The first war after coming soon started. Qi Shiqin stood on the tower and looked down. The drums sounded, and Chen Shi rode forward on horseback.

"I'm Chen Shi, the first warrior of the Great Zhou Dynasty, who are you?" Chen Shi excitedly touched with two big hammers, and asked impatiently.

Lin Quan asked Qi Shiqin in a whisper, "Little Liu, this big idiot won't really beat Jin Guo back, right? Then what should we do?" He didn't know his situation at all, Chen Mingyuan and the others were coming fiercely. Secretly making liaison with military generals is obviously not good at coming.

Qi Shiqin also felt a little mysterious. He was good at fighting, but he probably didn't have the skills to light up this aspect of his tricks.

Therefore, he can only entangled and said: "In terms of combat power, Chen Shi is really powerful, and there are few people who can restrict him." Killing is just like cutting a melon. Chen Shi is really talented. Strong force.

"Then shall we think of a way? We can't just leave it alone."

Qi Shiqin nodded and said seriously: "Okay, you think you are older."

He couldn't think of a good way anyway.

Lin Quan slapped Qi Shiqin on Qi Shiqin's head. Qi Shiqin avoided him. He angrily said, "I know I can't count on you." Such an elm lump, his mouth is quite poisonous, and his father likes it. Like something.

While they were arguing, Chen Shi had already easily knocked down a few of Daikin's generals and watched the other party scrambling back. He laughed, "Come on, just so soft. What about eggs? Is there no one in Jin Guo?"

A sweet drink sounded in the air, "Let me meet you as a thief."



An exclamation came from behind Ashina, her movements were too fast, and everyone didn't react at all.

"Second prince, what should I do?" Wanyanhe said: "It's okay, let her go." His three younger sisters are more loved by the emperor than their two brothers, and Wanyanhe hopes that Ash will die in an enemy country like this. Under the sledgehammer.

Ashina has a certain strength. The Jin nationals are fierce and fierce, and the women on the top are actually very free. The Jin national emperor even wanted to pass on the throne to her.

She has a flexible figure, and although she is not as strong as Chen Shi, she has supported her for a while. But Chen Shi is Chen Shi after all. His mind is straight, and he only has martial arts training in his heart. After a little adaptation, he hit the shoulder of Ashina, who was too dodge to dodge.

Ashina snorted and rolled around on the ground, and Jin Guo hurriedly stepped forward to rescue them.

Chen Yi yelled: "Second brother, take the man back."

Chen Shi'hey', watching Ashina sneak up on the horse and want to leave. Two more people came to stop him. He simply threw it with a hammer, which happened to hit Ashina's ankle and fell off again.

Not long after, Chen Shi returned home with Ashina triumphantly.

Chen Mingyuan praised his stupid son with satisfaction, "Good job." Then he said: "Come here, tie her up for me and put her in jail."

Immediately two small soldiers came to tie Ashina, Ashina said angrily: "Don't touch me, I will go by myself."

After speaking, she spontaneously followed forward with a hint of arrogance.

When Qi Shiqin looked at Ashina, he suddenly remembered someone. He looked at Lin Quan and said, "Where is your cousin?" This is Cheng Xiujie's woman in history.

"Cousin?" Lin Quan repeated, and then he remembered the identity of the other party, "He was also in the camp, last time… after he was defeated, my father called him over. His martial arts strategy is also good, and now it seems Became a centurion." Qi Shiqin also understood that he was vague in what he said earlier. Cheng Xiujie was in the same faction as the anti-king faction. If it weren't for the change of emperor, Ding Yuanhou would not dare to get people into his army again. .

Lin Quan is black and white, and he can't tolerate any impurities. And Cheng Xiujie was mixed in black and white, and everyone gave face. It is impossible for the two of them to be too close without a certain opportunity.

Therefore, the relationship between the two is not far apart, but never too close.

"What's the matter? Why did you mention him suddenly?"

Lin Quan's feelings about this cousin are okay, after all, he has real abilities.

Qi Shiqin said: "It's nothing, you can look at the princess in jail. I heard that the old emperor of the Kingdom of Jin is very fond of this daughter. This time I have to make a profit."

It has been three years since leaving Yecheng. In fact, Qi Shiqin doesn't know if Cheng Xiujie will be involved with Princess Jin Guo. History has changed, and Da Zhou has not fallen apart because of the eight anti-king attacks.

To save the entire country, a good man is just that.

It's kind of sensational to think about it.

"I see." Lin Quan obviously didn't care much. It's not easy to save people in the camp. He continued, "It's almost noon. Let's go back to the house for dinner. My mother and my younger siblings are probably still waiting."

"Let's go then." Qi Shiqin felt even greater, and he ignored the two reminders. Before the critical juncture, he never really took it seriously.

But when the two walked back to the house, they realized that they were thinking a little bit more.

"Go to the temple fair?" Lin Quan muttered, "Why didn't my mother tell me. Then let's eat, let people hurry up to serve food, and starve to death."

"Yes." The maid immediately stepped back and ordered.


It was almost noon, and Chen Yi also took Chen Shi out to find a place to eat. Chen Shi had a fight with others today and felt much better, and he was as happy as 250 himself. He still hummed intermittently with untuned ballads.

Chen Yi looked at the obvious crowds on the street and asked, "Is it a good day today? The street is very lively." There are also many young men and women. You must know that although the folk customs of the northwest need to be prescribed, most women still I don't go out often.

"Going back to the eldest son, I heard that this is a temple fair. Many people pray for marriage at the temple fair. But you can also go to the temple to ask for peace, so there are many talents."

Chen Yi smiled slightly and said jokingly: "In this case, second brother, let's go to the temple and worship, and I will ask you for a good marriage by the way."

Chen Shi was not embarrassed at all, and yelled: "Those women are crying, they are boring, so I don't want to be with them. Brother, let's find a place to eat. Just after hitting someone, I was a little hungry. ."

"When are you not hungry?" Chen Yi said angrily: "I saw you eating just now. It's quite close to the temple. Let's go to worship first, and eat as soon as we come out."

Their family believes in Buddhism, especially Chen Yi. Of course, Chen Shi didn't know anything about this club, so he was thinking about finding someone to fight, eating and sleeping.

Seeing that his eldest brother was angry, Chen Shi pouted his lips and agreed. Anyway, since childhood, he has never beaten his elder brother once, and his tongue is not as sharp as his elder brother. And the eldest brother is always right.

In front of the main hall, Wei Jingshu gently supported Mrs. Lin, followed by more than a dozen maids. After entering, looking for a vacant seat, both of them knelt on the pavilion and silently worshipped the Buddha.

There was a little muyu in the hall, and a faint golden light sneaked in from outside. Wei Jingshu folded his hands together and said something piously to the gods and Buddha. After a long while, he leaned over and kowped his head.

The light shrouded his beautiful face and painted it into a beautiful picture.

Chen Yi was a little stunned for a while, and a certain place in his heart quickly fell. He has walked countless places and seen countless people, but he has never seen a scene more fascinating than this.

"Did you come down from the sky?" Not knowing what his elder brother thought, Chen Shi's eyes lit up when he saw the person, and he ran over.

Wei Jingshu was taken aback, he took a step back, and when he saw the people clearly, he frowned in disgust. The maid next to her reacted quickly, and she immediately stepped forward to block between the two of them, and scolded: "Where is the disciple from where you are, should you be shameless?"

Chen Shi pushed the person to the side impatiently, and several maids suddenly exclaimed and fell to the ground.

"You haven't answered what I said, you are so beautiful." Chen Shi smirked and scratched his head embarrassedly.

Wei Jingshu pressed his heart, without showing a good expression, "Go away."

Mrs. Lin heard the sound and walked over immediately and asked, "Jing Shu, what happened?"

Wei Jing wrote: "This person suddenly came up to talk to me and knocked Sister Magnolia and the others down." In his mind, this is nothing but a person who admires beauty, and his length is ugly.

At this age, Wei Jingshu really didn't say a few words to outsiders except for having contact with Qi Shiqin. He thought highly of himself, thinking that they were just attracted by his looks, and felt even more disgusting in his heart.

No matter how good someone is, it is difficult for him to give birth to a good impression, and he is quite vigilant.

As for Qi Shiqin, it is because of the status he established since he was young that he only admired people when he was young. After getting along day and night, his hypocritical and cautious thoughts disappeared without a trace, and he couldn't remember anything when he saw people.

Mrs. Lin obviously believed Wei Jingshu's judgment. Seeing Chen Shi's staring eyes, she was even more angry and said, "Come here, knock this person away."

The servant waiting outside was about to catch someone. Chen Yi reacted and grabbed his brother's arm, and said to Mrs. Lin: "Madam, he has a problem with his brain. He speaks directly, but it is not bad. Intended."

After speaking, Chen Yi also fell silent for a while. I don't know if Qi Shiqin choked that day. He just said that Chen Shi's brain was not good, and he said it smoothly.

He glanced at his second brother, and sure enough, the big idiot didn't realize that he had just scolded him.

Wei Jingshu and Mrs. Lin looked at Chen Shi carefully, their eyes were clear, and there was a silly smile on their faces. Although I have been looking at Wei Jingshu, there is only pure liking in it, and there is no other meaning.

The two died. Wei Jingshu realized that he had wronged someone, but he couldn't let it go. The stubborn one didn't say anything. Regardless of the size of the mind, the body is an adult man, and this kind of action is also inappropriate.

Chen Yi was a little disappointed not to hear anyone talking, but still raised a sincere smile and spoke to Mrs. Lin. With that outstanding diplomatic skills, the successful old Mrs. Bodlin likes her.


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