Seeing that He Yue was indeed indifferent, Zhou Cuicui had to curse Qi Sanlang who was standing by.

In this calm and peaceful place in the village, no one is so obsessed with demanding a person's life. Zhou Cuicui is no exception. The essence is simple. She would threaten each other like this. But if she did, she would wake up with nightmares in the middle of the night.

And she also understands that their family has earned more than two thousand dollars, and it is estimated that the savings of the whole village will not add up to that much. When this matter is said, no one else will be on her side.

Therefore, this time she came here with the mentality of finding faults, she could get better, and she could add obstacles to He Yue if she didn't.

In the end, Zhou Cuicui had no choice but to go back.

Still, the last Zheng who left did not go fast. There was a certain distance from Wu and the others. When she reached the door, she turned around and He Yue and the others were still watching here.

She fixedly stared at He Yue, placing her hands on her bulging belly, her eyes were a little scary, and her tone was gloomy: "He Yue, you will be retribution one day."

After talking about Zheng, he turned his head and left.

He Yue was startled by her non-moving eyes, she could not help but stepped back, clutching her chest. Then she became a little bit angry, but in a flash she remembered the pale face she saw not far away after Zheng jumped into the river, it was all because of her.

If it were not for her to send someone to lure Qi Shilang into gambling, Zheng would not die, maybe even a dead body and two lives.

Xiao He yelled anxiously: "Mother, are you okay?"

He Yue shook her head: "I'm fine."

Xiao Tao said with a lack of confidence: "How can she curse others like this?" But she also remembered what her mother had done to her fourth uncle. To be honest, she was also shocked when the Qi family came to the door that time. According to people's perception, if anyone becomes addicted to gambling, it means bankruptcy.

Everyone was gone, and it was okay to stand up, so they went to busy themselves. It was Qi Sanlang, who became more and more silent in the days to come. Xiaohe noticed something was wrong, so he comforted his father several times, but the effect was not great.

In a few days, Qi Guo was also full of the moon. Qi Shiqin took the time to take her husband and two children home for a few days. He missed his parents very much.

The coachman parked the carriage outside the gate of the mansion. The carriage has been redesigned and has good shock-proof functions and is well arranged inside.

Wei Jingshu hugged Qi Guo and followed Qi Ge and Lin Yan with two small carrot heads. He asked, "Do we really need to bring something back?"

Qi Shiqin said amusedly, "You are used to being a wealthy boy? It's just going home, and you don't need to bring anything. Besides, how long have we lived in the city? We have everything at home."

He knew it. At first, he said that it would be impossible to go home and live after giving birth. Xiao Fu Lang stayed in the city every day and tried to Sa Huan, his mood was brighter, and he was too embarrassed to ask him to stay home again.

After all, there are no people in the village who can talk to Wei Jingshu, and there is no place for him to wander around.

Wei Jingshu curled his lips and whispered: "Then you don't want to invite your sisters-in-law to see you when you go back, don't say I didn't do it well."

Qi Shiqin messed up his hair and said, "Don't be foolish, talk well, why don't I know if a few sister-in-laws will not give me a good attitude if you don't bring gifts at home this time? Knowing that you don't want to go back, you can't bear it for me. endure?"

Wei Jingshu raised his chin slightly, with a deep sense of righteousness, and sighed softly, "Well, that's all there is to it."

After speaking, I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

The two laughed and went out, watching the child run away, Qi Shiqin took Wei Jingshu's shoulders, his heads were close together, and said, "Well, that's really hard work for us."

When he reached the carriage, Qi Shiqin hugged Xiao Budian one by one, and helped Wei Jingshu step on the small bench, and then he was himself.

The coachman started slowly with a carriage, and after a short while, they returned to Dahe Village.


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