After turning around the house, Qi Shiqin went to the study to find Wei Jingshu. There were three desks of different sizes in the room, which were exclusively for the use of a family of three.

Oh, now there is another person in the family, but it will take a few years for Qi Guo to study.

Wei Jingshu was sitting and reading his books. He opened a few shops in Yuecheng, and his youngest son was lying next to him. Seeing Qi Shiqin coming in, he smiled and asked, "What's the matter with the third brother?"

"There was a problem with their food shop. Someone died after eating. The government arrested Sansao and they wanted me to save people."

He's braised pork is indeed somewhat famous, and the business is booming. Therefore, Wei Jingshu's first reaction was: "Someone wants to grab their prescription?"

It's no wonder that he thinks so. The He Yue family's business is indeed greedy. Many people have tried it, but they can't do it. They have no backing and can't keep it.

Qi Shiqin shook his head: "I don't know, but you don't have to lose your son even if you snatch the prescription. I heard that Master Li is very concerned about his eldest son, and there are no precious medicinal materials that hang his life every year. Use less." He said as he walked over to Wei Jingshu, originally wanting to hug the husband, but when he saw his son, he turned to see his son.

Wei Jingshu wondered: "Then what is going on?"

He instantly filled up all kinds of grievances and grievances, but he just didn't think He Yue would do this thing, and the people who opened the shop were not stupid. How could he die of his own life.

Qi Shiqin understood what the other party meant, and I am afraid that even He Yue thought he was framed. But he knew that it wasn't necessarily someone's fault. That Lingquan wasn't something that could be drunk at will. The eldest son of the Li family was already weak, and he was not able to make up for it. He used too much force and lost his life. Not surprising.

I heard that the Li family also bought a deluxe version of the package, and it is estimated that Lingquan has not added less.

He kissed his son's small face and said, "The Li family has a big business, and there may be a lot of things that may happen. Maybe the food in the third brother's house is wrong. Isn't it that the young master has been drinking medicine? Maybe the medicine is conflicting."

Wei Jingshu also thought it was very possible. He asked again, "Aren't you going to help?"

Qi Shiqin glanced at Wei Jingshu strangely. He hesitated and asked: "You, don't you have any opinion on He Yue? Although you didn't really have an accident last time, it was just a bit close." He remembered that Xiao Fu Lang did. She was very scared, couldn't cry herself, and couldn't sleep well for several days.

Every time he thinks about it, he is scared. In case he comes back late, maybe his son and husband will never see him again.

Wei Jingshu thought for a while before remembering what Qi Shiqin was talking about.

He thought about it, he still minded, so he said solemnly: "Forget it, let's just leave it alone, if she didn't do anything bad, it would be fine."

Tsundere's little appearance is so cute, Qi Shiqin smiled and stopped talking about it.

After teasing his son for a while, Qi Shiqin said, "Why is that forest bamboo still living in our house? It's been more than half a month."

Wei Jingshu gave him an angry look, "That's your student, what are you asking me for? Besides, you see it at the dinner table every night when you eat. Only then did you remember that they had lived for a long time." If it wasn't the other party's goal. Wei Jingshu wouldn't be so calm because it wasn't his mate.

Qi Shiqin thought that his husband was jealous, and hurriedly said, "My father and mother, Xiao Ge, and Xiao He are also there during the meal, and my eldest brother often comes over. I haven't said a few words to her. Don't wrong me. And I go to the academy every day, and I don't have time to spend time with my parents. It just so happens that my mother likes her. Besides, I can't drive the little girl away."

Hearing this, Wei Jingshu puffed his cheeks, "Then I just can't get along with your mother." He was also very guilty. It was what he should have done to honor the elders. As a result, he didn't quarrel with others much before.

I believe Zhou Cuicui did the same to him. It's okay not to get along very often. After a long time together, they will dislike each other.

Qi Shiqin doesn't think there is anything wrong with this. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has always been a problem for the ages, and he does not want to force Wei Jingshu to bow his head. Especially his damn temperament is really not good.

He said: "It's okay, it's fine for you to be like this."

Wei Jingshu looked at him: "That's what you said. You can't blame me for not being pleased with my mother in the future." Then he said seriously: "But don't worry, I will never forget when I should take care of my mother. I won't quarrel with my mother on purpose."

Qi Shiqin chuckled, rubbing and squeezing his face, "I know, what you've been doing is pretty good." It's like preparing clothes for parents and mothers when changing seasons, sending wild things from the Zhuangzi, etc., some small things Even though he didn't even think of his son, Xiao Fu Lang would remember to send some back.

Wei Jingshu's face was deformed by him, and he slapped it down, "Don't squeeze it anymore, your face makes you red."

Qi Shiqin lied over and kissed one, with a loud voice. The mynah near the window that was used to block his eyes with wings, and yelled: "Bad guy, I don't know how to be ashamed!"

Qi Shiqin turned a deaf ear, and continued to kiss Wei Jingshu. He was already used to this mean-mouthed mynah.

Hearing the sound of running outside the door, he stopped and looked at the door, Qi Ge's small body appeared, followed by a little guy behind him.

Qi Ge yelled sweetly: "Mother, father."

Lin Yan also greeted him obediently. Although his voice was small, he was still audible, and his eyes were shining.

Qi Shiqin nodded, touched their little heads and said a few words to them, and asked the two children to finish the homework assigned by the master, and then they could play.

Wei Jingshu also spontaneously took a travel notebook and sat next to the two children. He whispered to Lin Yan, "If you can, you can ask me."

Lin Yan turned his head and showed a pure and shy smile at Wei Jingshu, and whispered: "Thank you, brother, I will."

In terms of affinity for children, Qi Shiqin is really inferior to Wei Jingshu. It was a coincidence that Lin Yan liked him, but Wei Jingshu quickly let the children like him.

After tutoring the two children to complete their homework, he and the children had a great time playing together.


Speaking of Lin Zhu.

In fact, the object of Lin Zhu's heart is Qi He. Although the two of them have been noisy and noisy, Lin Zhu also likes it in his heart. And when she was out of the college, because she was in a bad mood, it was not unreasonable to start Qi He, but Qi He never fought back. This kind of man who didn't beat a woman was very attractive to Lin Zhu.

In this patriarchal era, she will marry sooner or later. Instead of marrying a stranger, it is better to choose Qihe.

Although she does not know what will happen to Qi He in history, she knows Qi Shiqin's future, that is, a real winner in life. Qi He is Qi Shiqin's nephew. The two have a good relationship, and his future will be smooth.

This is the reason why she pleases Zhou Cuicui so much the other day. She knows Zhou Cuicui's position in Qi's family well and wins the favor of this man. It is more useful than directly brushing the favor of the male god. Historical books say that the male god is one. Wait for the filial piety.

Of course, what the history books didn't say was that this mother's opinion changed with her youngest son.

As for Qi He's willingness to marry her, Lin Zhu also thought about it. For now, it is not easy for Qi He to marry a woman with better conditions. Moreover, the wife found by blind marriage and dumb marriage is not necessarily better than her, and her looks and family are good.

During this time, she was also working hard to make Qi He feel good about her.

At dinner, several people were sitting in the hall.

Because Qi Shiqin had already mentioned sending her home in the morning, Lin Zhu was not surprised when Qi Shiqin asked.

Although she knew in her heart, she still blushed in embarrassment, and said: "I have rewritten the letter to my father this morning, and he should come to pick me up in two days."

Seeing that the little girl was about to cry, Qi Shiqin couldn't say anything, and said, "I'm not going to drive you away, but you're a little girl, living here for a long time might not have a bad reputation for you. And if your parents knew You have an accident, but you can't be found, so I should be anxious."

Lin Zhu's head dropped very low, and he nodded, suddenly feeling unable to eat.

It was only two days, and she didn't care about the sadness in her heart caused by her self-esteem. She had to get Lingquan quickly. This opportunity was rare, and she wouldn't be at ease if she didn't get it.

If she doesn't marry in the future, she won't have the opportunity to come here alone.

When he went out the next morning, Qi Shiqin found a person kneeling outside the door. He frowned and walked up to help him, saying: "Brother, what are you doing?"

There were two tears on Qi Sanlang's face: "Little Liu, when my brother's begging you, I know that we were sorry for you before. You have a large number of adults. Save your sister-in-law. I can't help it. This is a living one. Human life, she has survived so many years of hardship with me, how can I just watch her die."

Qi Shiqin stretched out his hand to help Qi Sanlang, and said, "Get up first."

Qi Sanlang did not move and continued to beg.

Qi Shiqin said impatiently: "There are people here, what does it mean that the third brother is kneeling in front of my door." Someone in the distance is looking at this curiously. It was like this in the morning, and his mood really didn't get better. . To tell the truth, these brothers, except for the eldest brother, have not been together for a few days, it is really impossible to talk about how deep the relationship is.

Moreover, he thinks that his contribution to the family is not small, and he does not owe anyone else. Just without mentioning money, he saved his third brother's life last time, and he didn't say a few good things, and in the end he almost killed his husband and his son.

Qi Sanlang was honest and couldn't turn his mind. Hearing Qi Shiqin was angry, he didn't know how to get up. Instead, he bowed his head more sincerely and fearfully.

Qi Shiqin said: "Brother, I don't know what He Yue told you, but I'm not a fool. Your family always has a sense of superiority when it comes to me. Even if it's you, I don't have as much respect as it seems on the surface. I. How do you say this feeling, it's like I owe your family, I'm sorry to your family, and you don't care about this, you have compassion and tolerance for me. This makes me dislike it, you know?"

"But what do I owe you?"

He lowered his head and looked at the kneeling man with deep eyes.

Qi Sanlang groaned, and it took a long time to suffocate a sentence, "Xiao and Xiaoyue said, you…you spent a lot of money in reading, and…there are books in that room."

"Because I spent a lot of money, so your living conditions are not good?" Qi Shiqin helped him fill up the words.

Qi Sanlang nodded quickly, he sometimes felt that these things were right after hearing He Yue's words. Gradually, even he himself began to believe.


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