After waiting more than a month for the official test, Qi He's results did not exceed Qi Shiqin's previous expectations. He won the 47th place in the second class, and almost failed. However, Chen Nan, who participated in the assessment together, did a good job and won the first place in Class A, and Cheng Peng was also in the ninth place in Class A.

The news is pretty good, and Qi Heben didn't plan to pass it all at once. Except for Qi Yunyun, everyone else is quite happy.

The afternoon after knowing the result, near dusk, Qi Shiqin's family welcomed a person, Chen Nan.

Qi Shiqin's eyes were a little puzzled: "Why are you here?"

Chen Nan had a rare smile on his indifferent face, and said: "The student won the first place in the government exam this time and won the fame as a scholar. Naturally, he is going to visit the master." He motioned to the book boy behind him to bring the gift.

The gift was packed in a sandalwood box, and Chen Nan said, "I know the Master doesn't need anything, so I ask the Master to accept these books." These are the only books his father collected. As long as he is a scholar, he can't escape these precious books. within Temptation.

There is no shortage of these things in his family.

Qi Shiqin is no exception. He picked it up and glanced at it, and his heart moved instantly. It's not polite to let people put it away, ready to cherish it. With a smile on his face, he said, "It's so late. Let's stay at home tonight. I will prepare the kitchen. Let's celebrate."

Chen Nan is the number one in the government examination, and he can already get the reputation of being a talented scholar. Of course, whether to participate or not depends on his own wishes.

When conditions permit, Qi Shiqin still pays more attention to enjoyment, so Qi's cook level is quite good.

Seeing the sky before it was time to eat, Qi Shiqin led people to the study.

In the study, Qi Ge, who was practising internal skills, heard the footsteps of his father coming from far away. He walked back to his seat quickly, hid the dim sum on the table, and wiped away the residual dim sum at the corner of his mouth.

When Qi Shiqin opened the door, he saw the little man sitting upright, writing serious words. Seeing someone coming, he happily yelled "Daddy."

Seeing Chen Nan following his father again, Qi Ge said: "Brother Chen Nan." He is looking forward to someone coming to the house as a guest, which means that his father has no time to care about him, and he can have fun for a while.

Qi Shiqin didn't care about his son being lazy either.

The ice and snow melted in Chen Nan's heart, and if someone welcomed him so sincerely, he couldn't help being touched. He picked up the little children who ran towards him, a small group of cute ones, walked to the table where Qi Ge was studying, and Chen Nan looked at it, "Is Xiao Ge learning to write poetry?"

Qi Ge puffed up his face, rather helpless: "Yes, dad made me have to write a poem today, and it can't be too bad." Moreover, he has to recite a lot of things every day, which is simply too busy.

In history, how many children have been exporting, Qi Shiqin knows that his son is the soul of an older child, so naturally he can't really treat a four or five-year-old child. The requirements are naturally much stricter.

Simply Qi Ge just complained more seriously, and the daily tasks were still well completed. He didn't know that he had done so smoothly, which made his father more and more want to burden him. In the end, considering that children still need more good memories in their childhood, I gave up.

Chen Nan took a closer look. The poems are not very spiritual, they are very neat, and a few pages of paper were scrapped together. He praised: "The writing is very good, and Xiao Ge will be able to write very well in a few years. of."

He himself has been fully arranged since he was a child, which is one of the reasons why he is ahead of his classmates by a big margin. Therefore, he didn't think that Qi Shiqin was wrong with Qi Ge's strictness. If you don't think about it, you will be stricter. Only when you grow up will you be grateful for your original efforts.

Seeing that it did not arouse his comfort, Qi Ge did not struggle with this issue. He started to ask Chen Nan for some questions that he could not understand.

Slowly, Qi Ge sniffed lightly, and there was a refreshing sweetness in the air, just like the taste of the milk cake he secretly ate. He looked around in confusion and saw that his father was holding the plate he had hidden, eating Zhengxiang with his small spoon, and watched the last bite into his father's mouth.

Qi Ge suddenly felt sad and uncontrollable, his little body trembled, his face turned red, his mouth slumped, and he cried with a wow.

Qi Shiqin was taken aback, and hurriedly ran over to coax his son: "Isn't it just a plate of milk cake? Just let the kitchen make it again tomorrow."

Milk cake is actually a kind of cake, and it tastes pretty good.

"You…you bully, this is something I finally won over." Qi Ge cried even more sadly.

My son likes sweets too much. Even if Qi Shiqin doesn't know much about health preservation, he knows that this is not good. Worried that his son's teeth would be damaged by cavities, there was no professional dentist at this time, so he always restricted Qi Ge from eating desserts.

Especially milk cakes with high sugar content are usually given to him only once in ten and a half months.

Although he knew his son would feel distressed, he did not expect Qi Ge's reaction to be so great. After coaxing for a while, Qi Ge choked and said: "I…I'm fine, I'm okay, I'll eat…it's good, I'm just uncomfortable." He grabbed the clothes on his chest, his eyes were red with tears, aggrieved. Said: "Emotions…suddenly… come up, I… I can't control…"

Qi Shiqin smiled inwardly, stretched out his hand to pat his son on the back, and kissed his forehead: "Don't cry, you're about to eat soon, you are no longer a three or four-year-old child, you should be a little older and more sensible."

He was tired of what his father always came up with as a child who was not three or four years old. Since his family knows his own affairs, he is indeed an older child, but it is like the phrase "the one who is favored is always safe." Qi Ge now completely treats himself as a child, walks with the body, acting like a baby, crying and crying. .

He didn't think of anything in his previous life anymore, maybe it happened by chance when he dreamed back at midnight, but then quickly slipped away.

Chen Nan on the side heard the dialogue a little inexplicably wanting to laugh.

Seeing that he coaxed his son back, Qi Shiqin sternly said, "Don't think you can get mixed up by crying. Where did your milk cake come from? I said that you are not allowed to eat more. You were a few days ago. I have eaten so much."

Qi Ge suddenly threw himself into his father's arms, rubbing his face against Qi Shiqin's chest, just like twisting sugar, he didn't come out and didn't speak.

Qi Shiqin punched his son in the ass twice, "Next time you are not allowed to eat more secretly, be careful that your teeth are broken, you know? You are so young, if you don't have teeth, what should you do in the next few decades? There are so many delicious things you haven't eaten yet!"

After educating his son, Qi Shiqin got up and said to Chen Nan: "It's time to eat, let's go over."

Chen Nan: "Good."

As soon as I arrived in the hall, I saw that Qi He was already waiting. Because of his temperament, even if he sat there, he felt a sense of dangling. Qi Shiqin said, "It's a coincidence that you came back."

Qi He touched his stomach, lengthened his tone, and said, "Uncle Six, you are finally here, I am almost starving to death." Seeing Chen Nan was also there, the two greeted each other, even though they were in the same class. But they are really unfamiliar.

On the other hand, Qi Yunyun was about to come to the hall to have dinner, when a little girl suddenly told her, "Girl, the lady said that today we can let the girl eat by herself. Dinner has been prepared, and there are guests in the house, which is not very convenient. "

As soon as Qi Yunyun stopped, she asked a maid who was serving her next to her: "Who is here in the house?"

Xiao Cui said, "I heard that it was a student of the master who was admitted as a scholar, so I came to thank the master. The talent of that master looks like the master of the prefect." She made a special trip to find out.

Xiao Cui is not the original maid of the Qi mansion, but the orphan Qi Yunyun saw when she went to the street once and sold her to bury her father. Qi Yunyun was not satisfied with the maid serving her in Qi's house. Those people were all facing Qi's house. It was inconvenient for her to inquire about anything, so she simply bought Xiao Cui back.

After listening to Xiaocui's words, Qi Yunyun's face suddenly stinks. She thinks that she wants to find a good person to be on the bright side, but given such a good opportunity, Wei Jingshu let her eat by herself. Help her out.

Qi Yunyun: "Go and find out the pink clothes I made some time ago."

She sat in front of the mirror, traced her makeup carefully, put on clothes again under the help of Xiao Cui, and said: "Let's go, let's go to the hall for dinner."

Xiaocui answered, a smile appeared on her face. She is Qi Yunyun's person. If Qi Yunyun is lucky enough to marry such a handsome son, she herself is very likely to be married together as a maid.

After arriving in the hall, Qi Yunyun sorted out her clothes before wandering in, and said softly: "Uncle Six, Yunyun is a bit late."

Her eyes swept around, and she found a handsome, tall and handsome young man, his eyes were cold and sharp, full of mysterious temptation. She couldn't help but want to conquer.

Qi Shiqin frowned, men and women are different, if you are particularly familiar with people, she shouldn't show up in this situation. But now he couldn't say anything, so he nodded and poured wine for Chen Nan. The two of them then ate and drank, and even their son was taken care of by Wei Jingshu.

No one answered, Qi Yunyun also rarely felt embarrassed. She cared more about whether Chen Nan would lower her impression of herself.

She cleared her throat and prepared to ask questions. Qi He used public chopsticks to pick her up the dishes: "Eat well." He knew what the younger sister was thinking, but Chen Nan was really not something she could climb.

If she is the daughter of the sixth uncle, it's okay to say, there is a little hope, but it's a niece or something, let it fall. Chen Nan has a high-sightedness. With her identity and beauty, she is not willing to give it to someone as a concubine.

The fact is also true. He sees a lot of women like this, and he doesn't even look at them. He didn't even look at the clothes that Qi Yunyun carefully prepared.

One night, Qi Yunyun didn't have a word with anyone, and she stomped her feet in anger.

As soon as she returned to the room, she pushed the things on the table to the ground, and the sound of humming suddenly sounded. Xiao Cui quickly calmed down and said, "Girl, don't be angry. It doesn't help to be angry now. The young man Chen is leaving tomorrow. We have to think of a solution quickly."

It's also that Qi Yunyun doesn't have much knowledge, otherwise a maid would have said this to the host's girl like this, she should have been sent out of the house long ago. But for Qi Yunyun, although Xiaocui's words were straightforward, she just said it to her heart. She asked, "Then what should we do?"

She had never met this Young Master Chen before going to deliver meals to her second brother, and it might be really harder to get close in the future.

Xiao Cui leaned over and spoke softly in Qi Yunyun's ear. Qi Yunyun was a little embarrassed at first, her face flushed, and then she made a decision immediately after a short while, the chance was not easy.

However, they did not notice that the maid who was responsible for cleaning outside the house quietly left.

After listening to the maid's report, Wei Jingshu lifted his small and white chin slightly and signaled Chunlan to give the maid some rewards: "You have done a good job. Continue to monitor them, and report to me immediately if anything happens."

The little maid was so happy that she was so happy that she knelt down and thanked her master for the gift.

Outside the house, Qi Shiqin and the three were still drinking. It is estimated that the drink was high this time. It was not until midnight that Chen Nan and Qi He fell on the table and were helped back to the room.

Qi Shiqin looked at the two people's backs, and an inconspicuous figure appeared behind him. He said, "Look at Chen Nan, don't make any surprises." With his own personal experience with Wei Jingshu, Qi Shiqin handled these things for the woman. Method is abhorrent.

Even if he gets someone he likes because of this, he can't tolerate his own destiny being controlled by others. If it wasn't Wei Jingshu who was in bed, wouldn't he want to disappoint an innocent person?

Best, don't play anything with this niece!

The dark shadow behind him disappeared at some point.

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