The Li family, it didn't take long for the eldest son of the Li family to drink the medicine, and his breathing began to recover. After a while, he woke up.

Li Zhe was so excited, he held Qi Shiqin's hands again to express his gratitude. It seems that he also knows the relationship between Qi Shiqin and He Yue. After testing a few sentences, he directly agreed that He Yue would be released.

Li Zhe sent someone to investigate the person who harmed his elder brother. He didn't have a bad impression of Qi Shiqin because of this. Everyone has a few relatives who are upset but have to control.

Qi Shiqin left soon, and Li Zhe personally sent him to the door.

After returning home, Qi Shiqin told Wei Jingshu about this matter. Wei Jingshu's eyes widened: "Hey~ it was a fake death. Fortunately, I found it in time, otherwise it would be over if I was buried in the soil. That's He Yue's. The reason?"

"Yeah." Qi Shiqin replied: "Their stewed pork is made with some Chinese medicinal materials. It happened to be the medicine that Li Heng drank. The medicine conflicted, and it didn't alleviate it all at once." He couldn't say anything to Wei Jingshu. Quan, at least so far, Qi Shiqin has never thought of mentioning this matter with anyone.

"Then He Yue can come out?" Wei Jingshu asked again.

Qi Shiqin nodded, "Yes."

Wei Jingshu mumbled: "It's okay to come out." He was a little bit complicated, but he was not forgiving a little bit, and he had never seen a human life.

When it was time for dinner, someone sent a letter back saying that Lin Zhu was imprisoned.

Qi Shiqin was surprised: "Why is she locked up in prison?" Who would catch her for no reason? Qi Shiqin admired Lin Zhu's ability to cause trouble.

Xiaocao said anxiously: "Master, you can save my lady. If this is known, the reputation will be bad."

Wei Jingshu glanced at Xiaocao with a strange look. He also knew what Lin Zhu had done before. Didn't he expect that she still has a reputation to say?

Qi Shiqin didn't notice Xiao Fulang's inner complaint, he asked Xiaocao: "What is your lady going out for?"

"This…" Xiaocao didn't answer.

Qi Shiqin said: "If you don't tell me, I won't be able to help your lady." In fact, he has never understood. He is a teacher who teaches, and he thinks he can solve everything. It's true that Dean Shen is his mentor, but he is not his father, so he can't always ask for help.

Only then did Xiaocao replied: "Miss has been more interested in that He Yue during this time, and maybe I went to see her today." Xiaocao guessed that the young lady might not forget the little peach who exposed her. I don't know how to retaliate against my mother.

She knew the relationship between that family and the master, although it was said to be at odds, but the bones were broken and the tendons were broken. Maybe the master was angry and ignored her and the young lady.

Qi Shiqin didn't expect Lin Zhu to go for someone's golden finger. He only thought it was a disagreement between the two traversers. In addition, He Yue's daughter was able to break her through, probably because He Yue taught her. Those things, so the contradiction between the two people is deeper.

It's also a matter of looking at individuals to put themselves in jail.

Qi Shiqin waved his hand: "It's getting late, and the yamen are closed. I'll check it out tomorrow. And the person from your family should also come over."

Xiaocao couldn't help it, and said, "I guess it should be two days before."

After dinner, rested for a while. As usual, Qi Shiqin slid the two little boys to wash for nothing, and Wei Jingshu followed along. The two little children soon splashed the adult's clothes and didn't respond at all. They laughed happily.

Lin Yan is well-behaved and sensible, because no one in his family came to find him. It seemed that his life was very difficult, so Qi Shiqin also let the children come to his house often.

After the two adults finished washing, they soon went to sleep.

The next morning, Qi Shiqin took Qi Sanlang, who had been waiting outside, to the county government office.

Qi Sanlang couldn't help but thank him along the way. Qi Shiqin said: "Three brothers don't need to be like this. If it weren't for my mother to come to me, I wouldn't care about it." Qi Sanlang closed his mouth.

It may be that the Li family had already talked to him. It was very convenient for them to lead people. He Yue was released soon. Qi Sanlang held He Yue tightly and said, "It's fine if you are fine, and it's fine. "

For Qi Sanlang, who has always been honest and incomprehensible, there are not many people in the public, but the hug is the best proof of his feelings. He Yue understood him, feeling moved in her heart.

He Yue asked: "What the hell is going on, have you checked things out in the yamen?" She still didn't think that she had a problem, but thought it was someone who wanted to rob her.

Qi Sanlang said, "We still rely on Xiaoliu's help in this matter. The eldest son of the Li family didn't really die. He was rescued last night."

He Yue frowned, and said in her mouth: "Fake death?" The way of framing people in these years is really one after another, and he is not afraid of making fakes come true, and he will really die.

Qi Shiqin couldn't stand it anymore, and said: "It's true that Young Master Li has something wrong with your family. He is weak and can't stand such strong medicinal properties. Sansao, what have you added in there? I listen. It is said that a lot of people feel a little uncomfortable in their stomachs after eating, so don't really kill them anymore."

When he said this, He Yue understood. She had drunk undiluted spring water at first, but she suffered from heartbreaking pain all over her body, and she benefited infinitely after she recovered. Therefore, she really didn't know that the spring water that had been diluted countless times could kill people, and she was a little dazed for a while.

Seeing He Yue's understanding, Qi Shiqin said, "Since the third sister-in-law has come out, then I will leave first."

Rarely, this time He Yueming clearly thanked Qi Shiqin, but Qi Shiqin was a little surprised. I just hope that He Yue can laugh after returning home. He understands his mother, it is impossible for her to help He Yue without any benefit, nor is she born on her own.

Lin Zhu's matter was not serious, and it was also put back after spending some money.

On the way home, He Yue asked Qi Sanlang to tell her all the things that had happened at home in the past few days. Qi Sanlang did not want to conceal it, but the point was that he could not hide it.

"What?" He Yue couldn't help raising her voice, "You gave all the money in the family to your mother? Why don't you know how to keep some at home? How do you let us live afterwards? There are two daughters. When you get old, you should get married. What about the dowry?"

Qi Sanlang licked his lips and said: "Then I just wanted to save you, I didn't think too much in my mind at the time."

Although He Yue was angry, she was not unmoved by the fact that her father-in-law was willing to hand over all the belongings for her. Knowing that Qi Sanlang is honest, she sighed after a long while and said, "That's fine. If you don't have any money, you'll be gone. We only need to earn it at that time."

She didn't plan to use the spiritual spring water afterwards, lest she accidentally caused trouble. She sighed in her heart: In this family, we still have to have a backer. At the beginning, she hadn't felt that there was anything wrong with the separation of families by relying on guests, but now she feels that the world is not black and white.

Thinking of the woman who knew her secret and had the ability to take it away, her heart became even heavier.

Qi Sanlang took a peek at He Yue's face, and said more cautiously: "I promised my mother to give them our recipe for braised pork."

Now He Yue exploded, and she looked anxious: "You promise! You promise! If you promise, you can give it yourself, Qi Sanlang, do you want to live it, do you have to break up our house? ! I know you have been thinking of your parents, you are planning to go back now, right?"

Qi Sanlang was a little annoyed and said: "Then their request is this, what can I do? I can't just leave you just like that."

He Yue shouted angrily: "I knew it was like this after I came out, I might as well not come out." After that, she speeded up and walked forward. If she knows more, it's fine, but she also knows these two ways to make money.

The two were caught in the cold war, Qi Sanlang followed behind, not knowing what to do.

In the village, sometimes your every move will be noticed, especially for people like Xiang He Yue. Wu knew that Qi Sanlang had gone to the city to pick up people early in the morning. She estimated the time to chat here, just to wait for He Yue to come back and hurt her.

Don't ask her if it makes sense, anyway, Wu is always happy.

He Yue was furious with a few words from the Wu family. Seeing that the other party also understated the prescription of her family's braised pork in a heavenly posture, she felt that her heart, liver, spleen, stomach and kidney were not good. She tried her best to calm her anger, preventing the woman in front of her from seeing the jokes, and snorted coldly: "Want a prescription? Humph. Who said you should go."

Wu Clan looked at He Yue's face steadily, thinking that she might not be telling lies, and couldn't help but said: "You are not afraid of being locked in again? Your life is not worth even this thing."

"Heh." He Yue smiled and said: "I'm afraid you don't know. The Li family eldest son is not dead. He woke up yesterday. Want to catch me? Why do you catch me?"

He Yue turned around and left without looking at the ugly face of the woman opposite.

When they returned home, the two daughters both came to greet their mother, and the mother and daughter cried happily while hugging each other.

In the evening, Qi Sanlang slept on the bed and kept turning over. He Yue said coldly: "You can't sleep by yourself and don't bother others."

Qi Sanlang looked towards He Yue in the dark night, with only a faint outline, he whispered: "Xiaoyue, that recipe?"

"What kind of prescription?" He Yue said toughly, "I won't give it anyway."

"Satsuki." Qi Sanlang called out.

He Yue didn't answer. It was a long time before she slowly said, "Now that there is no money in the family, we will lose our way of making money. You said, what are we going to do?"

Qi Sanlang said: "Satsuki, I will definitely work hard to feed your mother." He is full of energy. As long as he works hard, he will definitely be able to live a good life. He prefers to live with his own hands instead of letting his wife support his family.

He Yue smiled and said, "I figured out a way to live our family well. You can easily lose everything. Could it be that we can live as we did before?"


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