Horse-drawn carriages were not allowed on the road to the academy, and it took Qi Shiqin half an hour to see the plaque of the academy.

As early as when he entered the school, he heard someone yelling: "The Master is here."

As soon as Qi Shiqin entered the door, he saw the students sitting upright. He smiled slightly, holding the scroll in his hand and gently raising it diagonally, saying: "Old Master Li is getting older and has some physical inconveniences. Please resign back to your hometown. I will teach you this course of yours in the future."

He is not much older than everyone present, but no one doubts him at all.

"It will be the county exam soon. Everyone should be reviewing carefully. In order not to interrupt your progress, I will not teach new courses for the time being. I will give you a general integration of the several exams this year."

Just as there are examination papers in various places in modern times, it is not easy to collect examination questions in recent years in this era. In particular, most colleges are children of ordinary families. After the county exams, there are government exams and hospital exams. Each place has a limited number of places. Like his county, there are only nine places at a time. It is not easy to be admitted to the talents.

For most students, reading is divided into three stages. Six or seven-year-old children go to school, just reading, without a specific purpose. After reading one or two classics in their teens, the husband began to explain the meaning to them, and only began to teach essays when they were fourteen or five years old.

Now most of the children in the school are around ten square feet, which is the moment when they are about to start their imperial examination.

Qi Shiqin stopped explaining until the bell rang. He distributed some of the test papers he had brought, and said, "You should do these papers first and give them to me next time in class. If you have other questions, dismiss the get out of class. You can come to me anytime later."

Cheng Peng packed up these things as precious as his family was poor. He was determined to win the imperial examinations and valued all opportunities.

All the way to the backyard, Dean Shen asked: "How do you feel this time?"

Qi Shiqin: "Very good. I'm about to take an exam, and I haven't taught any new content. It's mainly for exams, but these are not anxious, depending on the usual accumulation."

Dean Shen smiled, and changed the subject: "Xiang'er is getting old and should be married. What do you think of Lin Zhu? Xiang'er likes him very much. If he can pass the exam this time , I want to let them get married."

Agarwood is a few years younger than Qi Shiqin, 17 this year, it is indeed time to marry. In fact, a woman can be married at fourteen, but in some prominent and wealthy families, their children will not worry about marrying, so this age is also just right.

After hearing this, Qi Shiqin lost his voice: "Lin Zhu?"

Dean Shen's expression turned a little serious, and he asked, "Is there any problem with Lin Zhu?"

Qi Shiqin said, "Doesn't Master see that Lin Zhu is a woman? She just came to our college disguised as a man."

Dean Shen didn't know how to react for a while: "Lin Zhu how is this happening? No one at such a big living college can see it, because our family spends a lot of time with her."

Qi Shiqin said a little guilty: "It's all my fault. Xiang'er often stays with Lin Zhu. I should have reminded her early in the morning."

"What's the matter with you!" Dean Shen patted the young man raised as a son. He is too old to be indifferent to this matter. He blames the junior, and said: "Who can I expected there to be today, but now I do want to talk to Xiang'er. Fortunately, my rumors have not leaked out, otherwise Xiang'er's reputation will be bad."

"I'm going to talk to Xiang'er about this." Qi Shiqin took on this task in one go. He grew up with Chen Xiang and had a deep relationship.

"That's okay, you young people should also be able to communicate a little bit. My old man's going to talk about it will make her faceless."

After Qi Shiqin responded, he immediately went to find Chenxiang. When he saw him enter the house, Chenxiang smiled and called out: "Brother Qi is here, come and see this purse? I specially embroider this for you."

Since childhood, most of her various embroidery products have been contributed to Qi Shiqin and her father. Before Qi Shiqin was married, some of his clothes were also prepared by Chenxiang for him.

Qi Shiqin took it over and saw that the purse was exquisitely crafted and embroidered with a pattern of mandarin ducks playing in the water. Chen Xiang said: "Now that Brother Qi is also married, this is my blessing to you."

Then she urged her to say: "Furthermore, Brother Qi was prepared by your husband from head to toe. I am afraid that it is rare for you to take this purse with me a few times."

Qi Shiqin didn't react too much to this joke. He tied his purse around his waist and then sat down in a chair. He didn't know how to speak tactfully, so he asked directly: "Master and Madam are worried about your marriage. "

In other words, this sentence was asked by parents, Chen Xiang might stomped her feet shyly, and then ran out.

But seeing Qi Shiqin's casual attitude, she always felt that she would be hypocritical if she did that. She said, "I have reached such a time at my age."

"Yeah." Qi Shiqin nodded and turned to say: "Do you know that there is actually a student in our college who came in disguised as a man?"

Chen Xiang opened her eyes slightly, "Who?" She had such courage.

"Lin Zhu." Qi Shiqin said decisively, not procrastinating.

There was no sound in the room for a while, Chen Xiang sat down on the chair and was silent for a long time before she said: "How did you find out?"

Qi Shiqin said: "I actually recognized it at the beginning of school. This kind of thing is not easy for too many people to know, so I didn't tell anyone." A woman dared to take a risk to study, he It's not good to take a few words lightly and ruin the pursuit of others.

Chen Xiang was surprised: "I recognized it at a glance? But I have been with her for so long and I don't know it!"

She did not blame Qi Shiqin for not telling her so that she could avoid this inappropriate heartbeat. Agarwood has always been a considerate, gentle and considerate girl. After calming down, she even immediately admired the courage of Lin Zhu, a girl, without disgust.

Qi Shiqin glanced at Chenxiang in amazement: "You don't seem to be in a bad mood?" Is it possible that girls have such a strong ability to recover?

Chen Xiang glanced at him sullenly, and said: "Then what else can I do, Lin Zhu didn't mean it, and besides, I was a little moved. Lin Zhu has a very respectful attitude towards girls, so I would like her. Yes. But it's not to the point where the non-jun does not marry."

"Well then." Qi Shiqin didn't quite understand this kind of emotion, he then replied: "In fact, it is easy to recognize a woman disguised as a man. Even if he is a brother, he will have a small Adam's apple, but Women do not. This is the biggest difference. Even if a man looks similar to a woman, his frame and body will be much larger than that of an ordinary woman. These require careful observation."

It turns out that Chen Xiang had never paid attention to so much before, because the academy originally only recruited men.

Qi Shiqin also said: "You still have to pay more attention to marriage. After you have a good view of the person, tell me. I will help you to check the character of the other person. I should be more in touch with my identity."

Chen Xiang was moved, and she was naturally concerned about this: "I know, you will definitely have to do it at that time. You have to help me take a good look, otherwise something goes wrong. Be careful I ask you to settle the account."

In her heart, she put these on the agenda. Chen Xiang didn't want to marry those powerful families. Generally speaking, there are not few men in the house. She was thinking of marrying a talented scholar who was a little bit higher, and the other party didn't dare to bully her.

After solving Lin Zhu's matter, Qi Shiqin went to Dean Shen's study to find a book and brought it back to the room to read, and copied it by the way. You must know that with Dean Shen's status, he has a lot of unique books in his collection.

In the afternoon, he taught the students who had chosen the Guqin course for another afternoon, and rushed home after school.

When he reached the door of his house, he saw a familiar figure. 

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