Although it was for his newly born grandson, Zhou Cicui first went to see Wei Jingshu, who was in confinement, and they had nothing to talk about. Before we were quarreling together, but when my son came back, Zhou Cuicui was too lazy to talk about Wei Jingshu, and the two seldom talked.

After coming to live in Yuecheng from Wei Jingshu, I remember to take a copy to Zhou Cuicui every time I buy clothes. Although Zhou Cuicui usually credits her own son with the credit, she is not good to not appreciate it.

When I entered the room, I saw Wei Jingshu leaning on the bedside reading the script. Zhou Cuicui said in his heart that he is indeed a big brother who is literate, and he does not forget to read some books every day.

She said in a soft tone as much as possible: "Just after giving birth, don't read too much. The room is not bright enough. Don't hurt your eyes. You can read books anytime afterwards. It's not easy to treat if your body is broken."

When Wei Jingshu heard her mother-in-law's voice, she wanted to put the words in her hand into the quilt. After seeing Zhou Cicui had walked over, she remembered that she should be illiterate, and she should be fine.

The storybook is something most people disdain to look at, especially the kind of love he sees, which is known to people, and it is always bad. Wei Jingshu put the script aside with some guilty conscience: "I'm just getting bored and take a look. I won't read it for too long."

Zhou Cuicui: "How are you feeling now? Is there any physical discomfort? After giving birth, eat better. I brought some pig trotter and pig tail from home. You let the kitchen stew it for you. Eating more is good for your health. "

Wei Jing said in the book: "They are all very good, thank you mother, I will let the kitchen do it."

Zhou Cuicui turned her head and looked at the room for a while, and she wanted to see her grandson. She said, "Then you can take care of it, and I'll go see your grandson." Sitting here and there is nothing to say.

Wei Jingshu also breathed a sigh of relief, "The child is in the next room, mother, go by yourself." He belongs to the kind of person who eats soft but not hard, and of course he does not suffer. Having been arguing with Zhou Cicui for so long, the other party suddenly treated him so tenderly, and there were no outsiders here, so he felt a little awkward.

After meeting the little grandson, Zhou Cuicui hugged her and didn't want to let go. She even held her grandson in his hand during lunch.

When Qi Shiqin saw it, he said, "Mother, just let the maids hold it, so you won't be able to eat."

Zhou Cuicui: "I'm fine, I just want to hug my little grandson. You see how cute he is." And she is not too relieved to let the maid take care of the child, and she is not her own child, so she must not take care of her. , If they are lazy, it is her grandson who suffers.

Seeing that my mother really liked it, Qi Shiqin didn't say anything anymore.

When it's time for dinner, there will naturally be a maid asking Lin Zhu to come over, after all, she has been following her master for dinner these past two days.

On the way here, Lin Zhu heard people say that Master Qi's parents are coming. As soon as she entered the door, she smiled on her face and shouted at the old man: "Good grandpa Qi, grandma Qi."

"Hey." Zhou Cuicui hurriedly responded. The village is called grandma. She is not used to calling her old lady in this mansion. "This girl is really good. Come and sit here with grandma."

Lin Zhu smiled and said: "Okay. Grandma Qi, my name is Lin Zhu, a student of the Master. Just call me Xiaozhu. It is the bamboo planted in the village."

Zhou Cuicui nodded, she habitually gave Lin Zhu a chopsticks dish directly, and she had a heartfelt meal after finishing the chopsticks. People in this city don't seem to like people using used chopsticks to pick up dishes, they have to use public chopsticks.

When she was about to talk, Lin Zhu smiled brightly and said to her: "Thank you, Grandma Qi, you can also eat. If you can't reach it, tell me, I will help you." This smile is not reluctant at all, Zhou Cuicui is right. Lin Zhu's impression improved a lot in an instant.

She used to sandwich Wei Jingshu twice with food. At that time, there was no response. When she didn't pay attention, she would put it in a bowl for Xiao Liu. Isn't this just disgusting with her? Zhou Cuicui felt a little bit in her heart. Besides, it was not the same with the old ladies and girls, and we quarreled with her last time.

For Zhou Cuicui, every household came here in this way. In the past, when rice fell on the ground, it would be picked up and eaten. Fortunately, her sons are still filial.

For this reason, Zhou Cuicui's look at Lin Zhu was particularly pleasing to the eye. She smiled and said, "You girl, grandma is also afraid that you dislike grandma's chopsticks. I am at home and I am used to it. Just now, the chopsticks were used. I haven't used it yet."

Lin Zhu swallowed the food in his mouth and said, "What's the matter? When I'm at home, my parents always love to pick vegetables for me. This is actually because they are showing their love for me. It's too late for me to like it. "

"That's good." Zhou Cuicui said: "You girl's mouth is too sweet, too likable."

Lin Zhu smiled silly.

After lunch, Lin Zhu took the initiative to ask Ying to take Zhou Cuicui to the garden, and Zhou Cuicui agreed. When she got to her son, she panicked in a leisurely manner, and she was uncomfortable. She didn't know what she should do. It would be nice to have someone spend time with her.

To say that Lin Zhu is really pleasing to people, he made the old lady happy. It didn't take long for Lin Zhu to bring up family matters carefully, and the old lady started to talk about her own family and the third family.

When a person talks about his own resentment and someone analyzes and condemns others for you at the same time, you will involuntarily talk more and more, let alone guide Lin Zhu consciously. Gradually, Zhou Cuicui said more and more about the situation of the third family, especially He Yue.

After sending the old lady away and returning to her house, Lin Zhu was lost in thought. She was very sure that He Yue, like her, was a traverser.

This is a brewery and a seller of braised pork, and he can teach his daughter all kinds of poems, although he is illiterate. It would be strange if she couldn't guess.

The public had ruined her reputation, but she had a good time. Thinking about Qi Tao's proud look, she couldn't wait to go up and tear her mouth. This poem is someone else's, then isn't your recipe from someone else's, everyone here is treated equally, Lin Zhu made up his mind to make them pay the price.

And the little grass she sent out to inquire about the news also came back, and she asked, "Did you find out what?"

Xiaocao: "Miss, I heard that He Yue provided the wine in the restaurant where our guest came to live and competed for guests. Now she has little to do with that restaurant. She opened it in the west of the city. A stewed meat shop, I heard that there are many people going to buy it, and there are long lines of people waiting every day before dawn."

"Stewed meat." Lin Zhu thought for a while, and said, "Xiaocao, study ink for me, and I want to write a letter to my father." She belongs to the kind of ancient transgressive girl, no matter how remote, she can remember poems. She can't stop her from making soap, making ice, designing cute patterns, making wine, and braised pork. She just knows a little about everything by coincidence.

When she was born, a pot of orchids in her father's study that had not bloomed for a few years suddenly bloomed overnight. She has been smart since she was a child. Her father and mother have always regarded her as a gift from God to the Lin family and regarded her as precious as a pearl. So she was not afraid of her parents finding out that she knew too much.

Within a few days, Qi Sanlang found that the shop opposite his house was selling braised pork, the price was cheaper than his, and many customers were robbed.

"Why come back so early today? The stewed meat is sold out?" He Yue was picking vegetables in the field, and she found her husband. She keenly noticed that Qi Sanlang's mood was wrong, and asked: "What's wrong with you? happy."

Qi Sanlang said: "Today I found out that there is also a braised meat shop opposite our shop. The taste is quite fragrant, and it is not inferior to ours. Moreover, there are more varieties of his house, what kind of braised chicken feet. There are braised duck claws, and the price is cheaper. I didn't sell much meat today, I have a lot left."

He Yue frowned: "How could this be?" Has anyone really researched it out? "Tomorrow I will go and have a look with you, go, go back to eat first."

On the second day, He Yue got up early, and when she arrived at the shop opposite, she bought some and tasted it. After eating, she felt that she might have encountered hard stubble this time. The other party's actually faintly tasted better than hers.

But this shop is strayed across from her house, and the price has dropped. Obviously, he came prepared.

Seeing He Yue's worries, Qi Sanlang calmly said: "It's okay. The big deal is that we will reduce the price a bit. Let's sell these first. The other party can't always keep the price at this price." He didn't think of any good ideas. I just want my wife not to worry too much.

"This is not good. Our price is not much higher. If we drop it, we won't make any money. Besides, our own labor costs must be counted in it." At the beginning, she was positioned as a small and medium-sized rich family. People can often buy it, and the population base is also large.

"Or, let's sell this to the restaurant?" Qi Sanlang remembered the contract he had signed with the restaurant before, so maybe he could sell a lot of silver.

Qi Sanlang doesn't have much ambitions, so he pursues a stable and unremarkable life. The dowry for his two daughters at home has been prepared. He doesn't have a son, and it's boring to earn too much money. However, his human temperament is a bit soft, and he generally wouldn't object to what He Yue said.

"No." After thinking for a long time, He Yue said: "Let's go back and adjust the base material to make it more delicious. Then we will only sell it to those rich and famous." This surprise may still make money. Of more. As for the seasoning she said, she naturally used the spring water in her space. With it, the taste must be attractive.

Qi Sanlang nodded: "That's okay, let's go back and have a look." I don't know where his wife knows so many things.

Before going back, He Yue hung a sign at the door to suspend business.

It didn't take long for Lin Zhu, who was always paying attention to He Yue's movement, to learn the news.

She stood in front of the window, looking at the scenery outside, and asked: "You mean, He Yue closed her shop?"

Xiaocao nodded and said happily, "Yes, miss. No one at their shop went to buy anything, so naturally it was closed. She also hung up a sign saying: Suspension of business. It shouldn't open again. Got it."

He Yue didn't believe that a women's club could compromise so easily, she should have other ways to do it. Just like in the novels she had read before, maybe He Yue had some golden fingers on her body.

But what is it?

The thought of Lingquan and portable space itched her heart, but it was a pity that it wasn't hers.


Last time I said I would take my parents out for shopping, and it is not until today that Qi Shiqin made time for it. Counting down, Zhou Cuicui has been living here for several days, and finally waited for the monthly vacation of the academy.

Before leaving the house, Qi Shiqin saw Lin Zhu wearing a skirt and came here very gently. Seeing him, he called out: "Master."

Qi Shiqin asked, "Why are you here?" He didn't invite the other party either.

At this time, Zhou Cuicui interjected: "I called Xiao Zhu to come here together. There are many people and it is quite lively." It can be seen that she really likes Lin Zhu, and Lin Zhu is mostly talking to her these days.

Lin Zhu: "My family is a trader. I have been interested in these things since I was young. I am good at bargaining and the like. If you take me, Master, it will be much more convenient. And I also want to see if there are any. There is nothing to buy." She said that she was generous, and she did not avoid her origin at all. On the contrary, it was difficult for people to feel disgusted.

Qi Shiqin said: "Then let's go together."

Along the way, Lin Zhu kept talking about all kinds of fun Balabala. She seemed to be able to say very interesting things, and Zhou Cuicui kept smiling.

In the end, carrying large and small bags of things, a few people went to the guest house to eat again. When they returned to their own site, Lin Zhu was much more relaxed. She smiled at Zhou Cuicui, "Grandma Qi, this restaurant is owned by our family. Yes, I'll treat you today, don't hesitate to order what you like."

Zhou Cuicui said in surprise: "This is yours?" Even if she doesn't go into the city much all day long, she still knows that this is the number one restaurant in Yuecheng.

Looking at the surprised look of the old lady, Lin Zhu felt a little satisfied, but thought about it, but the general, his mother, she couldn't hold herself anymore.

Lin Zhu is not here for the first time, anyhow she also went to school here for a year. Once inside, the shopkeeper immediately recognized it. He greeted him and said, "I didn't expect the lady to come. Please go up to the second floor. The private room upstairs will always be reserved for you."

Sitting in the private room, Lin Zhu asked, "Grandpa Qi and Grandma Qi, do you have anything you want to eat?"

Zhou Cicui waved his hand and said, "My old lady hasn't eaten in such a high-end place. I don't know if there is anything delicious, Xiaozhu, just watch it." Old man Qi nodded and signaled that he was like the old woman.

I asked Qi Shiqin again, Lin Zhu ordered two dishes that he liked, and said: "Just give us some of your signature dishes for the rest. Don't make it too spicy, Grandma Qi can't eat spicy food." She observed it while eating at Qi's house.

Zhou Cuicui was also taken aback when she heard that, this girl was too caring, she kept everything in her heart.

Xiao Er put the brewed tea in front of the crowd one by one, and soon after going out brought two plates of desserts over: "Objectively, this is our store's special pastry, you can taste it."

A few people are really hungry after shopping for so long. One person ate two pads for their stomachs. It is worthy of being a special pastry. The taste is really good. It didn't take long for the dishes to be served slowly.

After dinner, the enthusiasm for shopping disappeared, and everyone walked leisurely and went home.

And Qi Shiqin also took the little toys he bought for his son to see him. In the evening, Qi Guo was brought by the nurse and a few maids, and during the day he would be carried to Wei Jingshu's side. The baby was still asleep when he went, he kissed and hugged him for a long while, and put him back on the bed until his son was about to break out.

Watching Qi Shiqin bully the child vigorously, Wei Jingshu smiled and said: "You can tease him, don't cry when your son knows you are here in the future."

Qi Shiqin disagrees: "How is it possible? I am his old man. If he is not obedient when he is a child, he will wait for me when he grows up. I have to bully and go back."

Hearing this, Wei Jingshu couldn't help but laughed out. He patted Qi Shiqin twice, "Well, you are such a dad. Waiting, I think you can't do anything by then."

Qi Shiqin said: "What's the matter, boys are naughty at that age, making people want to beat him. Don't look at our elder son's small and clever appearance in front of you all day. People can be domineering in the school. The key is to catch someone who is bullying.

I think he may not get along well with his friends. I once read a book on psychological research. There is a phenomenon that says that the more a boy bullies a person, he may actually like her in his heart, but he doesn't know. How to express, in order to attract the other's attention, he has been bullying others. "

At this moment, the old father broke his heart for his son.

Wei Jingshu opened his eyes slightly and said, "No, but Xiao Ge is only five years old. How does he know so much." He found that he seemed to be circumvented by the sang-gong, and suddenly said, "There are all men in the school. Child, where does Ge go to have a good impression of others?"

Qi Shiqin said amusedly: "What do you think? I'm talking about my son's friendship situation. I went to their school quietly last time to see if Xiao Ge was serious about studying, and he had been doing little tricks in class and disturbing Lin Lin. Yan, not to mention poking people's itch, and touching people's ears, the little guy didn't resist.

After class, your son asked the master to write the homework assigned by the master. He was thirsty after eating a snack, and he asked the family to pick up water for him.

Don't mention how domineering that small appearance is. "

"What then? Are you watching?" Wei Jingshu asked.

"Uh…" Qi Shiqin was a little guilty, "Then I went up and punched our son in the ass." There is a saying that doesn't mean that people teach children before they teach their wives. In those two days, he asked his son to tell him what the Master said in class, but Qi Ge hesitated for a long time and couldn't hold back a word.

He went there and found that his son hadn't attended the class. Then he wouldn't be angry! And if you don't learn it yourself, if it affects others, you should have a good beating.

The price was that the son came back the same day, and then ignored him again. No longer will he rush over to greet him with short legs when he gets home, nor will he pinch his white bun face, let alone stretch out his little hand and hug his thigh.

Wei Jingshu laughed at the hammer bed, tears bursting into tears, and said: "What you said was not the last two days, right? I said, why Xiao Ge now runs to me and stays with Guoguo every day. Together, I heard that you came back and nothing happened."

Qi Shiqin darkened his face: "He is just a little old, and he doesn't understand his parents at all. He is not serious, and he is not allowed to beat him."

Wei Jingshu tried to calm his breath. The father and son were so interesting. His tone was teasing: "So, Xiao Ge is prestigious in the class. You will spank when you go up."

Well, Qi Shiqin also knew that something was wrong. He didn't get a cruel hand at the time, so he slapped him twice. Who knew his son was so thin-skinned.

Qi Shiqin sighed: "Oh, now even five-year-old children have to pay attention to face." Then he asked, "What do you think you can do now?"

Wei Jingshu smiled, "Don't ask me, go and coax yourself, I don't know what to do." In fact, watching a movie is also very interesting, so he shouldn't help think about it. And it's rare to see the aggrieved appearance of Xiao Ge Mingming who wants to let his father hug, but can't help him.

Asking for his son's understanding, Qi Shiqin felt that, first of all, he must have time to be alone with his son. His parents are here these days, it's hard for him to find a good time.

It just so happened that today his son had not finished school, so Qi Shiqin decided to pick him up in person. When he arrived at the school, Qi Shiqin saw that his son was carrying the book scrupulously, and the white and tender bun face looked very cute.

Suddenly, Qi Ge's eyes swept outside inadvertently, and he immediately saw Daddy standing under the tree. He hummed and raised his cheeks to indicate that he was still angry. After a short while, he quietly looked out of the corner of his eye, and Daddy was still there.

Are you waiting for me to go home together? He stretched his leg a little, and it was a little numb.

Thinking of the last time Qi Shiqin made him embarrassed in front of so many people, he didn't care about him at all. He had a bad relationship with other people because of Lin Yan, so many people laughed at him these days. Of course, he beat them back one by one, forgiving these people for not having a face to complain.

When the Master announced the end of get out of class, many people ran out with a cheer, but Qi Ge slowly put his books into his book bags.

Lin Yan tilted his head and looked at him and reminded him: "Xiao Ge, your father is waiting for you outside." He was a little envious, his father wouldn't come to pick him up, he couldn't wait here. one day.

Qi Ge glared at him: "Shut up."

Lin Yancai is not afraid of him. He knows that this grumpy guy treats him very well, and he often gives him various foods from home, using awkward methods to prevent him from embarrassing.

He urged again: "Hurry up, I'm leaving, there are only two of us here."

This person is really! Can you see if you wince!

Qi Ge said angrily: "I see." He walked out of the school slowly. Qi Shiqin smiled at his cold-faced son, "Xiao Ge, daddy is here to take you home."

Qi Ge replied dryly, "Oh." He didn't want to pounce on him and let him hug him.

Regardless of his awkward look, Qi Shiqin went forward and hugged his son in his arms. Qi Ge's small arm reflexively hugged his father's neck, he hadn't noticed it himself.

"Xiao Yan, do you want to go home with your uncle today?" Qi Shiqin squatted down and lowered his body to be level with the children's eyes.

Lin Yan didn't see the occasional rascal in front of Qi Ge at all. He shyly said, "Okay… OK." He also wanted someone to take him home, and no one would care if he didn't go back anyway.

The child is a little smaller than Qi Ge, with thin arms and a shorter body. His face is a bit fleshy, and his big eyes seem to contain starlight. Qi Shiqin looked at the child's longing eyes, thought about it, and hugged it one by one.

Xiao Lin Yan was obviously taken aback, his little hand shook, not knowing where to put it. Qi Shiqin's neck was held by Qi Ge's chubby hand, and when Lin Yan looked over, Qi Ge held it tighter in a demonstrative manner.

Qi Shiqin squeezed his son's chubby leg a little bit, and said: "Don't bully others, you are all your brothers, Xiao Yan is younger than you, so take care of them a little bit."

I don't want him. This man looks pitiful, but he always wants to snatch my father from me.

After finishing speaking, Qi Shiqin's voice was almost obviously softened by a few degrees, and said: "Xiao Yan just puts his hand on his uncle's shoulder. Uncle is strong, and he will surely be able to hold Xiao Yan firmly."

After hearing this, Qi Ge wanted to bully Lin Yan again. This bad guy definitely wanted to snatch Daddy from me, because he was still protecting him in the school. There is already a small one in the house, and now there is a big one, he can't get angry with his father properly.

Lin Yan's eyes looked at Qi Shiqin unblinkingly. His father should be like this too, right? He has a tall man, gentle eyes, a broad chest, big palms, and powerful arms.

But his father already has other children, so he doesn't want him anymore.

This small-eyed Qi Ge kept staring at him secretly, but the focused Lin Yan didn't notice it. Even if he did, he wouldn't pay attention to him. This was a small paper tiger and wouldn't hurt anyone.

Back home, everyone is waiting for him to come back for dinner.

Two little guys sat down next to Qi Shiqin, one on the left and the other on the right. Watching Zhou Cuicui keep looking at this side, Qi Shiqin explained: "This is a good friend of Xiao Ge in the school. Come to our house today as a guest."

Zhou Cuicui has always been tolerant and enthusiastic towards people or things with Qi Shiqin. What her son likes seems to be more pleasing to her eyes. She happened to sit on the other side of Lin Yan, taking care of the little guy at the dinner table.

Fearing that the children in the city would dislike it, she also used public chopsticks to pick vegetables for the children for the first time.

Zhou Cuicui has this problem, and when she is good, she can be especially considerate of others, and she is not uncomfortable at all. But sometimes she makes people adapt to her habit, even if she knows that this habit is not necessarily good. This may be the problem of the aura between people in the legend.

Of course, she is generally the latter.

Lin Yan whispered, "Thank you, grandma."

"Okay, no thanks." Zhou Cuicui heard the child's soft voice, as if seeing Qi Ge when he first arrived home, it really hurt her heart.

After eating, Qi Shiqin took out a pair of checkers to play with the two children: "Xiao Ge, play well with Xiao Yan. If I see you bullying others again, Dad won't allow you to sneak over and play with him in the morning. We slept together."

Qi Ge couldn't believe how his father had changed. He hadn't forgiven him yet. Lin Yan is all to blame, this little pitiful is too much.

He angrily said: "This is made of jade, you play with it carefully, if it breaks, you can't afford it if you sell it."

Qi Shiqin touched his son's head and kissed his little face: "What are you talking about, Xiao Yan, you can just play with it. Uncle made it by himself. It's worthless. Don't listen to this little villain."

Qi Ge snorted, and watched his father kiss him for the sake of it, so he didn't care about that much.


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