After speaking, Qi Shiqin also separated from He Yue, and planned to buy some gifts for Wei Jingshu at the market to take home. There was no clear goal, so he just wandered around.

At the end, he drove home in a carriage.

Wei Jingshu wandered around the yard idly until he saw Qi Shiqin, he smiled and jumped into his arms, "Why did you come back so late?"

Qi Shiqin caught the person, "I'll buy you something, let's go, let's go back to the house and have a look."

"Okay." Wei Jingshu grabbed Qi Shiqin's arm and smiled happily.

As soon as he entered the house, Qi Shiqin took out a large bag of dim sum wrapped in greased paper, "I ran to several shops, and I bought them all for you." Opening the greased paper, he took out a piece and stuffed it into Wei Jingshu and opened it. In his mouth.

Then he looked at Wei Jingshu and smiled happily. This little husband in his family just likes to taste different flavors, not many of them, only a little bit of each.

"Yeah." Wei Jingshu let out a little nasal sound, nodded unceasingly, and also raised his hands to feed him. White fingers twisted the pastry, which looked delicious, Qi Shiqin lowered his head and ate it.

Fu grabbed his hand again, took out a pink crystal jade bracelet from his arms and put it on Wei Jingshu, saying, "This is what I saw when I was passing by Zhenbao Pavilion. It's pretty, so I bought it." Pink crystal is rare. A lot of silver was spent on precious jade, but money is not a problem for him.

"Wow." Wei Jingshu's gaze rested on the bracelet on his wrist. The shape was simple and unique, with a light pink color, which looked crystal clear, and it was especially beautiful against the white wrist.

When he had enough appreciation, he jumped up and jumped onto Qi Shiqin, with his arms around Qi Shiqin's neck, and with a smile, he actively kissed Qi Shiqin and his wife, and rubbed his neck affectionately.

"I like this."

However, Qi Shiqin was accustomed to some of his movements, so he held Wei Jingshu's ass with his hands quite naturally, saving his energy and letting him act like a baby.

At this moment, someone outside the door suddenly shouted: "Father, mother, are you there?"

The voice is quite loud, and he can hear a pungent and indulgent taste.

Qi Shiqin frowned slightly and put down Wei Jingshu. When she walked out the door, a round-looking woman was standing in the yard with her two children, who were clutching the corners of her clothes tightly.

Before Qi Shiqin could realize who this was, the woman had already said loudly: "This…you are the sixth brother? I am your fifth sister."

Fifth sister? When Qi Shiqin was about eight or nine years old, this sister married out, and her husband was a businessman. The place is relatively far away, and I rarely come back for many years, and Qi Shiqin has never seen it once or twice.

He screamed dubiously, "Fifth Sister, go into the house, mother is out, and will come back later." He said that he greeted the person into the living room.

The woman was holding a child in one hand. She walked in a hurry, and the child followed staggeringly. Entering the living room, the woman took the luggage on her shoulders and put it on the table, patrolling the room with her eyes, looking around.

Zheng came over with his stomach: "This is?"

Zheng married after Qi Ping got married, so he didn't know her either.

Before Qi Shiqin could explain, Qi Ping stood up and said? "I'm Qi Shilang's younger sister, you can call me Pingzi. I haven't seen you before, so you should be the fourth sister-in-law." She knows all the other three sister-in-laws.

Zheng nodded.

Qi Shiqin hurriedly said, "The fourth sister-in-law will talk to the fifth sister first, and I will find out where the mother is going."

After going out, Qi Shiqin felt relieved. He and this fifth sister really had nothing to say, they were completely strangers.

Wei Jingshu hugged Qi Guo and asked, "She is your sister, why haven't I heard of it?"

Qi Shiqin touched his head and said, "I haven't heard of it much, let alone you." His hand slipped onto Wei Jingshu's shoulder, Qi Shiqin took his shoulder, "Let's go, let's go find a mother back together. "

Qi Shiqin took his hand back when he saw someone coming.

It's easy to find Zhou Cicui. The village is just so big, and you can see it in a few places she often visits. Standing on the ridge, Qi Shiqin shouted: "Mother, someone is here at home."

Zhou Cuicui didn't even want to ask directly, "Who is it?" Seeing that the youngest son was going to the ground, she hurriedly said, "Don't come in. It's not easy to walk in this place. Don't dirty your shoes."

Qi Shiqin didn't move anymore. He stood on the side and waited for Zhou Cicui to come over before he took the back basket and carried it on him, saying, "It's okay, my mother, I'm a big man.

She knows that the youngest son is capable, but he is habitually used to him. Upon seeing this, she smiled with pleats on her face and asked, "Who's here?"

"She said it was my Fifth Sister, and I don't know her very well. I can't remember what the Fifth Sister looks like.

Zhou Cuicui said, "You were so young at that time, and it's normal not to remember. Your fifth sister married a businessman in Xuzhou. We haven't visited her for so many years."

"That's not far." Qi Shiqin said: "Furthermore, it should be the fifth sister who came back to see his mother. How can parents look for her with eagerness."

That's how it is said, but after a woman is married, it is not easy to go home without her husband's consent.

Xuzhou is indeed too far from Yuecheng.

Regardless of this, Zhou Cuicui said happily: "You can coax your mother. You have more time to come back to see your mother."

Qi Shiqin responded, and the two of them walked home talking and laughing.

Walking into the yard all the way, Zhou Cuicui saw a wealthy woman standing at the door, her only daughter Qi Ping.

"Mother." Qi Ping yelled and ran in front of Zhou Cuicui, and the mother and daughter cried.

After crying for a while, Qi Shiqin persuaded: "Mother, let's go in and talk."

Zheng also followed: "Yes, it's a good thing for my sister to come back, go to the house, so as not to catch the cold."

In fact, for several sister-in-laws, Qi Ping's return is really not a good thing.

Because she didn't leave when she came back, she also took two oil bottles with her.

From Qi Ping's crying cry, we can know that her wealthy businessman husband broke down two years ago, and his aunts also ran away. The businessman couldn't stand the blow and fell ill. People died some time ago.

Qi Ping had nowhere to go, and no money at home, so he came back after thinking about it.

It's just that she didn't expect that the house would have changed so well. The house was built, and she knew at first glance that there was no shortage of silver. Now she strengthened her heart and cried louder.

Zhou Cuicui also had tears in his eyes, and said, "Ping'er, you live at home. The family is now better and you can support you." You know, Qi Shiqin has been away from home for many years, and Zhou Cuicui's favorite at home is the twins. ——Two Qi Shilang and Qi Ping.

Qi Ping saw that her mother's attitude towards her remained the same, and he was relieved and continued to cry.

That night, everyone who came home also knew the news.

The sister-in-law Zhou exploded on the spot, "I don't agree. Why should I let my child's room out? The water thrown by my married daughter? It's impossible for the decent descendants of the Qi family to give way to two outsiders in Qi's family. ?"

"Yunyun, Xiaohe, go throw those things out for me."

Due to Zhou Cuicui's status in the extended family, the two children were aggrieved and dared not move.

Zhou Cicui never expected that the dignified and steady eldest wife would get such a big fire. She was thinking that Yunyun was not too young and that she should find someone else this year, so she wanted to let Qi Ping and her daughter live in, so she wouldn't have to move in the future.

However, Qi He studies in the academy and is not at home all year round. The house is empty as well. It is better to let Qi Ping's son live with him. If Qi He doesn't want to live with a stranger, he can still sleep directly in his elder brother's house.

Zhou said: "You don't go, are you? Don't go to me." Then she went into Qihe's house and took out the things in twos or twos and threw them outside the door.

Qi Yunyun also entered her room at this time. She just learned about this, and she was a little worried that others would touch her.

Sure enough, Qi Yunyun cried her face and said to the Zhou who came over: "Mother, they touched my things." The skin care product she wiped her face was bought after saving money for a long time, and she was dug away. There are other items that have also been passive.

Suddenly, she fixed her eyes and pointed at Qi Ping's daughter and said, "The hair rope on her head seems to belong to me?"

Everyone looked at Qi Ping. Qi Ping said in embarrassment: "This… I don't know when she took it." She reached out her hand and pinched the little girl's arm fiercely. The painful girl burst into tears, "I let you take it! Let you take it randomly!"

"Mother, don't pinch, it hurts to death." The little girl shouted loudly.

In this way, Zhou's is not easy to mention again, only black face said: "Anyway, they just can't live in my child's house, I don't care about the others."


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Qi Ping has little relationship with Qi Shiqin, Yuecheng dungeon is about to end, and it is about to enter the battlefield dungeon and the capital dungeon. 

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