Qi Sanlang flushed, and did not speak for a long time.

Inexplicably, he felt that his current wife was a bit strange. Back then, his wife was soft-tempered and was always bullied, but there would never be a complaint in his mouth. But he felt distressed. Every night, two people hid in the bed and whispered. The wife never complained about her husband for not letting her live a good life.

They have fun in their hardships, and their wife always tells him: "Even though my sister-in-law and my second sister-in-law often ask me to do small things, it's not tiring. Doing a little bit more is not a problem.

Speaking of this, the wife seemed to think of some interesting scene, covering her mouth and laughing, and said: "Besides, if the sister-in-law is too leisurely, it would be strange if your mother doesn't clean them up."

Qi Sanlang also laughed, apparently knowing the power of Zhou Cuicui's curse. At that time Zhou Cuicui was still young, and several daughter-in-laws were not very good at getting along with her mother-in-law. They were young and vigorous, and there was often friction between them.

It's his own wife. Zhou Cuicui doesn't say anything about this third daughter-in-law because her mother does what she says. But now, Qi Sanlang's heart faintly aches, and his wife and mother are already like enemies of life and death.

After thinking for a long time, He Yue was already asleep until midnight. Qi Sanlang glanced at her in the moonlight, sighed, and turned around to sleep.

Yesterday at noon, after Wu went home, he told several members of the family what He Yue had said.

Regarding this matter, a few brothers were noncommittal, asking others for money, it would be impossible for them to agree to it. Anyway, life is more important than that shamelessness. It was a verbal agreement at that time. They took more than two thousand taels of silver from others, and said that they would not take advantage.

Zhou frowned, did not speak, looked at Zhou Cicui, she knew the mother would be more anxious than them.

Sure enough, Zhou Cuicui patted the table and said, "When Xiaoliu sent someone to deliver the things yesterday, he also brought me news that he saved the Li family. Otherwise, how could He Yue get out of prison? Wait, the third child will not send me the prescription tomorrow, let's go find him again."

Wu immediately agreed: "Okay, we all listen to my mother."

The Zhou family and several brothers also nodded in agreement. With this recipe, they could be passed on from generation to generation as heirlooms. When the money is spent, the money-making prescriptions continue to support their lives.

To say that Qi Shiqin really didn't send someone specifically to his mother yesterday that he had saved He Yue.

After he rescued Li Heng and returned home, he thought of the appearance of his third brother who had not slept well for a few days. He knew that the third brother and his family must be worried. After all, he should send someone to tell him and ask him to come and pick him out the next morning .

But if he sent his subordinates back, it was not easy to just skip his mother in this way, so he sent some things to Zhou Cuicui by the way, and told the news again. Therefore, Zhou Cuicui was confident about asking for the stewed pork recipe from He Yue's family. That's what the conditions said when you asked someone to help.

In the morning of the next day, several women got up early to work, cooking, sweeping the floor, feeding pigs, and pulling grass in the vegetable plot nearby, all busy. Until the rice was cooked, the family sat on the table to eat.

Farmers don't pay attention to food and sleep, everyone is talking.

When the sun gradually rose, Zhou Cuicui took a few daughter-in-laws to He Yue's house.

I was a little scared of He Yue who raised dogs and tigers. As soon as he approached, Wu's heart throbbed and thumped. She stopped and said hesitantly: "This third family still raises some Dog?"

She said that several people realized something, and they all stopped.

Zhou Cuicui's eyes were a little vacant and said, "Ying… should be gone? I didn't hear what the village said about what kind of dog her family had." Think about the days when she was chased by a dog, even if she wasn't really bitten by it, the psychological shadow was left behind.

Zhou came up with an idea and said, "Why don't we throw something to try?"

Several people readily accepted.

First, he tentatively threw a stone in, but there was no response inside. Several people looked at each other, fearing that there were too few things and the dogs hadn't noticed, so they all took two rocks and threw them in.

"Who throws rocks at my house after eating?" Xiao Tao shouted angrily. She was in a bad mood. When she woke up in the morning, she found that there seemed to be a barrier between her parents. They were not as close as they were in the past, especially the father, who had always bowed his head to his mother, seemed to care about each other.

Zhou Cuicui and his party happened to hit the gun head. Xiaotao saw that it was them, and immediately sneered: "It turned out to be'grandma'."

She deliberately emphasized the pronunciation, and then smiled contemptuously: "Why, I am not afraid of the dog biting it?"

Zhou Cuicui was trembling with anger and pointed at her: "You white-eyed wolf, you, you rebellious and unfilial person, I'll just wait to see who dares to marry you!" Who doesn't protect herself from this young girl at this age? Fame, a little bit spicy is fine, but if you don't respect the elders and want to marry, you can just daydream.

But Xiaotao ignored these, her family had money, how could she not find a good one?

Zhou hurriedly supported the old lady, put his hands on her back and followed her breath, and said: "Why do you have to be familiar with her, wait for us to take things, and see how arrogant they are."

Xiao Tao stared at them stubbornly, arms spread out, and stopped at the door: "What do you want to do? Get out!"

Regardless of this, the Wu family opened the way first, pushing Xiao Tao far away, staggering for several steps before stabilizing her body. The Wu family had already walked in, and even the Zheng family, whose stomach was already slightly raised, followed in the end.

He Yue's family doesn't have much farm work, so tenants are invited. Mainly by doing business, I usually grow some vegetables nearby, enough for my own family to eat. Most of the time they stay at home. Therefore, when Wu Shi stood in the yard and shouted, several people appeared one after another.

When Qi Sanlang looked at Zhou Cicui, the corner of his mouth said bitterly, "Mother, I…"

He couldn't continue. He Yue was right. The prescription was a lady's, and he didn't have the right to decide where to go.

Zhou Cuicui's face was stern, and said: "Where's Fangzi? We are also saved, you still don't admit it?"

He Yue said: "I can't give you a prescription. The family's more than two thousand taels of silver have been given to you. If we hand over the prescription, are we going to have trouble? I will leave the words here. If you have the ability to ask Qi Shiqin to get me in, I have nothing to say."

Although she didn't want to admit it in her heart, He Yue had gradually realized that this family of best products might really be a true favorite.

Good bamboo shoots emerged from the evil bamboo.

She had an incomplete memory of receiving the original owner. In addition, Qi Shiqin had been sent to the city to study since she was a child. The original owner didn't understand Qi Shiqin at all, and she had not received any memory of this aspect at all. And with her fixed thinking, she felt that the other party should be like this and not good.

Now that I think about it, she has spoken harshly many times, and she is really good-natured because she hasn't tried to teach her. Therefore, He Yue decided that even if she said this, Qi Shiqin would not really put her back in prison according to Zhou Cicui's ideas.

Therefore, she has no fear.

The gentleman deceived him, and she had just spotted that this was a person with a principled bottom line.

Simply, she was right.

Zhou Cuicui was choked by her rascal and shameless words. Of course she knew the behavior of her youngest son, so she could only jump her feet and said, "No, you all agreed before. How can the agreed conditions change? "

He Yue smiled: "Mother." She also felt a little surprised when she shouted out this easily, but she didn't care. She said, "You know how you treated our family in the past. Anyway, this is impossible. You have all got so much money, why are you still not satisfied?"

Speaking of these last words, she was a little impatient again.

"How did we treat you?" Zhou Cuicui said, "Which daughter-in-law in the village did not come here. I tell you, my old lady is not very gentle, but I never let you starve to death. I also did these two girls. No one was found to sell it."

Of course, when He Yue was seriously ill, she said she was going to sell two girls, and she was also impatient. The illness has been a long time and still hasn't improved. Her youngest son is not knowing whether she is alive or dead. She is annoying. The third family is still annoying her every day. Want silver. After spending so much, you have to splash a splash in the water. If He Yue is good, it is a bottomless pit.

In the early years of the village, it was not uncommon to sell girls. Everyone sympathized with them at most, saying that the family was cruel, and it was not that there was nothing in the future.

He Yue didn't listen to her. Zhou Cuicui could become one of the few mother-in-laws in the village who could make people'smell-sounding'. She couldn't do without a little skill. Not to mention other things, at least Zhou Cuicui is absolutely owed to Qi Sanlang.

If you can't tell the eccentric eyes, He Yue simply let them talk, too lazy to quarrel, and choking each other with a few words from time to time.


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