"Why did you come back?" Wei Jingshu asked.

Qi Shiqin said amusedly: "After telling the story to his son, Er Bao stopped him. This little thing is really too spiritual." He told Wei Jingshu that the little milk dog was more clever as he listened.

Wei Jingshu also laughed. What Er Bao usually likes most is rubbing in front of him. The little tail is wagging happily, and the cute little animals like it. He is also faintly proud.

"Go to sleep." Without the child, Qi Shiqin felt that the mood of holding his arm around her husband had changed differently. Enjoy!

Wei Jingshu held the hand that moved on his body, and said in embarrassment, "Don't touch it, hurry up and go to bed." A few months after pregnancy, his body has become more sensitive. Just these few strokes have already told him to have Kind of tingling like an electric shock.

In this regard, brother is not a male opponent by nature, and his strength can't stop Qi Shiqin's misbehavior, or he also has expectations in his heart, just concealing his desire to refuse and welcome.

Qi Shiqin's breath came after him, and his voice was full of desire, "I heard the doctor said that as long as the first few months have passed, it will be okay to be careful, Jing Shu, I want you." The kiss fell on Wei Jingshu's neck.

Qi Shiqin didn't care if I didn't hear the answer. Xiao Fu Lang was too shy on this point. He would be fine when he was in the state. In this regard, he has watched many movies and is full of practical spirit. He can be said to be a qualified old man. The driver is out.

Not long after, Wei Jingshu's mouth let out a small moan, his hand clinging weakly to Qi Shiqin's shoulder, his eyes blurred, and he was very indulged in this joy.

After a fight, Qi Shiqin got out of bed and called hot water to wipe off the sweat on Wei Jingshu, worrying that Fulang was pregnant, he restrained himself. After finishing up, he went to bed and continued to sleep with his arms around Wei Jingshu. This time he really fell asleep.

On the second day, Qi Shiqin woke up quite early, and it was time for the academy to have classes today. The academy was halfway up the mountain, and he had to walk for a while.

Wei Jingshu also opened his eyes and helped Qi Shiqin bring over the clothes he prepared yesterday. These are the new clothes he sewed by himself. "Let go of your arms."

According to Qi Shiqin, he honestly asked Xiao Fulang to help him dress. He liked and felt a little helpless in his heart. He said: "If you are tired, sleep well. Why do I get up so early? My son will dress himself. It."

In fact, Wei Jingshu is not like this every day. He happens to be like this when he wakes up just in time. For Wei Jingshu, it is a very happy thing to hug Xianggong and put on clothes and belts. After sending the Xianggong out, of course he will come back and continue to sleep beautifully without any hardship at all.

Besides, if someone is happily unable to find North, he still pretends to refuse, which he can naturally detect. Qi Shiqin spoils him, and he naturally wants the other person to feel his love.

He said: "Today is the first day of the academy and it is also your first class in this academic year. Of course you should pay more attention to it. See if the clothes I made are suitable?"

Qi Shiqin moved his arms and shoulders, and said, "It fits well, not bad." He leaned over and kissed Wei Jingshu's mouth, making a loud voice.

Wei Jingshu slapped him in the chest without annoyance, and muttered in his mouth, "I knew I was taking advantage." The smile in his eyes couldn't stop.

Then he called the servants waiting outside the door to come in and wait for Qi Shiqin to wash, he returned to the warm bed, dozed off and flew back, listening to the faint noise in the room, until Qi Shiqin came over before he went out. Two more fragrant scents on his forehead before he fell asleep deeply.


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