Opening the door, Qi Shiqin looked at the two small carrot heads at the door, "Come in."

"Okay." Qi Ge happily immediately hugged the pillow and went to the bed. Lin Yan followed in with an embarrassed smile on his face.

On the bed, four people lay in a row, Guoguo on the small bed next to it. Two adults have a little guy in their arms. Qi Ge raised his face and asked, "Daddy, are you going to war tomorrow?"

"Yeah." Qi Shiqin hummed a voice from his nasal voice as an answer.

"Then you want to take us there? I want to go, too." Qi Ge asked again. The rivers and lakes and the imperial court have always been very clear, without interfering with each other, he never thought about what the battlefield should be like.

But since he had a father who was a general, his mind seems to have begun to be curious about that place, thinking that a man should be like this, for the country and the people, with iron and blood.

Forged a glorious road with blood, someone worshiped, loved sincerely.

This is completely different from the senseless bloodshed that bravely fights fiercely.

"Okay, take you all, let's go together as a family. It's getting late, go to bed." He and Wei Jingshu had been in bed for a long time before, and it was too late at the moment. If there are guests, we should get up early tomorrow morning. better.

After falling asleep until midnight, Qi Shiqin put the sleeping child in the bed, and then put Wei Jingshu into his arms contentedly. The two hugged and slept.

The second day.

Qi Ge, who woke up early because he was a little cold without the quilt, watched speechlessly at Zhengxiang who had already changed a place to sleep while his mother was hugged by his father.

He pulled the quilt, but didn't.

Then he moved Lin Yan out, turned in carefully, and fell asleep with his face pressed against his mother's back.

As for whether Lin Yan was cold or not, then it didn't matter what happened to him, Qi Ge hadn't thought of it at all.

Before long, Qi Shiqin was also awake. He skilfully slipped his sleeping son Ti into Xiao Fu Lang's arms, and he lightly started to get up to wash.

"Morning, how did you sleep?"

Zhou Ling nodded, "I haven't slept so well for so many days in the wind and meals." The main reason is to let go of his heart, even if the kid Qi He snored at night, he didn't wake him up.

Zhou Ling walked over, followed Qi Shiqin and squatted in the yard, and then washed his face with the water flowing from the bamboo tube. The mountain spring water is clear and transparent, and when it was spread on the face, it made people clever, but gradually, the coolness disappeared, and people had a relaxed feeling of washing away the dust.

He simply held two handfuls, took a sip, and seemed to taste a different kind of sweetness.

"After washing, come and eat." Zhou Cuicui came out and greeted. She got up earlier today, it can be said that she couldn't sleep all night and all night, and got up before dawn.

After washing, Qi Shiqin walked to the table, and saw that the table was full of meals, including porridge and side dishes, as well as big fish and meat.

There is no saying that the farmer should not eat too oily in the morning. For An Zhou Cuicui's heart, Qi Shiqin opened his belly and ate a lot. When halfway through the meal, Wei Jingshu also came out with the two children.

Qi Shiqin realized that he hadn't talked to Zhou Cicui either. He looked at Zhou Cicui and said, "Mother, Jing Shu and the child will go to the northwest with us later."

Zhou Cuicui was taken aback for a moment, and reacted: "Whether I go, do the children go too? They don't go to school?" Of course, it is okay for Wei Jingshu to take care of her son. She also has such a high-status wife staying at home. uneasy.

"After studying, I can find a new master over there. If it doesn't work, I will teach them myself."

Even without this change, Qi Shiqin would not keep Qi Ge in the school afterwards. He had just caught up in the past and became the prestigious dean's little disciple, and it was considered that someone had started a small kitchen.

Now that he has the conditions, he naturally wants to give his son the best, one-on-one inviting the master to teach specifically, it must be better. The master will also be more responsible, and the importance of some knowledge points will make people understand more clearly and have clear thinking.

Zhou Cuicui thought for a while, and still didn't persuade her son to keep her grandson. With the ties around her, she might be more serious on the battlefield and hope to return.

Although Ai Ai had been taking off for a long time in the period, time will eventually pass, and Qi Shiqin should also leave.

Seeing the youngest son turning around to see her before getting on the carriage, Zhou Cuicui finally did not hold back, crying: "My little six, mother can't bear you, don't go, okay? My mother is so old, neither Knowing that I can't wait until you come back, goodbye to you for the last time."

She doesn't care what country is not, it doesn't matter who is the emperor, as long as her children live.

There are so right people in this world, why do you have to let your children go?

"Mother." Qi Shiqin turned around and hugged her, his eyes flushed, "The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility will be. This is the mission in the heart of the child. I want to protect Da Zhou and protect you and Dad. So. …"

His voice was also trembling, his mother was not young anymore, even though he knew that he had secretly adjusted, he would be afraid.

"So, you have to eat and drink well every day, don't do too much work, go to the town where I live to find a housekeeper, he will help you. You have to take care of your body and wait for me to come back."

"Good." Zhou Cuicui couldn't help nodding her head, tearfully.

Zhou Ling sighed and felt a little uncomfortable, but he still stepped forward to interrupt them, "Let's go." Riding a carriage would slow down their speed, so he wanted to go back quickly, naturally anxious.

This time, Qi Shiqin got into the carriage, held his son, and did not look back.

There were a lot of bandits and bandits along the way. Qi Shiqin was in a bad mood, so he naturally regarded these people as a punching bag. When the country is in distress, these B*stards are still doing these shameful deeds, and I don't know how many innocent people have died under their hands.

Just one day after they left, a group of people rushed to Dahe Village on horseback.

"What? You said that General Qi has already gone to the northwest?" Zhang Kuan's sharp voice was slightly surprised. Seeing Zhou Cuicui and several family members kneel to the ground in panic, he hurriedly stepped forward to help Zhou Cuicui in two steps: "The elderly don't have to. Duo Li, our family came to pass the imperial decree to General Qi. Since he is not here, then we will leave."

As the confidant eunuchs serving in the Hall of Nourishment of the Heart, people without roots like them are experts when it comes to trying to figure out the holy will.

Qi Shiqin was originally a second-rank official and obtained the Sacred Heart. He didn't need to offend a future general, so his attitude was pretty good.

"Then…that father-in-law wants to come in for a cup of tea?" Zhou Cuicui was at a loss, and he didn't expect that he could see such a'highly powerful' person.

"No need." Zhang Kuan said: "Our family still has important things to do, so I won't leave it much."

As soon as he got on the horse, the many guards behind him followed, dressed in uniform uniforms, his waist stopped, and his momentum was menacing and daunting.

It wasn't until the person walked away that Zhou Cuicui immediately supported Old Man Qi on his body. Just that moment, her legs became frightened and she said, "My dear, that's a person from the palace."

Old man Qi didn't feel much better. Everyone stood up with each other's support, and sighed that they deserved to be the characters in the imperial city. The momentum was scary enough.

Wu swallowed, and asked, "Mother, you said our Xiaoliu is really a general?" The women of them were just guessing, and didn't dare to really come to a conclusion.

Zhou Cuicui's face turned black: "Go to your job and ask for something to do?" Rarely, she was not in the mood to boast of her little son. This was all in exchange for her life.

When Qi Shiqin left, Qi Ping immediately became more confident, and she followed Zhou Cicui closely. Suddenly, Zhou Cuicui seemed to think of something and said, "Old man, you can talk to the village chief later and see if the house can be accommodated by Pingzi. Then you brothers, go and help fix the house. , The roof is turned over, otherwise it's raining and you can't sleep if it's leaking."

Qi Ping was stunned, and hurriedly stopped and said: "Mother, don't bother, I'm back, so let me live in the house. When I rebuild the new house, I will move out." As for when to fix it, then I no longer know.

Wu raised his eyebrows and said, "Living at home? The family is full, where do you want to live?" Just last night, or huddled with others, I would sleep.

"Oh, I said Pingzi, you didn't just leave Xiaoliu, you are planning someone's house, right?"

Seeing where Wu was still pretending to chuckle, Qi Ping wanted to go up and tear her mouth. Although she thought that way, she couldn't bring it up on her own initiative, and she shouldn't have said it like this.

You know, going out to fight, generally speaking, three to five years will not come back. More likely, it will never come back for a lifetime. She didn't viciously expect something happen to her brother, but it's not an exaggeration to let her live for a while, right?

With so many people in the family, the next generation should also get married or get married. By then, the house will not be enough to live in, and the family must be separated.

Until then, there are not many empty houses. The younger brother will have a place to live when he comes back.

Zhou Cuicui knew what she thought in her mind when she saw her daughter's reaction, and she scolded her without thinking about it, "Little Liu's house is kept, no one is allowed to pay attention to him, Pingzi, you will go there with your father later. Take a look, your father is too old, so he can't let him work alone anymore." She left as soon as she finished.

Wu snorted and looked at Qi Ping disdainfully. Now she is not the one who had just married in and let her sister-in-law scolded her. She gave birth to two boys for Erlang to pass on from generation to generation. Besides, Zhou Cuicui is not too young. She is not as harsh as she was to his daughter-in-law in the early years. The Qi family has a firm foothold.

Besides, she also figured out some of Zhou Cicui's veins. As long as she makes good use of it, it is not impossible to treat Qi Ping.

You know, the eccentric eyes of her mother-in-law are not comparable to ordinary people. The most amazing thing is that once they meet the youngest son, all other sons and daughters are not her own. Although it was not partial, Wu cried her lips. If her own son could be so capable and still feel sorry for her, she would treat people as eyeballs.


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