Qi Dalang didn't have the face to say more to his brother, and after a few words of greeting, he hurried away with his daughter.

When she left, Qi Yunyun was still crying. She was really in pain. Her father didn't beat her children often since she was a child. Usually Zhou came to educate her. But if her father gets angry, few people can stop it.

On the way back, the father and daughter did not speak. After Qi Dalang got angry, he felt awkward to discuss such matters with his daughter again, and she still had to have her mother to communicate. However, the idea of ​​marrying his daughter as soon as possible took root in his heart.

Qi Shiqin walked back after sending the two out of the house. Wei Jingshu waited on the small road, came up to take his arm, and said, "Finally, he sent the person away."

Qi Shiqin looked at Xiao Fulang amusedly, but he was happy in his heart. Wei Jingshu's mood also affected him to a certain extent.

Towards the delivery period, Qi Shiqin had arranged the birth attendant at the house, and the nanny had also been found, and everything was ready.

After finishing all this, looking at his well-behaved son every day, he thought to himself that his son should also go to school. Qi Ge can't keep out of contact with his peers, and he should do whatever he wants at any age.

Soon, on the road in front of the gate of Qi's mansion.

Qi Ge's black eyes looked at Qi Shiqin aggrievedly, and he asked his father again unwillingly: "May I not go to school? I'm still a child, and it won't be too late to go to school in a year. And mother. Now I'm in my arms, just when someone needs protection."

Qi Shiqin took his son by the hand: "No. Your mother is mine, and I will protect him myself. And you, the only thing you should do is go to the school to have a good class, make some good friends, and be your age. What a child should do."

When in the village, Qi Shiqin often asked his son to find more friends to play with. I don't know if he gave his son some illusion. He has gone, and often he wants to go. But after I went, I divided the snacks and candies with everyone, and then I found a clean place to do my own thing.

Because of his behavior, he was quite popular with children in the village, and he was often asked to play with him. This also led Qi Shiqin to discover this fact very late.

Qi Ge was also wronged. He really didn't want to play with a group of dirty and runny children.

But he had no sense of security at the time. He just wanted to be a good son who was well-behaved, sensible and obedient in his father's mind. Naturally, Qi Shiqin wanted him to be like that.

Hearing his father's unchanging answer, Qi Ge lowered his head, revealing his tender neck under soft black hair: "All right. But what if the Master beats me?" He is not that fluent in reading.

Qi Shiqin didn't mind: "You are serious, and the master can't punish students casually, otherwise you will come back and tell Dad, Dad will go to him to settle the accounts. But if it is because of your own fault, such as sleeping in class…"

He didn't say anything further. Qi Ge had committed these things before. He dozed off as he listened. He was reluctant to teach his children, so he could only forget it.

However, Qi Ge is actually pretty good at studying, and can fulfill his requirements every time. It's just that compared to people with outstanding talents, such as Qi Ge's own father, it's much worse. There are relatively few such people, and they don't make much sense in comparison.

Qi Ge puffed up his bun's face, but didn't refute it.

The school that Qi Shiqin chose was only more than 20 minutes away from home. It was started by a ranked Juren. Because of repeated failures, he stopped thinking about taking the exam again. Under the circumstances that this talent can start a private school, Juren is obviously more famous, and he has more Shuxiu than the average.

Good grades don't mean that you can teach students. Of course, Qi Shiqin knows this well. This master also made up his mind after he carefully investigated. Master Lin's teaching level is fairly good, and he is also well-known in this city, enough to teach Qi Ge.

When they arrived, there was a loud reading in the school. Qi Shiqin finally warned: "If you don't understand anything, please ask the master, don't be afraid. If there are other children bullying you, you will beat him severely. , Run if you don't win, come back and tell Dad, Dad will help you find a place."

Qi Ge laughed out loud, feeling like floating on the cloud, "I know, I'm so powerful, they can't beat me. And I went to study, how could these things happen."

Qi Shiqin thought about the ferocity of his son's fight with the tiger, relieved a little, and brought him to the entrance of the school. Master Lin stopped teaching when he saw the people outside the door, walked out, and said to Qi Ge: "Go in, your seat is there." He pointed to the front right position, which was adjusted by him. .

Then he talked a few words with Qi Shiqin. Master Lin had also studied at Qingshan Academy, but he didn't have much friendship with Qi Shiqin. One was the favored son of heaven, and the other was an ordinary student of older age.

Master Lin asked: "You are also the master of the academy now, why do you still send people to me to teach?"

Qi Shiqin's gaze followed his son's figure and saw him sitting in the seat. Then he smiled and said to the master: "Children, you should get along with people of the same age more. Otherwise, you won't know how to communicate with others in the future. Good. His personality is a bit too quiet. I think maybe he can become more active after going to school. In the future, I will ask the master to look after our little Ge."

Master Lin responded, "Naturally, it's okay." He had a classmate friendship, and he naturally had a lot of affection for Qi Shiqin. Take care of it a little bit more now, and maybe I will beg someone else in the future to stay on the sidelines to get things done.

After briefly speaking for a while, Master Lin planned to go back, "I am busy now, and we will have a chance to get together again in the future."

"That's OK, I'll go back first." He has to go to the college to attend class after sending off his son.

In class, Qi Shiqin praised the students who had passed the government exam this time: "Several students in our class have passed the government exam this time, especially Chen Nan, who was first in all three of the government exams. It is worthy of everyone to learn. There will be a hospital exam after that, so don't relax yourself, and work hard for a while. Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared."

I feel the atmosphere of the county exam and there are many people who go to the exam. They don't care about what they say, but there is nothing in their heart that does not hold back expectations. For a while, there was an uproar in my heart. I can imagine that there will be more students in the class who will work hard in the future.

As for Chen Nan, who was named, there was still no expression on his face, very arrogant. It doesn't seem to be touched at all, but in my heart, it can be said that the small bullet screen has been swiping the screen.

The progress of everyone in the class is not the same, and it doesn't matter whether they are divided into classes. In addition to always telling something suitable for everyone to listen to, Qi Shiqin always talks about how to compose poems, the format of the eight-part essay, etc., and then teaches according to individual aptitude.

His lesson plans are still more useful, and new problems can be found in real time to enrich them.

After class, Chen Nan came to Qi Shiqin's room and handed in the report he had written.

Qi Shiqin was a little surprised, but he didn't come for a few days, and he finished writing so quickly.

There is a trace of triumph in Chen Nan's tone, "This is what I wrote out after looking up a lot of relevant information."

It can be seen that he has indeed exerted great efforts. Qi Shiqin read page by page, writing better than he thought. After reading it, he patted Chen Nan's shoulder with great relief: "Writing well, you can also read books in the future. You can also subconsciously remember some when you look up the information. By the way, you will still pay for this test. Do you want to participate?"

Having already won the fame of being a talented person, it doesn't really matter if you participate or not.

At the beginning, Qi Shiqin took part for the small three yuan, Chen Nan didn't think so much, "Since it's passed, I don't want to take it anymore. Anyway, the content of the exam is similar to that of the official exam. I want to take the exam at my current level There is still a certain gap between Shangjuren, and I don't want to waste time. I want to stay in the academy to study and study more, maybe I can pass the local examination two years earlier."

This is the same reason, Qi Shiqin: "Then you can read it carefully, and if you don't understand, just ask me."

After speaking, the two of them were a bit speechless, neither of them belonged to the kind of sociable people, and the atmosphere was a bit cold for a while.

Chen Nan thought for a while, but still didn't find a topic, "Then I'll go first."

Qi Shiqin nodded quickly: "Well, let's go."

When he left the house, Chen Nan suddenly remembered and turned around and asked: "We are going to go outing in the suburbs in two days. Should the Master go together?"

Qi Shiqin's eyes lit up. He had heard that the students in this class were more coquettish, and various activities were endless, but no one had invited him before. He hesitated and asked: "It's not good for me to go to your students' party."

It's like a dinner for employees, and the big boss also follows up. It hurts the atmosphere and can't get active.

Chen Nan immediately explained: "It's not just us. Many masters in the academy go there. In addition to outings this time, we can also go hunting. We will bring all the tools and cook directly on the mountain."

Qi Shiqin's heart was moved, "If everyone goes, then I will follow along." He hasn't gone to the mountains for a long time.

In the afternoon, Qi Shiqin has no class, but the courtyard requires that if there is nothing too important, Master should stay in the academy until four o'clock in the afternoon. This is also so that when students have questions, they can find someone to solve them.

After that point, Qi Shiqin ran to pick up his son. Qi Ge saw people from a long-term perspective, and was unwilling to talk to his little buddies. He rushed over and said in a sweet voice: "Daddy."

Qi Shiqin squatted down to catch the person, hugged him, and asked, "How do you feel at the school today? Do you have any good companions to play with?"

Master Lin is also a man anyhow, he is not responsible for enlightenment education, so his students here are also slightly older, but it happens that Qi Ge can't play with people who don't know anything.

Qi Ge then remembered that he seemed to have skipped the companion who was talking to him and ran away. He pointed in the direction where he was running, "That little skinny kid is my new friend."

Qi Shiqin looked over there, and a child was also looking here. After seeing Qi Shiqin's gaze, he lowered his head shyly, looking a little shy. Qi Shiqin hugged his son and walked over there. The closer he walked, the more carefully he looked. The child seemed to be in a bad family.

The clothes were washed white, the cuffs had small burrs, and the person looked thin and looked as if he had not eaten enough. But the eyes are big, and the appearance looks very delicate.

Seeing Qi Shiqin coming over, the child whispered: "Hello, uncle."

Qi Shiqin smiled softer, for fear of scaring others, "Hello, you are our good friend of Xiao Ge, what is your name? Xiao Ge is more domineering, and I will trouble you to take care of him in the future. "

The child looked up at him and said seriously: "My name is Lin Yan, I will take good care of him in the future."

The kids are serious.

Qi Shiqin couldn't help laughing, "Then wait for you to go home and talk to your parents, will Xiao Ge take you to our house in the future, okay? Our house is quite large, and there is also a special room for play. interesting."

Lin Yan pinched his fingers together and nodded, "Okay."

Qi Shiqin: "Aren't your parents coming to take you home?"

Lin Yan shook his head, "I can go back by myself."

Qi Shiqin took out a packet of snacks he brought to his son, divided it in half, wrapped it in a handkerchief, and put it in the child's hand. Lin Yan retracted his hand and refused to accept it. He persuaded: "Thank you for taking care of Xiao Ge, and are you friends? Good friends should share good things together."

He actually saw that the child was too skinny, and he was afraid that he would be hungry, and he didn't really want someone to take care of his son in the future. In Qi Shiqin's eyes, Qi Ge takes care of others pretty much. After all, his son at home has always been very considerate and sensible.

Seeing that Lin Yan still didn't accept it, and his father had always been kind to him, Qi Ge became a little impatient: "If you ask you to accept it, you will accept it."

Lin Yan didn't make a sound immediately, holding the things in his hands.

Qi Shiqin patted his son's head with a backhand, and said, "How do you speak?"

Qi Ge put his arms around his father's neck, and shouted coquettishly: "Daddy, I'm hungry, I want to go home to eat."

Qi Shiqin smiled, and then said to Lin Yan: "Then let's go first, Xiao Yan, please be careful when you go home."

Lin Yan nodded, watching the father and son walking away, the small figure looked a little pitiful in the shadow of the dusk.

On the way back, Qi Shiqin still kept teaching his son: "Lin Yan looks small, and he shouldn't be older than you. Don't bully others in the school. Look at what you said just now. Tone, people feel comfortable after hearing it, and I will go there tomorrow to get along well with them."

Qi Ge was a little unconvinced: "I wouldn't be bothered to play with him unless he was as old as I was in the school. And I couldn't understand his twitchy appearance, he spoke quietly, and he didn't do things simply and generously. a little."

The masculine man just wants to be a little bloody, he is motivating the other person.

Qi Shiqin hit his son's little butt and said, "Then why don't you see people hungry, and the clothes have been washed many times without changing new ones? With such a home environment, his character naturally cannot be particularly generous. Maybe there are other children in the school laughing at him and bullying him.

And they know how to be polite. If you come here to give you something, you can't just accept it. "

Qi Ge covered his ears, buried his face on his father's shoulders, and muttered: "I was wrong. Don't talk about me again, father. You helped him a lot when I was in the school. Someone bullied him. I helped him fight back because of him, no one else played with me."

He had sacrificed so much, so Lin Yan should be bullied by him. Moreover, he should be repaid for his life-saving grace. Besides, his mouth broke a little, and he wouldn't really do anything to people.

"Huh~" Qi Shiqin was a little surprised, "Then have you won? Why didn't your master tell me?"

Qi Ge immediately said triumphantly: "I beat them all to the ground." He is a person who can fight tigers. This side dish is fearless at all. "Those people can't beat a five-year-old child, naturally. I'm sorry to sue the Master."


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