"She probably didn't go back." He Yue took a deep breath and said: "Do you know how she was put in jail last time?"

"I opened the prison door privately?" Qi Shiqin didn't inquire about these matters seriously, only remember that the prison head said so at the time.

"You are right to say that." He Yue said: "Actually, she came to see me, saying that because it was your student and the family was a little powerful, Saburo just met, so I asked her to come and see how I was. I gave me Mongolian sweat medicine during the meal. Fortunately, I didn't trust her and didn't eat it. Then I pretended to be in a coma, only to realize that she actually wanted my life."

He Yue concealed some of the process, related to Lingquan, she just said it carelessly if it was not good.

Qi Shiqin said: "So what?"

He Yue said: "She is already sending someone to step on it now. I am afraid that she will take me away directly, and my life will not be guaranteed. So I wonder if you can help me?"

Qi Shiqin is also speechless, why do all of them look for him if they have anything to do? Does he look like an almighty man?

"how can I help you?"

Uh… He Yueyi didn't know what to say for a while. Qi Shiqin was able to become a general in the end, and his force value must be high, and it is said that he joined the army a few years ago, and he must have some power. But at least for the time being, they are just a teacher.

He Yue also struggled, "I…I don't know."

Qi Shiqin changed the question: "Why did Lin Zhu arrest you? You should know? Just for your daughter to expose her plagiarism? That should be your daughter. It should be the two of you logically. I haven't seen it a few times."

He didn't expect that the travellers would be so mysterious, Lin Zhu could actually perceive He Yue's body as a spiritual spring. As far as he is concerned, he has special abilities in his body, and he is more sensitive to this aspect, so he can immediately notice that He Yue has a spiritual thing in his body that will greatly supplement him.

Although He Yue had spoken stabbingly before, Qi Shiqin never wanted to take this away.

The big deal is to devour the lives of tens of thousands of enemy soldiers on the battlefield, killing people and the like, Qi Shiqin will even have a faint excitement. It is also to protect the family and the country, and there will be no psychological barriers, but it is troublesome to control so that people can see the difference.

Qi Shiqin's question made He Yue's words congested. She hesitated and did not answer. Qi Shiqin said simply and neatly: "It's fine if you don't say it. If you are really worried, go to the city escort board to hire some people over there. Most of the people are good at martial arts, and if you pay a lot, you can get some great ones."

After talking about Qi Shiqin, he turned to leave. He Yue grabbed him, "Eh…Don't leave."

"What's wrong?" Qi Shiqin asked after turning around.

He Yue was also a little embarrassed, and lowered her head and said, "I…I don't have much money in my family." All her belongings were given to Zhou Cicui by her husband last time, and she left a little at the shop.

This is ridiculous, Qi Shiqin is about to laugh out loud, is this asking him to pay?

"First of all, this is your own problem, not mine. In addition…" Qi Shiqin looked down at He Yue's hand holding his arm, and He Yue followed his line of sight, and received it all at once. Qi Shiqin said with a faint smile: "I know Sansao has no other meaning, but it is better to pay attention to it in the future."

He Yue smiled wryly, just about to explain.

"Okay. I know." Qi Shiqin interrupted her, "I have something to work on, so I won't bother Sansao, let me leave first."

Qi Shiqin left without waiting for He Yue to speak. He Yue stared at his back blankly and didn't know what he was thinking.

After Qi Shiqin left, he walked towards the mountain. He hadn't forgotten that he came to chop wood.

"Xiao Liu is here." The first to discover that his youngest son came was Old Man Qi, he smiled and said, "I got up early today."

Qi Shiqin said with some embarrassment: "It's not a big winter, and I don't always get up so late. There is a time for teaching in the academy, so I just go home to relax." He was true before he recovered his memory. Don't sleep late. I didn't go to the northwest, only after I came back, I was a little slack.

Old man Qi didn't care much about this, he waved his hand: "It's okay, good sleep is a good thing. I am old and can't sleep all the time."

The only ones who came to chop wood were Old Man Qi and the second and fourth children. The women in the family were busy working in the field. It was close to noon when everyone came here.

Everyone didn't plan to go back for lunch, so they just waited for the cook at home to bring it up. Not to mention, I had been busy all morning, and then in this quiet mountain, the family was talking and eating, feeling quite comfortable.

Wei Jingshu also followed Zhou's to deliver food, and he also made soup specially. Of course, he has been going through a lot, and he hasn't lost his heart to Qi Shiqin alone, although he only wants this in his heart.

Put down the food box and bring out the dishes one by one. Then he filled a bowl of soup and handed it to Qi Shiqin's lips: "I made this specially. You can try it."

Qi Shiqin took the bowl and asked, "Have you eaten?"

"I've eaten it." Wei Jingshu said: "We came here after we finished eating in the house." Of course, it means that the food has already been eaten before the food is finished, so we can't delay the delivery of the food.

Qi Shiqin took a sip, "It's delicious." He took a spoon and fed it to Wei Jingshu, who obediently opened his mouth and drank it. But if Qi Shiqin gave it to him again, he would not eat anymore, and he would get fat if he eats too much.

While eating, Qi Shiqin asked, "Where is the child?"

"They are all at home, they still have to study, the master has assigned tasks to complete. Guoguo is also placed next to Xiao Ge, I let him help me watch." He was quite relieved of Xiao Ge.

Soon the meal was finished, and Zhou's table and chopsticks were taken care of. They started to work again, until after dusk, a few people went home talking and laughing.

Wei Jingshu took Qi Shiqin's hand with many scratches on it. He said distressedly: "Let's quit tomorrow, and my parents won't say anything. You see, this mouth is bleeding. Go back and find some ointment. rub."

In the afternoon, he stayed beside him, and helped hand over the rattan on the other side when he was tying wood, or went to see if there were any mushrooms nearby, and picked them home to make soup. Therefore, I feel that Qi Shiqin's work in the afternoon was too hard. He didn't secretly rest at all, and did everything he was tired of.

Moreover, Qi Shiqin is used to being idle, suddenly he can't stand it all at once for so long. Anyway, the person is his, he must feel distressed.

"I'm okay." Qi Shiqin took Wei Jingshu's shoulders, "It was accidentally scratched by those branches. It was like this at the beginning of work. Once I go home and wash it with water, I will be fine the next day."

Wei Jing said with enthusiasm, "How can you do it, don't you know how to take a break?" The second brother would be lazy a lot.

It's not that he couldn't see how much Qi Shiqin did in the afternoon. He wanted to go up and help out, but even the small tree trunk is so heavy that he can't move it at all.

Qi Shiqin didn't refute, but said, "My shoulder is a bit sore. Will you rub it for me later?"

"it is good."

When he got home, Qi Shiqin squatted in the yard to wash his hands, while Wei Jingshu went to the house to find Qi Shiqin's clothes for a change of washing. After he was done, he went to the study to carry his youngest son.

Qi Shiqin got dressed, and when Xiao Fulang came over with his baby, he also leaned over to tease his son.

Not long after, Wei Jingshu put Qi Guo aside, pushed Qi Shiqin onto the bed, and said, "Didn't you shout that your shoulders are sore? Go to the bed and I will press it for you to make it more comfortable."

Qi Shiqin didn't really have sore shoulders. After enjoying Fulang's massage for a while, he pulled the person over and pressed him down.

The atmosphere gradually became a little strange, Wei Jingshu's face turned reddish, and he dared not look directly into Qi Shiqin's eyes. He simply closed his eyes and pouted slightly.

Qi Shiqin couldn't help smiling, and kissed it gently.

A few minutes later, Wei Jingshu was sore and weak, lying on the bed panting weakly, his mind was blank.

Qi Shiqin's skills were still a bit young at the beginning, but he was strong in learning and exploring. After many practices, now the operation is quite slippery. At first, Wei Jingshu was able to wake up very quickly, but now he is more and more addicted to it.

Because it was late when I came back, the meal at home was almost ready, and the cry of the outsider screamed: "Daddy, mother, it's time to eat."

Qi Shiqin said: "Okay, you eat first, we'll come over right away."

He satisfactorily pulled Wei Jingshu up on the bed, and said, "Baby, it's time to eat."


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