The emperor Yuan Zong sat on the dragon chair, but he felt a complicated feeling in his heart. The famous Ding Yuanhou died on the battlefield like this, and he suddenly felt the cruelty of time.

The new generation has not yet formed a climate, and the old generation has grown old. Think of his uncle Tai Huang, the Marshal of the World Army, and he is not too young.

Yuan Zong is an emperor with great ambitions. He is eager to step on the nations to create a prosperous and prosperous world. But the imperial court was bothered by internal and external troubles. In the past two years, he has only taken care of balancing the forces of all parties, suppressing two eye-catching emperor brothers, and eradicating the Yuwen family.

His power is not big, if the emperor father suddenly handed over the throne to him, he really didn't know who was sitting on the throne now.

Yu Wenyun became known as the number one warrior of the Great Zhou Dynasty. Although he was vomited by the idiot of the Chen family, it did not mean that he was not strong. What a pity!

And Dingyuan Hou Shizi was not enough to suppress the Kingdom of Jin.

He looked at the officials below with a cold expression, his eyes were so deep that people did not dare to look directly at him: "Now that the 500,000 army of the Kingdom of Jin is invading, what are your ideas?"

The following officials whispered and discussed with the people around them one after another, without discussing a result for a long time. The Zhou dynasty emphasized civility over military affairs. Although the former emperor Yuan Zong liked people with high military strength, and various titles of officials were willing to increase, but there was no war, which only made military officers even more inconspicuous.

There are two great walls in the Great Zhou Dynasty-one is Dingyuan Hou, who guards the northwest border. For decades, criminals will retreat one by one and keep one side safe. And the other is the uncle Tai Huang, who is today's son, Yuan Cheng, the marshal of the world's soldiers and horses, uses soldiers like gods, and holds the world's soldiers and horses.

I haven't experienced a large-scale war for a long time. The courtiers who have been living in a peaceful and happy state after Jin Guo came to the crime are really a little overwhelmed.

"Okay." Yuan Zong said impatiently: "This is not a vegetable market. What is the style of noisy and yelling? Lin Xiang, for you."

The man who had been standing with his back straight and standing at the head of the civil servants raised his head. He did not discuss with anyone just now. At this time, he was not flustered when asked by the emperor. He took two steps and bowed slightly in salute. See, the state of Jin is coming so fiercely that it must be treated with caution. As for who was sent, the minister heard that the martial arts of the two princes of the Chen family were particularly good."

Chen Gong is Chen Mingyuan, the cousin of the old emperor Yuan Qing, and their mother is a sister.

Yuan Zong gave an "um", and did not directly agree, but asked again: "Do you have any different opinions?"

Chen Mingyuan is deeply hidden. One of his two sons is talented and high-minded. The other is stupid, but powerful. One article and one weapon complement each other.

But Yuan Zong knew that Chen Mingyuan was also an ambitious person, and he had to bite him if he seized the opportunity. Yuan Zong is quite confident in knowing people. As a last resort, he didn't want to use someone from the Chen family.

On the contrary, in the future, he will always kill these unpredictable people clean.

At this time, Zhang Guang, Shangshu of the Ministry of War, stood up and said, "Return to the Lord, there is one minister."

Zhang Guang was a confidant of the emperor, and he was very well-informed about the emperor's thoughts. He knew that the emperor did not like Chen Mingyuan and others, especially Lin An, who was fighting against the emperor's forces, so he stood up at this time.

Yuan Zong said: "Let's talk about it."

Zhang Guang calmly said: "The emperor can still remember the little general who fought the Eight Great Anti-kings in Tianming Mountain two years ago and found his teeth all over the floor. If he is this person, the minister thinks the border chaos can be settled."

Zhang Guang knew that Yuan Zong admired this person very much, and he had mentioned many times that he belonged to the emperor's faction, so he naturally led his own people.

Yuan Zong has not forgotten Qi Shiqin, he loves Qi Shiqin very much. In addition to his preference for talents, he also has a secret emotion. It was he who pulled a member of both civil and military skills from the line of life and death, and even changed his life. This kind of belonging relationship makes Qi Shiqin natural. Standing in Yuan Zong's team.

It also allows Yuan Zong to trust Qi Shiqin.

Lin An said, "I'm just a young general. I'm afraid I can't afford such an important task. I hope the emperor will think twice."

As soon as his words fell, about half of the court officials bowed their heads, bent over, bowed, and said in unison: "Look at the emperor to think twice."

Yuan Zong squeezed his fingers and released them one by one after a long while. His gaze flicked on these bowed officials. For a long time, he was anxious and smiled: "Good, good, good." After a while, he waited for a while. , He continued: "Although Qi Shiqin is only a young general, but his father once named him a general of the auxiliary country, it is not good to look down on him, so he sent Chen Mingyuan and him together to go together."

Without waiting for someone to speak, Yuan Zong stood up to leave, "Let's do it, retreat."


In Dahe Village, Qi Shiqin remained silent for a long time as Zhou Ling finished narrating everything.

He remembered that Ding Yuanhou admired him a lot when he first saw him, and taught him how to shoot from the Lin family on weekdays, and taught him the experience of marching and fighting. It can be said that Ding Yuanhou treated him like his own son. Even Lin Quan said that his father had never been so kind to him in his entire life.

Of course, he knows that people must care more about his own son, but this does not mean that he can ignore those kindness to him.

Zhou Ling said, "General, I'm afraid that the world's son can't stand it anymore, so…"

Qi Shiqin said: "I see, we will set off early tomorrow morning." The border is in a hurry, but it can last a long time, and there is no need to rush for a while. He still needs to communicate with his family.

Zhou Ling naturally understood that he obviously didn't know the conversation with the general's father when he came.

When Qi Shiqin went out, she saw an old lady as old as his mother Zhou Cuicui looking at him eagerly, as if she was proud and worried. Zhou Cuicui opened her mouth and said, "Little Liu, you…this…"

Zhou Cuicui didn't know how to talk, so she asked something.

Qi Shiqin walked over and shouted: "Mother."

Sitting in the room, Zhou Cicui and Old Man Qi listened to Qi Shiqin's words in silence. Zhou Cicui said, "In other words, are you going to the northwest side with you tomorrow?"

"Yeah. The war over there is urgent, but you can't let the Kingdom of Jin really hit this side." Qi Shiqin whispered: "Mother, don't worry about me, my son has the ability, you see I do it every time I go hunting in the mountains. Great. I promise to come back safely."

"Can you not go then?" Zhou Cuicui asked persistently.

"Mother." There was a little helplessness in this voice, but he didn't say much.

After waiting for a while, unexpectedly, Zhou Cuicui wiped a tear and said: "Okay, you go, pay attention to yourself, don't get hurt, think about your parents are still waiting for you."

She knew her son's temper, it was impossible to change it, so she tried her best to suppress her emotions, hoping not to burden her son.

Old Man Qi sighed, knocked on his cigarette, and said: "Oh, go, go, the country is in a difficult situation, we should help if we have the ability, otherwise no one can stand up. Should I bring something? Let your mother prepare for you."

Taking a look at Zhou Cicui, Qi Shiqin said, "Mother, please prepare more dry food for me, and bring two more clothes."

"Okay, I'm going to prepare now." Zhou Cuicui turned around and kept raising her hand to wipe her tears, sucking in her nose.

Although only Zhou Cuicui, old man Qi, Wei Jingshu and the two children were present when talking about these things, the women in the family were somewhat speculative. Suddenly, the atmosphere in the room became extraordinarily quiet, and everything was quiet. No one spoke.

After a depressing dinner in the evening, I went back to my room to rest.

Qi Shiqin sat on the edge of the bed, looking at Wei Jing's calligraphy and saying, "I am leaving tomorrow. Are you really going to ignore me?"

Seeing Wei Jingshu still facing him, Qi Shiqin had to lie beside him, wondering what he should say. Unexpectedly, as soon as he lay down, Little Fulang spontaneously turned around and hugged him, resting his head on his chest.

Qi Shiqin's heart softened in an instant. He stretched out his hand and stroked Wei Jingshu's hair, and said, "Don't do this, you know your mate, who can hurt me? And I've been on the battlefield for the past three years. I've been there, I'm absolutely sure to come back well."

Although Wei Jingshu didn't fully understand his kind of power, he still knew a little bit.

Wei Jingshu snickered and listened to Qi Shiqin's heartbeat softly, making people feel particularly at ease. When Qi Shiqin became a little anxious, he said slowly: "I have already decided. Tomorrow morning I will take my three children to the northwest with you."

"What?" Qi Shiqin frowned, and subconsciously objected: "Naughty. What are you going to do? It's a war, not a kid's play."

His chest fluctuated violently, and Wei Jingshu patted it with his hand dissatisfied, "I don't care, anyway, I just want to go. I don't believe that there are no ordinary people in the northwest except soldiers. If they can stay, why can't I? If you don't Take me there, and I will go by myself. If something goes wrong, it will be your fault."

"You are still unreasonable?"

"No." Wei Jingshu said frankly, "It's the same anyway. You must protect the three of us after we go. That's it. I'm going to sleep and I don't want to listen to you."


"Whoever is talking is a puppy!" Wei Jingshu said immediately.

Puff…Qi Shiqin's words made him laugh at the words. He stretched out his hand to scratch Wei Jingshu's itching, and Wei Jingshu couldn't help laughing, "Don't…don't make it…itchy…"

His body twisted and avoided, but he kept sticking to Qi Shiqin's arms and couldn't avoid it.

Qi Shiqin said, "Say, who is the puppy?"

"I am, I am." Wei Jingshu laughed and burst into tears. Qi Shiqin then stopped, holding the person in his arms, and said, "That's it. The environment in the northwest is a bit harsher. Wait until the summer you don't quarrel with the heat. The place can't find ice for you to cool down. "

"That won't work." Wei Jingshu rubbed his face against him, "I'm happy to be noisy or noisy."

If you do, you have a bad temper, Qi Shiqin is also helpless.

In the dark, they lay in the blankets, talking quietly. The door of the room was knocked, and Qi Ge still said with a milky voice: "Daddy, Guoguo, he wants to sleep with you."

Guoguo, a child who was only more than a month old, slept with Qi Ge for so many days, and suddenly said that he missed his parents, which was also speechless.

Wei Jingshu consciously lay aside and pushed Qi Shiqin: "Go and open the door."


The author has something to say: Erbao: You are not a puppy, I am.

Whoever talks again is a puppy, this sentence is like a memory of my junior high school dormitory, haha.

I plan to change the name of this book. I don't expect to change it until tomorrow night. Please remember it. Don't find it anymore.

Title: I heard that I will go down in the history.

I heard that I will go down in history.

I heard that I will go down in history.

The important thing is said three times.

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