Qi Erlang looked at his sixth brother, raised his eyebrows, and revealed a tacit smile. Qi Shiqin said helplessly: "Can't you go?"

"Go, go." Qi Erlang quickly followed.

This is not a shameful thing, is it necessary? He can't smell the smell, and men are like this.

He sighed in his heart that the scholar was not straightforward enough.

Blowing all the way by the breeze in the night, the indescribable smell that it brought out was also blown away.

When Qi Shiqin arrived, a group of people were surrounding four people with big swords, cowering and not daring to step forward. This is also normal. Look at the villagers who are holding sticks, sickles, and hoes. People who are honest and duty-bound, look a lot worse than others.

Besides, the He Yue family is not one of them. If they were hacked to death like this, then they would not cry and couldn't find the ground!

The two sides are deadlocked, and no one can do anything about it.

Fortunately, Lin Zhu didn't dare to let other people know about it. If she used her family's power, those people would definitely report it to her father. Besides, Yuecheng is not the base camp of her family, nor is there any good hand in this aspect. She didn't want to cause more trouble for herself, so she found a few B*stards in the local area.

Hummers, unlike the dead men raised by the family, they still value their own life.

Until Qi Shiqin arrived, the people in the circle in front actually gave him a way.

Qi Shiqin: …meow meow? ? ? Why should you make way for me? ? ?

I blame me for the two-meter-eight aura?

There is no way he can only step forward and ask: "Where are the third brothers?"

A villager answered, "Laosan Qi was stabbed in the back. Now that Doctor Li has gone in to see it, there should be nothing wrong with it."

Seeing that the front was stepped aside, the four exchanged glances, nodded slightly, and rushed over with the knife. The villagers around were startled, and subconsciously raised the hoe in their hands to help, but didn't want to…

Seeing the four big men who fell to the ground and wailed and couldn't get up for a long time, everyone couldn't help but stepped back and looked at Qi Shiqin with strange eyes.

Xiao Liu is indeed a student of the famous Qingshan Academy, so good at everything!

Qi Shiqin coughed slightly and said: "Let's take a rope to tie them up, and we will send them to see an official tomorrow morning."

"Okay, I'll get the rope."

There is a husband in the village who teaches at Qingshan Academy. Villagers in Dahe Village quarrel with people in other villages a little louder. Therefore, Qi Shiqin still has a place in the village.

When all four of them were tied up, Qi Shiqin went into the house to see how Qi Sanlang was going.

When everyone saw that the matter was over, they all gradually dissipated.

When I entered the room, I saw Qi Sanlang lying on the bed. Doctor Li was giving him medicine. Qi Shiqin asked, "Is this injury okay?"

He Yue touched her tears and sucked her nose and said, "It's okay."

"Sixth brother, can you come with me?" Her eyes were filled with despair and sadness, and Qi Shiqin's heart suddenly became a little sinking. He sighed in his heart, it would be great if everyone in the world lived happily.

With a hint of pity, he still followed.

This time He Yue knelt down without any hesitation at all. Qi Shiqin was shocked and stretched out his hand to help him: "What is Sansao doing?"

He doesn't like people kneel down for him, which means trouble.

He Yue didn't get up, and knelt stubbornly. She took a deep breath: "Sixth brother, I was wrong in the past. I had a bad life, but I always blamed others. This time it was all my fault, and I made Saburo follow. Suffering." When Qi Sanlang was mentioned, she cried harder, and her heart ached.

But soon she restrained her emotions.

"This time Lin Zhu wants to kill me, mainly because I have something on my body." He Yue's eyes fixedly looked at Qi Shiqin. Qi Shiqin's eyes remained unchanged. She said: "This thing has been used for a long time. Washing the menstruation and cutting the marrow can make people more beautiful in a short time. Normal wounds, just like Saburo's leg was bitten in the last time, recovered because of it."

Qi Shiqin was indifferent, and said lightly: "Oh."

What can I say, it's not exciting at all!

He Yue was choked for a while, thinking that he was so domineering as the general who had a long history. At the same time, I'm glad that I didn't make a mistake in this adventure. After all, in this age of superstition, she is very likely to be burned to death as an alien.

And she knows this Lingquan is a good thing herself, others might treat it as a monster, it will be controlled by others or raise freaks in her stomach, etc., she often writes in the script, and it is scary to think about it.

She said: "Has the general ever thought of using this thing on the battlefield? How many soldiers will save their lives for this?"

After a while, Qi Shiqin chuckled and said, "General?" He never said what general he was.

A group of grass-and-mud horses rushed past in He Yue's mind. She had been thinking of the general for a few days, but she said that she was going smoothly just now. She stammered: "Difficult… Isn't it? I have a business friend who said… I used to go to the northwest side… Look… I saw you, you were obviously more than a soldier. !"

It's not wrong to think so. He Yue comforted herself that she didn't believe that such a man who could kill dozens of wolves hadn't gotten much better after three years in the army. Not to mention that this person will be so famous in the future.


Qi Shiqin didn't embarrass her, nodded, reluctantly believed the explanation, and said: "It is unrealistic to use this thing for soldiers, you should keep it for yourself." The risk is too great, Qi Shiqin is unwilling to intervene.

He is not a kind person, he should do the right tactics and lead his subordinates to victory. But for the rest, he doesn't care.

He does not represent an individual. He has parents, husband and children, and a family. As long as he can take good care of the people around him, it is enough.

He Yue said again: "Even if you don't use it for soldiers, don't you want to use Sixth Brother yourself? If you come back from the battlefield, you may have to go back later, there will always be dark injuries on your body. Even if it's not, this Lingquan It can also beautify your face, your husband will definitely like it."

"You don't need to worry about this thing being harmful." He Yue got up and took a cup from the side table. She saw her fingers staying above the cup, and a trickle flowed into the cup like this. Then she took a sip and gestured to Qi Shiqin: "I'm drinking it myself. This spring water won't cause trouble to the owner after acknowledging the owner, but if you drink it to other people, you need to dilute it and add more water in it.

As for the effect, you can see it by looking at me. "

Indeed, because of her work all year round, her skin was rough and dry, and she also had fine lines on her face when she was a little older. Now her skin is smooth and white, and she even looks much better.

Qi Shiqin was silent for a while, still said: "I don't need this."

He Yue's expression was distorted right now, and she said excitedly: "I really didn't lie to you. This thing is really useful. I can give this to you now. As long as you promise to help me solve Lin Zhu's affairs and protect my whole family. Peace, I am willing to give anything."

But he does not need this!

His abilities are already very strong. It can be said that as long as he is still standing on the ground, even if he is dismembered, he can slowly recover. With the people of this world, no one should be able to hurt him yet, no one rushed in front of him, he could directly turn people into fly ashes.

Absorbing Lingquan is likely to allow him to reach an unknown height, but he has not thought about longevity. If there are no relatives in the world, without Wei Jingshu's company, it would be so boring.

He Yue felt painful now. She had never thought that such a good thing would not be able to be delivered. Thinking about her injured husband, she inexplicably hated herself who had been in a cold war with him before. The superior life made her lose her original heart.

She obviously likes Qi Sanlang's honest duties, and the other party has always let her. Isn't this the man who can give everything to save her without hesitation? Isn't this what she always wanted?

Greed corroded her heart, and the blood in her hands made that heart beat again.

He Yue shed tears in a hurry, not knowing what to do.

Qi Shiqin stood quietly without speaking, just looking at the regret and pain in this woman's eyes, all kinds of complex emotions intertwined. Finally, he said: "Can't you give this to Lin Zhu?"

This is not just right.

He Yue was also wronged, "I just gave a dog and didn't want to give it to her. Besides, if she got this, she wouldn't want to kill me. I don't believe her, maybe I will die suddenly one day." That made her feel. fear.

She continued to pray: "Can't I give this to you? Maybe you always have the opportunity to use his, and you can live for many years with it. You don't like it, your husband should always like it, Doesn't he really like maintenance."

Qi Shiqin said: "Then you mean to give this to me, and then Lin Zhu will shift the target of dealing with it? What if she targets my family?"

He Yue was stunned. This guy actually pretended to be pure. If you can have that kind of feat, killing someone must be easy. She didn't know what to say: "Then… what should I do?"

Her appearance was too funny, Qi Shiqin held back the sudden smile, and said: "Well, I will help you this time, but you should be polite to your mother in the future." He knew that Zhou Cuicui had done a lot of wrongs. But he still didn't want to see his mother being speechless by a junior.

Finally freed! He Yue was surprised. As for Lingquan, she didn't care so much. The family had already drunk so many spring water, and now it is useless to them. If there is a problem in the future, just ask Qi Shiqin for something wrong.

This series of things also made her see clearly, and it was worth it to be able to catch up with the generals who will have power in the future.

The crisis was lifted, and she grinned gratefully: "Thank you brother six, you can ask me for anything in the future, and I will definitely not refuse. As for my mother, I will never talk back to her again and treat her well."

Abandoning all the pressure, He Yue's body is full of vitality, and she has the feeling of a young girl with twenty-eight fragrant flowers, which makes people hardly disgusted by it.


The author has something to say: The male protagonist is terrible. Is there anything wrong with what is written in this chapter? I'm a bit anxious to write.

The Lingquan question was so entangled that I didn't want the male lead to take it, so it was useless. But Lin Zhu can be said to be a fan of the male protagonist, and everything is resolved after the male protagonist takes it.

In fact, apart from the battlefield, when dealing with enemy countries, I don't want to let people die easily.

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