Turning out the packed quilt, Qi Shiqin began to make the bed, Wei Jingshu talked to the side, and sometimes helped.

After a long while, Qi Shiqin stopped helplessly, lowered his head and looked at the other's beautiful eyes: "Can you let me open a little bit? I won't be able to move like this?" It's not easy to walk, and it is possible to give someone to someone at any time. The collision made him speechless.

Wei Jingshu smiled and leaned forward and kissed Qi Shiqin's mouth before he consciously stood aside to see his little son who was still asleep.

Different from the complicated mood of the eldest son, Qi Guo grew up in the expectation of his parents from conception to birth. When Wei Jingshu was pregnant with this child, he already had a deep affection for Qi Shiqin, and Qi Guo came naturally.

The youngest son can be said to be the crystallization of their two loves. In addition, Wei Jingshu has gradually grown up a little bit, so he has more love for the child.

He gently pushed the cradle, put his fingers into his son's curled up hands, and smiled unconsciously. After a month, Qi Shiqin secretly nursed his son's body. At this time, Qi Guo was already white and fat, and looked very cute.

When Qi Shiqin made the bed, he saw such a warm picture. He stepped forward and woke up his son in twos or twos.

Wei Jingshu patted his hand and said complainingly, "Why are you waking him up? What should I do if I cry later?"

"No." The little guy was happy every day, even if he cried, he couldn't remember why he cried before.

Sure enough, Qi Guo dazedly opened his eyes and saw two familiar heads in front of him. He immediately babbled his little hand to grab it, with a toothless smile on his mouth.

Wei Jingshu shook his rattle and attracted his attention, "Guoguo, look here."

As expected, Qi Guo's eyes circled with the brightly colored thing, and he shouted, "Ah."

"No, I want to call my mother." Wei Jingshu pointed to himself, but Qi Guo obviously didn't pay attention to him, and was still watching around the rattle.

"It's too early, you say he doesn't understand it now."

"What do you know?" Wei Jingshu said triumphantly: "I will let Guoguo know me and the tone first. When he can speak in the future, he will definitely be the first to call me."

Qi Shiqin listened, and pretended to be pitiful: "Our two children, Xiao Ge is the first to be called Niangqin, and Guoguo is the same. Alas, my dad can only be ranked behind."

Wei Jingshu looked at Qi Shiqin hesitantly. He felt that this was really pitiful. He said, "Then…then I teach Guoguo to call him daddy, okay? Don't be sad."

Anyway, there is already a child who called him first, so let's make it to himself.

Qi Shiqin looked at Wei Jingshu's seriousness and smiled: "You said this, then you have to teach him well."

Wei Jingshu nodded solemnly. Of course he will do what he says.

Qi Shiqin finally couldn't help laughing out: "How come you are so cute, you actually believe it."

"Ah." Only then did Wei Jingshu realize the problem. He rushed to beat someone in annoyance, and said angrily: "You actually played me, but I thought you were really sad."

"Hey, I was wrong. I was wrong." Qi Shiqin caught the person who was leaping over, pressed his head and kissed him loudly. Qi Guo curiously watched his father and mother playing with him, and when he saw that people were always ignoring him, he went to sleep again.

After a long time, Wei Jingshu gasped and calmed his breathing, and stopped worrying about the previous things, only said: "The child is still here."

Qi Shiqin took a look and said, "It's okay. The child doesn't remember anything. He is already asleep. Let's go to bed for a while." After he said that, he picked up Wei Jingshu, and Wei Jingshu's hands were also reflexive. He put his arms around his neck, and when he understood the meaning of his words, he blushed immediately, buried his head in his arms and said nothing.

In the end, it was not in his own house. Qi Shiqin didn't dare to be too presumptuous and take advantage of it. After being served for a while, he would obediently dress the clothes for others.

Not long after, I heard someone in the yard calling: "Is Xiao Liu back?"

It is Zhou Cuicui who is back.

Qi Shiqin hurriedly said: "Mother, I am back."

He went out, wondering if every mother saw the child he hadn't returned for a long time, and she had to find some food for others. Anyway, Zhou Cuicui did this all the time, she muttered: "It's almost noon, must I be hungry? Mother, find me something to cushion."

Qi Shiqin did not refuse, and followed Zhou Cicui and said: "Mother, take more. The two older children are coming back with me. The children should be hungry after a long trouble."

Zhou Cuicui asked: "Xiao Yan is here too?"

"Yes." Qi Shiqin said: "There is no one in his family, and they have been living in my house recently."

Zhou Cuicui felt something wrong in her heart. It's okay to live for a few days, but it's as if she's been relied upon to live forever: "Then you can't raise him up, right?"

She didn't remember how much she liked others when she first saw the child. But just because her son likes it, Zhou Cuicui has never been so soft-hearted, and the poor conditions of the family can't cultivate her excessive sympathy.

Qi Shiqin also understood his mother's thoughts, and only said lightly: "Why is the mother so serious, but she often comes to the house to find Xiao Ge to play with. It just so happened that the B*stard didn't have a playmate of the same age in the school. It's just right to be together."

Then he talked about Qi Ge's bullying and it was full of fun. Because it was his own child who took advantage, Zhou Cuicui couldn't listen to it, so he didn't mention it any more.

With joy on the face, Zhou Cuicui's men kept opening the cabinet and took out some of the various desserts and fruits, and put them on a larger plate. Some of them were sent back by Qi Shiqin often, and some were bought by Zhou Cuicui himself.

She is not a person who is completely unaware of flexibility. With the silver in her hand, on the one hand, she can make the family eat better, at least those meat dishes can appear on the table from time to time. She is also getting older, and she doesn't want to suffer for a lifetime, and will be gone if she doesn't enjoy anything, and occasionally adds something to herself.

"Come on, take it out and give the kids a taste." Zhou Cuicui handed the plate to Qi Shiqin's hand and asked, "Where is your husband, why didn't you see anyone else?"

Qi Shiqin: "He is packing things in that room. He brought a lot of things."

Zhou Cicui was naturally satisfied after hearing this. He felt that although this person had a high status, he would really treat his son wholeheartedly when he married, and no longer yelled at the obligatory girl to serve.

But I didn't expect that it was my son who made the bed just now.

Regarding this aspect, when he has free time, Qi Shiqin doesn't mind helping Wei Jingshu share a little bit, and he doesn't think there is anything wrong with this.

Carrying a snack and a small bottle of fruit wine, Qi Shiqin shouted: "Xiao Ge, Xiao Yan, come back for dinner." Then he entered his room, Wei Jingshu had already wiped all traces away, sitting on the bedside A small face.

Qi Shiqin laughed dumbly. He put the things on the table and kissed his small mouth: "Come and eat something."

Wei Jingshu was just mad at him, worrying about being discovered, so he didn't worry about it at the moment, rubbed his stomach, and ate happily.


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