Sitting in front of the dressing table, Wei Jingshu held his small face and looked left and right. It was still so good-looking. This can't help but he is not proud, than looks, he really hasn't lost!

However, now Wei Jingshu hesitated a bit. He asked the maid beside him and said, "Xia Yue, do you think he suddenly wants to change his taste, what is the taste of porridge and side dishes?"

Xia Yue hurriedly said: "Master, what are you talking about, don't scare yourself, besides, my uncle is not this kind of person." My uncle clearly wanted to hold the master in his palm and take care of him. Sometimes he was tender and affectionate when looking at the master. The look in his eyes is simply fascinating.

However, her master has grown well, and her spoiled personality has also been reduced a lot. The occasional little willfulness only adds to the taste of life.

"But he never said not to marry other people." Wei Jingshu said distressedly: "I used to have a high status and I could barely suppress him a little bit. Who knows that he is so capable in secret." I have to say, you should know your husband. When he was so capable, he was actually quite proud.

However, in a high position, he has never heard of anyone who only marries a wife. Even if it is Qi Shiqin's respected teacher, a generation of Confucian scholars, there are concubine rooms in their homes, but they can't go on stage or show up in front of outsiders.

There are also some dudes, and there are a bunch of unqualified women in the house, which is more annoying than those with a few concubines.

If in the past, Wei Jingshu would not really think so much, his education did not allow him to be a jealous husband. As long as he has the favor of his husband, firmly grasps his position in the main room, and makes no mistakes, then no one will pass him.

However, Qi Shiqin was so kind to him. The emotional harmony between the two people made him want to monopolize each other. When he thought that Qi Shiqin might hug other people, he felt wronged and sadly wanted to cry.

It wasn't that Lin Zhu made him feel threatened, it was just a threat that made Wei Jingshu aware of what might happen in the future. Until Qi Shiqin came back, Wei Jingshu still looked depressed.

When Qi Shiqin returned home in the afternoon, he saw that his little husband felt like he was careful. He smiled and asked, "What's the matter with you?"

Before Wei Jingshu could answer, he looked around, then asked, "Where are Lin Zhu and the others, why aren't they here?" It's time for dinner now, why didn't the guests come here?

"Hmm╭(╯^╰)╮" Wei Jingshu exploded all at once. Qi Shiqin just came back and saw that he was upset. He didn't care about him. Instead, it was too much to ask two unrelated people. He turned away to not look at Qi Shiqin, and said angrily: "If you care about her, go find her yourself. I just don't know how the baby in his stomach knows how his dad feels like this."

Qi Shiqin said helplessly and funny: "What's wrong with you? Lin Zhu is a student in my academy class. Her home is a little far away from Yuecheng. In addition, it is not safe for the two girls to live outside. I just asked them to come. I will leave after two days."

Hearing this, Wei Jingshu said incredulously: "She disguised herself as a man and entered the academy?" When he saw someone in the morning, he just looked at the person's appearance, as if he was wary of his rivals, but he didn't expect it. so much.

"But it's been so long, hasn't anyone noticed it? The difference between men and women is still very big."

Qi Shiqin walked to the front of Wei Jingshu and touched his face: "She is better dressed. Besides, no one would think that a woman would mix in their group, so they didn't think much about it." This is also a kind of thing. Fixed thinking, just like there are no girls in boys' schools.

Thinking about it, this is indeed the case. In this era, the situation in the academy, when a woman comes in, the reputation is even worse!

Wei Jingshu nodded thoughtfully, and he had seen a lot of plots of women pretending to be men in the script.

However, he leaned forward and hugged Qi Shiqin's waist, buried his head in Qi Shiqin's arms, and asked, "Will you bring other brothers back in the future? Just like me, and good to others." ?"

He often pestered Qi Shiqin to talk about the battlefield, and he naturally knew a lot. Qi Shiqin did not exclude going to the battlefield, and even liked it. As long as the emperor needs it, he must be obliged to do so. Moreover, Qi Shiqin's strength is high. With his previous experience, he will definitely not only stay in this small place in the future.

If he arrives in the capital in the future, he will face more glitzy temptations, and he suddenly feels a little uncomfortable.

Qi Shiqin is at a loss, aren't we talking about Lin Zhu? Why did you change to a brother all at once? Where does this go.

After hearing no answer for a long time, Wei Jingshu raised his head and said dissatisfied: "Ask you? Why don't you answer?"

Qi Shiqin reacted, looking at the other person's dizzy look, rubbing Wei Jingshu's hair amusedly, and said, "Why do you suddenly think of this? It will be enough for me to have you in my life. I can't bear a few more."

A pleasant smile spread on Wei Jingshu's face. He stood up and grabbed Qi Shiqin's collar and asked, "Really? That means you only marry me, and you won't find some messy people in the backyard in the future. There will be me!" No matter what happens in the future, at least this moment he is happy.

Qi Shiqin lowered his head and pecked on his mouth, "Yes."

Wei Jingshu hugged Qi Shiqin tightly again, smiled without speaking, and couldn't restrain the smile on his face when he opened his mouth. After a while, he pursed his mouth and said, "Where am I? I am such a nice and cute person, what else can you do besides petting~"

The pretentious voice and the pretentious tone made Qi Shiqin shiver suddenly.

He squeezed Wei Jingshu's butt, "Okay, I'm hungry, let's eat."

Only then did Wei Jingshu order his servants to invite the guests over for dinner.

Lin Zhu came quickly and seemed to be in a good mood. He came to the hall bouncingly, "Master, Madam." She sat down with Xiaocao, and said, "Wow, today's dishes are so rich. "

Xiaocao carefully broke free of Lin Zhu's hand, and whispered: "Miss, I'll just stand." In the past, the forest and bamboo at home didn't pay much attention to the red tape, and the master and wife also let Lin Zhu's thoughts. But now at the Master's house, Xiaocao doesn't dare to be so presumptuous.

Lin Zhu understood what Xiaocao meant, and he didn't agree with him, so he looked at Xiaocao. This stalemate caught Qi Shiqin's attention. He said, "Xiaocao, let's sit together."

Xiaocao immediately thanked him again and again, with a humble attitude.

Lin Zhu felt a little uncomfortable with Xiaocao's lowliness. She explained to Qi Shiqin: "Master, Xiaocao and I grew up together, and I love sisters. My parents have always regarded her as a relative, so we are both. Regardless of each other."

Qi Shiqin curled his lips and nodded. Although he sometimes has a sense of superiority in his heart and looks down upon others, this is a high and arrogant pride brought out by his own talent, but generally no one will see it. In real life, he respects others, regardless of his status.

He said to Lin Zhu: "It's good for you to do this, change your heart."

When his thoughts were recognized, Lin Zhu was happy in his heart and told Qi Shiqin Balabala a lot of things he had encountered.

Aside, Wei Jingshu couldn't intervene, and angrily listening, he stretched out his hand to Qi Shiqin under the cover of the tablecloth.

Qi Shiqin held his hand calmly, squeezed it before letting go, turned his head and said softly to him: "Goodbye, don't make trouble." Then he picked up his favorite dish and put it in his bowl: "Eat more. a little."

Well, he felt much better in an instant.

Lin Zhu also realized that she didn't talk to Wei Jingshu much. In fact, she liked Wei Jingshu very much in her heart. After all, the value of her face was placed here. So she started talking to Wei Jingshu, and Wei Jingshu's courtesy answer from the beginning, and it didn't take long for the two to have a heated conversation.

For people like Wei Jingshu who love beauty, there is no topic that attracts his attention more than skin care and nursing.

"You said that the shop selling skin care products is yours?" Wei Jingshu was surprised.

Lin Zhu was complacent in his heart, and nodded reservedly: "This is the latest product developed by our family. In fact, in daily life, we can also…" Crackling talked about a lot of little knowledge and looked at Wei Jingshu seriously. It looked like she was a little proud in her heart.

Of course, she felt refreshed.

Then I went on to talk about yoga, which is a good way to exercise for these ancient brothers who did not go out of the door and did not step up all day.

This dinner was a bit long, and when it was dark, Lin Zhu stopped his mouth still in full, and smiled: "It's late, we'll talk about it tomorrow."

Wei Jing said in the book: "Well, I can't practice the body-building jujutsu you said with a big belly. I will let Chunlan and Xia Yue learn it together tomorrow, so I can follow along."

After sending away Lin Zhu, Qi Shiqin took Wei Jingshu's hand and walked into the room. He walked slowly along the way, and went around a few more times to digest. He jokingly asked, "Don't you like Lin Zhu, why do you still chat so happily with others at the dinner table?"

Wei Jingshu hit him, and said, "You know what I like, so you want to tease me. If I become better, I won't let you pick it up." He also felt that he said it quite well. Yes, but the main reason is that he is passionate about this. He is in a good mood when he looks at his beautiful self in the mirror.

"And I still don't like her very much now. Her eyes are like saying that I haven't seen the world, and I'm not proud of it. I don't really need the things she said. Just go and buy it. My skin and figure are very good, and I haven't seen her use these to become such a beautiful person."

Qi Shiqin was taken aback: "Then I think you just told her about talking and laughing, and asked the two big girls around you to learn that kind of jujutsu."

"Of course." Wei Jingshu said, "I think that jujutsu is pretty good and can be practiced. If it is really good, I will find a recipe for the body care book in my room. Give her, I think she talks about face protection every time."

Of course, he wouldn't give it to the prescription that he used to let the body naturally smell good. This recipe is not easy to come by. It is said that it was used by the concubine in the former court. It is of great value. It is best to start recuperating from an early age.

Of course, Qi Shiqin didn't know that Wei Jingshu thought so much.

He was just sighing the friendship between the plastic sisters.

But Wei Jingshu is not considered a pitfall, so he doesn't care much.


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