In the early morning of the same day, the villagers took the four people to see the officials. Due to ordinary people's fear of the government, Qi Shiqin also went with them.

As for He Yue, as one of the parties, of course he must go together.

The newly appointed county magistrate Qi Shiqin had never seen him before, but he was obviously a human being, and knew all about the distribution of various forces in Yuecheng. His attitude towards the people was gentle and dignified, and he asked in detail what happened, but in the end he still didn't know.

Because these four people don't know who sent them.

The big brother who took the lead said: "We don't know anything. The man with the cloak directly gave us a hundred taels. Let us take the man to a room outside the city before dawn, and he will give us a sum at that time. Silver. But now that the time has come, people must be gone."

It's impossible for people who do this kind of thing to have a few eyes.

After inquiring about the location of the house, the county magistrate sent someone to take a look. As expected, nothing was found. After interrogating these people, they couldn't ask anything. They could only put them in jail, and wait until Autumn to ask them to be killed.

No way, the villagers had no choice but to leave, and He Yue had no evidence to directly say that Lin Zhu did it. After all, it was only Xiaotao that made them lose their reputation on the face of them, but it has been a long time since now.

Seeing the person left, the master asked in confusion: "My lord, but some civilians, why bother?"

Although adults are not the kind of assholes, they can't be said to be upright officials. And during the trial, he was definitely more serious and dignified, so he would not speak so politely.

The county magistrate touched his beard: "This is what you don't understand. In any place, you have to find out the situation behind this. Know how to work, this is the long-term plan for an official."

Master said hesitantly: "This…?"

The county magistrate stopped talking and left with a mysterious smile. Master Liu stared at his figure in a daze. Although many people don't know Qi Shiqin's identity, it is not kept secret. Those with a heart can still know it, and this county magistrate happens to be one of these people.

After leaving the county office, everyone was scattered and busy with their own affairs. Some people wanted to take this opportunity to buy some things they lacked at home.

Qi Shiqin glanced at He Yue, who was next to her, and felt uneasy when she knew that the matter had not been completely resolved. He asked, "Do you know where Lin Zhu lives?"

He Yue immediately became energetic, and said: "She lives in the guest house in front. I heard that it is her restaurant." You must know that she has also inquired about Lin Zhu from various sources.

Qi Shiqin said: "Well then, you find a place to eat first, and I will find her."

He Yue agreed immediately. She couldn't pull Linzhu's hatred after she went. It's better to find a lively tavern for dinner. In broad daylight, Lin Zhu didn't dare to let anyone arrest her.

"Okay." He Yue pointed to a nearby store and said, "Then I will be right here. If it works, come and tell me."

"Yeah." Qi Shiqin nodded in response, and walked directly to the guests.

When he arrived at Ke Lai Ju, he directly asked the boss to see Lin Zhu. Because my lady came with Qi Shiqin last time, the boss still remembers this face, but at the moment he did not refuse, saying: "Then I will go in and give a message to the lady, please wait a moment."

"it is good."

Not long after, the boss came out and made a gesture of asking: "This guest officer, please come with me. The lady is waiting in the backyard."

After walking a long road, Qi Shiqin came to a yard, Lin Zhu leaped and ran out, with some surprise in his tone: "Master, why are you here?"

Qi Shiqin waved his hand and motioned in and said, Lin Zhu hurriedly led people in, chattering about something in his mouth, and then picked up the cup to pour tea. Only then did she realize that she should have gone home in the eyes of the other party.

Lin Zhu chuckled, his tone was a little cautious: "Master, I…I have something to do here and I didn't go back. My father asked me to check the business here. I have those accounts. It's too slow to watch, I can't finish it all the time."

"Yeah." Qi Shiqin nodded pointlessly, took a sip of tea, full of fragrance, and said: "I'm here to talk to you."

"Talk, talk." Lin Zhu smiled and pulled the chair to sit down, "What are you talking about?"

Qi Shiqin looked at Lin Zhu earnestly: "To talk about He Yue, four big men with knives went to her house last night and said they were going to tie her up."

The blood on Lin Zhu's face faded, and she instantly turned pale, her fingers trembling and bending unconsciously, and said: "I don't know this person, Master, what do you tell me about her?"

Having said that, her face had already revealed a lot of information, Qi Shiqin sighed in her heart, it seemed that someone from Lin Zhu's school really did it. He really didn't know how the little girl from the peaceful era, who had been raised and raised since childhood, was really cruel.

Although Lin Zhu has a lot of bad things, for Qi Shiqin, people have always been enthusiastic to him. He looks like a little fan, and he didn't think about what he would get from him.

Qi Shiqin's disinterested temperament has no affection for Lin Zhu, but it is not disgusting either.

He said: "That Lingquan…" Hearing this, Lin Zhu fiercely raised his head and looked at Qi Shiqin incredulously. She really didn't expect He Yue to tell the Master.

But thinking about it carefully, it is also possible that He Yue and she are from the same place, and they should also know General Qi. He Yue and the Master had fallen out before, it should be because they don't know their identity. After all, Qi Shiqin now is just a teacher. If she wasn't infatuated with each other, she wouldn't recognize him so quickly.

Some people are naturally convincing.

"She gave me the spirit spring." Qi Shiqin continued, and demonstrated what He Yue had before.

Lin Zhu who saw this scene was no longer surprised, but there was a sense of the dust settled as expected.

Lin Zhu said, "I know Master why you are here. Don't worry, I won't trouble her again."

Lin Zhu's reaction made Qi Shiqin a little stunned. Although he knew that the other party liked him, it had nothing to do with love, but simply liked and admired, but Lingquan's words should be what Lin Zhu particularly wanted, not a general precious item. Comparable.

He was originally prepared to deal with it, and when he took this thing, he took a trouble, but he only agreed with the complete assurance that he wouldn't hurt the people around him.

Qi Shiqin made Lin Zhu smile instead. She said, "I understand her thoughts. I happen to be the same as her. I don't like the spiritual spring in He Yue's hands. Everyone is better than her." She may be other people. Plan carefully, but she had copied this person inch by inch in her mind.

She bought relevant history books and biographies, and the more she reads, the deeper she became addicted, thinking about what this person should be like in the middle of the night. After crossing, he was Lin Zhu's most familiar stranger for more than ten years.

Until she looked at each other in the academy and heard someone in her ear say that this person is surnamed Qi, at that moment, the paintings for many years became one.

This kind of paranoia and even brain damage is incredible, but it is real.

"Uh…" Qi Shiqin said tentatively, "Do you want me to leave you some spiritual springs?" There was an unknown touch.

Lin Zhu immediately agreed, and took Qi Shiqin's arm to the top of the teapot, opened the lid of the teapot, and said, "Master, you can get it here."

Seeing that there was still a half of tea left in it, Lin Zhu simply picked up Gulugulu and drank it in two mouthfuls, then wiped his mouth and said, "Okay, Master, you can make it."

The action was extremely fast, for fear that Qi Shiqin would repent.

Although Qi Shiqin felt that this seemed a bit sorry for He Yue, after all, He Yue hated Lin Zhu, and the other party wanted to tie her up yesterday. But the words have already been spoken, and it is hard to say nothing.

After filling the water, Qi Shiqin said a few more words that this thing needs to be diluted before it can be used, and then stopped staying, refused Lin Zhu's request to send him, and left by himself.

As soon as he reached the gate of the yard, Lin Zhu stopped him behind him, "Master."

Qi Shiqin stopped and looked back at her, "What?"

Lin Zhu showed a crying smile and said, "Don't hate me." After a pause, she continued: "OK?"

Qi Shiqin looked at her, did not speak, turned his head and left. It's getting farther away from the yard, but Qi Shiqin can still hear a girl crying louder and louder and heart-piercing.

Out of the restaurant, Qi Shiqin found He Yue.

He Yue looked worried and asked expectantly: "How is it? What did she say?"

Qi Shiqin paused and said, "It's okay. She promised not to trouble you anymore." Seeing the joy on He Yue's face, he apologized: "Sorry, I poured the spring water to Lin Zhu. Some, I somehow agreed at the time."

He Yue waved his hand, "It's okay, as long as you don't give her the whole thing." Although he is reluctant, Qi Shiqin has helped her many times. He Yue is not a really unscrupulous person, just think about it.

Her attitude made Qi Shiqin more relieved, and he said: "How? Are you regretting it now? Give me things."

He Yue said: "I can't say regret, now I want to come to it to bring me good and bad. I don't have the ability to guard it, and I will not need this thing in the current situation. It is serious to live a good life." Looking at Qi Shiqin, He Yue said seriously: "I know you may not believe what I said, but there are always things in life that are more important than this."

Qi Shiqin said lightly: "I believe it."

He Yue froze for a moment, and it took a long time to realize what Qi Shiqin was talking about. That's right, didn't she almost didn't send it out, their ideas should be the same in some respects.

He Yue smiled, and said indifferently: "If you want to lead soldiers to fight in the future, after you have a high position and ability, you can also study this, life is precious!" It took a life and death to understand this truth better.

Qi Shiqin… is a little tired, but he also understands that He Yue should have said casually.

In the future, this can be added to some rare and precious ointments, so it is not surprising that the effect is slightly better.

High weight? He doesn't have the heart to fight for power, no matter how great the power is, there is still one sitting on it. Qi Shiqin's heart is always sensible and indifferent, and will not make trouble for himself.


The author has something to say: Although it's a little late, it's not too late, it's still a day changing day by day.

How should Qi Shiqin say to Lin Zhu, he has no good feelings or dislikes. His character can be said to be extremely indifferent to people and things, except for what he likes, it is difficult for others to enter his heart.

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