After washing, Qi Shiqin returned to the bedroom.

Wei Jingshu immediately moved over and hugged Xiang Gong's arm. His big belly made it impossible for him to lean directly on his chest. His little face rubbed against him. He said, "A maid came to tell me today that Qi Yunyun wants to fight. Chen Nan's idea, I have sent people to watch her, and you should pay a little attention. If you let the students know that your relatives are such people who don't know the so-called, the impression is not very good."

Qi Shiqin was not surprised at all. Perhaps ignorance is fearless. There are always women who think that they can get everything as long as they give their bodies.

It would be too beautiful to think of this world.

"I see, I will tell the eldest brother to let them take the people back." His willingness to live with a large family does not mean that he doesn't mind that his private land is taken by outsiders.

Wei Jingshu felt relieved immediately, but still complained: "I really hate her too much, and I don't want her to live in our house at all. She really doesn't think of herself as an outsider, so it's easier to evoke people than me. She actually asked me to pay her money to buy her a maid, and that girl is not a willing person at first sight."

"Yeah." Qi Shiqin nodded in agreement: "You are right, I will go to the eldest brother to talk about this tomorrow, as for that girl will be sent away at that time." He thinks he is very good to Qi He , I am worthy of the care of his elder brother in the past, so I am not worried that this time it will damage the family relationship.

Not far away, in the courtyard where Chen Nan was staying, a soft knock on the door sounded, and Chen Nan said to the book boy Xiaoan: "Let's see who it is?"

In fact, he was not really drunk, he still retained a bit of sobriety, just pretending to be overwhelmed by alcohol. Chen Nan's vigilance is very strong, and he has never let himself lose consciousness.

Xiao An ran to open the door, and shouted, "Who is it?"

Qi Yunyun would be considered a great effort, and after returning, she will take a shower and change clothes again. At this time, she was wearing a light gauze skirt, exposing a large white and tender skin in front of her. After two months here, her skin was well maintained and full of girlish vitality. On his head, he simply pulled up a bun, with blue silk hanging down his head naturally, with a light makeup on his face, which looked a lot of color.

She said softly: "I'm here to give Young Master Chen sober soup, I don't know where is Young Master Chen?" Her gaze crossed the Shutong and looked behind him.

Xiao An sees a lot of this kind of woman, he took the bowl in Qi Yunyun's hand, and said: "It's late at night. Miss, please come back. I will bring this sober soup to my son." Then the door was closed.

Qi Yunyun stopped, and said, "Eh, what do you want to do? I made a special trip to give it to Master Chen." Her voice was amplified a bit, and she wanted to draw Chen Nan out. She couldn't be wasted after dressing up for so long. .

What's the matter with this woman! Xiao An was speechless. He had never seen such a lack of eyesight before. He stopped and said angrily: "My son has already fallen asleep. It is not convenient to meet guests. Let's talk about it tomorrow."

Qi Yunyun didn't want to agree. When the day lilies were cold tomorrow, she forced herself to squeeze into the door: "How come you are so unruly? Master Chen is hiding, right?"

She said that she was going to go inside, but Xiao An, the book boy, couldn't stop her.

At this moment, a male voice sounded: "I don't know the girl is so late, what's the matter?"

It was Chen Nan who was here. He heard the quarrel outside, and he took the initiative to put on his clothes when he was helpless. Otherwise, he was afraid that this woman could really block him in the bed.

His status is high, and he has long been rude to people who don't know good or bad. But at this time he was at his teacher's house, and the other party was still a master in his heart, so he didn't really want to make the host's family too ugly.

Qi Yunyun looked at the sound coming from, Chen Nan's deep eyes looked straight at her, her heart trembled, her face flushed, she took two steps forward, turned her body slightly, and lowered her head shyly: "I…I It was because Mr. Chen was drunk and worried that you would be uncomfortable in the morning, so I brought you some sober soup. Mr. Chen, please drink it while it is hot."

Then she snatched the bowl from Shutong back and handed it to Chen Nan.

Chen Nan looked down at the soup bowl meaninglessly, took it, but didn't drink it. He didn't drink this kind of stuff from unknown origin, but said: "The frosty cold dew is heavy, the girl should return soon. Go inside your own house and be careful of colds."

Qi Yunyun was overjoyed: "Thank you Mr. Chen for your concern, Yunyun knows. This soup is going to be cold, Mr. Chen should drink it now." She stared at the bowl in Chen Nan's hand. There was nothing in this bowl. What kind of medicine, she thought to herself, but she really didn't have such a thing.

This is not a sober soup, but a big tonic soup that she asked Xiao Cui to boil. She can cook whatever supplements, and stew a pot of miscellaneous things. Make sure that people can't sleep in the heat at night.

As soon as the anger rose in this heart, maybe Chen Nan would have to rub her in bed with her five-finger girl, and then she would also think of her. After all, she was specially dressed so exposed, supposedly it should be able to make a deep impression, but the part in front of her is not small.

A big chest is an advantage, and Qi Yunyun firmly believes this. In the village, there are not few young men secretly watching her here, she feels annoyed, and she is not secretly proud.

Then if he still couldn't sleep, Master Chen might also come out for a walk. Anyway, Qi Yunyun made up her mind to stare here tonight. If Chen Nan really came out, she would definitely have a chance encounter.

If she doesn't come out,  Qi Yunyun feels that she will find opportunities for her as a possible xing ·fantasy object, and this will definitely happen.

But her enthusiastic eyes made Chen Nan even more vigilant. He simply put the soup bowl on the table with a stiff tone: "It's getting late, please come back, girl!"

Qi Yunyun wanted to say anything more. Seeing Chen Nan's determined expression, she had to shut up, and she would get bored if she said anything more. Dolly stepping back and walking out the door three times, Qi Yunyun said weakly: "Then Master Chen, you must drink it, I will leave first."

As soon as he left, the book boy Xiaoan snapped and closed the door.

He didn't care about the bowl of "Sober Soup", followed Chen Nan into the room, and said dissatisfied: "This girl is really…" Xiao An didn't know what words to use to describe a woman. After thinking about it for a long time, he went on to say, "It's really not." I know that it's so late to look at people's faces, and I'm not afraid of ruining my reputation when I go to the men's room alone!"

Chen Nan sneered: "I'm afraid that this is what people have made."

Xiao An also knew in his heart, he said: "Master Qi looks so impressive, but there is such a niece in the family." What a pity for Master Qi.

Chen Nan doesn't mind these, who doesn't have a few best relatives, even his own family. Some things are not something you can do if you want to break away from the relationship. In the eyes of others, you are one.

He didn't say this to his book boy either. Chen An is the son of the Chen family and has followed him since he was a child. He is rather silly and doesn't remember anything. Seeing the Master tomorrow, he is sure that he will still look like a respectable dying. There is no bad thoughts at all.

However, some people are like this, and people dare not feel the slightest tarnish when they see it.

In this way, everyone fell asleep at night, only Xiao Cui still endured the cold, staring at the movement of the yard here. I hated the good idea she had in her heart, and Qi Yunyun couldn't wait to fall asleep long ago.

After a good night's sleep, Qi Shiqin invited people to ask about the situation last night. He was slightly surprised that Qi Yunyun's methods were clumsy, but he had known the cheeky niece for a long time.

Nothing major happened, but he thought it was okay.

I got up to practice the martial arts for a long time, sweating all over, then stopped to take a shower and take care of myself.

Due to the presence of guests at home, Wei Jingshu was embarrassed to stay in bed. He also got up early, and he was very interested in changing his son's baby animal clothes. Seeing the white and tender little dumpling slowly being dressed up by himself, with a cute look, I feel full of accomplishment in my heart.

Qi Ge has become accustomed to this cute style of clothes. Since a shop was launched some time ago, his mother bought a lot of them. Anyway, he is reluctant to refuse his mother. I can only suffer it myself.

Qi Yunyun couldn't get up when she had breakfast. She waited a long time last night, and she fell asleep for a long time because she was emotionally agitated. And Xiao Cui waited until dawn before going to bed, so she couldn't remind Qi Yunyun to get up.

This morning, a large group of people finally settled down and ate without any unpleasant thoughts.

After eating, everyone went to do their own things routinely. Qi Ge reads and paints in the morning, and practices martial arts in the afternoon, and then reads books or Wei Jingshu teaches him chess and so on. Of course, if there are other things that these tasks is not mandatory, can also be put down. Overall, Qi Ge is still very satisfied with his schedule.

As for Wei Jingshu, he often reads his own script and teaches his son the content of Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting. Sometimes I also look at the account books to calculate the expenses of the house and the operating conditions of the shop. Then respond to the post delivered to your door and the like. These don't take up much time. Most of the time, Wei Jingshu is very leisurely, but he can always make his life easy.

For idols, everyone always wants to understand his life, what he has to do every day, and even want to learn to make himself as good as an idol.

Although there is no such word as "idol" at present, Chen Nan's feelings for Qi Shiqin are obviously like this, so despite some minor flaws last night, he still has no choice to leave now.

It's hard for people living in Yuecheng and the surrounding area to know that Qi Shiqin worshipped a great Confucian as a teacher, he grew up well, his poems were widely circulated, and the road to imperial examination was particularly smooth, except for the final examination. Chen Nan used to hear his name often, and he also knew that he created a very beautiful font. At this time, it is so great for people to have a good handwriting.

Even if Chen Nan's handwriting is copied from Qi Shiqin's handwriting, it is quite meaningful, so before he knows it, he will want to know more about each other. The more he knows, the more he likes and wants to get closer. .

The guests didn't plan to leave, and Qi Shiqin didn't think about going to accompany others this morning. He has always been relatively relaxed in front of the juniors.

Came to a small compartment next to the study, and went up to the second floor through a staircase. Chen Nan discovered that there were many bookshelves on the upper floor, and the air was well circulated, and the sun was shining in through the windows.

The books were put in different categories, Qi Shiqin said: "Some books that you don't read often are placed here. You can pick them up when you need to find information. I usually use them here." Because he doesn't have any imperial examinations. Because of the pressure, the books he reads are quite complicated, and he often likes to read some of the travel notes.

Chen Nan said with emotion: "There are so many books here." No wonder the Master is so knowledgeable and can pick up on any topic. People worked so hard in private, and he felt that he should also fight in this regard.

Qi Shiqin smiled and said, "If you look at it occasionally, you can increase your knowledge, and you can see it more thoroughly during the assessment."

There are millions of words in the books to be memorized in the imperial examination, plus some well-known interpretations. It can be said that there are too many things to remember, and ordinary students will not spend too much time on these unrelated books.

Chen Nan is no exception. It is not that he does not watch, but very rarely. Hesitating, he still went forward and took a copy in his hand.

Qi Shiqin chose a few books for him, and said, "Just read these, you may use them for exams." He gave him travel notes that he often read, "The terrain, climate, and villages of some places here. Gizmos on water conservancy and other aspects are very interesting, you just have to have a general impression."

The imperial court assessment is sometimes close to reality. For example, if you encounter a war, the test questions may be your opinions on the matter, how to deal with the relations with neighboring countries, etc.

However, the floods occurred in the south this year, and water conservancy may be considered. It makes sense to read thousands of books and travel thousands of miles. Field investigation is more profound than reading these, and it can be analyzed more clearly, but without this condition, it can only be done.

After going down, Qi Shiqin said to Chen Nan: "After reading, what you have learned from it, then write me a paper and submit it. Don't just look at the surface, you can explore it in depth."

Chen Nan didn't expect to find something for himself just by reading the book, but he couldn't see the inner fluctuations on his face, and nodded blankly.

Xueba is fearless!

After lunch, Chen Nan was about to return to the academy. He took the book boy and a baggage. This was prepared for him by Wei Jingshu and contained some delicious snacks. Qi Shiqin nodded and reminded again: "Don't forget to write the report."

Chen Nan was helpless, "I will, Master."

After sending people away, Qi Shiqin plans to go home. It is better to tell her mother about the eldest niece, and it is easier to communicate with her mother and daughter. If you talked to his elder brother, Qi Dalang would be embarrassed to trouble him, and if he was ashamed of this matter, he would avoid him.

He greeted Qi Ge well: "Daddy is going back. Come back before dinner. Your mother has a big belly and is inconvenient. You have to take good care of him, you know? And give Brother Grackle some water." Glancing at the puppy with his tail wagging at his trousers, he said, "I'll take Erbao out for a stroll."

Qi Ge also wanted to be taken out for a stroll, but he was more worried about his mother. Therefore said: "Daddy rest assured, I will take good care of my mother."

Qi Shiqin kissed his son on the cheek with a smile, his son is too sensible.

It's been a long time since I went home. The village is still the same. Someone greeted him from afar: "Xiao Liu is back, and your mother is always talking about you these days."

"Little Liu went out for so long before coming back."

"little six……"

When I got home, I didn't see anyone, and they all went out to work. The door was not closed, and Qi Shiqin did not go out to look for it. He went back to his house and sorted things out.

After Qi Shiqin married his daughter-in-law, it was not convenient for Zhou Cuicui to always go to his son's room. In this regard, she was clear in her heart.

After a while, someone returned. It just so happened that the one who came back was his sister-in-law Zhou, who probably came back to cook.

Qi Shiqin came out and called out: "Sister-in-law."

Zhou froze for a moment, then smiled and said, "Xiao Liu is back. If my mother knows, she must be happy. If she hasn't eaten yet, I will do it right away."

Qi Shiqin said, "You don't need to do my job, I will go back later." He followed Zhou into the kitchen: "Sister-in-law, I want to tell you something this time."

Zhou: "What's the matter?"

Qi Shiqin: "It's about Yunyun. I know that Yunyun wants to marry a good person, but she has the same conditions, and her vision is too high. Yesterday one of my students came to the house as a guest of the prefect. I went to a Xiucai. Yunyun wore very much in the middle of the night… I went to someone's room to send a hangover soup. Of course, the soup was not a hangover soup." He knew what happened in the house.

Zhou was a little embarrassed for a while, she knew what the sixth brother's unfinished words were. She also knew enough about her daughter, what Qi Yunyun could do, she could completely imagine.

She asked: "Then nothing happened, right?" She couldn't wait to beat the dead girl severely now, embarrassed.

"Nothing happened, but…"

Qi Shiqin said bluntly: "My family often has students coming. If this happens again, I won't be able to gain a foothold in the academy and my reputation for Yunyun will not be good. So I want my sister-in-law to bring Yunyun back. To be more specific. Xiaohe also knows the situation. He has a strong temperament and will have to stay in the academy for several years. If people take this to say something, he will definitely not be able to bear it."

He knew that these words were simply poking people's backbones, but there was always someone to say that Wei Jingshu's temperament might be a mockery of sarcasm. As for Qi He, it is still important to study at ease, and there is also a college exam.

Zhou's wake up from the previous embarrassment. Given the time limit, her daughter is more important than her son without even thinking about it. In her mind, the son is naturally more important.

She was so angry that she couldn't keep her usual calmness at all. She cursed and said: "What will you pick up, let the dead girl roll back by herself, and lose the face of our family, so I am embarrassed to let me pick her back." On the one hand, she said. I am really angry, and on the other hand, there is no lack of dissatisfaction with the daughter that may affect her son.

After talking for a long time, Zhou calmed down and said, "I will ask her father to pick her up tomorrow, and I should take care of her. She is not a child anymore at such an age. Xiaohe is there now. Are you okay? Hearing? Don't get used to him if you don't. Go straight up and have a good fight. If you don't, you won't be a talent."

There are few holidays in the academy, and Qi He is a temperament who likes to make trouble with others, and he rarely comes back.

Qi Shiqin said: "Xiaohe is pretty good, and he has passed the government examination this time, but depending on his grades, the hospital examination is impossible. After two years, he will definitely do it."

Zhou was very open about this, she kept moving her hands, pour the rice into the pot. Said: "It's okay. No scholar can pass the exam after many years of study. It is rare to see people with outstanding talents. I never expected Xiaohe to be so prosperous now. This is already very good."

There are many people in the village who want imperial examinations, and there are also those who are capable or obsessed with it. The 30-year-old is still in the examination for Xiucai, and Zhou can be said to have a deep heart.

She has planned it. If her son is really capable, she will grit her teeth for several years, but she will not make it for a lifetime. Of course, the plan can't keep up with the changes, and now she doesn't have any financial pressure, so it's natural to look more open, and it's not a bad thing anyway.

Maybe it was because someone in the village said that the youngest son was back, and Zhou Cuicui did not take long. She carried a large basket of hogweed on her back, pressing it hard, and it was quite heavy.

Hearing the movement, Qi Shiqin hurried over to help remove the back basket, and said: "Mother, you can let your second brother and the others do these heavy tasks. You will do less when you are older."

Zhou Cuicui happily said, "I'm so strong, I've been used to it for most of my life, and it's okay. As long as you come back and see your mother often, it's fine."

Qi Shiqin suggested again: "Or you can live with us in the city, if your son is rich, he can raise you and his father. When you get to the place, there will be people waiting for you. It's much easier."

He is not the kind of person who enjoys himself, but his parents are affected in his hometown. This proposal was rejected by Zhou Cicui again.

"I've been a person with one foot in the soil. I have lived in the village for most of my life. I can't stand it when I get old and let me go. And there are your eldest brother and second elder brother here. Why do they leave? If you do, this family will be gone. Besides, it's not all good now. The blue brick and big tiled houses built are not short of money, and there are few in the village that can live better than me."

The smile on Zhou Cuicui's face is real, and she is the most blessed old lady in this village. Besides, they have many families and work together, so they are not so tired.

Nothing was as convincing as a real smile, Qi Shiqin stopped persuading him. He took out two pieces of clothes: "This was made by Jing Shu for you two elders. Try to see if it fits."

Zhou Cuicui complained: "The child is pregnant. Don't let him do things all day. The child in your stomach matters."

Qi Shiqin smiled: "I see, this is not something he is asked to do every day." When we are far away, Wei Jingshu is willing to please the old lady instead, and it doesn't take much trouble to do it every day.

"Do you want to leave after eating at home?" Zhou Cuicui asked. Wife and children are in the city, and she doesn't think her son will stay here.

Noting his mother's somewhat dissatisfied eyes, Qi Shiqin said: "I told Xiao Ge to go back before dinner, and I will come back next time the college is on holiday. After a while, Jing Shu gave birth to the child, so I would take him often Come back, mother, don't bother me when that happens."

In comparison, Wei Jingshu didn't hate going back to Qi's house, he just didn't want to stay here alone. If Qi Shiqin was with him, he would not be disgusted.

Zhou Cuicui: "You child, how can any mother think that her child is annoying, the house has been kept for you all the time."

Saying that she went into the house, "Don't leave, I'll bring you some eggs, bacon, and sausages, and fry them for good taste." The eggs were originally sold for money, but now the family wants to eat them. , Can also cook some and eat.

In this way, Zhou Cuicui swept the house all over, and when he saw anything that could be eaten, he filled his son with a little and filled a big bag.

Qi Shiqin finally went back with his mother's heart. Wei Jingshu was also shocked after reading it: "Why did you bring so many things?"

When he opened it, his mother even pretended to have some garlic for him, and Qi Shiqin couldn't laugh or cry.

Wei Jingshu spontaneously pulled out a jar of pickles: "Um…I like to eat this. You can eat steamed buns in the morning." Although he was born rich, Wei Jingshu didn't pay particular attention to eating, and he would not think that the peasant dishes were not up to the standard.

He pulled out the bacon and sausage again, and he cheerfully said, "Chunlan, I'll take this to the kitchen for steaming. I'll eat it later."

All kinds of behaviors fully expressed his love for these things. Seeing Qi Shiqin's petting smile on his lips, Wei Jingshu was also taking pleasure in his heart. He liked it, but it was not to the extent of surprise.

It's just that if it makes Qi Shiqin happy, he naturally doesn't mind a little exaggeration.

But when it was time to eat, Wei Jingshu felt that his performance was indeed fine. These things were quite delicious, especially in line with his appetite after pregnancy.

On the second day, Qi Dalang came over early in the morning to pick Qi Yunyun home. Yesterday he went home from vacation and was ashamed to see people after he knew what his daughter was doing. Fortunately, this matter did not spread. He planned to find a family for his daughter to marry as soon as possible. He spent the whole day thinking about Pan Gaozhi, which ruined the reputation of the Qi family.

Unlike the Zhou Clan, Qi Dalang is indeed a responsible person and not bad-hearted, so he came here so early.

Qi Yunyun was shocked, she shouted: "What? I don't want to go back!"

Qi Dalang said: "This is not our home. What are you doing here, don't you think you are not embarrassed enough?"

Qi Yunyun realized that she had been sued. Without thinking about it, she asked, "Did someone tell you something? Who is it?"

Then I thought, this family should be her sixth uncle who could go out. Not only did he secretly hate Qi Shiqin for not helping her, he even went to file a complaint with her father.

Qi Dalang is not the kind of person who educates children verbally. It should be said that people at this time believe that good people come out of sticks. He glanced around, grabbed the feather duster on the desk and slammed it on Qi Yunyun's body. But she didn't dare to really run away and hide, because she was used to it since she was a child.

Qi Yunyun cried with a lot of tears and nose, and her hand made a slight rejection, but she didn't dare to really grab her father's hand. She was hit by a stick and it hurt her heart and lungs.

She cried and said, "Father, don't fight, it hurts, it hurts, I know it's wrong, I don't dare anymore."

Qi Dalang didn't give up, and he said while playing: "You are a girl, and you don't know about self-esteem and self-love, so you think about some unrealistic things. Is that how your mother taught you? You must have a basic bottom line to be a man. We will raise you. , It's not for you to do such a shameless thing." He was really angry and didn't keep his hands at all.

"If you did this kind of thing yourself, you still want to blame others. If you do it, don't blame others!"

Xiao Cui wanted to stop, but was almost hit by a stick, so she quickly avoided.

He hurried to find Qi Shiqin and shouted, "Master, it's not good, something happened to the girl."

Qi Shiqin didn't panic, he knew his elder brother's personality, so he didn't pass early, "What's the matter?"

Xiao Cui ran out of breath, put her hand on her leg and said: "The girl's father is here, and there is a fight over there."

When Qi Shiqin passed by, it was already over. He stopped a few times and said: "Brother, don't fight. Yunyun is a girl. She has a relatively simple life and didn't think so much. Just go back and teach more. All right."

Qi Dalang stopped his hand: "I have troubled you during this period of time, my eldest brother will take her back."

Qi Shiqin: "It's okay. I have many children, so it doesn't affect anything."

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