When a few people were about to divide the food, cooking smoke rose from the roof of Qi's house, and Zheng was cooking in the kitchen with a big belly.

In the village, there is a saying that you can't work without getting pregnant. Most of them are pregnant women who are still working in the fields because their children are about to be born. Sometimes it was too late and the child was born directly in the field.

Qi Shiqin looked around for a while and didn't see his mother, so he asked Zheng, "Sister-in-law, where is the mother?"

Zheng wiped the sweat from the heat, "I just saw my mother go out with a basket on her back. She should have gone to the vegetable plot to get hogweed. Xiaoliu, are you hungry? The meal will be ready later."

Thinking of the dim sum in his room with nothing but scraps, Qi Shiqin is inexplicably frustrated.

He didn't stupidly tell the matter either. Although the fourth sister-in-law was gentler, he didn't want to witness how the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law deepened.

He said: "Then I will go and see."

Then he wandered back to the room and said to Qi Ge: "Xiao Ge, take your mother and Xiao Yan around to look around, and Dad will find your grandmother." Compared with Wei Jingshu, Qi Ge is better at greeting people. After all, he is older. The matte finish looks quite cute, and a slight smile makes people love it.

Wei Jingshu dissatisfied: "Is there you who talk like this? I am not a kid, obviously I should take them both. And we are all out, what should Guoguo do?"

It seems that it's not good for a child who is just over a month old to take out a hair dryer? Wei Jingshu thought so uncertainly.

He is not very sure about this aspect. There is always a maid reminding him if there is a problem.

Qi Shiqin hugged Qi Guo and said, "I hold my son. The sun is not big today. It just happens to let him see the sun. It won't get in the way." Since he was not born, he has been caring for the child with energy, so Qi Guo In fact, the body is much stronger than it looks.

"Okay. Then you have to come and find us soon." He doesn't want to stay here, and the absence of Qi Shiqin by his side always makes him feel that time is difficult.

"Okay." Qi Shiqin kissed his forehead, "Let's go fishing this afternoon."

Wei Jingshu's eyes lit up and nodded quickly.

In his eyes, fishing is equivalent to wild travel, which is interesting.

Then Qi Shiqin took his son and came to the vegetable field. Zhou Cuicui was squatting in the field and pulling pigweed. A large area was very lush and half of the vegetable field was full.

This kind of pigweed does not naturally grow here, but Zhou Cuicui thinks that pigs like to eat, and it grows a lot, which is easier to talk about. She simply transplanted this thing over, and gradually it grew a lot.

This fast vegetable plot has not been abandoned because of this pigweed. She has grown Chinese cabbage and radishes on it. For now, it is growing well.

Qi Shiqin shouted: "Mother."

Zhou Cuicui looked back and said, "Why are you still holding the child? Take him back quickly. For such a small child, be careful if it blows into the wind. It won't be good if it catches the wind."

Qi Shiqin smiled and said, "Mother, don't worry, this little thing can be strong, take him out to bask in the sun, and send him back later, nothing will happen."

His own son, how could he not care.

Using a cloth strap to let his son fall asleep peacefully, Qi Shiqin held his son in one hand, adjusted his posture so as not to press him, and helped Zhou Cicui with the other hand.

With his mother, Qi Shiqin doesn't have to worry about being cold. Zhou Cicui will always have a lot of things to tell him, and will not repeat it.

After all, Zhou Cuicui complained to Qi Shiqin: "The old third had clearly said that he would give us the prescription, but He Yue came back but refused to admit it. If you didn't want to give it, I would say it earlier and promised. It's really…" She didn't come up with an adjective for a long time. The youngest son is a scholar. In front of Qi Shiqin, she never said the vulgar adjectives in the village.

Qi Shiqin calmly comforted her: "He Yue came up with the prescription, and the two girls in her family should be married. Without a prescription, life will not be easy."

Zhou Cicui heard the words and said, "I know it was her prescription, but what we saved was her life." So it was just right.

Knowing that his mother was unwilling, Qi Shiqin simply changed his statement, "Mother, her family's food almost killed her, and her reputation is almost ruined. In the future, He Yue just wants to reopen the shop, and no one may dare to buy it." Of course, this place has a slow rate of message dissemination and a relatively small range. If you change the place in any month, it will work.

Of course, the household registration is strictly controlled, and it may be a little troublesome to move out. But if you work with people, sellers and other methods are also possible.

But there is no need to talk to Zhou Cuicui about these.

Sure enough, Zhou Cuicui felt relieved when he heard this.

This is the legendary is not to see you okay.

She talked about short things in her parents again for a long time, and Qi Shiqin nodded her head from time to time, um, just a few words to show that she was listening. In many cases, Zhou Cuicui actually doesn't need someone to reply. As long as he asks a point appropriately, Zhou Cuicui will be able to crackle for a long time.

After having lunch at noon, Wei Jingshu was busy with the things he had to bring for the wild trip. For fishing, how could he just catch a few fish back. That would be boring.

Qi Shiqin agreed with his idea and watched Wei Jingshu take out the bottles and cans from the kitchen. Of course, Qi Shiqin had to talk to his mother.

He took the fishing rod again, and the bait was the earthworm Qi Ge and Lin Yan dug in the ground. Wei Jingshu was disgusted and afraid of it. He didn't dare to start at all, but he watched a lot and got used to it a little.

In addition, there are water in bamboo tubes, knives and other tools. Qi Shiqin also brought the bow and arrow. Just eating fish is not enough. Of course, he has to go up the mountain to collect wild animals. If there are many, he will just bring it back to the family for a meal.

Finally, I took a lot of all kinds of miscellaneous things.

The weather was good, the sun was shining, and the breeze was blowing.

Two children happily ran ahead.

"Let's be in that place, the water is relatively deep." Qi Shiqin chose a shady place, where the river bank is made up of an unknown stone, flat and wide, about one meter high from the water.

Wei Jingshu didn't understand this. He said cheerfully, "Okay." Then he put everything over there, a wide tablecloth was spread on the ground, and some food was also placed on it.

Qi Shiqin said to the two children again: "Xiao Ge, Xiao Yan, you two are not allowed to play in the water. Don't get too close to the river. Even if you want to play, you must be in front of your father's eyes, and you are not allowed to run far."

Qi Ge extended the tone: "I see." The milk sounded milky, and he looked very cute.

The bait was hung by Qi Shiqin, who threw the fishing line down, and Wei Jingshu finally waited with the fishing rod. After a while, he didn't see the sign floating on the water moving. He simply put the fishing rod on the ground and pressed it with a larger stone.

Then he ran to Qi Shiqin and sat down: "It hasn't moved for a long time, it's so boring, can we fall?"

"You can wait a while." He took Wei Jingshu in his arms, Wei Jingshu moved, and finally lay on his lap, playing with his hair leisurely.

The person in the sun was lazy, Wei Jingshu buried his face and took a nap with Qi Shiqin's waist.

Qi Shiqin touched the soft black hair in his arms, and focused on fishing. With the help of the two little guys, they caught a lot of fish.

Qi Shiqin patted Wei Jingshu's shoulder lightly: "Jingshu, don't sleep, we are going to prepare barbecue."

Wei Jingshu groaned twice, holding the person and not letting go.

Qi Shiqin called out Qi Ge, who was putting the fish in the bucket, and said: "Xiao Ge, bring me two fruits over there."

Qi Ge: "Okay, wait a minute." He looked at Lin Yan, "Lin Yan, take the plum to my father."

Lin Yan nodded obediently and ran over: "Uncle, here."

Qi Shiqin took it and said, "Go and play by yourself. When you are hungry, take the food on it." After getting acquainted, Qi Shiqin raised Lin Yan as his own child, and he was not so polite.

Lin Yan ran to Qi Ge again.

Qi Shiqin lowered his head and brought the plum to Wei Jingshu's lips: "Good deed, open your mouth."

I bought this item at the market before I came back. It has a big round head and looks pretty good.

Wei Jingshu opened his mouth, his sour and beautiful face was deformed, but then the sweetness inside was soaked, and the mouth was full of sweetness. He finished eating in a few strokes, closing his eyes and acting like a baby: "I want more."

"If you want to get it up by yourself, it's too early now. We have to prepare a barbecue and go back early, otherwise it will be difficult to walk when it gets dark." The place they chose is still a bit away from home.

After rubbing his face on Qi Shiqin, Wei Jingshu got up.

The fish was too monotonous, Qi Shiqin picked up the bow and arrow: "I'll go to the mountain to collect prey. Look at the two children, don't let them play in the water."

Up the mountain? Wei Jingshu said immediately: "I want to go too." He hasn't been hunting yet.

The two children heard it, and said one after another: "We have to go too."

Seeing three pairs of longing eyes, Qi Shiqin finally nodded: "Well, let's pack things up and hide them in the bushes." In the village, you can leave the door open at any time and no one will sneak into your house. .

But if you put it on the roadside, the children in the village seldom eat these. Many people don't even have enough to eat at home. They don't care that these are owned by the owner and they will keep them for you to eat.

Wei Jingshu began to wrap these up, and Lin Yan was also there to help. Qi Ge looked around, found a place with lush vegetation, and said, "Just put it here, it should be safe too."

"Why don't you put it on the tree?" Lin Yan raised his head and looked at the tall treetops, so high, no one should have taken them down.

Wei Jingshu also said: "It is indeed not easy to be taken away by putting it on a tree."

In the final combination, the jars are placed in the grass, and some fruits in the package are packaged directly for eating. Qi Shiqin took it and threw it up, and it happened to be hung on a branch.

"Let's go, pay attention to time, don't get dark at that time." Qi Shiqin urged, and it will take a long time to cook later.

When they arrived on the mountain, a few people followed Qi Shiqin, and they lowered their voices.

With Qi Shiqin's mental power, he naturally knew where the prey was moving. They quickly harvested five pheasants and three big rabbits. Wei Jingshu also took two children to pick many mushrooms.

After seeing it, Qi Shiqin said: "Okay, let's go back."

Just about to leave, suddenly he drew his bow again and aimed it forward. From under the trees, came out a yellow deer with big eyes and clean and thorough. But for Qi Shiqin, this stuff is a high-level game, nourishes kidney qi, and has a very good warming and nourishing effect on the body of the elderly.

Obviously, the little deer also quickly felt the danger. It raised its head and looked here, and immediately frightened two battles, but did not dare to turn around and escape.

The three of Wei Jingshu also saw this little deer and exclaimed: "It's so beautiful."

Under the pressure of life, the deer actually moved slowly towards them.

Qi Shiqin thought: Is this guy stupid? He even hit the gun and mouth.

But the facts show that this deer is smart! Seeing that Qi Shiqin hadn't released his arrows for a long time, it speeded up slightly, and ran to Wei Jing's writing, with big round wet eyes, pitifully selling cute. Also rubbed gently.

And touched the two little guys in a friendly way.

Well, such an aura of animals, Qi Shiqin is not easy to kill it. This kind of animal that is similar to the enlightened mind is different from ordinary animals. The former always makes people feel guilty.

Wei Jingshu touched the deer and said, "It's so beautiful, let's not kill it."

Qi Shiqin: "Okay, then let's go back."

He patted the deer and said, "You go back too, I don't want to let you down, so I will pay attention to it in the future." Others don't necessarily have this leisure to see whether the deer looks good or not. Of course, it is important to take care of their own survival.

Then Qi Shiqin took the prey and prepared to leave. Although they were reluctant to give up, they touched a few and walked down the mountain.

After walking for a few steps, he found that the little deer was following them step by step. Qi Shiqin amusedly stopped to give it a walk gesture, and said: "Go back to your own home, we are different from you."

The deer tilted his head slightly and touched Qi Shiqin's hand with his nose, seemingly puzzled.

Qi Shiqin realized that although this deer had spirituality, it was not as enchanting as his second treasure, and he could understand even human words. He let a few people go together, and this stupid cute should be able to understand after a while.

But the deer really followed them to the river.

Qi Shiqin took down the things from the tree, and then took out the jars and knives from the grass. I found a flat place and started to eat the pheasant.

Wei Jingshu and the two children spontaneously came back to pick up some branches.

Although Qi Shiqin always worried that the sun was too late, it was only around three o'clock when they returned to the river. He was dealing with game, and seeing that the little deer was still following Wei Jingshu and three people, he also let the child sit on its back.

He mentioned the three pheasants, and he only left the fattest one of the rabbits. Then he put these together and said to Qi Ge: "Xiao Ge, you take these back to your grandma, and ride the deer faster. . Then take a few of this fish." He packed the fish with a net so that it was convenient to hold, but he might not be able to keep it for a long time.

Qi Ge looked at his child, but after practicing martial arts, and not really thinking of a child, Qi Shiqin was relieved to call his son this way.

"Okay." Qi Ge quickly agreed, and ran over on the deer all at once.

He lifted all these things easily with both hands, "Daddy, do it slowly, you must wait for me to come, and everyone will eat together."

"No problem, Daddy is waiting for you."

After hearing the assurance, Qi Ge left with peace of mind.

After eating dinner at noon, Qi Shiqin gave Qi Guo to Zhou Cuicui. His mother supported several of their brothers, and she had rich experience in bringing the baby to his mother. He was also relieved to give his son to his mother.

Because of the wind blowing Guoguo out in the morning, Zhou Cuicui didn't dare to continue taking the child out in the afternoon. The youngest son's house raises the children carefully, so she does not go out in the afternoon, and works at home to facilitate the care of the children.

Qi Ge came back soon with his prey. He yelled, "Grandma, grandma, are you at home?"

Zhou Cuicui immediately shouted: "Hey, grandma is at home." While answering, she walked out.

The little deer stopped in the yard, Qi Ge jumped off the back of the deer, and showed Zhou Cicui something, "Grandma, this is the prey that Dad killed. He asked me to send it back to Grandma."

"Oh, why are so many." Zhou Cuicui stretched out his hand to take it, smiled, and said: "This little six is ​​getting more and more shameless. How can you let a child like you take it, how heavy."

"It's not heavy, grandma. I'm very strong."

"The strength is great," Zhou Cuicui said, and she hesitated to look at the deer that came by, "Where did this deer come from?"

Qi Ge immediately happily told them about their encounter with the deer, especially emphasizing that the deer is very spiritual. Finally, he rode the deer away in Zhou Cicui's worried words.

Hey, children just don't have human rights. He is so powerful, and grandma is always worried that he will be thrown off by the deer.


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