Zhou's attitude towards the three of Qi Ping, mother and son is quite firm, but Zhou Cuicui is not happy to do that anymore. She is biased, but she also loves the boss.

Although Qi's family did build a new house and there are many rooms, there are also many people in the family, and there is really no space left.

Zhou Cuicui felt that things were a little awkward for a while, and she said, "Then let's eat first."

Several daughter-in-laws all went to the kitchen to serve food, Qi Shiqin went to the study to bring out the two little guys Qi Ge and Lin Yan who were studying.

Due to the large number of people in the family, two tables were put together for dinner. As usual, as long as Qi Shiqin is at home, Zhou Cuicui must be sitting next to him or his elder brother.

But now the position has been taken up by others.

Qi Shiqin was stunned for a moment, and then directly found an empty seat to sit down. Wei Jingshu was next to him, holding Qi Guo who yelled "Ah ah" in his hands.

Zheng brought a small bowl of goat's milk and put it in front of Wei Jingshu's table. After coming back, Qi Guo has been drinking goat's milk for a few days.

Wei Jingshu raised his head and smiled at Zheng, "Thank you Sister-in-law."

"It's not in the way," Zheng said in a low voice.

Her belly is also getting bigger, and she has a blood-connected child, which Zheng likes to see children.

Wei Jingshu picked up a small spoon inside, and after whispering softly, he fed Qi Guo. Qi Guole screamed, waving his little hand in the air, and the hearts of all the people watching were softened.

Holding a child is naturally not easy to eat. His mother is still staying by the side. Even if Qi Shiqin feels bad for Xiao Fulang, it is difficult for him to hug his son directly. He speeded up his meal, and after a while, he wiped his mouth and said, "Give me my son, I will feed him, and you can eat yourself quickly."

Wei Jingshu was so sweet in his heart that he gave his son to Qi Shiqin. While eating, he watched the Xianggong and the child yelling and interacting with him. It was obviously a silly scene, and the father and son were playing with each other, Qi Guo's mouth was grinning all the time.

After a while, seeing Qi Shiqin still playing vigorously, Wei Jingshu reluctantly urged: "Don't play, the goat's milk should be cold for a while, it won't taste good if it's fishy."

Qi Shiqin nodded and saw that Qi Guo was still smiling, he stretched out his hand to pinch his son's face in the middle, and said: "Don't laugh anymore, your muscles are tender, don't laugh." Then he rubbed his son as if. Knead.

Qi Guo thought his father was playing games with him, and smiled happily.

When Qi Guo stopped, Qi Shiqin continued to feed his son with goat's milk. Little by little, the little guy had almost eaten, so he yawned, eyes foggy, and plunged into his father's arms. Sleeping.

When the adults got off the table, the two little guys ran away a long time ago. Qi Ge and Lin Yan were very active looking for fun by themselves, and they didn't like to take care of the others.

After Wei Jingshu finished eating, he took out his handkerchief and wiped his mouth. As soon as he got up, he saw a dirty hand on his bracelet, which was instantly stained with oil, which looked weird. Without even thinking about it, he exploded his hair, and pushed the person down in a sharp voice: "What are you doing?!"

Qi Shiqin was taken aback, "What's the matter?"

Wei Jingshu's eyes were red, and he said aggrieved: "She soiled what you gave me." He raised his wrist and showed it to Qi Shiqin.

Such a beautiful thing, he couldn't help but stared at it several times during the meal, feeling happy. Wei Jingshu feels annoyed at the things that he can't bear to be like this, and he doesn't feel that there is anything wrong with him and a little girl.

The little girl who fell on the ground was crying, and Qi Ping, who was still telling her parents that it was not easy these years, hurried over to help her daughter up, and asked, "What's wrong with you?"

While crying, the little girl pointed to Wei Jing's calligraphy and said, "I think that bracelet is very beautiful, so he pushes me if he wants to see it."

"This…" Qi Ping looked at Wei Jingshu, as if he hadn't expected that he, an adult, would still bully the little girl.

Wei Jingshu is not able to bear people either: "Then you don't know if you say it in advance? Besides, your hands are greasy and you are embarrassed to touch other people's things." He saw the girl was grabbing with her hands while eating. Food to eat.

Qi Ping used to be a favorite at home. Several sister-in-laws were often called upon by her. Now they are so stunned, they immediately changed their faces and said, "My daughter is still young. Please bear with me if there is any place."

She has a bad tone, and Wei Jingshu is even worse, "Can't afford it, you still have to take care of your children."

After speaking, he snorted and went out.

The atmosphere was a little quiet for a while. Qi Ping saw that her mother did not help her to teach others as usual. Knowing that she is now in an embarrassing position, she forced a smile and said, "This is indeed my child's fault. It's because I didn't teach her well. In the past, when his father's business was good, she also had a lot of good-looking things. The main thing was that she had suffered a lot in the past two years."

There were tears in her eyes, she wiped it off quickly, and said with a smile on her face: "These younger siblings are also very angry, where is the family?"

Zhou Cuicui didn't hear so much, and only answered, "That's not true. Your younger siblings are the sons of the prefect. They were the county magistrates here before, and they were transferred not long ago."

Qi Ping said: "That's no wonder, he…" Before he finished speaking, Qi Shiqin interrupted.

"Mother." Qi Shiqin said: "Sister-in-law's belly is so big. In the future, she will have another child in her family. Although she won't need it when she is young, it will definitely not work when she is older. The house at home is really not enough."

"Then what to do?" Zhou Cuicui didn't expect the younger son to hate this daughter. If she really wanted to say it, she would definitely love the younger son even more. Coupled with the inherent concepts of this era, the girl is married out after all, that is, she is from someone else's family.

But it hasn't reached that point. She has spoiled her daughter for so many years, and she can't really watch her have no way to survive.

Qi Shiqin said indifferently: "Isn't there a house in the west of the village that is already unoccupied? It should be okay to go to the village chief and say something."

The house has moved away for many years, and the house is empty. According to the custom here, it can be used.

Zhou Cuicui hesitated, "But isn't it quite broken? The mud on the walls has fallen off a lot, and the roof is still leaking. How can people live?"

"Mother." Qi Shiqin yelled again, "Which family in the village doesn't live in a mud house. Our house was not the same before. Just fix it. If you live for a long time, you will gain popularity. It looks good."

Zhou Cuicui still felt that it was not right. She lived in a good house, but let her daughter live in a mud room. She said: "That family can't be too different, or should we repair the house and enlarge it a bit?"

Qi Shiqin simply expressed his thoughts directly: "Mother, you are really, this house is honored by your son, and it is just right for you to live. The brothers in the family, the eldest brother and the nephew will soon say kisses, when the time comes, your mother will always Don't be partial, build a house for everyone."

"Let me say, mother, you are all this old, it's just when you are enjoying the blessing, you don't have to work all day, they naturally have their own way out, if they want to live well, they can rely on their own ability."

Seeing Qi Shiqin's determination, Zhou Cuicui sighed in his heart that he had sent off Xiao Liu since he was a child, and he couldn't return twice a year. In the end, he didn't have a deep relationship with his sister.

So I had to give up.

Just thinking about subsidizing a little girl privately at that time and buying two fields will be enough to live. Her daughter knows herself that it is impossible for her not to hold the family finances in her hands, she should have some money.

Just about to speak, someone suddenly asked, "Is this the home of General Qi?"

Old man Qi just went home and said: "This family is surnamed Qi, but there is no general. You found the wrong person."

He watched the little soldier stunned, waved his hand again, pointed in one direction, and said, "You go to the village over there, there are so many people, maybe you will be looking for it."

Zhou Ling: …This general is not a Chinese cabbage. He has a lot of people.

Zhou Ling asked, "Uncle, are you here in Dahe Village?"


Qi Shiqin put his fist to his lips in the room and chuckled lightly. His dad is really interesting!

He walked out, looked at the soldier, and said, "Zhou Ling, I'm here, what are you doing here? Could it be that the kid Lin Quan missed me."

"General!" Two lines of tears rolled down Zhou Ling's face, "Master Hou, he…go away."

"What!" Qi Shiqin lost his voice.

Seeing Zhou Ling crying so sad, Qi Shiqin could hardly believe that he had misheard it. After a while, he said with difficulty: "Go in and talk."

He took the person to his study, Qi Ge and Lin Yan saw that their father's face was not good, they spontaneously walked out quietly, and took the door behind them. "

"Let's talk about it, what's going on?" Ding Yuanhou was younger than his parents.

At the same time, Chaotang is above.

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