Suddenly a hesitant voice came, "What are you…what are you doing?"

The three of them froze together and turned their heads one after another, and saw Qi Shiqin standing not far away looking at them.

Lin Zhu reacted and looked at his current posture. He kneeled on Qi He with his legs apart, his hands were still being pulled by the rogue, and the faces of the two people were a little closer.

"Ah!" After shouting, Lin Zhu knocked his head on Qi He's nose, and then bit on Qi He's wrist.

Qi He quickly let go in pain, clutching his nose, a flow of heat flowed out, and his face was bloody with a touch of his hand. Lin Zhu turned his head in disgust, didn't go to see him, and gloated, "It's disgusting."

After finishing speaking, realizing that her male god was watching, she looked like a kid who made a mistake, lowered her head and dared not speak.

"Cough cough." Qi Shiqin smiled, handing over the handkerchief, his voice couldn't hide his smile, "wipe it, put your head up, or you can't stop it. What's the matter with you?"

Lin Zhu watched as Qi He took the clean handkerchief of the male god, and put the blood on it in twos or twos, feeling even more disgusted with him in his heart. She sniffed: "Master, he hit me."

"I hit you?" Qi He laughed, and said angrily: "Will you woman speak? Look at the wounds on my face. They all hurt now. And this hair… "He pointed to the hair that had fallen off the ground, and was surprised to find that a lot of it had fallen off!

He stretched out his hand and touched his head tentatively, and a small piece was missing. He wailed: "Will your conscience hurt? I said something to you, you have to treat me like this. If you don't take the right way, you still Don't allow others to say a few words. Why don't you think about the students who are squeezed by you? You are not short of money, but for other people, scholarships are also very important." The important thing is to squeeze him down once. Now, he finally got close to the previous one!

Originally wanted to go home and brag with his mother that her son was promising and could get a scholarship.

Lin Zhu also knew that she was wrong, she wiped her tears, snorted, turned her face to the other side and looked at the distance without speaking.

"Okay, don't make any noise." Qi Shiqin looked at Lin Zhu, "What do you plan to do next, do you want to go home?"

Lin Zhu said, "I don't know, I don't want to go back." She cried again as she said, this time she lost such a big face, her father is so good-faced, and she doesn't know if she will be allowed in the house. . And she is so old, the family will definitely let her marry immediately, she doesn't want to marry someone she doesn't know.

Xiaocao said immediately: "Miss, where are we going if we don't go back? If the old lady knows, she won't have to die in a hurry."

"Have you not asked your father to find someone to pick you up?" Qi Shiqin asked. The distance to be traveled along this road is a bit long, but there are a lot of gangsters, and the two weak women are on the road alone, obviously to deliver food. If you are not careful, you will be taken abducted by the bandits and be the wife of the village.

Lin Zhu wiped his nose with his sleeve without a trace. After crying for too long, he had runny nose, and then replied, "No."

In the past, her father sent someone to pick her up early, but this time the incident happened suddenly, her father probably hasn't received a letter yet.

Xiaocao is also worried that the lady will be self-willed at this moment, and he really won't go home. When the time comes, the master can't find anyone, and the lady is all right after returning home. She is not unfaithful, but it hurts to be beaten.

She immediately said: "Master, can you find a place for us to live, I'm afraid it is not safe to live in the inn. Xiaocao will send a letter to our master as soon as possible, and let him send someone over."

She understands the admiration of the young lady for Master Qi, and the young lady will definitely listen to the words of the master. Sure enough, Lin Zhu didn't refute her, but looked at Qi Shiqin eagerly.

Lin Zhu didn't want to fight Qi Shiqin's idea. Everyone became a relative. She didn't want to be a junior. Moreover, it is recorded in historical books that General Qi had only one husband in his life, and the two had a deep affection, and they were very sweet.

More than that, through the diary and biography of General Qi's son discovered by later generations, it can be found that although this husband has a little hypocritical personality, he is more able to do it. However, they are full of various skills in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. In terms of appearance, she was the first beauty in Yuecheng at first, and then she was the first beauty in Beijing.

In the eyes of Lin Zhu, a Yan dog, the value of face is justice, and her little Jia Biyu still don't want to die.

The words are said to be like this, Qi Shiqin naturally disagrees, he immediately said: "Then you can go to my house for a few days, I am going to the academy now, can you go by yourself?"

The two little girls nodded as chickens pecking rice.

Just about to leave, Qi Shiqin suddenly realized that he hadn't told anyone where his home address was. He said, "By the way, do you know where my home is?"

Lin Zhu turned around and replied: "I know." She had seen it before when she was wandering around the city, and she wanted to be lucky to see what the legendary first beauty looks like. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do so.

Qi Shiqin smiled, "Then you go and let your wife arrange a room."

Walking on the road, Lin Zhu's mood was soaring. After thinking about it, few people knew that she was a daughter. Besides, everyone knew Lin Zhu who was in men's clothing, but she didn't even mention her home. The road guide her father gave was also decorated. There is no specific photo in ancient times. No one would recognize her if she changed her clothes.

But Qi He was forced to follow Liu Shu to clean up himself, his hair was caught in a mess, and he didn't even notice.

Looking at the mirror, Qi He looked closely for a long time, and secretly scolded Lin Zhu, the vixen, for being too cruel, but don't disfigure her face.

Qi Shiqin took the ointment out and said to Qi He: "Come here, I will apply it to you, don't eat spicy food these days, try to eat lighter, it will not be good to leave scars."

Qi He raised his face, and said with sorrow: "Uncle Six, can this be okay?" His imperial examination path has only shown some improvement.

Qi Shiqin smiled and said, "Now that I know I'm afraid, why didn't you protect me?"

"I didn't react at that time, and she was pulling my hair hard, so I didn't dare to move." Qi He was also surprised, "Why is Lin Zhu a woman? She even dared to come to the academy to study. No wonder she was hiding from others when she was taken into the water to take a bath."

He recalled some awkward things in the past, and he even scolded others for twitching, just like a woman. Now it seems that she is just a woman.

At this time, the technique of extracting ointment is not like later generations, it looks clear and transparent. This ointment is green. Due to Lin Zhu's relatively strong combat effectiveness, Qi He's entire face is painted colorfully.

Qi He couldn't help but sighed, and touched his hair again, "Why is she pulling on her forehead, it's not easy to cover."

In the end, the little bunny Qihe appeared at the entrance of the school with a big painted face. The teacher who was teaching would not be able to pursue his lateness anymore, shaking his gray beard and let him go back to his seat.

Hupenggouyoujia quietly came over with an ambiguous smile: "What's wrong with you, which little pepper slept with last night, don't you have poor skills and make people unhappy?"

Qi He slapped his hand back, "Don't slander me, I'm still innocent, but different from you." After speaking, his eyes showed a trace of sadness, not because he didn't want to see more, but There is nothing he can do.

The last time someone had a treat, he quietly followed, and he didn't know which dog was telling the news. He was so happy that he was picked out by the sixth uncle. He lost all his face and was punished. His father beats his swollen old butt, and his mother is constantly thinking about it, which is really annoying to me.

Because of this, the people who followed him didn't feel that he said this harshly, and everyone tacitly understood it.

"I talked to my dad for a long night last night." Qi He said. His father's feelings are coming, so can a big man, let's talk about it all night, so that he almost couldn't get up today.

"Oh oh~" Hupeng and Gouyouyi heard this and said, "So, it's no wonder that your eyes are a little bit blue."

The gesture of winking eyebrows and the weird tone of yin and yang are like the shameful things he and his father did last night. Qi He suddenly became angry, "Go away." There is no shape in the mouths of these deflated calves.

"Qihe!" The master on the podium was really intolerable. "To disturb the order of the classroom, you go out and stand for me!"

~On the other side, Lin Zhu and her book boy Xiaocao came to Qi's Mansion. After speaking to the porter, the other party immediately asked them to wait for a while before they went in to inform them.

Lin Zhu gave Qi Shiqin one hundred and eighty praises in his heart. He was indeed the porter of the male god family, and he was not inferior to others, unlike the various dog-blood TV shows she had watched.

Soon someone came to pick them in, and she looked around all the way. The fan filter that came with her was quite serious, and all these things could make her see a flower. After walking for a long time, she could finally see the legendary General Qi's Xiao Fu Lang.

Even if he has a big belly, it doesn't hurt his beauty in the slightest. It's not just the appearance, this is a beautiful person to the bones, and with just one glance, he completely conquered Lin Zhu's heart.

Worthy of being the first beauty! She had never seen such a good-looking person.

She stood over, not knowing where to put her hands, she said naively: "My name is Lin Zhu, a student of Master Qi, and the Master agreed to let me live for a few days. After two days, my father will send someone to come. , We will leave. Also, the Master said that you can help us arrange the room."

OMG! What the hell is this all talking about. She clearly wrote a draft on the road to say what to say, but now she is so dry.

This terrible situation directly reminded Lin Zhu that when he introduced himself in the class before, he thought about a lot of cute and cute words, and remembered them repeatedly, for fear that he would forget them. When it turned out to be true, there were only a few blunt words, not even a single word at all.

Various speculations flashed in Wei Jingshu's mind. He looked at Lin Zhu up and down. His face was not as beautiful as me, his skin was not as good as me, his butt was not lifted, and his figure was not as romantic as me. He nodded and said, "Then Chunlan, take them there."

Chunlan: "Okay."

It wasn't until after being taken to the room that Lin Zhu thumped his chest and threw himself on the bed. "Oh my God, what did I just say! Just after seeing each other, he was gone."

She glanced at her book boy, Xiao Caozheng said dreamily: "Oh my God, miss, this is the first time I have seen such a beautiful person."

When Wei Jingshu was only fourteen or five years old, he could only tell that he would grow up very beautiful in the future. By the time he really married Qi Shiqin, his face was already completely open, and he was simply the best of Zhong Tiandi.


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