When Qi Ge came back, Qi Shiqin had just buried that chicken in the soil. This was the first time he did it. He did it according to the steps in the books in the space, and he didn't know whether it would be successful.

He was tempted by Huang Rong's cooking when he was reading martial arts novels, but he has never practiced it.

Then skew the rabbit meat with shredded bamboo and grill it on the fire. When the fire is almost the same time, put the spices on one by one. The whole rabbit was roasted with oil and smelled quite attractive.

At the same time, I didn't forget to take care of the chicken stewed mushrooms in the pot, the fire was raging, the water vapor rushed up, and the lid kept gurgling. Although it's not authentic, the wild chicken is delicious and looks pretty good.

By the time you can eat it, the sky is approaching dusk, and the temperature in the air has dropped a lot, and everyone can just gather around the fire and cook.

"Okay, you can eat it." Qi Shiqin tentatively poked the rabbit meat with a pair of bamboo chopsticks, and it was all cooked through.

"Ah, I can finally eat it." Qi Ge was very happy, "Daddy, hurry up and cut it open."

Qi Shiqin: "Help Daddy get that plate."

After receiving the plate, Qi Shiqin used a knife to divide the rabbit meat into several pieces and placed them on the lotus leaves held in the palms of the two children. The lotus leaves were washed before, and they are just used now. Finally, it was Wei Jingshu's turn, who was watching eagerly.

There is no way, I can't let Xiao Fu Lang and the two children snatch it.

However, "You taste this, the meat on the breast is the tenderest, do you see it delicious?"

"Hmm." Wei Jingshu took a bite and said with his small face up: "It's delicious, you have a bite too." Wei Jingshu brought the meat to Qi Shiqin's mouth, and the two ate it sweetly.

"Have you done this before? It's so fragrant."

Qi Shiqin said: "I used to make it during the marching wars. Sometimes when we didn't have enough food in the barracks, we didn't have enough oil and water. We went hunting in the mountains. The more we made, the more delicious." Not to mention him. It's not a fool, there are so many recipes for cooking to compare and adjust.

Wei Jingshu asked curiously: "I thought you were very strict and couldn't get out normally."

Qi Shiqin laughed: "No matter how strict the control is, there will always be time to spare. Besides, it will be much easier to go out with the son of Ding Yuanhou." Those who have the ability to look for ways will definitely be able to do it. , Not to mention their group of high-seat old fritters.

Seeing that he had finished eating, Qi Shiqin let him pass a hind leg of the rabbit, and then he ate it by himself.

After the chicken soup in the jar was boiled, he took a few bamboo joints, which he made in the afternoon. The bamboo is very large, and it is easy to use by splitting it in the middle.

There is also a spoon made of bamboo.

This hands-on ability is simply nothing to say.

Qi Shiqin moved the jar to the side with a lotus leaf cushion, opened the lid, and a strong scent came out. This time he first gave his little husband Lang a bamboo knot, and then said to his son: "Be careful, you can help Xiaoyan also grow a little."

It was estimated that the time was almost too, and he got out the juggling chicken buried in the soil.

Wei Jingshu wondered: "What is this?"

"Called Huaji, I learned it from others. This is the first time I have made this. I hope it tastes good." Knock the mud outside, and the smell of lotus leaves suddenly stood up.

Wei Jingshu was pleasantly surprised and said: "It smells so delicious, it should be delicious." After that, his eyes were fixed on it, exuding a light of desire.

The corner of Qi Shiqin's mouth unconsciously smiled, and his subordinates spontaneously got Fulang some on the lotus leaf first. After three people's tasting certifications, his chicken called Huaji is quite successful, and the taste is perfect.

Due to the time issue, Qi Shiqin did not dare to delay and was too late to eat. Soon he began to make grilled fish. The fish was cooked much faster. After a while, a few people would eat one by one.

Speaking of it, Qi Shiqin is busy a lot, but he also eats the most. When he is busy, Wei Jingshu will always give him some meat.

When it was getting late, a few people went home with their bulging stomachs. The little deer didn't know if it was tired of the mountains and forests, so Lai came back together.

The family had a good meal tonight. Zhou Cuicui had the remaining money in his hand, and he didn't sell wild animals for money like he did in the past. The rabbit Qi Ge sent home was fried by Zhou Cuicui that night, with enough ingredients added, and a pot of fish soup was stewed.

The family was still eating when they came back. Qi Shiqin said: "Mother, I'm back."

Zhou Cuicui greeted us: "We are eating, are you hungry? Are you full? There is too much rice in the pot, do you want me to serve you more?"

"No need." Qi Shiqin patted his stomach: "I'm full of food, mother, you eat well, I'll go see the baby."

Zhou Cuicui said, "Go, Guoguo was fine in the afternoon, and only wailed for a while after urinating. It didn't rain but thunder."

Thinking of my own treasured son, he cried with his throat at the slightest trouble, but he didn't shed a single tear. But as long as there is nothing uncomfortable, he can stay obediently.

"Well, mother, I'll go to wash and sleep."

Early the next morning, Qi Shiqin opened the door, stretched his body, his bones crackled.

Wei Jingshu was still sleeping in the room, Qi Shiqin closed the door, ate breakfast three or five times, and then took an axe to go to the mountain to cut trees with his father. Although he got up late, he clearly heard the movement of other people going out in the morning.

Halfway down the road, someone stopped him.

He Yue said: "Little Liu, can you talk to me?"

Qi Shiqin raised his eyebrows: "What's the matter?"

He Yue glanced around in embarrassment, "It's a big deal, let's talk about it from another place."

Qi Shiqin didn't know what was going on either, and after thinking about it, he still followed, it didn't get in the way anyway.

Finding a relatively secluded grove, He Yue stopped, turned around and looked at Qi Shiqin with complicated eyes, feeling unclear in her heart. Put aside those own ignorance and prejudice, what a damn perfect person, capable and infatuated, with such a good personality.

This time, she was finally inquiring about this person clearly. But the news she heard always made her faintly familiar. At that time, she couldn't figure it out. In addition, when she met Lin Zhu, who was trying to rob her of spring water, she couldn't fall asleep all the time in the middle of the night, always thinking Issues.

Suddenly, He Yue remembered a TV series she was watching before she died. And she traveled a little earlier. At this moment, the princes who fought over and underneath were still not in order.

He Yue was born earlier than Lin Zhu in her previous life. At that time, her family was poor, and she preferred sons to daughters. She only went to work in junior high school. Later, she was married within a few years, and she was already in her thirties when she died.

But Lin Zhusheng's age was about ten years later than He Yue's, and his life was much better.

After He Yue married, her mother-in-law was not easy to get along with, and she hadn't given birth to a baby in her 30s, but this didn't affect her as a person with her own entertainment life. Such a person who is bent over by life, she has to watch the drama every night.

She also has some TV stars she likes more, who are so old, this is the last stubbornness of a middle-aged aunt.

The words turned around again. Although He Yue didn't go to school for a few years and had been tortured by life for more than ten years, she still knew that there was a great Zhou Dynasty in history after watching TV series. Especially this dynasty is considered to be relatively prosperous, and it is really wonderful to seize the dynasty.

After crossing, the emperor generally dare not mention it at will. He Yue hadn't noticed it before, patronizing and worrying about his own home in the village. Besides, she was a peasant woman. Who the emperor was and had nothing to do with her, she didn't know the words here, and then she forgot about it.

But when she inquired about Qi Shiqin some time ago, she knew that she was originally from the Great Zhou Dynasty on TV.

Although she came a little earlier.

Then He Yue remembered that in that drama, an actor she likes played a general, and that general had the same surname as her husband's family. I have been in Dahe Village for a few years, and all He Yue can remember are some of the main characters.

I was deeply impressed with this general, first, because the actor He Yue used to like acting very much before. He is a talented group and doesn't like speculation. The more he looks, the more attractive he looks. Second, because the emperor was not so good to his son to the general, he put his heart to heart.

Of course, after all, he is an actor, and his looks are definitely different from historical figures. It is impossible for He Yue to match the general surnamed Qi with Qi Shiqin.

It is Wei Jingshu that really makes her link these two people together. Women are always more sensitive to looks. In the TV series, it is mentioned that the general's husband is the number one beauty in the capital. When he was the son of the county magistrate, he was from Yuecheng. The first beauty.

There is also a plot to say that although this person is old, he is still beautiful and unparalleled, and he overwhelms a group of people at the banquet.

In the end, He Yue clearly remembered that the name of this husband who played few games was Wei Jingshu.

Alas, think about it now, I hate meeting when I'm not married! She actually became someone's sister-in-law.

But she sighed just like that. If she had a chance, she wouldn't necessarily dare to marry such a man. It was too good. She felt inferior in her heart and was afraid that she would not be able to hold it down.

Before crossing, she was an old aunt in her thirties. The appearance of the two lives was not so beautiful. In this life, she was blessed with spring water, which could barely be counted as Xiaojiabiyu. But compared with Wei Jingshu, it was almost as low as the dust, and his appearance was really dumb, but his temperament was not very good.

Thinking about her current husband, He Yue's mood gradually calmed down.

Qi Shiqin frowned and looked at He Yue, who hadn't spoken for a long time, and said, "What on earth do you want to say? Hurry up. If this place is seen, it's not good."

I really don't know what she thinks, when a man and a woman go to such a remote place, the key is not special enough, or someone will pass by occasionally.

Of course it has no effect on him, and he doesn't often live in the village, and besides his husband's appearance is there, no one will doubt him. When a man encounters this kind of thing, he is ridiculed at most. If He Yue is maliciously speculated, then the rumors will not sound good.

However, Qi Shiqin disliked that he was related to some peaches, S*x, scandals, and rumors.

He Yue retracted his mind and said sternly: "I came to you mainly because I discovered that strangers came near my home during this period. I am worried that they might be malicious."

Qi Shiqin sneered: "What does this have to do with me?"

He Yue said, "But that was your student, that Lin Zhu sent." Her life was threatened, and her tone was inevitably a little excited. Soon she reacted and said apologetically: "I'm sorry, it's none of your business, I shouldn't talk to you like this, but I don't know what to do, please help."

She has no background in both lives, and her vision is limited. After I came to this home, my temperament was much stronger, but I didn't have the ability to match it.

At this moment, she is really helpless. She doesn't even know which direction to go in for protection. He Yue always has scruples in her heart for strangers.

"Lin Zhu?" Qi Shiqin asked in surprise, but didn't care about He Yue's tone, "hasn't she already gone back?"

How can these two crossing women meet? Qi Shiqin thought of Xiao Tao in an instant, otherwise he really didn't know how the two were connected.


The author has something to say: I'll do it, now the emperor is a little bit younger than the hero, let's count as two years old. But his son was born early, and the life expectancy of ancient people was not long, so the male lead should be in his forties when he seized him.

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