzles.

Nor can it be said that this is not good. After all, the methods that have been passed down for thousands of years can stimulate the students' potential even more. Qi Shiqin's teaching is more modern and thorough, and students can understand a little bit better.

This can also be regarded as teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. For students like Qi He who are unwilling to sink their hearts and ponder carefully, this method is naturally more convenient. Now that he is going to teach a big class, he must also pay attention, not to wear away the spirituality in people's minds.

Wei Jingshu nodded, indicating that he knew it.

In this way, Qi Ge was relieved to see that his mother did not pay attention to his medical skills. Qi Shiqin, who had been following him secretly, wanted to laugh, but his son's simple nature made him even more fond of Qi Ge.

On this day, Qi Shiqin received the invitation of Wei County Order, and he took Wei Jingshu and the child with him.

Sitting in the carriage, Wei Jingshu asked inexplicably, "Father, what's the matter? I haven't called our family back so formally in the past." At most, he asked Xianggong to go back.

Qi Shiqin said: "I heard that my father-in-law is going to be promoted."

"Really?" Wei Jingshu asked in surprise. His father has been here for many years. "Is it because of you?"

Qi Shiqin laughed: "I shouldn't. I only stayed in the northwest for a few years. I have nothing to do with the officials." Even if he has some friendship with the emperor, the promotion of a county magistrate is not worth the emperor's question.

In fact, this was really due to Qi Shiqin, but he didn't know it. He always felt that his official position was bestowed by the former emperor, and now he has no real power, but he does not know that everyone is a master at trying to figure out the emperor's wishes. The emperor valued him, and occasionally mentioned him on weekdays, so it was naturally seen in the eyes of interested people.

At this moment, the young couple were talking back and forth, and it didn't take long to arrive at the county magistrate's office.

There are a lot of people coming and going here. They are all here to congratulate the magistrate Wei for being promoted. After entering the door, the three of them are separated. In this kind of situation, the brother doesn't have much contact with outsiders, so he brought Qi Ge with him. Let's go to the backyard to find Zhang.

Not to mention, today's banquet was quite big and the scene was very lively. Various performances were performed one after another. At the end of the banquet, a group of dancers appeared on the stage. Dressing up in this era can be said to be outrageous.

With her smooth arms outside, she was wearing a light and flowing long skirt, dancing gracefully. Standing in the center was a woman in green, who looked charming and stared straight at the magistrate Wei.

The beauty is all over the city, and the magistrate of Wei County is not Liu Xiahui, and she smiles with satisfaction at the moment.

After a dance, the green-clothed woman lay tenderly on the body of the county magistrate Wei and poured her wine, with a delicate tone: "My lord~Lv Zhu offers a glass to my lord."

The county magistrate Wei held the person in his arms, drank a glass of wine, and put his hand into the woman's clothes in the slight drunkenness, watching the people around, everyone was also drunk, There is a woman waiting at each table.

Some are similar to Qi Shiqin. The women around him pour his wine glasses in a regular manner, while more people are yin. It's a lot of chaos. If it wasn't for today's time, I'm afraid that things would have to be done in the lobby. Up.

This kind of scene is not uncommon. Many gatherings between men will become like this later.

When the hour was almost up, Qi Shiqin got up and said hello to the magistrate Wei and left. The magistrate Wei didn't feel embarrassed, so he let him leave the meeting happily. How he came from this official, people will not do good things without leaving a name, it's alluded to.

In Zhang's room, Wei Jingshu was telling his mother about his own experience. His face is still not complete yet, but it is covered with cosmetic powder, and he can still see clearly when he is close.

"Mother, I think Wei Qingqing must have done this. Although it has been several days, I had a holiday with her, and I felt sick all the time in my body during those days." Wei Jingshu looked angry and said to a brother. In other words, if you ruin his appearance, it is equivalent to killing him. He is the grandfather and son whom good luck met, and both are very good. If not, I really don't know what will happen in the future.

Zhang was also annoyed and anxious when he heard that, "How can they do this!" Neither she nor her brother can make some bad tricks. They used to say that their own interests were dictated by their own interests, but now they are married off and at home. The only boy was born in a concubine's room. What are their dissatisfaction in the end?

"Don't worry, my mother will definitely seek justice for you." Zhang said.

Wei Jing said, "But we don't have any evidence. Aunt Liu gave birth to a boy." He was immediately discouraged when he thought of this. He used to have no children, but now he is not even the most favorite in his father's eyes. Sometimes Dad would even scold him for Wei Qingqing.

Zhang patted the child's hand, his eyes dimmed: "Don't worry, I know your father better than anyone else, this is not difficult." With a son-in-law, her son's status in the heart of the county magistrate will definitely improve.

Zhang knows what this husband is. He is fake and high-ranking and wants to be promoted. He is extremely selfish and selfish. If it doesn't affect him, he won't mind who he spoils, but when it comes to himself, even his son is just one. Items that can be measured.

Since knowing the identity of the son-in-law, the county magistrate Wei immediately thought of the various calculations made by the Liu family and her daughter over the years. Before Qi Shiqin could actually start, the magistrate Wei had already decided to start the solution himself.

He knew all the things in the back house very clearly, no matter who it was in this house, he was the owner of this house. However, the backyard is the world of women. As long as the surface calm is maintained, he has always disdain to intervene in women's affairs.

Zhang knew that if the person who ruined Jingshu's face was really Wei Qingqing, the Wei County Order would be the first to let her go. After all, in the eyes of county magistrate Wei, Jing Shu is the link between Qi Shiqin and him. He would not let a prostitute break his Qingyun road.

When the door was knocked, Qi Shiqin whispered: "Jing Shu."

The door was open, Qi Shiqin knocked three times and walked in.

Wei Jingshu smiled and ran over to hold his arm: "Why did you come back so early?" Then he wrinkled his nose again: "How much wine have you drunk, and the alcohol is too heavy. It smells really unpleasant. Huan brings you a bowl of sober soup."

Qi Shiqin raised his hand and sniffed his sleeves. He saw the little husband who was still pulling on him with a look of disgust. He laughed and said, "I drink a lot. It's okay to drink. I'm over there. I don't know anyone, and I'm bored alone, so I have to come back first."

When Zhang heard this, she was more satisfied with the son-in-law. What was the banquet of these "upper people" in Wei County, she also understood that Liu Qianqian came to this mansion from here. However, Madam Wei seldom held such gatherings, and they were usually invited by someone who would come back after the overnight stay.

In any case, Wei Jingshu urged Qi Shiqin to drink the sober soup, otherwise he would definitely feel uncomfortable when he got up the next day.

After drinking a bowl, Qi Shiqin asked, "When is father-in-law planning to leave?" When he was promoted to prefect, he naturally had to leave Yuecheng.

Zhang said: "The transfer order has come down, and the house is almost cleaned up. I will probably leave the day after tomorrow."

Wei Jingshu was a little reluctant, and said anxiously: "So fast, mother, I don't want to be too far away from you, I'm alone, and I won't find anyone to talk to if he bullies me in the future."

Zhang stretched out his finger to poke Wei Jingshu's head, and said angrily: "You still bully you by your son-in-law, don't bully others." The two are the same as mixing oils in their honey every day. The son-in-law has a good personality and can tolerate his son occasionally. Pampered, perhaps because she really fell in love, her child has also begun to learn to care more about her son-in-law, and her relationship is too good.

Wei Jingshu said unconvincedly: "How can I bully him." He thinks that he has always been suppressed by Qi Shiqin. He is more persuasive. A pair of Qi Shiqin does not dare to be petty at all.

Zhang said, "Is it that you are hungry in the middle of the night, and you are the one who insists that your son-in-law cooks for you himself?" She is also weird, and there is no one in the family, so why have the son-in-law do it by himself, a son-in-law? Man, no good cooking skills.

Wei Jingshu stopped talking immediately. His stomach was getting bigger and bigger, his legs were a little cramped, and his face was bad. In the middle of the night, all his emotions rushed together, his heart became more and more aggrieved, and he suddenly wanted to eat Qi Shiqin. Give him the next face. Qi Shiqin had made it for him once before, and it was delicious after thinking about it.

But his mother is true, and she just mentioned in a chat that Xianggong's noodles are delicious, and she remembers it so clearly.

Qi Shiqin touched the dejected Little Fulang's head, and the other party immediately looked up at him, as cute as a kitten. He looked at Zhang's: "It's not too early now, and Xiao Ge should be sleepy, so we'll go back first. Mother-in-law, please rest earlier."

"That's OK." Zhang asked people to bring Qi Ge over.

On the way back, Wei Jingshu asked: "Today is an important day for my father, why didn't Wei Qingqing come back?" For this person who wanted to destroy him, Wei Jingshu could hardly hate him, but he didn't have any means, he Looking up at Qi Shiqin: "How can I deal with her?"

Although his face can recover, it is thanks to having a good son, so he really can't look away. Wei Jingshu, who had zero house fighting skills, looked at the comrades eagerly.

The former, countless murders, present, Xiaochun, Qi Ge wanted to help his mother solve the problem directly. His current martial arts is not bad, but he dare not speak.

Qi Shiqin, who also doesn't know much about poison and house fighting, said: "It's okay, I've already helped you take revenge. You will understand when you see her."

Looking at the mysterious appearance of the Xianggong, Wei Jingshu became curious: "Oh, don't sell it, tell me quickly." He tried to pretend to be vicious and threatened: "Otherwise, you won't want to sleep well tonight. I feel it."

Qi Shiqin said: "I made her face look dozens of years old, probably in her 30s or 40s. She is almost a middle-aged woman."

Appearance is very important to a woman, especially this kind of married family, this is beyond doubt. But this is equally important to my brother. Qi Shiqin himself doesn't like to be cruel in his life, but if Wei Qingqing can destroy his husband's face, he must be prepared to endure revenge.

If Wei Jingshu's face can't be recovered, what Qi Shiqin left to Wei Qingqing is probably an old man's face. This can be regarded as merciful to his subordinates.

Wei Jingshu's eyes widened: "How did you do it?" There is actually this kind of operation!

Qi Shiqin calmly said: "I won't tell you!" He planned to bury it in his heart for a lifetime, and finally brought it to the soil by himself.

Wei Jingshu pursed his lips and snorted: "You think I won't know if you don't tell me. Isn't it medicine? I don't know what those people are doing researching such weird things. But it's still very useful now." He touched. Touching the uncompleted mark on his face, silently threw away the sadness in his heart.

The carriage returned to the gate of the mansion. Qi Shiqin took the lead to get out of the carriage, first followed by his son taking him down, and then supporting Wei Jingshu, who had a big belly. On the way back to the house, he also carefully pulled the other party. The road was wet at night, so be careful. .

The next day, because it was almost time for the official school to begin, Qi Shiqin had to start preparing lessons. He had always had a sense of mission to teach students, and he didn't dare to perfunctorily.

The fire in the study hasn't stopped for a day. Wei Jingshu picked up his notebook again, and the new issue came out. He followed the characters in the notebook and laughed and cried.

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