On the second day, Qi Shiqin was giving a lecture in the school, and he saw a servant at the door beckoning to him anxiously. He put down the handouts in his hand and said to the many students below: "You should read your own book first."

Then he walked out quickly and asked, "What's wrong? Something happened in the house?"

The man ran too quickly, still panting, and said, "Master, master is going to give birth!"

Qi Shiqin was shocked and hurried home without time to ask for leave. When he left the gate of the academy, he saw a carriage parked there with the Qi's sign on it. As soon as he went up, his descendants immediately caught up with the carriage.

Originally, carriages were not allowed on this uphill road. On the one hand, it was afraid that the stone slab would be damaged or the road would be uneven. On the other hand, it was caused by animal feces. The college did not want to send people to check on it every day. Not clean.

However, under special circumstances, the academy will naturally not let people come up unkindly.

The horse ran lightly, Qi Shiqin was a little anxious in his heart, but the midwife, the nurse, etc. had been living in the residence as early as a month ago, and the staff in his residence were simple, without those twists and turns, so He didn't worry too much.

Wait until the carriage stopped at the gate of Qi's residence.

Qi Shiqin rushed to the delivery room first. As soon as he entered the yard, he heard the baby's crisp cry.

Not long after, a woman wrapped the baby in a swaddle and walked out and said beamingly: "Congratulations, sir, Madam gave birth to a big fat boy."

Qi Shiqin hugged his son, his eyes were gentle and meticulous, and he said, "Well, this month, the whole government will give out three more months of monthly money. Tongfu, give her a reward of twelve taels of silver."

Tongfu immediately responded.

The mother-in-law who delivered the baby received so many rewards, and the auspicious words in her mouth kept saying that Qi Shiqin was also very happy. After all, the son was blessed by others right after he was born, and he was naturally happy to be a parent.

"Daddy, I want to see my brother too." Qi Ge grabbed Qi Shiqin's clothes and wanted to see his brother.

When his younger brother was still in his mother's belly, he stayed with him all day long, and he devoted a lot of energy to reading and telling stories to his younger brother. At this moment, he also wanted to see what his younger brother was like.

Qi Shiqin lowered his body and handed the younger son to the elder son. Qi Ge looked at the red little guy in the baby, his heart tightened.

Ming Ming's father and mother can be said to be dragons and phoenixes among people, and his appearance is very beautiful. Even he himself is very cute, with pink cheeks. This can be derived from the fact that everyone likes to touch his face. But brother…

Qi Ge sighed, how come his younger brother looks so ugly!

But he is an elder brother, so naturally he has to take responsibility. If even he doesn't like his brother, then other people will not like him even more. That brother is too pitiful.

He touched his little brother's face affectionately, fearing it would be damaged, and quickly withdrew his hand, saying against his will: "My brother is so cute, so cute." He secretly vowed that he must protect his brother in the future, if others dare to laugh at him. Brother, he must help his brother bully back.

Not knowing that his son's psychological activities are so rich, Qi Shiqin nodded and said with a smile: "It's really pretty. My mother's baby has worked hard, let's go in and see him."

Qi Ge: "Good."

"Hey, men can't enter the delivery room. This is unlucky." The midwife stopped a little.

Qi Shiqin was completely unaffected and walked in. But Qi Ge does not have these concepts. In his heart, it is naturally that his father and mother are the most important.

Entering the room, Wei Jingshu was lying on the bed, panting slightly, with sweaty black hair on his forehead sticking to it, making his entire face whiter.

He saw Qi Shiqin come in, pulled the quilt to cover it a little, and said in surprise: "Why did you come in? Get out." Then he saw Qi Ge's small body following behind, and he complained: "You still Bring in Xiao Ge, Xiao Ge is obedient, go out quickly, don't stay here."

At this time, it was said that the delivery room was a filthy place, and most men were not allowed to enter, so as not to be unlucky.

Qi Shiqin sat on the edge of the bed, picked up a clean handkerchief and gently wiped the sweat beads on Wei Jingshu's face, and said, "I want to see you, you have worked hard." The distressed tone made Wei Jingshu's eyes a little wet. .

Qi Ge didn't speak, and didn't know why. Many times, he always felt like he couldn't speak. He stood by the bed, took his mother's hand, and watched silently.

Qi Shiqin put the swaddling aside, "Look at our baby."

Wei Jingshu quickly turned his attention away, he was afraid that he was really moved to cry. He has always been more emotional, and he will shed tears as the story develops when he reads the script. This kind of affectionate words made his heart out of control.

In the eyes of Qi Ge children, it was the mother who was crying ugly by his younger brother! He felt helpless, what should he do if his mother loves beauty so much and his younger brother is so ugly.

After watching them talk for a while, Chunlan resignedly walked over and said: "Uncle, the delivery room is too messy, we have to clean up, so…" Uncle has a good temper, and they are not too pressured to speak.

Qi Shiqin realized that he was coming in too fast. He held his son and pulled Qi Ge over and said to Wei Jing, "Then we will go out first."

Lin Zhu and Xiaocao outside the door were also waiting. Seeing Qi Shiqin come out, Lin Zhu quickly stepped forward and said: "Did you give birth? Is this a baby? So cute." She curiously leaned over to take a look. She hadn't seen a newborn baby in her infancy.

Qi Shiqin: "Yeah. By the way, the letter you wrote to the family can be handed over to the housekeeper, and he will arrange for someone to send it to your parents." He wanted to send someone to escort them back, but then he thought, In case there is something wrong, it is not asking for trouble, and it dispels the idea.

Lin Zhu thanked him, "Thank you Master, I will take the letter back later." In fact, she didn't want to go back!

After giving birth to a child, Qi Shiqin naturally sent someone back to tell Zhou Cuicui. Zhou Cuicui was happy from ear to ear. She sent red eggs to every household in the village, and she was looking for all kinds of things at home. Up.

When Mr. Wu met and asked, "Mother, what are you doing? Xiaoliu lives in the city, where would you be short of these." During the New Year, she killed a pig, and her mother installed two trotters and pig tails. .

The key point is that Zhou Cuicui had given Xiao Liu a pig's hoof before, and this made Wu feel very distressed.

Zhou Cuicui looked at the meat hanging on the bamboo pole, and said: "Then how can I buy it better than the one I pickled, Xiao Liu said last time that the meat at home tastes better. He likes to chew pig's feet. Get some for him. And Little Liu Fu Lang, he seems to like to eat pig tails. This is a supplement to the birth of a child."

It was Wei Jingshu who gave birth to the baby! He should make up for it! Besides, this pig's trotters like it too. Can you not see all of your grandchildren?

Wu's heart keeps spitting out, the old lady doesn't look at your heart, do you know?

But she didn't dare to really make a fuss. After all, she usually didn't kill pigs at home. It was from the year when she sent money to her home in the sixth grade, the family became wealthy, and Zhou Cuicui left a pig to eat with her family. Zhou Cicui is a province, but if conditions permit, he doesn't mind letting the family eat better.

Otherwise, she would be so uncomfortable to eat the meat, thinking about it this way, she felt a little better in her heart.

Ready to take things, Zhou Cuicui went back to the room to find the new clothes that the younger son had bought for her, and said to old man Qi: "Old man, you hurry up and change into better clothes. We will leave in a while." She wanted to go. Take a look at the younger son.

Old man Qi glanced at the old woman and said, "You are going to live with Xiaoliu, why don't you discuss it with Xiaoliu?"

Zhou Cuicui: "I'm going to live with my son. What should I say? Besides, Mr. Liu has just given birth. The family must be very busy. Isn't it just right for me to take care of him? Besides, Mr. Liu always tells us to live in the city. This time I just went to see how the people in the city live."

Old man Qi said in his heart that Xiaoliu is of course no problem, but he is not alone now. Thinking of the quarrel between the old woman and the six daughters-in-law, he didn't think that people could like the old woman talking in front of him all day long.

This old woman is really good at talking about people.

After Zhou Cicui found her own, she also found a set for her old man, "Hurry up, wait a while, it's noon, and it's hard to go away when the sun is up. I told you to change clothes, and I took everything. When all was found, the pigs were fed, the ground was swept, the bowls were washed, and you were still sitting here without moving."

"Fine." Old man Qi took the clothes and said, "I'll change it right away."

When the two old people arrived at Yuecheng, the sun had risen to its old height. Even though the sun hadn't been too strong, after walking for so long, the two of them were tired and sweating.

Following the address that his son had said before, and asked people again, Zhou Cuicui and the two searched all the way. The two of them rarely went back to the city in a year, and the missing things were bought by a few daughter-in-laws. This was the first time they went to their son's residence.

This place is quiet, the road is paved with slabs, and no one sells it. Zhou Cuicui asked, "Did we find the wrong place?"

Old man Qi said: "It should be here. Xiaoliu didn't mean that it was quieter here, and the people living around were big families. If we walked further, we should ask Xiaoliu to take us to recognize the way and give us things. It's easy to find someone."

Zhou Cuicui said, "It's not that I haven't called you before. You don't blame anyone yourself." It happened that Xiao Liu was not there when I bought the New Year's gift last time, otherwise she could come and have a look.

From a distance, when she came to the door of Qi's mansion, Zhou Cuicui looked at the plaque on it and asked: "Old man, are these two words written on it?" She took out a piece of paper in her arms. This is because Qi Shiqin was afraid of Zhou Cuicui. Finding the wrong place, wrote the word'Qifu'.

Old man Qi also looked at it and said, "Yes, it's the same." He is the head of the family, and when the family needs to sign a contract, he is familiar with the shape of the Qi character.

After knocking on the door, Old Man Qi was still a little nervous, what if he knocked wrong. Having lived in the village all his life, he always held in awe of the city. He was always afraid of being caught in jail accidentally. I heard that the people in the city are very powerful.

The door was opened, and the porter looked at the people outside and asked, "Who are you looking for?"

Zhou Cuicui said, "Is this the place where Qi Shiqin lives? I am his mother and this is his father."

The porter immediately smiled and said, "It turns out that it is the old lady and the old man, please come in quickly, and I will take you to find the master."

Zhou Cicui was a little uncomfortable being called the old lady, and her son was actually called the old master, which made her feel as if his son was very old. The concierge was polite, showing them the way and talking to her along the way.

When I reached the place all the way, I saw Qi Shiqin, and the concierge resigned.

Qi Shiqin was a little surprised: "Father, mother, why are you here? Don't let people bring me a letter, so I can arrange for someone to pick you up." Seeing my parents are all sweating, he hurried to pick them up. Things that my parents brought.

"Go, go into the house and sit down." Qi Shiqin said, and ordered the maid to pour some water for his parents.

Zhou Cuicui was a little bit shy when she got to the ground. This place was too grand and there was an indescribable elegance, as if she didn't even speak loudly. She said: "My father and I heard that your husband was born, so I plan to come and have a look, stay here for a few days, and help you out."

Qi Shiqin said: "That's just right. When I was studying, you came to see me, mother, and I don't have any money on my body. Every time I want to take you around, I feel ashamed. This time I will take my mother to take a good stroll. When I walked around, Dad was with us. I still remember Dad took me to buy candied haws when I was a kid."

Seeing his son's smile, Old Man Qi also felt happy in his heart and smiled happily.

Zhou Cuicui complained instead: "If you have money, just keep it. You have enough for your family. You are now a teacher, and you don't want to write letters on the street as before, otherwise the students will laugh at you. You still have two sons to raise in the future, which will cost a lot."

As she said, she lowered her voice again, as if she was afraid of being heard: "Your nephews need too much money to study. If you can't afford it, tell your mother, or ask them to study in another school. It's not the same everywhere. And I think the two boys in your second sister-in-law's family love to play every day, and they don't seem to be able to read. Don't be afraid to offend people, mother can help you."

Qi Shiqin was moved and funny in his heart, and hurriedly said, "Mother, don't worry about me. Look at the house I live in. It's worth a lot of money. If you sell it, you can get a lot of money. You have been living here with your father these days. If you live comfortably, you will stay at home in the city in the future. With so many people in the family, it's okay for you to stay busy for a few days."

Zhou Cuicui: "What are you talking about nonsense, this mansion is so good, Jing Shu also has some money in it. Besides, don't talk about selling things at all times. The day is to get over the better, don't say such bad things. ."

This lot is not something you can buy with money, it must have been the contribution of Xiaoliu Fulang.

Qi Shiqin didn't explain too much, if this could make Niang Shao and husband Lang conflict. This is not to say that he hopes Zhou Cuicui will let her husband go, but to prevent his mother from being displeased when he sees Wei Jingshu too leisurely. He has to say a few words. When the two quarrel with each other, he must be trapped.

You know, if his mother knew that her son was a high-ranking general, she would have done such a thing completely.

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