At noon, Qi Shiqin, who was far away in the academy, heard a student coming and telling him, "Master, an old lady is looking for you, waiting in the yard over there."

Qi Shiqin has two resting places in the academy. One is a room reserved for him by Dean Shen's house, and the other is his daily office. In order to facilitate students to ask questions, he usually lives here.

As for what Zhou Cuicui came over to say, it might be troublesome to the Dean, so she was naturally embarrassed to ran to Dean Shen's yard.

When he returned to his residence, Qi Shiqin saw his mother helping him clean up the house. He smiled, with a hint of coquettish voice in his voice: "Mother, you just leave me alone."

Zhou Cuicui smiled and said, "Neither did you say that you did it yourself, and I didn't see you move your hands."

Qi Shiqin watched Zhou Cicui's movements with a blank look. His room was not dirty, but the things were very messy, but a thin layer of ash had accumulated on many infrequently used tables, vases, etc.

He asked: "Mother, why are you here today?"

Zhou Cuicui wiped the table with a rag, and asked without looking back, "Is there something wrong with your Sansao's house, can that person come out?"

Qi Shiqin paused. If it was the third brother who had an accident, it was normal for his mother to come to him to intercede. After all, it was his own child. No matter how annoying it was, Zhou Cuicui would have to worry about it. But Qi Shiqin understands that Zhou Cuicui is not the kind of person who cares about his daughter-in-law.

There must be some benefit.

He said clearly: "It depends on whether the eldest son of the Li family really had an accident because he ate their food. If not, then Sansao would be fine."

Zhou Cuicui said, "Then, then you can help your mother to see what is going on with your Sansao. If she is really wronged, she can't let her be so lifeless." Before she finished her words, she added: " If things are too complicated, don't mix things up, lest it involve you, it's not good."

"Yeah." Qi Shiqin nodded, "It's not a big deal, then I will find someone to ask."

In his capacity, even if someone really had an accident, he would be able to fish it out without being involved. But Qi Shiqin also has his own principles. He has killed countless people, but he also has awe of life. He Yue is not worthy of breaking the boundaries for this.

Zhou Cuicui said with satisfaction when he heard her son's words: "Then you can go to work if you have anything. My mother will help you clean up this place and leave later. If you are free in two days, you will bring my two good grandchildren back together. eat."

Qi Shiqin really has something to do. Hearing the bell ringing in class in the academy, he hurriedly responded: "Okay, mother, you will go slowly later. When you go back, take the bullock cart and don't bear the one or two copper plates."

"All right, you go quickly." Zhou Cuicui pushed her son out, but she knew it was the sound of class. It would be bad if it was delayed.

Continue to scrub the house clean, and wrap the son's changed clothes in a small cloth, and prepare to take it home for washing. Although now the youngest son has married, Zhou Cuicui has also let go of some things, but sometimes, she will feel disappointed and want to do something for her son.

After finishing the cleaning, Zhou Cuicui took the small cloth bag and went down the mountain, and bought some more things, just when he ran into the bullock cart back to the village with a few villagers sitting on it. She remembered Qi Shiqin's words, took out two copper plates, and sat on them.

Seeing Zhou Cuicui came up, a woman from the same village gave her a place and said, "Why is it so strange today that you are so willing to take a car? You went to see your son again?"

There is no malice in these words. It is really Zhou Cuicui, who has to break a copper plate into two halves. He is very stingy with himself, and has never taken a bullock cart.

Zhou Cuicui didn't mind, and said, "I just came out of Xiaoliu, the child knows how to care for his parents, so I remember to ride in the car."

The smile she said was flying, and the smile on her face couldn't be concealed. The woman was envious and said: "You have been busy for most of your life. It's time to live a good life. Several sons in the family help with work. There is also a promising young son out there, who is like the one in my house."

Zhou Cuicui was happy in her heart, and she held the other person in her arms and said, "What are you saying, your family is so filial to you. And your daughter-in-law, you are so swearing, so people will take it with her face. Smile, don't hate you in my heart, always think about making clothes for you."

When it comes to daughter-in-law, a woman can't say that she is satisfied. If you say that the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not easy to get along with, she is also a picky temperament. However, her daughter-in-law has been grinning and receiving her training, and there is no dissatisfaction behind her back, she is better than her son.

People are really good to her, and women are not really short-sighted, and they are too embarrassed to lose their temper to others. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is like one person. As a result, a woman's temperament has changed a lot in the past two years.

Seeing the two people chatting happily, Mrs. Zhang said uncomfortably: "Qi family, I heard that your third daughter-in-law had an accident, what's going on now?"

Zhou Cuicui glanced at the other person and said, "Why didn't I know that there was a third daughter-in-law in my family, we had nothing to do." In those two years, many people in the village regarded them as jokes, and Zhou Cuicui knew it in his heart.

Others were busy making rounds, the atmosphere gradually turned around, and everyone began to talk about other topics.

It was still early when Qi Shiqin came out of the academy. He walked into the street and after thinking about it, he decided to go and see the Li family first. If He Yue is really wronged, then he will help.

Li's family is not too far from Qi Shiqin's family, after all, Yuecheng's wealthy district is in this area. About twenty minutes later, he came to the door of Li's house.

There are white lanterns hanging outside the door, and the white cloth is slightly raised in the wind, and the whole space seems to be stained with a sad and quiet atmosphere.

Qi Shiqin stepped forward and knocked on the door, explaining his intentions.

Fortunately, the reputation of Qingshan Academy is big enough, and most of the students around here choose to study here. The second son of the Li family happened to be in the same class as him, and after hearing about his intentions, he directly aroused him.

Second Young Master Li took him to the mourning hall, looked at the coffin, and said, "This is my brother."

His voice is calm, but the sadness on his face is clearly visible, dark circles under his eyes are thick, and it seems that he has not slept well these past two days. He said: "Big brother, he liked to socialize with some talented men before he was alive. If he knew that you were here, he would be very happy."

Qi Shiqin was a little surprised. He thought there were a lot of intrigues in the big family, and it would not be much better for brothers to grow up because of the competition for family property. You must know that the division of property in this dynasty is quite harsh, but it seems that the second son is really sad for his brother's death.

But think about the body of Li Da Gongzi. He has been weak since he was a child. I don't know how long he can live and he can't inherit the family business. The root cause of the two brothers' disharmony was lifted, and the relationship was good and normal.

Qi Shiqin looked at Second Young Master Li and asked, "Can I walk in and take a look at Young Master Li?"

Second Young Master Li was taken aback, nodded in agreement.

Qi Shiqin stepped forward and looked at Mr. Li in the coffin. His face was pale and his hair was jet-black, he looked like a sickly handsome man. He stretched out his hand and touched the wrist that was placed on his abdomen by the young master Li. Suddenly, his eyes changed a little.

This Young Master Li is not dead, but he is dying too. If he hadn't directly used his own special energy to invade, he really couldn't find it.

To say that the ancient agreement of stopping the spirit for seven days is really useful, and people who have avoided a lot of suspended animation are really hopeless. It is said that when some coffins are opened, the scratches on the lid of the coffin can be seen, and the dead are also aggrieved.

He retracted his hand and looked at Second Young Master Li and said, "Lord Li is not dead yet."

"What?" Second Young Master Li was dumbfounded, and said: "This…is this true?"

There was a look of surprise on his face, as if rejuvenated, he knelt down on one knee, clasped his fist and said: "Please save my eldest brother, the Li family is willing to pay any price, but in the future, the son will ask for it. Li Zhe never shirks."

To say that Qi Shiqin's Pi Xiang was too bluff, Li Zhe didn't think he could tell lies at all. Besides, being able to make jokes about this kind of thing is not a problem with nerves.

Qi Shiqin rummaged in his mind and found a warm and nourishing recipe that he hadn't seen here, and said: "Find these medicinal materials, and come back."

Naturally, this recipe is useless after eating, and it won't happen, but he needs to cover it up.

Seeing Li Heng rushing out excitedly, he returned to the coffin and put his hand on Li Heng's chest. This aura is not too much, that is, the weak body of Li Heng is not good, but it is almost Lost a small life.

During Qi Shiqin's stay at Li's house, Lin Zhu also started to take action. It is estimated that the person her father sent to pick her up the day after tomorrow will be coming, and she doesn't have much time. This time she really sent the letter, and she didn't dare to lie again. It was excusable once, and it was easy to annoy people if it was too many.

Still pretending to be a man's clothing, Lin Zhu gave some money to the head of the prison, and she was not an important prisoner anyway, so she managed to get to the prison.

He Yue sat on the withered grass, leaning against the wall, looking embarrassed, staring outside blankly.

Lin Zhu found He Yue in the order of inquiries. She looked at the other person and said in a low voice: "Where are you? Your grandfather asked me to come and see you."

He Yue stood up, ran to the prison door, and said excitedly: "Where's Saburo? Why doesn't he come by himself?" She has been scared for the past two days, and Qi Sanlang has not come to see her.

Lin Zhu said, "He has been trying to save you out for the past two days, and he didn't sleep so busy. I was a student of Master Qi. I happened to be there when he came to find Master. I was dragged by him to see if you were okay. "

The faintly Lin Zhu felt that his heart was beating a little fast, not because of emotional excitement, but a spontaneous traction. She opened the food box and said, "This is some food I bought in the restaurant. You can eat it quickly."

He Yue was a little bit suspicious, but she couldn't think of anything wrong, and there was nothing to plan on her.

Seeing He Yue hesitating, Lin Zhu smiled slightly and said, "Why don't you eat it?"

He Yue picked up the chopsticks and said hesitantly: "I…I don't seem to know you, I…" She was uneasy, and she didn't want to push other people's kindness and make people unhappy.

In the end, He Yue thought about it and ate it.

Seeing He Yue's body fall softly, Lin Zhu was overjoyed. She opened the lock on the cell door with a thin wire and lifted up He Yue's sleeve, only to see a small red mole on her wrist.

The induction of her body told him that it was here.

I don't know what to do, and I am afraid of missing this rare opportunity. Lin Zhu was cruel, and simply bit down. She bit extremely hard, the blood flowed out in an instant, and an indescribable fragrance filled her mouth.

Gradually, Lin Zhu felt that something was slowly coming out, and it would flow into her body along the blood, and her heart was surging.

At this moment, the thing drew back suddenly, a very loud slap slapped her face, and then the hair was grabbed tightly and pulled back. The pain of pulling the scalp caused Lin Zhu to scream involuntarily, and let go of his mouth.

He Yue rode on her, holding her hair pulling her hand, slapped her with the other hand. He Yue is a person who is accustomed to hard work. In addition, Lingquan does not drink less. Compared with Lin Zhu, a woman who grew up in a boudoir, she has a lot of arrogance.

Lin Zhu kept screaming.

He Yue wasn't a fool either. When she saw Lin Zhu, she felt a bit offensive at the first glance, and when she looked closely, she instantly discovered her identity as a woman. Combined with what Lin Zhu said about the students studying in the academy, she instantly thought of the person her daughter told her some time ago.

There was a traverser who seemed to be the same as her, of course He Yue had to inquire about her situation.

After discovering that Lin Zhu was a woman disguised as a man, He Yue also pretended not to know anything, and wanted to see what she wanted to do. As for eating, He Yue's body had already had certain antibodies against the drugs, and she secretly drank some spiritual spring water for herself.

You know, although she is used to putting water with her hands, it does not mean that the water cannot come out of her other parts.

However, it took a little reaction time to resolve the drug in He Yue's body, so she didn't wake up immediately. I thought it was nothing at this point, but I didn't know that people would talk about it in minutes.

But it hurt her to death.

Thinking about the panic that Lingquan was about to disappear before waking up, He Yue made the move even more serious.

Finally, Lin Zhu's cry drew the Ya Yai over, fearing that his life in jail would be difficult to offend, so He Yue let go without any sensation.

"What's the matter? What's the matter?" Ya Ya yelled. Realizing that the prison door was still opened, I was shocked. Regardless of the dispute between the two, he said: "Come here, grab this woman for me and lock it up. He even dared to open the cell privately. I don't want to live anymore. ."

The two subordinates acted immediately: "Yes."

"Wait." The head of the prisoner said, "Search for what tools she is carrying." There is nothing but the lock can't be unlocked.

There could be no good-tempered people working as yamen in the prison. After answering the answer, the two directly fumbled on Lin Zhu's body. They did not even let go of their privates and places. Lin Zhu was so embarrassed that Lin Zhu was grief and angrily.

It was He Yue who saw a good show and laughed in her heart. At the same time, she also had a bad premonition in her heart. This woman could take away her spiritual spring. It seemed that the family was also rich and powerful. She had arrived this time, and I wonder if she can be so lucky next time.

It's really not possible, the other party's fish is dead and the net is broken, and the consequences are not she can bear.


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