Qi Shiqin took out his hand, nothing was revealed on the face, and only said indifferently: "I am very grateful to Miss Liu for not abandoning, and the girl who has worked for so long. If the girl is in need, I will not Declined. But now I have married husband Lang, since I should cherish him and respect him, there is no need to mention this kind of thing."

Although he wanted to show off how beautiful and cute his Xiao Fu Lang is. Also express my love for him.

However, this is ancient times, and most people speak more implicitly. It is still not good to talk about these feelings and loves in the public. At least in his capacity, this shouldn't be said in front of outsiders.

At present, his feelings for Wei Jingshu remain the same, and because of the more time he spends and know more about, the two are more in harmony. As long as I see him, I feel happy. In the academy, as long as he thinks that Wei Jingshu is waiting at home, he is inexplicably happy.

Even if the memory of the previous life is restored, he is still the one who loves him, but he has enough power to take what he likes.

Liu Qingyan didn't want to simply put aside her own thoughts, she begged: "I don't ask you for anything. I have also earned a lot of money over the years, and there are also a lot of rare antiques. These are enough for us to get through. For half my life. I just want to be closer to you, without any status."

Qi Shiqin frowned, no longer wanting to talk any more, he stood up and said, "Am I the kind of person who depends on a woman's money to live on?" After he said that with some guilty conscience, he remembered that he used to drink in Liu Qingyan's house. , That little silver is indeed not enough.

But he also knew that Liu Qingyan didn't have any malice in saying this, and the other party did have a deep affection for him, and he was willing to hand over his wealth and life to him. At this time, if he said to pay off his original silver, he would have failed others' sincerity.

He stopped Liu Qingyan's eagerness to explain the action, and slowed down his tone: "I understand what you want. But I will only like one person in my life. I promised him that I will love him forever." Thinking of Wei Jingshu's coquettish appearance, Qi Shiqin had a slight smile in his eyes.

Wei Jingshu is also trying to treat him well in his own way, from the cautious temptation when he just met to the affectionate pulse of the present. The person he likes happens to like himself, so how can he be willing to make him sad.

He is not sick!

Looking at the determination in Qi Shiqin's eyes, Liu Qingyan understood that she was impossible. She was still innocent back then, Qi Shiqin didn't look down on her, and now she is not a good match. She guarded for so long, but finally didn't hold it.

She leaned on the table and cried bitterly. Qi Shiqin was a little impatient, not his family, he didn't have the patience to scrupulously so much. Seeing that it is getting late outside, his son is probably over from school, he said: "If you have something to do in the future, send someone to Qi's Mansion and let me know. If you can help you, I will help."

Then he left without looking back.

Yingxiang stepped forward and hugged her girl in distress. She knew that although Miss Liu was an oiran, she had suffered a lot. She gently patted Liu Qingyan on the back, and said dissatisfiedly: "How can this man be like this?"

Liu Qingyan didn't speak, only crying body trembling constantly. After waiting for a long time, he slowly stopped his emotions and said: "Yingxiang, let's go back."

Yingxiang looked at Liu Qingyan worriedly: "Girl, are you okay?"

Liu Qingyan shook his head and said: "I'm fine, I haven't come here for so many years, just treat it as…just as if he hasn't come back, I haven't met him today." At least it can keep her dreaming in her heart. .

In Qi's mansion, Qi Sanlang was already anxious, why didn't this little six come back?

When he saw Qi Shiqin's figure, Qi Sanlang immediately seemed to have been redeemed and greeted him, "Little Liu, you are back."

Qi Shiqin was a little surprised, and said, "Brother, is there anything you want to do with me?" He actually brought both children here.

Qi Sanlang said: "Your third wife… something has happened!"

"What's the matter?" Qi Shiqin walked over and drank a cup of tea, not too worried. He Yue has always been at odds with him. The tiger almost killed his husband and son last time. Fortunately, he caught up, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

He could understand that He Yue was afraid of the tiger's revenge, and concealed that the reason why he killed the tigress was to save Qi Sanlang. No one wants to die, but he can understand, but he can't forgive. He Yue has taken care of the tiger for so long, even if she speaks out, their lives are not necessarily in danger.

He has not yet retaliated against the other party, that is, there is no legitimate opportunity. He is still worried about the brotherhood with Qi Sanlang.

"Little six." Qi Sanlang's heart was cold for a while, and his face was pale. Looking at Qi Shiqin's performance, he also thought of some things in the past. He knelt on the ground and bumped his head and said: "Little Liu, this time I beg you to be the third brother, you can save your third sister-in-law. No one can eat anything in our family. We also eat every day in our family. There may be a problem, and someone must have framed it. I really have no choice but to beg you."

When the two daughters saw this, they both knelt down and kowtow.

Qi Shiqin inadvertently saw Xiao Tao's hateful eyes, and couldn't help but sneered. Forgive me that the other party was still a little girl, and he felt uncomfortable, and said, "Third brother, don't kneel anymore. I'm just a master. What else can I do. Besides, I'm not pleased after saving people. Maybe I want to bite me in the future, so forget it."

Qi Sanlang followed Qi Shiqin's gaze and saw the unrestrained and hatred in his second daughter's eyes. He was immediately angry and slapped up, and Xiao Tao's face immediately swelled up.

Xiao Tao covered her face, she couldn't believe it, his father had never hit her: "Father, you, you hit me."

Qi Sanlang looked at her and said, "What's wrong with beating you? Could it be that you still hate your own father?" The sixth brother has never done anything wrong with them. On the contrary, his wife and daughter have repeatedly spoken bad words to others, and now he asks. For people, still this attitude. Even if he was himself, he didn't want to save this white-eyed wolf.

"What is your look? Tell me!" Qi Sanlang was very angry: "Who are you hating? I don't know what your sixth uncle did. You need to look at him with this kind of eyes."

Xiaotao shouted: "Father, you see that Uncle Six just doesn't want to help us at all. Our family was framed and my mother is still in jail, but he didn't respond at all. And he even asked Dad to kneel down and beg him. , His mentor is a high official, isn't this just a matter of his sentence?!"

Qi Sanlang's raised hand was stopped by Xiao He, "Father, Xiao Tao is too impatient, mother is in an accident, and no one is feeling well, you can forgive her."

"When our family was framed, you think of your sixth uncle. Why didn't you think of others when our family was making money?" Qi Sanlang trembled all over, "In the past, I only said that although you were a little stubborn, you were always In order to protect your mother, I didn't expect you to become so selfish."

He is a cowardly person and can't stand up straight. Sometimes when he sees his second daughter resisting family members for her parents, he actually feels sorry for his children. But who knows, Xiao Tao turned out to be like this.

Xiao Tao gritted her neck and refused to admit defeat: "Isn't my mother going to give them money every time? Those people are insatiable, and they give it and want more." She continued sarcastically, "I'm afraid I want to." Move back all that we have in the house."

This made Qi Sanlang think more of it. He Yue's family's house was rebuilt and a lot of land was bought, and life was prosperous. He Yue only sent some copper coins to his own mother's family.

Qi Sanlang has a strong clan concept, and he values ​​blood ties. In other words, even if his brothers weren't good to him in the past, he still thinks about his family. He hoped that Zhou Cuicui would love him and the family would have a good life.

Seeing his daughter not repenting, he didn't know what to say for a while.

On the contrary, Qi Shiqin looked at Xiao Tao amusedly and asked: "The tiger in your family was to avenge the tigress. It didn't hurt anyone, so it just found my husband. Then I will ask you: Who told him I killed the tigress?"

Xiao Tao was surprised when she heard this.

Qi Shiqin said, "You don't have to lie to me. The people in the village are afraid that the long worm is too late, so how can they know what it wants to know." The villagers didn't know that the tiger could still understand people.

Xiao Tao was poked secretly in the center and stared at him: "Whatever I said, you originally killed the tigress, and I was right."

Qi Sanlang only knew that there was still such a thing. He was clumsy and was confused by He Yue in a few words, but he didn't expect this to happen behind his back. He pointed to Xiaotao: "You, you!" Angrily, he couldn't speak.

Qi Shiqin said: "Then why don't you say that I killed it to save your father?"

Xiao Tao didn't know how to argue, she said after a long while: "You are so powerful, then the tiger will come to you, you will definitely not have an accident, but my family is unable to resist the tiger's revenge. Besides, aren't you all all right?"

Qi Shiqin laughed directly at the remarks, and he waved his hand and said: "I won't tell you more, your house is right. Third brother, I can't help you with this matter, so please come back."

Without waiting for Qi Sanlang to reply, he said directly: "Come and see off the guests."

Qi Sanlang watched Qi Shiqin's back disappear into the hall with eyesight. A small servant came forward and said, "Everyone, please." He was quite disdainful in his heart. He also heard what he said just now. I really don't know how to pay it back in this world. There will be such shameless people.

There was no way, Qi Sanlang had to take his daughter out, and before they could go far, the door behind him closed suddenly, quite fast, as if to show his dissatisfaction.

"Huh, what's so great." Xiao Tao muttered.

Qi Sanlang was anxious, except for Xiaoliu, he really didn't know who else could help him. For this daughter, he just opened a new world today, and now he is really unable to teach her.


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