Looking at the tutorial, Qi Shiqin took the paper and wrote while thinking.

The calligraphy takes up a lot of space. Not long after he wrote a thick pile of words on his hand, Qi Shiqin stopped, rubbed his wrist, and glanced at the husband who was sitting on the recliner reading the book, Qi Shiqin gently He breathed a sigh of relief.

Putting down the pen in his hand, Qi Shiqin walked over and said, "Tomorrow, father-in-law and mother-in-law are going to leave. Will you not accompany them today?"

Wei Jingshu raised his head from the script: "It's so anxious, they have a lot of things to prepare. I have a big belly, but don't worry about it. I can send it tomorrow. And…" He was slightly annoyed: "Aunt Liu, don't we need to do anything? We won't see it after we leave."

He remembered those days when he had a dagger under his pillow and he didn't dare to go out easily.

Qi Shiqin sat on another recliner next to him and said in a relaxed tone: "You don't have to worry about that. I don't think my father-in-law likes Aunt Liu too much. Her good life will not last." He would naturally have not recovered the memory of his previous life. He thought that Wei County Order was a kind elder, but he still doesn't think so now.

Qi Shiqin's identity will naturally allow the county magistrate Wei to make an appropriate choice. He thought of some words that the magistrate Wei and him said vaguely last night.

And last night, the woman named Luzhu was also arranged by his staff. Even if Wei County Order didn't do it, he would not let go of those who were still uneasy and kind to his husband.

Wei Jingshu didn't know Qi Shiqin's arrangement, so he was frustrated. He just curled his lips and snorted, not ready to respond to him. The enemy's own destruction and self-made revenge are not the same feeling at all.

Qi Shiqin stretched out his hand and raised his chin, and said with a smile: "Why are you suddenly upset? Did I say something wrong?"

Wei Jingshu turned his face, didn't want to pay attention to him, and couldn't help saying: "Aunt Liu used to treat your husband like that. The rogue nephew that she wanted to promise me to her has used so many insidious methods behind her back. There was no reaction at all, so I let her go."

As he spoke, his eyes were reddened, and he said stubbornly: "I like you to be tolerant to me, but I don't want you to be the same to anyone." If so, what's the deal with his days of fear, he knows If he just marries Qi Shiqin earlier like that, there won't be so many things behind, but why? He had his own ideas and didn't want to be at the mercy of others, at that time he didn't fall in love with each other.

Qi Shiqin was stunned for a moment, leaned in and hugged Wei Jingshu. Xiao Fulang was always in high spirits. He didn't know that something was hidden in the other party's heart: "Sorry, I was wrong. Tell me what you think in your heart in the future. Otherwise, many times I can't guess what you are thinking." Then he whispered to Wei Jingshu about his arrangements.

After two drops of tears, Wei Jingshu was a little embarrassed. He put his hand on Qi Shiqin: "I don't blame you, but I was a little sensitive after pregnancy. Actually, I didn't do that before. I would cry if I didn't say anything wrong."

Talking and talking, the two kissed each other with a smile, and the sound of water sounded in the quiet study.

Brother Grackle couldn't bear to say: "You two don't teach bad kids anymore."

Wei Jingshu pushed him away with a blushing face, and the two realized that there was a son in the study. Qi Shiqin frowned. It was too inconvenient to have children. At night, due to his son's martial arts skills and keen senses, he could only kiss a few lightly and couldn't do more.

He began to think about the problem of putting his son back. This problem cannot be delayed. Fulang is pregnant, so he can't hold him back for a few months. It can't be solved only by that place.

Qi Ge covered his ears and said helplessly: "I didn't take a peek." There were only two places to stay at home, and he couldn't help it.

Qi Shiqin hissed, Wei Jingshu twisted his waist, and said curiously: "It was still hard here before, and it can't be twisted at all. Is it fleshy now?"

Qi Shiqin:…

Winter is really a very cruel season. Thinking about the two months when he just came back, he was a man who practiced martial arts every day. Now he stays in a warm room and reads every day, and doesn't want to go out at all.

In fact, he still has abdominal muscles or something.

Qi Ge excitedly said: "Why don't you practice martial arts with me every day? I'm so boring." He practiced martial arts every day, but Qi Shiqin didn't accompany him every day.

Qi Shiqin nodded in the eyes of his son's expectation, and said: "It's not early now. Let's go to the restaurant for dinner. It will definitely be lively outside today. You can watch the lantern show in the evening."

Hearing that Wei Jingshu was also happy. When he was young, he also went to the lantern fair with Qi Shiqin. At that time, it was not easy to get along with each other directly. The other party always followed from a distance. He has not participated in many years.

"Then let's go quickly, I'm hungry." Wei Jingshu took Qi Shiqin's arm, quite eager to try.

When I arrived at the restaurant, it was already very lively outside, crowded with people, and the restaurant was also full of people. Qi Shiqin was a little annoyed that he had not acted properly. He knew that he should book a place in advance.

Wei Jingshu also looked around, pulled Qi Shiqin's sleeves, and said, "What should I do now?" He was also going to eat slowly for an afternoon, and then go home after visiting the lantern festival. He was not allowed to do so. He is too tired.

Qi Ge's eyes lit up, and he pointed to a position by the window on the second floor: "Father, is that Brother Chen Nan?"

Following the direction pointed by his son, a young man in black clothes can be seen sitting alone on the window seat. Qi Shiqin was overjoyed and said, "Let's go up and take a look."

Before he walked in, Chen Nan found someone coming. He stood up and said, "Master."

Qi Shiqin said, "Are there still people in your seat? There are too many people today. I don't know if you mind if you all put together a table together?" He touched his nose with embarrassment. He is a master, I want to know. The other party is not very good at rejecting him.

Chen Nan was not unhappy. A smile appeared on his face and said, "I came here alone, and it happens to be a little lonely. Master, please sit down, and treat it as a student treat today."

Xiao Er stood up quickly, and the family of three discussed and ordered a lot of dishes, and the whole table was full. Qi Shiqin smiled and replied: "I'm a master, how am I embarrassed to let the students treat me? Don't worry, I am going out today, but I have enough money in my purse. Today the master treats me."

Chen Nan glanced at the table full of dishes, his fingers twitched slightly, and after ordering so many, he must bring enough money! He smiled and didn't refuse.

This meal took some time, because they came a little later than the normal meal time, and it was afternoon after the meal. After that, the three of them walked around the market with Chen Nan, and then bid farewell to each other.

Wei Jingshu regretfully said, "The lantern festival is only to be seen at night. I originally wanted to go to the riverside to put the prayer lanterns." At night, the whole city was brightly lit and bustling, and those doing business were also in the evening. Will be more interesting.

Qi Shiqin calmed down and said: "The time is still long. We will come again later. You have a big belly, and there are too many people at night. If there is an accident, it will be bad."

Wei Jingshu himself knew the priorities and could only bear it.

At night, Qi Ge hugged a big pillow, blinked his dark eyes, and said pitifully: "Father~ I want to sleep with you."

Qi Shiqin stood by the door of the room and said calmly: "You are already a big child. You can't sleep with your parents all day, otherwise the children will laugh at you."

Qi Ge doubted: "But…" The other children are six or seven years old, and they still sleep with their parents.

Qi Shiqin didn't care about this. He intercepted his son's words directly: "Nothing is wrong!" Then he started to flicker: "Son, do you know that your sleeping posture is not good?"

Qi Ge shook his head dumbfounded. He still sleeps in the same place every morning when he wakes up.

Qi Shiqin showed a worried look on his face: "Every night after you fall asleep, my father will go to the bed and take you back. Once I woke up in the middle of the night, I suddenly found something on my face and hands. After a touch, I found out that it was Xiao Ge, you were pedaling Dad's face with your feet."

Qi Ge opened his eyes unconsciously. He didn't expect that he would be like this at night: "But when I slept alone, the next day was fine."

"That's not the same. Some people just sleep well on their own, and move around when sleeping with others. You may be like this, Xiaoge. Now your mother's belly is also big. If you accidentally kick your mother, It's not good, so son, sleep on your own for a while, and talk about the others later."

Don't even think about coming back in the future, Qi Shiqin added silently in his heart.

Upon hearing Wei Jingshu, Qi Ge suddenly narrowed his mouth and accepted, "Okay, but after the mother gave birth to a younger brother, Xiao Ge still has to come back."

Qi Shiqin nodded pretending to be serious, picked up his son who was still Xiaodouding and walked to the next room. The two rooms are still a little apart, at least he won't let his son hear the sound in their room. The puppy Erbao next to them turned around them, whispering in their mouths.

Qi Ge's room was warm. Qi Shiqin had ordered his servants to clean up earlier. There was also a hand warmer in the bed, which was warm.

Put the child in, Qi Shiqin also lay down and hugged his son while talking. Er Bao also rubbed his claws on a cloth towel very spiritually, then jumped onto the bed and rested on the head of the bed, listening with bright eyes. The bedtime story told by the host.

Little stories such as "Wolf is Coming" and "Little Horse Crossing the River" are all Qi Shiqin racked his brains to remember. He even told Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. When he was about to tell, Qi Ge was also asleep.

The story is not over yet, Qi Ge has closed his eyes and fell asleep sweetly. Qi Shiqin carefully uncovered the quilt and got out of bed. Suddenly, there was the whimper of the puppy. In the dark, Qi Shiqin could still see Erbao's round eyes that became more and more energetic, and looked at him grievously.

He moved for a while, and then looked at Er Bao's furry front paws, looking like they were holding them. After thinking about it, he leaned forward, touched Er Bao's chubby body, and finished the story in a few words. Then said: "Hurry up and go to bed, and I will tell you a story tomorrow."

Er Bao licked Qi Shiqin's palm, muffled his saliva, and reluctantly said: [That's okay. ]

Little milk dogs have always been most interested in short stories before going to bed, and the more they listen to each time, the more energetic they are.


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