Not to mention, Qi Shiqin felt that his son's character had become lively after only one day of contact with the children, and of course he was a little overbearing. It may be that the one you get along with is your own parents, and your little temperament is not easy to use.

Qi Shiqin touched his son's hair, "By the way, Dad will go hunting and play in a few days. Then your brother Chen Nan will be there, and many people in the academy will be there. Do you want to go with him?"

"Okay, okay." Qi Ge jumped up happily, and almost didn't fall off.

Qi Shiqin stabilized his son, "Well, be careful to fall off."

Qi Ge stopped a bit, and asked with a bright smile: "When shall we go?" He took his little finger and settled, a little worried, "Will I be studying in the school at that time and I don't have time? "

Qi Shiqin disagreed, "It's okay. When the time comes, Dad will ask Master Lin for leave, and he will say…that something big happened to our family and we need to take a day off."

Qi Ge looked at his father's profile. Although this was a good thing, he always felt indescribable.

It is really good to teach his son to skip class or something.

Fortunately, Qi Shiqin also felt that this was not right, and warned: "Daddy is okay, but if I know that you ask for leave at the Master's casually, I will take care of you when I come back."

"I know." He threatened like this every time, but he had never really been beaten.

After arriving home, Wei Jingshu also put his arms around his son and asked about things in the school. Of course, Qi Ge did not say what he had offended most of the classmates. He cleverly said to his mother that he had a very good one. Obedient friend.

Wei Jingshu couldn't help laughing: "What is an obedient friend? Don't always bully others because you can fight. A good friend is to tolerate each other. Only when you are good to others will they treat you well. Change your heart. Otherwise, your friendship will not last for a long time. Tomorrow, let the kitchen make more snacks, and you will take it over and share it with the classmates in the school."

As the saying goes, cannibals have short mouths, and it's always right to share a little more with others, and his family doesn't lack this.

At this time, Qi Shiqin also told Wei Jingshu that he was going to participate in the outing organized by the college in two days. You know, after becoming pregnant, Wei Jingshu became more and more interested in every trip he took, including who he wanted to know.

In order to make Xiao Fu Lang feel at ease, he has always proactively explained everything, and he has nothing to hide, which even makes him feel a little warm and sweet.

One is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer, but it is not good or not.

Wei Jing wrote: "Then do I need to prepare something for you?" He thought about it and said again, "Water capsules and condiments?"

Qi Shiqin pulled a chair and made it down, and stretched out his arms comfortably, "You don't need to prepare anything. These colleges should have them. You can eat and hunt. But my son will go with me, and you can give it to him. Prepare a little cushion for your stomach. The kid eats so much barbecue at once, I'm afraid his stomach can't stand it."

"What?" I heard that Qi Ge was going too. Wei Jingshu was wrong. He objected: "Xiao Ge has only been studying for a few days. As soon as you go to school, you will take people out to hunt. Do you want to study hard?"

Qi Shiqin touched his nose, inexplicably persuaded: "It's been a long time since I took him out to play, it just happened to be free this time."

Wei Jingshu immediately dismissed his words, "What does it mean to take out to play in your heart? Except when you have business affairs, how often do you not bring your son with him, and if he is a little bit coquettish, you will completely compromise." Then He angrily said, "Unless it is really necessary, I don't allow you to do this. Now he is playing happily. What if he fails to pass the test in the future!"

Qi Ge was a little frightened. He stretched out his hand and touched his father's sleeves, and whispered: "Father, or I won't go."

He didn't want his parents to quarrel because of him. Qi Ge, who had never experienced any of these things, had thought of his father's pathetic inability to get in and grabbed his pillow to grab a bed with him. Then the atmosphere in the whole home will become particularly cold, and he will also become a little cabbage.

I have to say that children think a lot.

Qi Shiqin touched his son's head, and didn't care about Wei Jingshu as if he was getting more and more angry. He got up and hugged Wei Jingshu from behind, and rubbed his head down on Xiao Fulang's face twice, his voice softened, and said, "I have promised my son. Now it would be a bad idea not to let him go. Dad's majesty. I will ask you if I have these things in the future, can I?"

Wei Jingshu, who was still pretending to be angry, couldn't help but smile. He turned around and hugged him, with a slight complaint, "I'm not forbidding Xiao Ge to go. The children have weak self-control, and they don't care about being a parent. , His heart will be wild in the future."

The whole family can put down their body and act like a baby, there is no big contradiction at all.

After a while, the two of them were sweet again.

Two days later, it will be a very clear day, and the weather in April will not be too cold or too hot. There are a lot of people on the mountain, not just students, there are some ordinary people, there are also girls walking together in groups, sometimes shyly glance at the people here.

It was a large-scale blind date scene.

However, the mountains at this season are indeed beautiful, and there are large meadows full of flowers. Many people who come here just want to come and see the scenery.

The hunting area was set up half a month earlier, and some domestic animals were even put in to avoid the embarrassment of not being able to catch prey.

Qi Shiqin gave his son to the dean to take with him, and he and the students in the class rode far away on horseback.

Qi Ge looked at his father's back, and turned his head to look at Dean Shen. In the past, his father often mentioned it, but this was the first time he saw his father's mentor. Dean Shen took Qi Ge's hand and smiled lovingly, "Go, grandpa will take you there to bask in the sun, okay?"

Qi Ge obediently nodded, "Okay."

Seeing the child's well-behaved appearance, Dean Shen was pleased to have committed an occupational disease at the same time. He evaluated Qi Ge's knowledge in various ways. When Qi Shiqin came back, his son was totally different.

He really didn't expect that he was here to play, how could he be mentioned to study again suddenly. His expression changed a little in an instant.

But he didn't dare to do anything to his father's teacher, and he didn't even dare to be dissatisfied with his attitude. Dean Shen, who looked at this small aggrieved appearance, laughed inwardly, but he kept teasing the children, old children and old children, the older he became, the heavier he was.

It was almost eleven o'clock, Qi Shiqin and Chen Nan returned home with a full load, and pheasants, hares and other prey were hung on their horses.

"Father." Qi Ge's eyes lit up and he immediately stood up and ran to Qi Shiqin. Throughout the morning, he was anxiously looking forward to his father's return, and when he heard the sound of the horse's dad, he had to look over there.

Qi Shiqin slowed the horse down, then picked up his son's body and placed it in front of the horse, and threw the prey down: "Cheng Peng, you take these over, and I will take Xiao Ge to ride a horse."

Cheng Peng raised his head: "Okay."

He brought a lot of prey from the hunt to the side of the stream, moving dexterously, holding a knife to clean the food. He is used to doing these things at home. His mother's body is relatively weak. Every time he goes home, he can't wait to finish everything.

On the other side, Qi Shiqin and his son were sitting on horsebacks, and the horses trot quickly. Qi Shiqin asked: "How about getting along with Grandpa Shen?"

Qi Ge bitterly said with a small face, "Father, I know you respect Grandpa Shen very much, but I really don't want to stay with him anymore. You don't know, he has been checking my study status, and he gave me some questions. I replied, making my head still dizzy now."

Qi Shiqin couldn't help being jealous. After spending so many years with his teacher, he naturally knew the temperament of this "good teacher", "You Grandpa Shen likes you, and he gave you gifts before."

Qi Ge sighed like a little adult: "Oh, there is no way."

After all, people like him.

"Daddy, I really want to ride a horse, too, okay with our family also raising horses?" Qi Ge quickly turned his attention to the horse under him. He hadn't been riding for a long time.

Seeing his son's longing eyes, Qi Shiqin immediately agreed, "Okay, after we go back, we will go to the horse market to pick a pony back, and then see what you like. But after you buy it, you have to be responsible. Xin, take good care of him, cultivate more feelings, and Xiao Ma will listen to you in the future."

"I see." Qi Ge said cheerfully. He used to have a majestic horse. At that time, he was often alone and took good care of the horse.

Following the road, Qi Shiqin took his son to ride a horse for a while. When the time was almost up, he said, "Let's go back. I guess we can eat barbecue by now."

When they arrived at their resting place, a strong smell of meat floated in the air as expected. When Cheng Peng saw people coming back, he beckoned and said, "Master Qi, here."

There have been several fires on this film, and a few with better craftsmanship have been busy for a long time. With the status of a master, Qi Shiqin was not to blame for being lazy. On the contrary, after seeing him walk in, a student immediately handed him the roasted meat: "Master, here."

Qi Shiqin took it over and thanked him, then took Qi Ge to sit down, and held the meat skewered with bamboo to his son's mouth: "Try it and see if it tastes good."

Qi Ge sniffed, and opened his mouth to bite down. Qi Shiqin reminded helplessly: "First blow, it's still hot."

Qi Ge puffed up his cheeks and blew his cheeks. The child's face was pale and tender, and looked very cute. When it was almost time, I took a big bite. He nodded while eating, indicating that it tasted good.

Qi Shiqin himself took it directly and took a bite, and then fed it to his son. Qi Ge did not dislike his father, and the father and son took a bite happily.

The students from the academy came out to play, it was indispensable to chant poems and make the right, and it didn't take long for someone to propose to play the game of Qu Shui Liu Gu.

The so-called "shui liu qi" is to place the wine glass on the river channel and let the wine glass flow down the river. Whoever stops the wine glass in front of them will drink the wine and write a poem.

The river canal just over there is gurgling, and in the past, scholars often come here to play this game. The shape of the canal has also been slightly adjusted, which is more suitable.

As soon as this suggestion came out, everyone responded and spontaneously sat down on both sides of the canal. Looking at the participants, it is not limited to the students of Qingshan Academy. Some people who want to participate, including women, are all listed.

To be honest, scholars who come out to participate in activities have long expected this to happen, and they have gained a reputation, which is also good for them to become officials in the future. Except for some geniuses who can "make a poem in three steps," many people secretly prepared a few songs in advance.


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