During Qi Shiqin's busy day, He Yue was not idle either.

As the saying goes, wealth is touching, not to mention something like Lingquan. Its effects of beautifying the skin and strengthening the body are enough to make the world's hearts move, He Yue knows that she must hurry up. Just at Lin Zhu's fierce attack in prison, she knew that the other party would never give up.

Braised pork is completely unsellable, no matter how delicious it is, once it is contaminated with human life, everything is not so good.

But eating the same food is not worth taking the risk for your own life.

As soon as this happened, even the shop next door that specially came to grab her business was affected a bit, and the number of people who bought it was much less. It is estimated that it will take time for the wind to pass before this dish can regain everyone's love.

Knowing that there will be the current result, He Yue now urgently needs money, so she simply took this recipe to the restaurant she had worked with before, perhaps because she was familiar with it, she got a satisfactory price in exchange.

Then, following Qi Shiqin's suggestion, he found the largest escort in Yuecheng and invited two people with high martial skills to come back. With two warriors on the way back, He Yue felt safer.

But these are not enough. This matter must be resolved, she can't always guard Lin Zhu, this is also unrealistic, there will always be negligence.

Now she can only bet that Lin Zhu will not tell other people about Lingquan, then only this person will disappear and everything will return to normal. Then the biggest question is, how can she find someone?

This is not the world of martial arts, at least as far as she is concerned, she does not know of any killer organization! At the same time, she was also worried that Lin Zhu would be anxious, and if she told her about her, then she would be a cocoon.

He Yue had not discussed with Qi Sanlang before bringing back the two warriors. Seeing that two strangers had arrived, Qi Sanlang finally couldn't help but frown and asked, "Who are they?"

He Yue said lightly: "Someone seems to be watching us near the house recently, so I invited two people over to take a look."

Qi Sanlang thought that his family was no more than a farmer, so what did they do to monitor them? The only valuable thing is a recipe, but that recipe now? It's not easy to sell, and it's not unique to his family.

He knew that He Yue had something to hide from him, and since she didn't say anything, he didn't want to ask any more questions.

At night, two people lay down on a quilt, and they still didn't speak. The work during the day was so exhausting, Qi Sanlang fell asleep not long after lying down, and even snored. He Yue did not fall asleep for a long time because of the noise.

It was almost midnight, when He Yueshui suddenly heard a sound in a daze, like the sound of a heavy object falling, and she woke up with a shiver.

Qi Sanlang's snoring had already stopped at this time, and there was a chilling silence in the room. She quietly got up and put her ear to the door to listen. She obviously heard a muffled grunt. She trembled and ran back to the bed quickly.

"San Lang, Saburo, you wake up soon." He Yue's voice clearly had a vibrato.

Qi Sanlang woke up and was about to ask a question, but He Yue covered her mouth. He Yue looked at her husband anxiously and fearfully, and said: "Don't make a noise, there are people outside." Then he let go.

Qi Sanlang was also shocked in a cold sweat. He whispered: "What's the matter?"

At this time, He Yue didn't care about concealing it, and quickly said: "Do you still know that Xiaotao said that the person who plagiarized other people's poems and mixed in Qingshan Academy is particularly famous? Her name is Lin Zhu, and she is a woman disguised as a man and mixed into the Academy Yes, I have been expelled from the academy now."

Qi Sanlang was a little bit impressed by this name, Xiaotao had been talking about it for a long time, and they all heard it as a joke.

He nodded.

He Yue continued, her voice hurried: "For some reason, she wants to kill me now. Just now I heard a noise outside the door. It should be the person she sent."

He Yue had no doubt about Lin Zhu's determination to kill her, she just didn't expect the other party to act so quickly.

Qi Sanlang got up from the bed, held a chair in his hand, stared at the door and said, "Where are the two people?"

He Yue said: "I don't know, something must have happened." Her nervous palms were sweating, and her eyes were staring at the door, as if someone would break into it in the next second.

"We have to rush out to find talent, and Xiao Tao and Xiao He don't know if something will happen. Do you see if there is anyone at the window?"

"Okay." He Yue lost an inch at this time, and followed Qi Sanlang's words to the window. Seeing a small bamboo tube sticking in through the window, He Yue swears that she must make the window firm in the future, just leave it alone!

She stretched out her finger to hold the hole in the bamboo tube, and then heard the choking sound of people outside, as if she was still cursing a mother.

"There are also people outside the window."

Then there's no way. All kinds of thoughts in Qi Sanlang's mind circled around, and finally he said: "You take a chair or something in your hand, follow behind me, let's go out."

He Yue listened to what he said, and asked in a panic: "Xiao Tao and Xiao He are still in the room over there, do we want to call them aloud to wake them up?" She worried that people outside would touch the two sisters' house. Up.

"Don't." Qi Sanlang stopped her, "It's okay if we don't call, people originally came for us. If this is a call, it reminds them that Xiao Tao doesn't have much ability to fight back."

After all, even if the two sisters wake up, they won't be troubled. If they don't wake up, they might not be noticed.

He Yue felt that this was reasonable, so she stopped saying anything.

Outside the window, a person coughed twice and said, "Big Brother, the people in the room are awake." Since everyone is awake, he no longer hides his voice.

"Wake up?" someone answered, "Since you are awake, then smash the door and go in. The third child, you guard the window, and the second child and fourth child follow me in."

At this time, He Yue hated her for the quietness of the original plan and the remoteness of the house, but now it's better because the area around the house is larger. But if something goes wrong, it's also called every day's refusal and the ground is not working.

She hadn't expected that she would get into such trouble because of the good things.

The door was knocked down and down, and both people in the room were nervous. Qi Sanlang guarded He Yue behind him, breathing heavily and said: "Wait later, pay attention to yourself, and run out if you have the opportunity. I'll stop you and find more people."

"Okay~" He Yue scared her tone of voice, holding Qi Sanlang's clothes corner in one hand, looking at the crumbling door, tears filled her eyes.

In the next room, the two little girls also woke up, Xiao He rubbed his eyes and said: "Xiao Tao, what are your parents doing? Why is it so loud?"

The two of them have rarely had conflicts since they were young, and Xiaohe's temperament is also more tolerant. Coupled with the fact that there are many relatives, they have been sleeping in the same room, and they have very good feelings. Even if the family is separated and there are more houses, they still live together.

Xiao Tao was also awakened. She felt that something was wrong when she heard the sound. She immediately took a peek at the window, "Xiaohe, I'm afraid something has happened at home. We have to crawl out of this window to find someone."

"What?" Xiaohe was completely awake now.

She also understood the urgency of the matter, took a coat and put it on, and hurriedly walked to the window behind, gently preventing the window from making any noise, pushing Xiao Tao, and the two of them jumped down.

The two sisters ran to the village in the dark, Xiao He said: "Xiao Tao, you go and call someone along here, I will go to my hometown to find someone."

Little Tao said: "We're all fighting with our hometown, what are you doing over there?"

Xiao He said, "Those people are so fierce and evil, maybe they have knives in their hands. This matter cannot be solved by the villagers. The sixth uncle has something to do, maybe I can check it out."

Xiao Tao curled her lips: "If it wasn't for Dad who handed over all the money in the family last time, it would be strange if they wanted to help us, and it would have been in vain."

"Okay." Xiaohe interrupted her sharply, "What was it like last time, didn't you know it? I don't want to quarrel with you. Now it's not the time to talk about this, let's split up immediately, Dad. Mother is still at home waiting for us to save."

For Xiao He, they are obviously willing to help their family, but they have no begging attitude, and they have a supposedly arrogant look. Especially Xiao Tao, the hatred in her eyes can't be concealed. If she is herself She was too lazy to be saved.

But after that, Xiaohe had also seen Uncle Six, and they would still greet her with a smile. When she called Uncle Liu, Uncle Liu also responded. It can be seen that she didn't care about a child with her.

This was the first time that Xiao He, who had always been gentle, was angry. Xiao Tao was stunned for a while, bowed her head in tears and hurried away.

When Xiaohe found Qi's family, Qi Shiqin was still not asleep, and he was still doing shameful things with Wei Jingshu. After the knock on the door rang, he didn't have the idea to stop, he still calmly continued according to the previous rhythm.

It wasn't until his door was knocked that Qi Shiqin sighed in his heart, and rushed out the door and said, "I know, I will go there as soon as I change my clothes."

It's not a good thing to come home, and it's not pleasant to do such things.

The house at home is not soundproofed. Wei Jingshu kept biting his lip, only to let out a pleasant muffled sound when he couldn't bear it. This also caused Qi Shiqin's shoulder to be bitten by several teeth marks, and several scratches were added to his back.

Thinking about this, Qi Shiqin speeded up his movements, and the physiological tears in Wei Jingshu's eyes gradually increased. He couldn't help but screamed a few times, thinking of someone outside, and clung to Qi Shiqin's neck vigorously and bit him.

Not long after, Qi Shiqin breathed a sigh of relief, took the clothes on the side and said, "You go to bed first, and I'll be back when I'm done."

Wei Jingshu was lying on the bed softly, the tears in his eyes reflected in the moonlight, so softly: "Then you have to come back early, I'll wait for you."

Waiting for him to come back, Wei Jingshu felt that this was a happy thing. And thinking of Xiao Fulang obediently waiting for him to go home, Qi Shiqin's heart is also full of sweetness.

"Okay." Qi Shiqin didn't persuade him. After he fastened his belt, he bowed his head and kissed Wei Jingshu's lips: "I'll take a bath for you when you come back, don't do it yourself."

Sleeping uncomfortably with sweat all over, Qi Shiqin knew Xiao Fulang's habits. It's too late and it's inconvenient to boil hot water, especially Wei Jingshu's face is thin, and he has to take a bath in the middle of the night. Isn't he just brazenly telling everyone what they did.

Therefore, Qi Shiqin has always done this.

Wei Jingshu also knew that his husband's martial arts was better than others, and it was very convenient to get hot water, so he nodded, eyes soaked in tears were particularly beautiful, and looked straight at Qi Shiqin.

"Don't look, I won't be able to get out anymore." Qi Shiqin was itchy when he saw him, and went up and kissed a few more times.

Wei Jingshu smiled and slapped him a few times: "You don't want to go, you're in a hurry, if something goes wrong, it's okay. Look at it, don't rush to the front, and come back well."

"Okay, I promise to bring myself back to you in its entirety."

At this time, the urging outside was even more anxious, Qi Shiqin opened the door and said: "Second brother, let's go."


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