The army of the Kingdom of Jin suppressed the situation, Qi Shiqin and Lin Quan didn't talk about the past. They simply greeted them and went back to the barracks, ready to discuss good strategies with everyone.

Entering the camp and seeing Chen Mingyuan and his two sons, Qi Shiqin suddenly realized that this time the emperor sent the two of them together to resist the enemy.

"Are you the one sent by the emperor?" Chen Shi carried two hammers weighing over a hundred catties on his shoulders, but as if holding two wooden sticks with ease, he walked around Qi Shiqin, He lowered his lips, "I didn't see any difference. I actually dared to be in the same rank as my father. This time we have won the war against the Kingdom of Jin. You just stay there and don't hold us back."

Lin Quan stepped forward angrily, "You!"

Qi Shiqin stopped him and said with a smile: "Then I will look at the power of King Zhao this time." At the time of Tianming Mountain, Chen Shi was named as King Zhao of Xifu by the former emperor Yuan Qing. He had no real power. It's a name.

Chen Shi thought that his prestige was subdued, and he said with satisfaction: "It's good if you know it."

"Second brother!" Chen Yi scolded Chen Shi with a slight anger, then turned to Qi Shiqin, and apologized with an apologetic smile, "Sorry, my second brother has been so temperamental since I was a child, and his mind is too naive, really right? Stay, please don't be surprised by the army."

Chen Yi is the eldest son of Chen Mingyuan. He is well-known and loved by the people in the city where he is located. At this time, he was only about twenty-five years old, with a handsome face, and a gentle and elegant temperament, which easily made people feel good.

But a few ordinary words came out of his mouth, as if with deep sincerity. Qi Shiqin realized that this guy had similarities with his second brother, who loves stealing and playing tricks and has a very capable mouth.

Qi Shiqin also smiled, and said readily, "It's okay, I know." He pointed to his head and signaled that Chen Shi's brain was not working well. "I won't care about him in general, Master Chen can rest assured."

This is the truth, but just saying it so carelessly made Chen Yi's face stiff.

After Qi Shiqin finished speaking, he smiled at him again, and pulled Lin Quan around him and walked forward.

Lin Quan put his hand on Qi Shiqin's shoulder and couldn't help but laugh out: "Your boy's heart is still so bad. It really doesn't hurt at all." Just now Qi Shiqin stopped him, and it really made him a little confused. Now I think about Chen. Yi that instantly froze face, he panicked happily.

Qi Shiqin said: "It doesn't matter if you lose, but it also depends on the target. Dare to play majestic in front of me, and it is not an exaggeration to play with them once." Don't think that he doesn't know that this is the prestige that Chen Yi specially gave him. I really want to be afraid of offending. He should have stopped Chen Shi as early as the beginning.

He should know what his younger brother's temperament is, and Chen Shi easily defeated Yu Wen Yuncheng, and Yuan Qing was called the number one warrior of the Great Zhou Dynasty. Most people really can't stand it, they can only take it.

Qi Shiqin was unwilling to extinguish his aura just after taking up the position in this large crowd.

After that, Chen Mingyuan was much smoother, and all kinds of compliments said a set of things. It was not the first time that Qi Shiqin heard people compliment himself, so he took it for granted. In the discussion of the subsequent crusade against Daikin, it was no accident that Chen Mingyuan, the old fox, had the upper hand, and he was talking very well.

Then he asked, "General Qi thinks this arrangement is good?"

"Okay, just do as you said." Qi Shiqin said nonchalantly. Anyway, if someone is willing to take the lead, he certainly has no objection.

After Chen Mingyuan and his son went out, another group of generals left one after another. When the rest of them saw this, a large man said, "Why should General Qi be so polite to those three? This is ours. At home, we all support the general and the son no matter what."

Qi Shiqin and Lin Quan are also well-known in the army, especially the two of them are not above the top and look down on others. Therefore, there are many generals who have intersected with.

The key now is that this army is not the army of Dingyuanhou alone. Even though Dingyuanhou has guarded the northwest for more than 20 years, this army is still Dazhou's army, not the Lin's army. Ding Yuanhou had never thought of putting his own brand on the army. To be honest, this thought of loyalty to the emperor was very strong.

There are also a lot of people deployed by various forces inside. Lin Quan has not directly taken over the prestige of his father's army, and his strength is still slightly insufficient. The emperor sent him and Chen Mingyuan, to a certain extent, also wanted him to take over this force.

He must win this war.

That afternoon, Qi Shiqin returned to the city. They were only here on the first day, and many things had not been arranged yet.

Wei Jingshu asked: "How's the situation?" He has no sense of crisis about these things. He has never been exposed to this aspect since he was a child. He didn't even think that the country would be ruined one day in Great Zhou, but he was just a little curious.

Qi Shiqin nodded, "Fortunately, it's nothing more than half a million. It's a lot of overreported." Of course, it is true that there are many people coming to Daikin.

In the cold weapon era, it is often said that there are millions of troops, but in fact there are only a few million people in the whole country, and it is impossible to have such a high mobilization rate. Otherwise, how can the country continue to die?

But it is precisely because of this era that the number of people can determine the outcome of a battle to a large extent. This is not bad for them, at least this time the court's military payment has come down very quickly without any further delay.

He walked over and hugged Wei Jingshu, put his head on Wei Jingshu's shoulders, and said softly, "I'm looking for someone to hire a few masters for Xiao Ge. They should be there in a few days. Then you look at Xiao Ge a little bit, don't let it go. He makes trouble and learns hard." Getting along with people his age seemed to let Qi Ge release his instincts, and he was not so obedient and obedient in front of him.

Wei Jingshu couldn't help but smiled, "Don't worry, Xiao Yan is here, he doesn't dare to go too far." Lin Yan might be grateful for their kindness to them, and he listened to adults and was not afraid of Qi Ge bullying him.

When it was time to eat, the family was talking and laughing, making Lin Quan very envious, "Little Liu, you will have Fulang children in a few years when you go home, it's great."

"If you are envious, find one by yourself." Mrs. Lin said. She glanced at her son. "We have only one child left in the Lin family. You have to lead soldiers to fight. If you are not careful, you will stop the Lin family. Incense."

The more she talked about it, the more worried Mrs. Lin struggled for a while, and she made the decision immediately: "In this way, I will let someone get back the portraits of the ladies in this city tomorrow, and you will also have a look at that. Whatever you like, my mother will get it back for you."

"Mother!" Lin Quan said: "Why did you suddenly get involved in this? Besides, I am your own son, and you are not a taboo about what you say is not dead."

Although he doesn't care about this kind of words, but his mother is like this, it suddenly changes a bit too quickly, and the conversation in the past should be the other way around.

Mrs. Lin didn't care at all, "What's the matter with you? I was afraid of mentioning the word'death' before, and your father left me alone. It can be seen that this person still has his surname. It's fate, it's not because you can't do it."

The entire dining table suddenly fell silent, Lin Quan was a little bit cold, and he looked carefully at his mother. Dad has been dead for a month. From the very beginning to the present day, my mother seemed to have nothing happened.

But in fact, she hadn't forgotten anything.

Seeing several people were stunned, Mrs. Lin sighed and said: "I'm just talking, Xiao Liu, Jing Shu, don't be surprised."

Wei Jingshu quickly said, "It's okay."

Mrs. Lin said: "I'm in this mansion. They don't stay at home all day, and they run to the military camp every day. I'm worried that no one can talk to them. From now on, we should be close and close."

Wei Jingshu smiled, "Only the wife is not annoying, Jingshu is naturally willing."

"That's good, that's good." Mrs. Lin took Wei Jingshu's hand and gently touched it twice, her expression relaxed a little, "Don't just talk to me, eat quickly, and eat more."

Perhaps it was really because someone who could accompany her to talk for a while, Mrs. Lin finally returned to her former gentleness, and asked Wei Jingshu to join her for two days to see and pick the best daughter-in-law for her son.

According to Mrs. Lin's thoughts, people of the same age often know other people best, especially women and brothers. In this regard, they are very talented.

Qi Shiqin walked out of the hall and couldn't help asking: "Are you not against it? You must know that your mother might have come for real this time." Lin Quan refused to mention girls in the past.

Lin Quan smiled bitterly and said: "Xiao Liu, sometimes I'm actually really afraid that my mother would just follow my dad like that. It's okay to find something for her. Then she thinks about holding her grandson, maybe it will be fine. Let's talk about it. , I'm so old, your son is running all over the ground, and I haven't even got married. It's about time."

Qi Shiqin patted his shoulder comfortingly, "Everything will get better."

After separation, Qi Shiqin went to the study as usual and started to check the learning situation of the two children. Seeing Qi Ge who turned into a small beanie with a scared look of endorsement, Qi Shiqin felt a little bit ridiculous.

Finally, after stuttering, Qi Shiqin said, "I barely passed the test today. I also have to review the things I learned before. If I learn it, I forget what's the use. Also, what's the matter with your homework? come out."

Qi Ge shook his heart, consciously he was about to finish, and put out his hand pitifully with tears in his eyes, "Father, be gentle."

But I cursed in my heart that Lin Yan must have done something bad, and the Master hadn't even recognized it before.

Qi Shiqin felt funny in his heart, and slammed his face with the teaching ruler calmly, "Don't bully Xiaoyan again, you have been handed over by your father from the moment you hold the pen to learn the calligraphy, how could I not recognize it. Next time, you will be punished to copy it ten times."

"Okay~" Qi Ge grievedly held the wrist of the beaten right hand with his left hand, watching Qi Shiqin's expression ease, and then stretched out his tender white hand and said: "It hurts, daddy huh."

Qi Shiqin blew it twice and said: "Okay, you are a boy, don't always be like a little girl and act like a baby. Let's go and go to bed."

"Daddy hug." Qi Ge opened his small arms and didn't hear what Qi Shiqin had just said.

Dad, you are afraid that you have forgotten your appearance in front of grandma.


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