As a master, Qi Shiqin was very self-contained and did not sit there together. Heh heh, although he can indeed "export into chapters", not every capital is a classic. If he is overwhelmed by a few students in the class, he will lose face.

His son is still watching here, he still needs to maintain his high compulsion.

He glanced around, and he was surprised to find that He Yue's two daughters were also there. Looking at the arrogant forest and bamboo with a reserved smile on his face, I feel that today's Shura Field is inevitable.

After thinking about it, Qi Shiqin still asked Dean Shen to explain the situation. There were not only people from the academy at the scene, letting outsiders know about the plagiarism of the academy, and ultimately, the reputation of the academy was tarnished.

Dean Shen frowned: "Are you sure that Lin Zhu's poems are copied from others?" Lin Zhu is well-known in the Jiangnan literati circle. His poem is bold and free, just like the bright moon on the horizon, which makes people admire. But he is not limited to this.

If possible, Dean Shen does not want such a genius to be a bright moon in the water and cannot stand scrutiny.

Qi Shiqin didn't dare to pack the ticket. If Cheng Peng hadn't lied to him, then he had a vague speculation in his heart. He said: "I haven't asked him about the specific situation, so I can't say that it must be the case. But if it is true, it may not be good for the college. Should we let Lin Zhu withdraw from this gathering, privately. Ask him."

Dean Shen thought for a while, and his wrinkled face suddenly showed a smile: "Just such a person can't shake the century-old reputation of our Qingshan Academy." Then he said with serious eyes: "A person has done something wrong, then He should bear the consequences himself, and the news may not be accurate. There is no impermeable wall in this world, and he might not have the courage to do this kind of thing."

The main Lin Zhu's poems are so famous that they are too public, and they don't seem like someone who steals poems from others. After all, Dean Shen still had a trace of luck in his heart.

While they were talking, the activity of sitting by the canal had officially started.

Since the dean didn't care, Qi Shiqin naturally hung up on his own, teasing his son to prepare for the theater. He hasn't eaten enough at the moment. Fortunately, all kinds of meat are processed and put on clean utensils. He does it himself, and Qi Ge is also helping him by handing all kinds of spices to his father.

After it was baked, Qi Shiqin tried to take a bite: "Um~ delicious." He blew a few times, handed it to his son's mouth, and said: "Take a bite."

Qi Ge held his father's wrist with a small hand, opened his mouth and took a big bite, and his small head nodded: "It's delicious, a bit spicy." His taste is a little lighter.

Qi Shiqin took the water bag and said, "Drink some water." His attention gradually shifted over there.

The wine glass stopped in front of Lin Zhu, he didn't panic, stood up calmly, with a slight smile on his face, "Since it's my turn, then I will write a poem."

In Qi Shiqin's opinion, this poem is also good. It's just… he looked at Xiao Tao and Xiao He, and the two girls were obviously surprised, especially Xiao Tao, whose eyes were filled with contempt for an instant.

Amid the cheers and applause of Lin Zhu, Xiao Tao couldn't help but fought and asked loudly, "Dare to ask this young man, did you write this poem by yourself?"

Lin Zhu's pupils shrank slightly, and he secretly cried out inwardly. It wouldn't be such a coincidence. Isn't he the only traverser in this world? But his face was still full of smiles, and said: "Of course I did it myself."

Qi Tao sneered: "That's not necessarily true. If you wrote this poem yourself, then how come I have heard it before you say it. And more than once." As she said, she slowly took Lin. The poem that Bamboo had just recited was repeated again.

The eyes of the people around them became a little surprised. The writings of Da Zhou have been developed for thousands of years, and the background is profound, and there are countless words with homophones. In other words, if you read it again, many people actually don't know what you said. After reading the copy on the paper, they will come to realize that the word originally refers to it!

Of course, not everyone is like this. Everyone is a literary player, and they can understand it on the whole, plus everyone's discussion and discussion, and more taste.

However, if you are listening to a poem for the first time, you may quickly jot down two catchy lines, or the most fascinating lines. But you can't recite the entire poem directly.

If only a few sentences are okay, Lin Zhu has just come straight to a long story, and ordinary people really can't remember it.

Lin Zhu would have a cold sweat on his back, feeling everyone's strange eyes, and he insisted: "What can you tell me if you can memorize this poem? Although the people in the world have never forgotten Less, but not without."

At this moment, Lin Zhu wanted to go back to the past and kill himself who wanted to buy cheap but had a strong vanity.

Qi Tao didn't intend to let him go. She proudly said, "Then you are wrong. I don't have the ability to remember, at most I can learn a few words. These poems were taught to me by my mother. With my sister, of course this was not written by my mother. If you don't believe me, you can go to my house to find it. We wrote it when we practiced calligraphy."

For a while, everyone was talking about it, and Lin Zhu's face turned pale.

Qi He couldn't bear it, she gently pulled her sister's sleeves, and whispered: "Xiao Tao, or let's just forget it. You see people's scared faces are pale."

In the public, it was said that a well-known young man had plagiarized, and it seemed that the evidence was conclusive, and this person's path in the future would be broken. Even his family will be humiliated. Qi He is kind-hearted. She looks down on others like this, but she doesn't want people to lose their footing completely without the opportunity to change.

Qi Tao didn't think so, "He has the ability to get praise from others by plagiarism, then he should expect that he will have such a day."

At this time, Qi He came over and asked in a low voice, "Xiao Tao, what do you want to do?" Since he was a child, he has not had a good impression of Xiao Tao. She keeps all the big things in her heart, and she always yells sooner or later. It is difficult for this kind of person to have a good impression if he wants to retaliate.

Especially when his mother is also the target of revenge, he hates Xiao Tao even more.

He whispered again: "Your mother doesn't know a big Chinese character, what kind of poem can I teach you."

Before putting it away, he must have said it out loud, but now the family is richer, everyone is living well, and the third aunt has suffered several times. He doesn't hate this family so much.

Seeing that Xiao Tao's sharp mouth was about to make trouble again, Xiao He quickly pulled the person back and said to Qi He: "Second brother, Xiao Tao was right. We knew the poems written by that student really. And the last time we met a student named Cheng Peng in the academy, he happened to let us hear when he was talking about the poems written by that student. We already knew those poems."

"Are you serious?" Qi He glanced at Xiao He hesitantly. Looking at Lin Zhu's current performance, it is estimated that there are also problems.

Xiaohe nodded earnestly.

"Well then." The sister whose name is the same as his is gentle and demure, Qi He still believes a little bit what she said.

Xiao Tao curled her lips, a little disdainful, she was rational, there was no need to explain to others in a low voice.

In the end, Dean Shen came out and said that the matter should be investigated carefully. If it is false, if it is true, then Qingshan Academy will naturally expel such students with bad conduct. Let everyone take a warning.

After that, the two masters and a few students went to Qi Sanlang's home in Dahe Village to see if what Qi Tao said was true.

But Lin Zhu didn't follow. As early as when everyone was discussing, he left quietly.

It didn't take long for Lin Zhu to be expelled from the academy.

Early in the morning, Lin Zhu looked at the school behind her, tears falling down, she finally persuaded her parents to come to the academy to study, but she didn't expect it to end like this now, and she embarrassed her parents.

The book boy Xiaocao looked at her worriedly and called out, "Miss."

Lin Zhu wiped a tear and said: "I'm fine." Xindao secretly chanted the names of Qi Tao and He Yue, and passed through an era when imperial power was supreme and human life was not taken seriously. He was still born rich and wealthy. , Grew up spoiled and spoiled, and it has been smooth sailing, it is difficult for Lin Zhu to lose his temper as a princess.

She carefully thought about the words of the little girl that day, the traveler like her was probably her mother named He Yue.

After these few days of embarrassment and discredited reputation, in Lin Zhu's heart, seeing fellow villagers is not something to celebrate.

On the other hand, Qi He came slowly and yawned. He was resting at Qi Shiqin's house yesterday, and it happened that his father came to visit him on vacation.

Seeing Lin Zhu who was crying on the side of the road, Qi He said in a humble mouth: "Hey, Lin Zhu, why are you crying? You used to use other people's things in the academy. It was so cool." That mean smile. Let Lin Zhuqi's anger rise.

Lin Zhu: "It's up to you!"

"Why doesn't it matter to me?" Qi He said: "You are obstructing my eyes, and now you are blocking my way."

Lin Zhu glared at Qi He, "This road is not so wide enough for you to walk!"

Qi He: "Not enough, what? I still want to hit me. Huh!" He swaggered forward. To prove that the other party was indeed blocking the way, he directly slammed Lin Zhu with his body.

Xiaocao quickly stepped forward to help Lin Zhu up, "Miss, are you okay?"

Miss? What lady? ? Qi He suspected that he was hearing hallucinations. There are three men here, and where are the young ladies. He turned his head to take a look, and his eyes went dark in an instant.

Lin Zhu rushed forward, "Go and die." She threw the person to the ground, pulling her hair and pinching her face, and even forgot to disguise her neutral voice in the past, and cursed Qi He. "How great do you think you are. You rely on Master Qi's name fox all day long, and if you have a master to open a small stove in private, you are actually a middle grade! You who don't have a brain are embarrassed to say me, why don't you? You're stupid, forget it!"

Qi He heard clearly this time. Needless to say, his voice, just the fighting moves of pinching, pinching and patting hard, he was definitely a woman. He guarded his head and shouted loudly: "My sixth uncle is willing to guard me, what's the matter? If you have the ability, go and reincarnate yourself and find a good person. Ah! You B*tch, let me go, and be careful. I will beat you up."

Not to mention, he felt that his hair was going to be bald, and his face was hot. He claims to be a scholar and a gentleman, so he will not beat women like the rude men in the village.

Lin Zhu didn't listen to him. She was holding back the fire. It just so happened that this person was still Qi Tao's relative. Who wouldn't hit him?

"You actually said that I was a shrew!" Lin Zhu was even more annoyed, riding on Qi He, crying and beating, "You have said so, then I am not a shrew, is it not in line with your words."

Qi He is also annoyed, "What's the matter with you woman, and you are getting more and more vigorous. I really shouldn't hit a woman!" He grabbed Lin Zhu's hand, and the gap between men and women was vividly manifested at this moment, Lin Zhu Zhang's face flushed and he couldn't withdraw his hand.

This time it was Qi He's turn to be happy, "You fight, you fight again."

"Let go of my lady!!!" Xiaocao screamed and rushed over, took out a few books from the bookcase he was carrying, and squinted at Qi He.


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