Qi Shiqin's mouth was slightly cold, and said, "I don't say that I didn't spend my family's money at all when I studied, but it didn't take long for me to enter the academy. Some. Third brother knows these, right?"

It's just that Zhou Cicui can't wait to announce to the whole world that he has the temperament of a good son. It's strange that the whole village who doesn't show off.

She certainly didn't mention it less at home, she might say it several times every day.

Qi Sanlang nodded startledly, but Xiaoliu is good at three points, and his mother will exaggerate them to ten points, so he actually doesn't believe in these. The scholars in the village are all for money, so why would someone go back and get it?

He couldn't figure it out.

Qi Shiqin continued: "When I was a Juren, Master Zhang, Master Wang, and many other wealthy households sent a sum of money to a thousand taels. I couldn't spend so much. And the house was built. The books are all copied by myself, one by one, and it costs a few pen, ink and paper money. Those are now used by a few children in the family."

Qi Sanlang's face flushed red, and he opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

"Since you know that many people are bankrupted for their children to study, then you know why for so many years, even if only a small number of people pass the exam, there are still people who want to give it away?"

Qi Sanlang said: "Because they can be officials, as well as taxes and corvee."

The imperial examination is the only way out for these ordinary people. There is an insurmountable gap between classes. Otherwise, it's like He Yue's braised pork shop. Even if there is no accident this time, there will be future ones, and they will not be able to keep it.

"Yes." Qi Shiqin said: "The emperor back then, built canals, built dragon boats, levied all kinds of levies and taxes everywhere, and levied corvee everywhere. Many of our villages sent them out and never came back. Brother three, it's not good to say it, let's If the family really wants to leave someone, that person must be you."

He was admitted to a talented scholar at the age of eight and was exempt from taxation and labor. The family was relaxed at the time, but the previous emperor became more and more vigorous in the two years after that. It can be said that he completely saved the Qi family.

Of course, he didn't think he was so superior and kind to his family. This is completely a mutually beneficial thing. He is upset that others feel that he has taken advantage of it. It is obvious that everyone in the family has the opportunity to study. If you can't understand your own efforts at the beginning!

"Leave aside these things. After all, trivial matters, you have always been honest, and it is very possible that you are not paying attention. But last time I went up the mountain I saved your life, and I almost lost Fulang's child in the end, should you always remember? Just because of this, you are ashamed to think that I can't live with your family?"

Qi Shiqin satirized people very well, and that tone made Qi Sanlang ashamed, and he didn't dare to look up at the other person at all.

Finally, Qi Shiqin said: "Okay, I said so much, just want to tell you, I don't owe any of you, don't speculate behind your back, say some weird things. I still have classes, and I don't have so much time. Was here." After speaking, he lifted his foot and left.

Watching Xiao Liu's back drift away from a distance, Qi Sanlang turned over and sat on the ground. His legs were completely numb, and it hurt as soon as he moved, so he could only do it slowly.

Although he didn't say it, he used to be a little envious, even jealous of his sixth brother. Several brothers in the family, who would not envy the sixth brother. At first he was disdainful for his own thoughts, but after hearing his wife's seemingly reasonable words, he also began to blind his heart.

There are some simple truths, no one tells him, he doesn't understand, and always takes it for granted that others treat him well. He didn't blame He Yue. His wife had never read a book and didn't know a big character. These things were all self-considered, didn't even he think that there was something wrong?

In fact, before the separation, the two husbands and wives were quite indifferent to things outside the window, but after the separation, they went too smoothly. There is an old saying: "Eat one ditch and gain one's wisdom, but they really haven't suffered from the outside world."

After resting for a while, Qi Sanlang got up from the ground. His wife was still waiting for him to save him. He couldn't just give up like that. Even if you give all your belongings, maybe this is your fate.

After returning home, Qi Sanlang found He Yue's silver box. After opening it, he glanced at the box and went out without saying a word.

Xiao Tao saw it and asked: "Father, what are you going to do?" She recognized that this was the box where the mother put the silver, after all, He Yue never deliberately kept it from the family.

Qi Sanlang looked at the two children and said, "Your mother is still in jail, and Dad has to find a way."

Xiao He also worriedly asked, "What can I do?" If I have money, I don't know where to send it. If I am not careful, there may be a shortage of people and money.

Seeing that the two daughters were anxious and worried about what happened to Yue, Qi Sanlang also patiently explained: "I blame my father for being bad in the past. Your sixth uncle doesn't want to care about this. I'm going to beg your mother, maybe. It works."

Seeing Xiaotao's expression of irritation again, before waiting for her to speak, Qi Sanlang sternly shouted: "Xiaotao."

Xiao Tao's words choked in her mouth, shocked.

Qi Sanlang realized that he was a little harsher, and said in a slow tone: "Father knows that you had a lot of hardship when you were young, and sometimes you can't even eat enough to eat, but this does not mean that you have to look at the Qi family with prejudice. A person. Your Sixth Uncle has not lived at home since he was a child, but he is also very hard at school. There is nothing in this world that can be obtained without giving. He does not owe us."

"Furthermore, your sixth uncle took me out of the tiger's mouth last time, it is a great kindness to us."

Speaking of this, Qi Sanlang's mouth twitched a bit. If Xiaoliu hadn't mentioned it yesterday, he didn't know that his daughter En would revenge, and pushed the matter to Xiaoliu. If Xiao Liu didn't come back in time, if he really killed someone, he would be afraid…

In the final analysis, although Qi Sanlang is a little bit cautious, but on the whole he is loyal and honest, and he can still pass the test in character.

It's like Qi Shiqin's secret attitude in Qi Sanlang's heart. It's just a person who has been suppressed for half his life and suddenly can lift his head, and his heart will feel a little floating. But he actually did not act too much, he has always upheld his nature.

He knew that the tiger had a deep relationship with his family, especially the two little girls often played with it. As long as Xiaotao tells that it was the tigress who hurt people maliciously first, and his father was still lying on the bed, his leg might be crippled, and the tiger would not be able to attack Xiaotao and the others.

Therefore, Qi Sanlang felt even more uncomfortable.

He glanced at Xiao Tao, sighed, and walked out. Now he has no time to educate his children, and he is not a father who can talk to his daughter. These things should be handled by the lady.

Xiaotao was startled by the disappointed look in his father's eyes. Qi Sanlang shouted at her for the first time, and she couldn't help crying on the spot.

Xiaohe could guess how dad was thinking, she was emotional, but she still walked to her sister and said: "Now it's important to save my mother. Let's stay with Daddy. Daddy doesn't know how to deal with people. Let's go quickly. ."

Xiao Tao wiped her tears with her sleeve, and said, "Okay, let's go quickly." She took her sister's hand and ran to Qi's house quickly.

Qi Sanlang had better luck. When he arrived, most of Qi's family stayed in the house and did not go out.

Wu was carrying a bucket of pig food to feed the pigs. Hearing the knock on the door, Zhou Cuicui walked out. The farmhouse usually does not lock the door during the day, so Zhou Cuicui saw standing in the yard as soon as he walked out of his house. The third son in here.

Her eyes were full of dislike, and she said coldly: "What are you doing here? The Qi family doesn't welcome you." Then Zhou Cuicui glanced around and said regretfully, "It seems that our family should also have a dog. , Lest some people come in casually."

It seems that Zhou Cuicui deeply hates He Yue for raising a dog at home, especially when this dog bites a few people in Qi's family.

Of course, Zhou Cuicui chose to forget that it was a few of them who watched the separation son's good life. He ran over to find trouble and wanted to take advantage of it, which made He Yue even more merciless.

An embarrassment flashed across Qi Sanlang's face, and he whispered: "Mother."

"Don't call my mother, I don't have an unfilial son like you." Zhou Cuicui interrupted him immediately. If she had been happy in the past, but she had suffered several losses in He Yue's hands. Originally, she just didn't like the third son, but now she is disgusted.

She said directly: "Get out." She said that, she felt a lot more comfortable. Although it wasn't to He Yue and that wild girl, the youngest was in a group with them, so she could return these words. She felt that the sky was getting brighter.

The old lady's voice was loud, and the room was not soundproof. Soon, Zhou and Wu came out. Nowadays, the family is better. They don't have to work for the landlord for a few copper plates. Today there is little work in the field, so they do some needlework, and then they can get it to the embroidery shop to sell.

When Wu saw the languid appearance of the old third, he laughed and mocked at first: "Oh, what kind of wind is this blowing today? It is really difficult for you to step into us. It's here, don't get dirty feet."

She pretended to be worried, and Zhou Clan couldn't help but smile, thinking in her heart, as long as Wu Clan's faceless and unskinned family spirit is not facing them, this speech sounds quite interesting.

Qi Sanlang's face was exhausted, his clothes were messy, and bloodshot eyes could be seen in his eyes. Obviously He Yue's matter had not been resolved, and the women naturally felt very happy. They had to say that He Yue's ability was leveraged to pull hatred.

He Yue was arrested. Someone in the village had seen it. The whole village knew about it that day. Many people had no misfortune.

Qi San has always had a calm temperament. He doesn't like to clashed with others. When the family was out of date, he didn't talk too much to these sister-in-laws. Not even so now.

He opened the box he was holding and knelt on the ground and said, "Mother, please save He Yue."

There are all the belongings of Qi's third family, which are thousands of taels. Zhou Cuicui has never seen so much money in his life. Right now, he secretly scolded the third family for earning so much. It was really hateful that he refused to take advantage of her at the beginning.

Zhou Cuicui said, "I am an old lady, how can I save someone?" She knew in her heart that only Xiao Liu could be of help at home.

Sure enough, Qi Sanlang said: "Mother, Xiao Liu always listens to you, he will certainly listen to you about this matter. Just ask Xiao Liu to talk to his teacher. This is all our silver, I You can leave these to your mother."

Zhou Cuicui's heart moved for a moment, and she hesitated again: "Since you came to me, it means that Xiaoliu doesn't want to help. I can't let Xiaoliu get involved in life."

When it comes to Qi Shiqin, Zhou Cuicui is not so casual.

Qi Sanlang was anxious. He walked forward a few steps and said, "Mother, you know my temper. How could we do those conscienceless things? Xiaoyue was wronged. It was the rich man who wanted it. I just wanted to frame us by taking the recipe from our family. I just want to be fair. We are righteous in the Xiaoliu Gang. Isn't it the only way to be a parent official? It will definitely not affect Xiaoliu's future."

That said, Zhou Cuicui felt right. She is afraid that Xiao Liu will be abused because of her request for help, which will have a bad influence on Xiao Liu in the future.

"That…" Zhou Cuicui was about to speak.

Wu immediately interrupted her, "Mother, how can this little silver be enough? Don't forget how He Yue ran on us in the first place. At least we have to hand over the stewed pork recipe."

Zhou Cuicui was not a good person either, she immediately looked at Qi Sanlang and didn't speak.

Not long after she rushed over, Xiao Tao immediately blushed and said loudly, "You are dreaming!" The family has already spent so much money, and then give the prescription, is it possible that their family will drink northwest wind in the future, she does not want to be a child Hard days.

The Wu snorted and said: "Mother, I think the house they built seems to be well built, do you want to…"

If you dare to talk to her so loudly, the girl has forgotten that she was begging.

Hearing that, Xiao Tao was so angry that she was about to scold her when she was drunk by Qi Sanlang: "Xiao Tao!"

Qi Sanlang felt a little tired. He didn't think there was anything wrong with his daughter before. Girls are better than marrying and being bullied. But when something big happened, this pig teammate was too strong, and he couldn't bear it.

What happened yesterday, if Xiao Tao didn't know what was good or bad, maybe Xiao Liu would have helped them.

He looked at his mother, her eyes were full of indifference, he endured the sorrow that came up in his heart, and said: "Okay, He Yue is making the stewed meat. I will bring the recipe when she comes out. "

Everyone knows Qi Sanlang's temperament, but he is not in a hurry to have a prescription now.

Zhou Cuicui received the box and said, "I'll mention this to Xiaoliu. If he doesn't want it, I don't care."

Qi Sanlang was overjoyed: "As long as my mother mentions it, it's okay." This is not a big deal, and it doesn't violate Xiaoliu's principle of life. Xiaoliu is so filial that when his mother mentions it, Xiaoliu will surely agree.

Zhou Cicui knew this in her heart, but she was not someone who had no brains, she had a hundred thoughts about the younger son's affairs, and she only agreed to know that it was right.

It doesn't matter how she is not good, but she will definitely not tarnish the character of her younger son Qingfeng Langyue.


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