There are five simulated exams, which is also a simulated county exam. After all, there is not much time left before the real exams, so the college can't follow the prestigious and hospital exams. I had to wait for the expedition to pass before another arrangement.

Qi Yunyun has also heard a little bit of wind these days, knowing whether her brother's success is related to her future, she cooks soup and sends it to the college every day, making Qi River even more stressful.

While working hard every day, he couldn't help complaining to Qi Shiqin: "Uncle Six, can you tell the little girl not to visit me every day, I want to avoid her every day."

He can't bear the burden of others on his own body, as if he would be sorry for her if he failed to pass the exam.

Qi Shiqin looked at the book in his hand, and said disapprovingly: "Then tell her by yourself that it will be done soon. This is not a big deal."

Qi Hannei was very mad: "But I have reminded her several times, but instead she came to comfort me, let me not be too nervous, read hard, even if she fails to pass the exam, she won't blame me. Co-author with me. Is it for her to take the test?"

If he can, he naturally doesn't mind being able to do well in the exam, so that the younger sister is also stunned, but he has no confidence. He himself was worried.

Qi Shiqin glanced at him and knew that this nephew was really a little impetuous, "I'll mention it to her. You should study hard. This time it will be an experience, and I will talk about it after her marriage."

Qi He breathed a sigh of relief, he was afraid that everyone would think he had to pass the exam.

He smiled and ran over to squeeze Qi Shiqin's shoulders, and said, "Uncle Six, please do ideological work for Dad by the way. He has too much hope. If he fails to do so, he will probably be disappointed."

Qi Shiqin naturally agreed. He took it for granted and didn't worry about Qi He's mood, which put him too much pressure. Qi He is not a genius, and he can only say that he ranks in the upper middle and upper reaches of the school. Hope is not too great.

But this guy loves to have fun, he doesn't have strong self-control, and he has to be pressed by someone. Therefore, Qi Shiqin looked at him amusedly and said: "It's okay to ask me for help. I don't expect you to be admitted as a talent. You have to pass the test, otherwise you will look good."

In Qi Shiqin's view, Qi He's hard work will definitely pass the county test, and the government test should also become the tail of the crane.

Talents who have passed both the county test and the hospital test are called Xiu Cai, and those who are first in the five county examinations, or those who are the first in all three of the county examinations, can be directly recorded as Xiu Cai. Qi He doesn't have to think about this, he can't do it.

You are not the cause of all this by Uncle Six! Now I have to please myself to please him and speak kind words for myself.

Qi He silently slandered in his heart, but on his face he continued to squeeze Qi Shiqin's shoulders: "Sixth Uncle, is this strength okay? Do you want me to heavier?"

"No, that's fine." Free labor need not be used in vain.

After saying that, Qi Shiqin naturally wants to talk to Qi Yunyun after returning.

At the dinner table, Qi Yunyun tried her best to make an elegant look. She has been carefully imitating Wei Jingshu's movements these days. I have to say that although Wei Jingshu has a temperamental temper, he can paint with every move, with an indescribable sense of beauty.

Qi Shiqin said: "The county test is about to begin. Xiaohe still needs to read more behind closed doors. Yunyun, you shouldn't send him food recently, lest he lose his mind."

Qi Yunyun paused for a moment. She remembered Qi He's impatience for her to avoid her. She squeezed her hand tightly, her nails got stuck in the flesh, but she didn't feel the pain at all, and smiled and said: "I know. I was worried that the food in the academy was not good enough, so I always wanted to deliver food to my second brother. In that case, I'd better not disturb him."

Qi Shiqin let out an "um", and didn't care about the little girl's little movements that could not be hidden.

After eating, Qi Yunyun couldn't wait to return to her house. To tell the truth, her life under the fence was not easy, especially because one of the owners obviously didn't like her. She took a deep breath. Opportunities must be created by herself. If she did not come here, she would not have access to those outstanding people.

Touching the clothes on her body, Qi Yunyun said to the maid who was serving her: "Go and ask the sewing room to make two more clothes for me, dress up gorgeous and noble. I didn't like the two last time."

Maid: "Okay, girl."

All the hands in this house were provided by the housekeeper Wang Liang, and the arrangements were in order. Qi Shiqin found it okay after seeing it. This person is indeed capable of being a housekeeper, and he is very satisfied with this person.

Wei Jingshu is in charge of when to buy new clothes in the mansion. Every time the season changes, he will change a batch, and sometimes he will order people to make some fashionable styles.

Qi Yunyun is not considered a serious master, but to the servants, she is the niece of the master of the mansion, and she is also considered half the master.

After reporting the matter to Wei Jingshu, Wei Jingshu nodded and said, "Just do as she asks. From now on, these trivial matters will not be used to ask me for advice. Just be careful."

All Qi Shiqin's finances were handed over to him. In addition to some treasures and Zhuangzi in the treasury, Wei Jingshu also tried to open a few shops, and the income was not bad. Naturally, he would not pay attention to these trivial things of making clothes, but it was a little cheap. After living with Qi Shiqin, he seems to have become less concerned about these external objects.

In the words of his comrade, spending money to buy leisure, watching the open point also saves one's own anger.

Soon the official opening of the county test came. Qi Shiqin sent Qi He outside the test room. "You kid take the test well. If you can't pass the county test, beware of your sixth uncle's fist."

He took the test basket brought by the next person, which contained the tools and food he needed for the test. He was not threatened by these words at all: "The exam is about to start soon. You still threatened me, Uncle Six. If there is something wrong in my heart, it won't be over."

Having said that, his face clearly showed that he didn't take that word to heart, and said with a smile: "If I pass the exam, you will have to give me some rewards, Uncle Six."

Qi Shiqin responded: "Okay, as long as you can do well in the exam, you can mention what you want."

Qi Yunyun on the side also interjected: "Uncle Six is ​​a rich man. You have everything you want. Second brother, you have to work harder. This reward is no better than ordinary things."

Qi He had a toothache in an instant, this little girl's words sounded so weird. He has been a more playful and domineering temperament since he was a child. He climbed up the mountains and climbed trees, and led the little brothers in the village to walk around, but he was not particularly close to Qi Yunyun. Qi Yunyun has always been uncomfortable with his second-rate style.

So he hahad and said, "I remember what Uncle Six said. It's about to start. I'll go there and stand in line." After speaking, he turned and walked into the line of students.

After Sing Bao, when he saw Qi He enter the examination room, Qi Shiqin went to the restaurant not far away and sat there. The Zhou Dynasty county exam was taken once a day, and he had to take people back. Many parents at the scene chose to wait, worrying that Qi He would only be a minor child in modern times. After thinking about it, he decided to wait.

As for Wei Jingshu just staying at home and not coming, his stomach is too big, and it is estimated that he will give birth soon.

She stayed in the restaurant all day long, so Qi Yunyun naturally couldn't stay. It didn't take long for her to go back with excuses.

The exam lasted until the evening, and there were no candles in the exam room, which meant that if the writing was not finished during the day, it would be useless when it was dark. At dusk, Qi He came out, and Qi Shiqin had come and waited when there were students coming out.

Seeing Qi Shiqin waiting outside, Qi He, a naughty person, felt sour for a while. He suppressed his emotions and walked over and said, "Uncle Six, you won't wait for me for a day, right?"

Qi Shiqin: "This is the first day. I will wait for the next few exams to come over in the afternoon. I still have to take classes in the academy. Today I will let you adapt."

Qi He smiled brightly: "That's not the case. It would be bad for me to delay other students. I have a pain in my ass when I sit this day. I have to drink some soup to make up for it when I go back." He said, just in front of the public. Rubbed his ass.

With that wretched energy, Qi Shiqin immediately slapped him without seeing it, slapped Qi He, and muttered that Uncle Six would use force.

"At any rate, take your own image into consideration. You are almost eighteen, and you have reached the age when you should get married. It's not easy to marry a wife with such a slick tone."

Qi He didn't care: "What if you have a house and land in your family, you still worry about not marrying a daughter-in-law?" Now in the situation of his family, there are not too many people crying and crying to marry him.

Qi Shiqin was too lazy to talk to him, letting him mutter all the way.

The meal that night was also very rich. Worried that the food would be too messy, Wei Jingshu asked someone specifically for it. A large table full of Dangdang dishes, Qi He was content to eat.

Qi Yunyun looked at his spirit and couldn't help asking: "Second brother, how did you do in this test?"

Without waiting for Qi He to speak, Qi Shiqin said with great importance: "Don't ask about the results before you finish the exam. Wait until Xiaohe has passed all five tests." Although he had been asked by Zhou Cuicui all the time since he came down. Don't care about these. But thinking about the previous life exams, there seems to be such an unwritten rule, there should still be some truth.

But Qi Yunyun didn't think so. After Qi Shiqin refuted her face, her face went black all of a sudden.

Her expression was not hidden, and the atmosphere on the table calmed down. Qi He laughed and said, "Uncle Six is ​​right. If you keep asking me about this, I will definitely feel annoyed, and it won't be good if it affects the next game." As a result, no one paid any attention. He felt embarrassed. Don't say anything anymore.

That's the end of this uncomfortable dinner. In the next few county exams, Qi Shiqin really didn't wait all the time. He just sent Qi He in in the morning and waited there in advance in the afternoon.

In his heart, Qi He became more grateful to this sixth uncle. He had already admired this capable young uncle, but as a result, he was still so attached to him, so he naturally liked it even more.

After waiting a few days, the county tried to initiate the case.

Qi Shiqin queued a few servants to look at the list. Although Qi He had a mentality of trying, he really had finished the exam now, but he cared about it in his heart.

Soon, a small servant came back quickly, shouting from afar: "Master, Master Qi is admitted."

Qi Heteng stood up, took two steps forward, and asked anxiously: "What did you say? I was admitted? How many candidates did I take?"

The young man was panting, but he kept saying: "The son was admitted to the twenty-ninth place. I saw the son's name in the outer circle." The case was round, divided into two circles, the inner circle and the inner circle. Twenty people, 30 people in the outer circle, 50 people in total.

Qi He was so excited that she couldn't help herself. Qi Yunyun quickly stepped forward and said, "Congratulations to the second brother." She said that she was extremely pleased, not only for her brother, but also for her future.

Qi Shiqin also smiled and said: "This is the first level. You haven't been admitted to the talents yet, you have to work harder. It will be the official test in more than a month, and hold on for a while."

Qi He nodded, the smile on his face couldn't stop. When this moment came, he knew that he actually cared very much in his heart. From the beginning of the road of reading, he actually couldn't help himself.


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