"Yunyun, why are you here?" The person here is Qi Yunyun, his elder brother's daughter.

Qi Yunyun turned her head and smiled without complaint, as if she had never had those sloppy thoughts before, and said: "Uncle Six, can I live with you for a period of time? I have already greeted my mother."

Qi Shiqin was stunned for a moment, then nodded: "Since my sister-in-law agrees, then you can follow me in." He didn't ask what was the matter.

Qi Yunyun didn't expect it to be so easy to pass, even her footsteps were much brisk, and she quickly followed Qi Shiqin's pace. The concierge opened the door for him with a sentence: "Master is back."

"Yeah." Without paying too much attention, Qi Shiqin walked straight in.

Passing through the garden and the delicate veranda, she came to a courtyard. Qi Yunyun was dazzled all the way. The gurgling ponds and the rockery and beautiful waters, she could not tell how beautiful, but there was always a sense of being in the beautiful scenery. Unspeakable physical and mental comfort.

I will live in such a good house in the future, she told herself inwardly.

Before entering the room, Qi Shiqin's voice had already reached the room when he saw the open door: "Jing Shu, I'm back."

Er Bao shook its fat ass and came out to greet the owner.

Wei Jingshu sat in the seat and did not move. He looked towards the door. The warm winter sun shone on his delicate side face, and even the words he said were stained with warmth: "Come here, our kid kicked me again, he It's really energetic."

This child always makes trouble when the adults ignore him, and he looks good at raising him.

Qi Shiqin smiled and quickly stepped forward, placing his hands on his swollen belly, and gently said: "Baby, Daddy is back." After calming down, the baby in his belly gave his Daddy a face kick.

The excited Qi Shiqin immediately became a silly dad. This was the first time he had been with him since he was pregnant. He seemed to be able to see the process of a seed growing slowly.

Unlike Qi Ge, he did not participate in his infancy. It didn't take long for him to learn about the true origin of Xiao Ge, and he felt more distressed for Qi Ge.

And now the unborn child, let him truly experience the excitement and excitement of being a father for the first time in his life, he wants to hold all of his own into the child's palm. He smirked all over his face: "The boy moved. He is saying hello to me."

Wei Jingshu also put his own hands on Qi Shiqin's hands. One is slender and tender, the other is well-knotted, generous and powerful, gently put together, giving people infinite beautiful imagination. And his other hand was placed on Qi Shiqin's head and gently stroked, gentle and tender.

"That's right." Qi Shiqin suddenly realized that he was not coming back alone. He looked behind him: "Yunyun is going to stay at our house for a few days. You have to ask her to clean up a room."

Wei Jingshu had seen Qi Yunyun a long time ago, but he didn't want to interrupt Qi Shiqin's interaction with the child. At this time, he just saw it and said: "Then let her live in the yard near the bamboo forest. Chunlan, you Go and take Miss Qi over and have a look."

This yard is farther away from where they live, and Wei Jingshu didn't want to see a girl who had ridiculed him dangling in front of him every day.

Wei Jingshu made it clear that she didn't want to say anything. Qi Yunyun bit her lip. She felt that she had been neglected, but this was not her own home, so she had to bear it. She followed the maid who led the way.

Qi Shiqin looked at the careful husband Lang amused, and said: "You just don't want to see Yunyun, she is still a little girl, you are almost the mother of two children, so don't care about her."

Wei Jingshu snorted, "I didn't talk less about the ugly things of the little girl. Besides, I'm only 19 years old, and I'm still young, so I don't want to let her." Actually it's almost 20, but Wei Jingshu refuses. Accept this.

Qi Shiqin leaned over and kissed her, first comforted and said: "I'm worried that you don't anger yourself, it's not worth it." Then he continued: "Big brother and sister-in-law are nice people, I don't want you to entertain her, as long as Just don't embarrass people specifically."

"Where would I be the kind of person who deliberately finds fault." Wei Jingshu pouted and muttered.

In my heart, I was thinking that it was a big deal and I just ignored her.

Then he asked: "What is she doing in our house?"

Qi Shiqin said: "I don't know too well. I said that my sister-in-law agreed. I will ask my eldest brother tomorrow. Did you go to see your father-in-law and mother-in-law today?"

Today is the time for the county magistrate Wei to set off and take office. The county magistrate from their place is expected to come over in a few days.

Wei Jingshu: "I went to send it in the morning. I don't know how long it will take to see each other." He felt a little more sad, and remembered what his mother had said. Just keep it, and the child is also remembered in my mother's name, but my father is looking for someone to take care of it, and my mother seems a little unhappy."

Zhang was naturally unhappy. The child was remembered in her name and took the title of a protégé, but it was not for her to be raised. In the future, the child would know who his mother was and would naturally not respect her.

Although Liu Qianqian has lost his former glory, the future is hard to say with this child.

Qi Shiqin squeezed his face and said, "Don't worry. When the child grows up in the future, we will take the mother-in-law back to take care of him. You don't have to worry about the mother-in-law alone in his old age." Da Zhou's law allows children to stay with the mother. When you are old, take your mother out for support, as long as both parties agree.

Of course, there is a major prerequisite for this, that is, the father is no longer alive, otherwise the father's will has to be sought. Generally speaking, many people don't want their women to get out of their control, as if in this way they lose their face.

Their situation is naturally different. People with rights don't need to think too much, and those obstacles will not exist.

Wei Jingshu was overjoyed, with a bright smile on his face: "Are you serious?" Xianggong was willing to support his mother. This made him a little bit incredulous. In this big environment, there are really few people like that.

"Yeah." Qi Shiqin nodded affirming his question, and kissed a few more times.

While stealing the kiss, he was hooked by Wei Jingshu's arms around his neck, and he sent his pink lips passionately. He easily put his tongue into the other's mouth, licked and entangled. .

The next day Qi Shiqin took the time to find his elder brother. Qi Dalang is a clerk at the Ruyi Inn, and his eldest nephew, Qi Dalang's eldest son, is also a clerk in this inn.

He is currently learning the skills of settling accounts with his father, and he should be able to take over his father's class.

"Uncle Six, why are you here too." Although Qi Shan is a bit older than Qi Shiqin, his calls are always straightforward and uncomfortable.

Qi Shiqin said, "I have something to do with Big Brother."

Qi Shan: "My father is over there, I'll take you there." After he finished speaking, he dragged Qi Shiqin into the room and brought people to the front. He shouted in a loud voice: "Father, Uncle Six I'm looking for you. I'm busy now, so I'll leave first." He said to Qi Shiqin in the last sentence.

Without waiting for someone to answer, I ran out in a hurry.

Qi Dalang asked Qi Shiqin to sit down on a chair in the room and asked, "Little Liu, what are you doing here?"

Qi Shiqin took a look at the room. The room was not big. There were a few thick stacks of books on the desk, and said: "Yunyun came to my house yesterday and said that she would live for a period of time, and she didn't know what was going on. Say it, lest you worry."

Qi Dalang: "Your sister-in-law and I know this." His face flushed slightly, which was obviously extremely embarrassing.

Qi Shiqin asked hurriedly, "Is there anything wrong with brother? If I can help, I will definitely help."

"Actually, this is also for Yunyun's marriage. This girl is unwilling to marry the man in the village. She said she must find a scholar, and she had a fight with her mother. We really can't help it, just like looking at Xiaoliu. If there is any way, we will only be her daughter. If possible, we naturally hope that she can live well."

When he said something, Qi Dalang lowered his head, he felt that it was not quite right for him to say it cheeky.

Qi Shiqin frowned slightly, but then turned to think, Qi Yunyun looks pretty and pays attention to maintenance, she is fairer and better-looking than the average peasant girl. He said: "I can also help a little bit with this matter, but I have to let others look at Yunyun. And some people don't have much better family conditions, those who are better…"

Before he finishes, Qi Dalang also understands that a good scholar with a family may not be worthy of Qi Yunyun.

After all, her appearance is not so outstanding, and she doesn't know a few words, and the maidservants of those rich and famous people might be able to compare her. And Qi Yunyun, who was a bit close, looked down on it.

Qi Dalang sighed and said, "Then try it first and see if she can meet it. If it doesn't work, then forget it."

Seeing his elder brother's sad and low appearance, Qi Shiqin felt uncomfortable. He said, "Actually, this is not necessarily the case. It will be a county exam soon. If Xiaohe is more serious, he might be admitted to a scholar. Sister, Yunyun should be able to say a good kiss."

The imperial examination is not an easy way. Some people in their 40s and 50s are still squeezed on this road, and some are gray-haired and still just a child. Qi Dalang was happy when he heard it, and he naturally knew how difficult it was.

"Then leave it to fate."

Qi Shiqin didn't believe in fate, he only believed in his own hard work, so Qi He in the academy was in misfortune. Although he also applied for this year's exam, he was completely thinking of giving it a try first.

Qi Shiqin took the teaching ruler and tapped gently on the palm of his hand. Qi He felt terrified in his heart. He always felt that it would fall on him: "If you pass the exam, Yunyun will be able to marry a good family, as an older brother. , You have to work hard before you know if you can do it."

Qi He cried and said with a sad face: "But, Uncle Six, you are powerful enough, aren't you Juren? You are still the son-in-law of the prefect. As long as you are willing, someone will definitely marry her."

Qi Shiqin's indifferent face: "Oh, isn't it?"

The point is that there are no good people who come to marry me now! Qi Yunyun has a lot of demands, knows how to read, and is not bad at home. Those who have this condition won't care about a person who has offended the imperial power. Can't people try it by themselves.

Moreover, he was not very willing to have too much relationship with Qi Yunyun, and he was a little faintly repulsive in his heart.

In addition to being harsh on Qi He, while taking advantage of more than a month's time, Qi Shiqin intends to give the students in the class an early test so that they can adapt to the environment and atmosphere of the exam.

There was a lot of discussion in the class, and most of them were surprised. It turns out that this kind of operation can still be done.

The college also supports this kind of behavior, and simply gathers all the students who will be referred to to experience it, and will let everyone experience the atmosphere of the imperial examination from time to time in the future.

Qi Shiqin is undoubtedly of this. With the support of the academy, various venues and facilities can be quickly arranged, and the atmosphere of the scientific examination in the academy will be even stronger.

Of course, Dean Shen, who is wealthy and rich, said that good colleges will also receive awards. Since the award system was created for his beloved little disciple back then, he has become more fond of this method.

On the one hand, some talented poor children can continue to learn, and on the other hand, it can also promote everyone's enthusiasm for learning. From the current point of view, it is quite effective. There are always some students in each class of the college who work harder for this.

Although it may make reading a little utilitarian, in general, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

In this way, a mock exam kicked off at Qingshan Academy.     


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