With his dad's strong comfort, Qi Ge felt better all at once, and he started teaching Lin Yan to play this game. Although this has been on the market for a long time, it is obviously impossible for Lin Yan to have these toys.

Lin Yan followed Qi Ge seriously for a while, and then crushed the opponent with strength.

Most of the time, Qi Ge couldn't win. He glanced at the energetic Lin Yan one last time, and said seriously: "Ah! It's time to go to bed, a good boy shouldn't play for too long."

Lin Yan was slightly disappointed, but still restrained himself and followed Qi Ge obediently.

When Qi Shiqin saw the little tail behind his son, he realized that he seemed to have forgotten to say hello to the adult of the child's family. He asked, "Xiao Yan, where do you live? Can you not go home? Uncle go and say hello to your parents. Right."

Lin Yan pulled Qi Shiqin's sleeves and shook his head, "No, my parents are not there, I don't need to go back."

The child's serious and innocent eyes shocked Qi Shiqin for a moment. He took the child's hand and smiled and said, "Well, in the future, Xiao Yan will often come to uncle's house to play. Uncle's house welcomes you very much. Now Let's take a shower and then sleep, OK? Uncle tells you a story later."

In fact, it has been a long time since he told his son a short story before going to bed, and all the things he knew were taken out. He kept telling the same things, and Qi Ge was unwilling to listen.

After washing the two little guys for nothing, Qi Shiqin put the two children side by side on the bed, and Er Bao also climbed onto the bed and found a comfortable place to lie down.

Because tonight is mainly telling stories with Lin Yan, Qi Shiqin doesn't have to think about it for a long time, but there is a little guy next to him who has been disrupting the situation and wants to spoil it. He turned his head in distress and said to Qi Ge, "Xiao Ge, can you be more obedient?"

Lin Yan pulled Qi Shiqin: "It doesn't matter, uncle, after knowing the ending, it's also very interesting to watch the process again."

Okay, Qi Shiqin once again sighed Lin Yan's sensibility, and felt even more distressed about the child's experience. Then it was funny that his son thought carefully, no matter how much he liked other children, he would never pass his own son.

He squeezed Qi Ge's small hand under the blanket, and after being caught by Qi Ge, he stopped moving, letting him break his fingers.

Qi Ge smiled sweetly as if he had a unique little secret between him and his father.

After telling the story, Qi Shiqin should have left, but the two children and a dog both looked at him with bright eyes, obviously getting more and more excited. He had no choice but to keep talking, and just a few people fell asleep while talking.

When he woke up the next day, Lin Yan was sleeping with Zhengxiang holding one of his arms, while his son arrogantly placed a short leg on his body, holding him with his hand. Er Bao slept on top of his head. When he moved a bit, he obviously felt cold on his forehead.

The dog's belly was too hot, and the temperature in the air made him feel weird after leaving.

After yawning twice, he woke up the two children, "Xiao Ge, Xiao Yan, it's time to get up. You have to go to school later, don't be late."

Qi Ge still buried his little head on his stomach and rubbed it, curled up into a ball, and after a minute did he raise his sleepy eyes and looked at the person next to him in a dazed manner: "Lin Yan? Why are you here? Here?"

Lin Yan also woke up, and when he looked around, he seemed to be in a good mood. His eyes were dark and bright, especially good-looking, and the voice of the little milk was also very nice: "Good morning, uncle."

"Good morning Xiaoyan, too." Qi Shiqin rubbed Lin Yan's hair, looked at his son again, and said, "Good morning Xiaoge, come and give Daddy a good morning kiss."

On each side, the two little guys came together, Qi Shiqin was taken aback, he didn't expect Lin Yan would come over and kiss him.

Lin Yan himself didn't expect that he just watched Qi Ge go to kiss him, and he couldn't help but do it himself. At this moment, I felt that my movements were a little abrupt, and I stopped talking silently, and my lowered eyelids seemed to be depressed.

Qi Shiqin took the clothes of the two children and said: "Hurry up and get dressed, we will be late if we don't move."

The two children glanced at each other, speeding up one after another, and waiting to put on them little boots, Qi Shiqin took one out with one hand, "brushing his teeth and washing his face."

Someone had prepared the washing utensils by the side long ago. I don't know if there is a small partner by the side, Qi Ge's spirit seems to be much better after getting up.

Qi Shiqin breathed a sigh of relief until the two children were sent to the school after breakfast.

After returning home, Zhou Cicui and Old Man Qi were also ready to go back. Qi Shiqin was a little surprised and said, "What's the matter, mother, is it okay to live here?"

Zhou Cuicui said, "Well, you are too idle here. You have to do everything. I don't know what to do when I get up all the time. In my heart, I always worry about the grass in my field. Well, I don't know if I remember those few."

Old man Qi also said: "Just know that you are doing well, and you will come back to see more in Xiaoliu in the future."

Zhou Cuicui said hurriedly: "Your father is right, come back and see your mother when you are free."

Qi Shiqin smiled and said: "Then, when Jingshu finishes his confinement, I will often take them back. I will go to the academy for class later. I can't send you to you. I will ask Tongfu to find him. Someone drove a carriage to see you off, it's too tiring to walk the province."

Zhou Cuicui nodded repeatedly. Qi Shiqin went into the house and asked Wei Jingshu to see what to bring back for his parents. In this regard, Xiao Fulang was indeed clearer than him. He quickly ordered the maid to find a big bag of things and put it on the carriage. , Just wait to get it back.

When Wei Jingshu packed his things, Zhou Cuicui was about to leave. Qi Shiqin sent them to the carriage. Only then did they turn back to pack up and prepare to go to the academy.

At the moment when he saw Lin Zhu, Qi Shiqin asked strangely: "Lin Zhu, your father hasn't come to pick you up yet?" He remembers that Lin Zhu's home is in the city next to Yuecheng, it's been more than half a month. , Why haven't you come yet.

Lin Zhu's complexion became stiff, and she whispered: "I, I didn't let my father come to pick me up, I'm afraid he will be angry with me when he knows…" She was about to cry.

"Stop!" Qi Shiqin frowned, "Then you can live there first. We'll talk about this problem when we come back. I'm going to the college to have class now."

He didn't have much time to talk to Lin Zhu, especially her crying, it would be good if Xiao Fulang misunderstood him.

To be honest, his relationship with Lin Zhu doesn't seem to be familiar enough to allow the family to live at home. After all, in the academy, they rarely communicate with each other except in class.

Looking at Qi Shiqin's back, Lin Zhu slumped, knowing that she should be faster. After investigating for so long, she felt that she knew what He Yue's golden finger was.

Just two days ago, the store in He Yue reopened, and it was exclusively high-rise. The price was very expensive, but the taste was really delicious. She had tasted it too, but she didn't know if it was because she passed through it or something, she felt that she was particularly sensitive to the content of the spiritual spring in it.

This made a thought in her heart surface again. They were all transversalists. Maybe, Lingquan could also belong to her.

After all, her faint feeling towards Lingquan did exist, and when she let Xiaocao experience it carefully, Xiaocao didn't react at all.

She also wanted something like Lingquan from the fairy family. Thinking about it, it can make people beautiful, cure diseases, detoxify, and make food more delicious, and the benefits are not too much. And think about the money He Yue made with this. The more people eat, the better the health, and how much wealth can he create for her.

In this world where life is particularly fragile, it is simply too easy for a person with wealth and power to kill a person.

But Lin Zhu is still not sure how to take Lingquan back, and this matter must be concealed so that no wind can be leaked. She certainly couldn't subdue He Yue by herself, she didn't have much energy.

And if she used her family's strength, she would definitely not be able to hide this from her father, besides, she was worried that the people she sent would regret it. She didn't want to test human nature with this temptation that mortals could not refuse.

And… Lin Zhu fell into deep thought. What she worries most is that what He Yue holds is not just the spiritual spring, but the portable space. In this case, as long as she hides in the space, she can't do anything. So so far, she is still on the sidelines.

First of all, she had to go to see He Yue first to find out the details of the other party.

However, before Lin Zhu thought about the method she should use to meet He Yue, she heard that He Yue had been arrested in jail not long after lunch. She was caught today, fresh and warm.

Lin Zhu looked at Xiaocao, "Why did you say He Yue was arrested?" She was a little suspicious of her ears. The food made from Lingquan water would only make people eat more and more healthily. Too!

Xiaocao trembled under Lin Zhu's eyes, and the young lady's eyes were so weird, she said, "I heard that the young master of the Li family died after eating the stewed pork from the He Yue family. I heard that this is their flower. I bought a package at a high price, and this package was just launched today." He Yue, like her own lady, always says something strange, what is a package.

"Young Master of the Li Family." Lin Zhu repeated.

Xiaocao nodded: "Yes, I heard that the young master of the Li family has always been frail and sick, and he has been fed by medicines. Although he can't cure him, he is not in danger for the time being. He smelled the smell of He's braised pork one day. He really wanted to eat it. In addition, He's braised pork was said to be able to maintain the body, so his family bought it for him. Just after eating it, before anyone lay down, it was gone."

Lin Zhu fingered his chin, thinking, is this the legendary emptiness? But this is Lingquan! Shouldn't it just get better right after eating it?

Lin Zhu decided to wait and see for himself. Although her family is a royal merchant, it is not a powerful family. Yuecheng's affairs can't be managed by her family. And who is the new magistrate from Yuecheng?

She waved her hand to let Xiaocao continue to go out to listen to the news.

As for the third family of Qi, Qi Sanlang and their two children were all dumbfounded. In the morning, He Yue said to go to the shop to check his account. Why did something happen right now?

Xiao Tao and Xiao He were also at a loss. Little Tao asked: "Father, mother, what's wrong with her? What should we do now?"

Xiao He looked at her father in a flustered look, pulled his clothes, and said with tears: "Father, you can't panic now, we must quickly find a way to save my mother."

"Yes." Xiaotao also woke up and said: "Let's go find Uncle Liu, isn't he Juren? And his teacher seems to be a high official in the court before. He must have something to do."

Qi Sanlang agreed with Xiaotao's statement in his heart, and he immediately confessed: "Then let's go to see the carriage coming, and immediately go to the city to find your sixth uncle."

The three of them were sitting on the carriage, Qi Sanlang swung the whip quickly, and the two little girls couldn't sit still in the carriage, but they were not in the mood to care about so much now. He Yue's strength made her become the pillar of the family, and the two little girls were panicking now.

When we arrived at the Qi's house, the concierge came up to inform the Qi Sanlang's family that they were visiting. Wei Jingshu was still a bit weird, thinking to himself that this family was making trouble with Qi's family. Why would you find him here?

When Wei Jingshu married into Qi's family, He Yue had separated from Qi's family a long time ago. In fact, they didn't have much contact, and they wouldn't even take the initiative to talk to each other when they met. But thinking of his father-in-law's tolerant attitude towards his family, he nodded and said, "Then invite them in."

After giving birth, he has been raised for more than half a month, and his body is no longer a serious problem. As long as he doesn't exercise vigorously or is overworked, it is no problem to walk around the house.

He wore more casual clothes, thinking of seeing guests, let the maid wait on him and change his clothes.

Qi Sanlang was waiting in the lobby nervously. After waiting for a while, Xiao Tao said anxiously, "Why haven't they come yet?"

Xiaohe patted his sister's arm. They were here to beg. Niang and Xiaotao used to have a bad attitude towards others. At this time, they are still so picky, and they really shouldn't. She said: "We came suddenly, my uncle might have something to do now, just wait a little longer, and the problem can't be solved in a hurry."

Not long after, Wei Jingshu walked in. He looked at Qi Sanlang, who was anxious, and asked, "I don't know what is the so-called third brother here?"

Qi Sanlang felt uneasy, rubbing his hands, and asked, "Is Xiao Liu at home?" He looked behind Wei Jingshu.

Wei Jing said: "The Xianggong has to go to the academy every day to teach, and he will come back in the afternoon. It is okay for the third brother to tell me if he has something to do. I will tell him when the Xianggong comes back." According to the regulations of the academy, the master can leave the courtyard around the time of application. , But sometimes it is necessary to instruct students and correct articles, Qi Shiqin will come back later.

Before Qi Sanlang could speak, Xiao Tao immediately interjected: "Then can you send someone to call my uncle back? We are looking for him in a hurry."

Although it was a questioning, her natural tone was difficult to raise a good impression. And he didn't tell him what had happened.

Wei Jingshu was a little unhappy right away, saying: "It's almost in the near future, and the time for Xianggong's return is not long. You have to walk up the mountain in the academy. This time and time is almost the time when he comes back. You should wait. ."

He was not well informed and did not pay special attention to He Yue's affairs. Naturally, he didn't know what happened to Qi Sanlang's family. Besides, there is nothing wrong with what he said, and Qi Shiqin is indeed coming back soon.

When these three people heard this, they had no choice but to hold their own minds, and sat down and waited. They really didn't intend to mention their purpose to Wei Jingshu. In Qi Sanlang's mind, although Wei Jingshu is the son of the county magistrate, but after all, the county magistrate Wei has already left.

The more he said, the more panicked he would be, and he still had to wait for Xiao Liu to come back.

So, Wei Jingshu looked around at these people, didn't want to accompany him, and said directly: "I just gave birth to my child soon, and I am physically inconvenient, so I won't stay here any longer. Third brother, wait a minute, Xiang Gong, he should be back soon. "

To say that Wei Jingshu has stayed in Qi's house for so long, and you know that people in the village, as long as you have a valid reason, they generally don't care about these small issues. If you don't talk about etiquette, they rarely have this concept. That's why he could say this so simply and neatly.

Sure enough, Qi Sanlang didn't feel that there was anything wrong, and he even felt that his arrival had caused others trouble. When I saw Wei Jingshu asking someone to bring them snacks and tea, I felt that they were even more considerate.


It was still early when I left the academy, and Yuecheng was still lively at this time, and the crowd was bustling. Qi Shiqin bought it along the street and ate many delicious things.

Think of Wei Jingshu, who is not afraid of meat and vegetables at home and has a great appetite. He went to the inn and bought a roast duck. The roasted oil was so fragrant that it was so fragrant that people wanted to swallow it immediately. Walking on the street, without rubbing it for a while, he ran into a girl. Qi Shiqin hurriedly apologized: "Sorry, girl, are you okay?"

A charming little girl complained: "Why don't you know how to watch the road."

"Yingxiang." Liu Qingyan scolded suicide in disapproval. The little maid curled her lips, the lady is always so kind, and others don't have to bully her.

Looking up at the person in front of him, Liu Qingyan's beautiful eyes flowed, her heart trembled, and Tan's mouth opened slightly: "You…you…" After a while, she spoke, her voice full of sadness, "You are finally back."

As soon as the voice fell, tears slipped down uncontrollably, one by one, hidden by the white gauze on his face.

The street was obviously not a good place to talk about the old days. They found a private room of a restaurant to sit down.

Qi Shiqin was a little startled. When he bought drunk in Chunxiangyuan, most of them were taken care of by this woman. He is somewhat grateful, but he is very clear that this is not love, he has only loved one person from beginning to end.

At that time, Qi Shiqin became a master in the academy because of the help of his mentor. Because his talent was so outstanding in Qingshan Academy, there were no students who were not convinced. He just sighed secretly about his leg injuries and those rumors, which made him unbearable for his always high temper.

He was worried that buying drunk in his own home would make his parents worry, so he took Chunxiangyuan as a place to relax him, and he would go there five or six times a month. Since his moon silver is naturally not a good house, he is simply talented and good-looking, but there are many women who want to spend money with him.

But no one can stand a person who knows to drink and doesn't even look at him. After a long time, only Liu Qingyan will be able to take care of him with gentle care.

At that time, Liu Qingyan was not the top card of Chunxiangyuan. Qi Shiqin was moved by her care and wrote a long ode for her. Liu Qingyan looks outstanding and has superb piano skills, but there are many women like her in the courtyard. This gift greatly increased her fame and became the first of all the girls in Chunxiang Academy.

Since then, she has treated Qi Shiqin even better, but Qi Shiqin can vaguely feel that this woman is sincere to him.

As for a woman who waited for him with sincerity for so many years, Qi Shiqin felt that she shouldn't be too cold-blooded.

He looked at each other and asked, "How are you doing now?"

Liu Qingyan smiled, with a hint of aggrieved: "What do you think, you know what I want. How could I get better without you?"

"Sorry." Qi Shiqin didn't know what to say, and finally could only say: "I am married. I was wrong at the beginning. If you need it, I can help you redeem it. After all, it is not a good home, you It's not good to stay there."

"What then?" Liu Qingyan asked, looking straight at Qi Shiqin: "I'm a woman, I don't know anything, how will I live after I come out."

Qi Shiqin stopped talking, but he wanted to give each other some silver every month, he didn't lack this thing. However, Wei Jingshu was in charge of the family's accounts. He didn't know what name he used to ask for the money. Could he tell the other party that this was a romantic debt of his youth?

Isn't that just death!

He has a lot of money in his space, but he doesn't want to do these things with Wei Jingshu behind his back.

Qi Shiqin is a very clear person who knows what he wants. People have taken care of him for so long, but he is actually not too touched now, and even feels that if it were not for him, the other party would not be the top card, and he would not be so comfortable in life.

If it's hard to say, be straightforward, and the quality and quantity of the pick-up is hard to say. As the top card, she can choose people to a certain extent.

But this kind of thinking is too harsh for a woman, so Qi Shiqin resisted himself.

"You disappeared suddenly at that time, and I asked people to look for it every day, worried that something happened to you, I couldn't sleep every night, and often woke up in my dreams." Liu Qingyan said this, feeling wronged in her heart, she suddenly Grabbing Qi Shiqin's arm, he said: "I know that I am humble and I do not pray to be married home by you. As long as you want, you can just put me in a small courtyard. You can come to see me several times a month. I'm already very satisfied."


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