Even if there is a lot of reluctance in my heart, I can't keep saying this. Chen Yipo looked at Wei Jingshu's departed back with some reluctance, and asked, "There is a brother in Dingyuan Hou's family?" He knew that Lin Quan was still unmarried.

And this brother is about sixteen or seventeen years old, and he looks carefree and spoiled and grown up. He should be unmarried.

"Dingyuan Hou's family only has one son. Maybe it is a distant relative." The guard who followed him replied. Chen Yi was brought into the ditch all at once.

I didn't want to investigate in the past. The most important thing at the moment is to repel Jin Guo. Chen Yi put this thought in his heart and intends to wait until the war is over.

It was night, and the soldier guarding the prison groaned, and fell to the ground without seeing the figure. Cheng Xiujie entered the cell silently, his progress was very purposeful, and he found Ashina easily.

As a centurion, plus the distant nephew of Ding Yuanhou, it was quite easy for Cheng Xiujie to know where Princess Jin Guo was imprisoned.

"Xiujie." Ashina exclaimed excitedly.

"Shhh." Cheng Xiujie made a silent gesture, and Ashina immediately calmed down. Cheng Xiujie walked up and looked at the iron chain in Ashina's hand frowning. It was because he had thought so improperly that he had forgotten it. He said: "I'll go out looking for the key, you are waiting for me."

"Okay, let's hurry up."

Cheng Xiujie knew this too, but he had to say that his luck was not very good. The cell boss who hung the key on his body happened to find a place to urinate. After returning, he saw several dead bodies lying on the ground.

When I looked up again, I saw Cheng Xiujie staring at him fiercely not far away, and the head of the cell immediately shouted: "Come on, someone…"

Without shouting to play, Cheng Xiujie who rushed to the side quickly knocked him to the ground.

This shout was still effective, and when Cheng Xiujie rushed to open the iron chain in Ashina's hand, several soldiers had already screamed and rushed over.

In an instant, Cheng Xiujie pulled a corner of his clothes torn apart, wrapped the cloth around his face, carried the sword and killed Ashina together.

It should be fortunate that it happened suddenly and not many soldiers came. After getting rid of the people, Cheng Xiujie took Ashina to his camp. He pushed Ashina behind the changing rack and said, "You hide here first. Now the camp is definitely being searched. Wait. I'll send you out when the limelight is over."

Ashina nodded and said, "Then don't go, I'm a little scared."

"I'll be with you." Cheng Xiujie looked at Ash's delicate braid, her eyes full of tenderness.

Although Ashina has a tougher temperament, he looks pretty good. He wears a unique exotic pigtail, has smooth skin and a small face. And no matter how savage girls are, they will be restrained in front of their beloved. Although Ashina is expensive as a princess, the same is true.

As their feelings were gradually warming up, Qi Shiqin and Lin Quan also got the news that Princess Jin was rescued.

Lin Quan couldn't believe it: "Is our big camp reached the point where anyone can come in and save people?"

Qi Shiqin gave him a blank look in his heart, and said: "House thief is hard to guard against, maybe there is an inner ghost." His first thought was that Cheng Xiujie was involved.

Lin Quan looked at him suspiciously, "Does your kid know what's inside?" He jumped up and hung it on Qi Shiqin's neck, "Hurry up!"

"Stop playing." Qi Shiqin reluctantly pulled the person off, "Now the person is definitely still in the camp, let's go and take a look."

Lin Quan also let go of his playfulness, and the two rushed to the barracks on horseback. But in fact, neither of them paid special attention to this matter, and felt that they were capable of nothing.

After all, they have always lived under the protection of Dingyuanhou before, and occasionally they will be pointed out by their elders, and someone will escort them.

Before Ding Yuanhou, he was not in a hurry, thinking about teaching slowly, but unexpectedly, he died early.

When they arrived at the big camp, a soldier ran over and whispered a few words in his ear.

Lin Quan said in surprise: "What?"

Qi Shiqin asked: "What's wrong?"

"That Princess Dajin was arrested, and even the person who helped her was also arrested." Lin Quan was a little entangled, "That person is my cousin."

Was caught so quickly, is there any historical celebrity aura? Qi Shiqin felt a little weird.

Lin Quan was still thinking about how he was going to pull Cheng Xiujie out, but soon he realized that he was thinking too much, and he almost couldn't keep it. Chen Mingyuan looked gentle and kind, and made everyone look at him with strange eyes in just five or three sentences.

After all, his father is really kind to his cousin, and their relationship is pretty good. And Cheng Xiujie collaborating with the enemy to betray the country, this has to make people doubt Ding Yuanhou and him.

"You are bloody mouth!" Lin Quan said angrily: "Chen Mingyuan, let me tell you, my Lin family has guarded the northwest for more than 20 years. My father sacrificed on the battlefield to resist foreign enemies. He was loyal and loyal. The world is a lesson. It is not you who rely on women. Things can be questioned!"

Chen Mingyuan's mother was the sister of the former emperor Yuan Qingniang, and Chen Mingyuan's daughter was also sent to the palace. Now she is named Li Fei and is said to be quite favored. In fact, his talents are not that good, only one thing, knowing people and making good use of them.

"Lin Quan!" Qi Shiqin interrupted him. These two women, no matter which one they were, were not something that Lin Quan could discuss as a courtier.

Lin Quan's chest fluctuated violently, and he understood that he shouldn't say what he said, so he hummed and stopped talking.

Chen Mingyuan deserves to be an old fox. When someone pointed at his nose and scolded him like this, his face didn't change at all, but he was still smiling. On the contrary, Chen Yi actually helped Lin Quan to say something.

But Lin Quan's words were right. Before everyone was led by Chen Mingyuan's words, they couldn't help but want to get crooked. But when I think about it carefully, I think it's impossible. You must know that Ding Yuanhou was shot and killed by the second prince of the Kingdom of Jin. If he is really a traitor to the country, why should the people of the Kingdom kill him. If the inside should be combined with the outside, the northwest border will be lost.

Chen Mingyuan smiled and said: "This is the old man's lack of thought. After all, in this sensitive period, the northwest is an important border of the Great Zhou Dynasty. It is inevitable that the old man will be a little grassy, ​​so please don't be surprised."

Without waiting for Lin Quan to express his position, Chen Mingyuan looked at Cheng Xiujie in an instant with a serious face, "But those who collude with the enemy and betray the country and ignore the country should be interrogated properly, dragged down, and served with a big sentence!"

"What do you dead old man want to do?" Ashina scolded, struggling.

Chen Mingyuan: "The princess is not in a hurry, it's your turn right away. Now think about it, you guys, the army of the Kingdom of the Kingdom has a bad intention, and we don't need to be polite with the man, just fight back."

The generals are mostly rough-tempered men, with bloody nature. When you say this, someone immediately agrees: "Chen Gong is right. Give these barbarians something nice."

As everyone expected, Cheng Xiujie and Ashina suffered a lot of crimes in prison. When Yixianzhuang brought people to rescue them, Ashina had already deeply hated this place.

In the dark, Ashina touched the boots on his feet, and an idea came out again.

"Ashina, where are you going?" Asina suddenly left the team, Cheng Xiujie was caught off guard and did not dare to draw people over loudly. I had to watch Ashina's back disappear into the night.

It didn't take long for Ashina to come back.

Cheng Xiujie asked, "What did you do?"

"Nothing." Ashna said nonchalantly, resisting to tell the truth.

"Well, this is not a place to talk, let's leave quickly." said the person who came to rescue them.

No way, Cheng Xiujie had to leave with doubts.

It was not until noon the next day that Jin Guo led his troops to the barracks desperately, and the resistance of Da Zhou's army was significantly weakened, that Cheng Xiujie realized what had happened.

"You are actually drugging in the water!" He walked around in the tent, extremely annoyed.

He is from Da Zhou, but now he wants to watch Da Zhou's soldiers being slaughtered because of him.

Ashina shouted: "I am the princess of the Kingdom of Jin, shouldn't everything be right for the Kingdom of Jin?"

"Then what about me? Why don't you think about me?" If it were him, Ashna would not succeed at all.

Ashina suddenly stepped forward and hugged Cheng Xiujie from behind. The softness and fragrance of the girl calmed him to a certain extent. Ashina said: "I can't help it, Xiujie, they have already put you under the guise of collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country. You can no longer survive in the Kingdom of Jin. Think about the suffering we suffered in prison, what happened to me. The wound hasn't scarred up to now, it's itchy and painful."

"You are my Golden State's consort, you come to help me, and when I inherit the throne, for your sake, I will definitely treat the people of Da Zhou as my own people. Isn't that good?"

"You and I, we two will be kings together!"

Cheng Xiujie's mind turned over and fought fiercely.

Finally, he breathed a sigh of relief and acquiesced to this statement. When Da Zhou belonged to the Kingdom of Jin as a whole, then it didn't matter which country he was from.

On the city wall, Qi Shiqin commanded some of the soldiers who were still good to shoot down the enemy army who had climbed up. The city gate below was hit with logs one after another, and it was crumbling.

"Pour it down." A pot of hot oil poured out, and a harsh scream came from below.

Qi Shiqin turned a deaf ear to his ears, and calmly drew his bow. With a few arrows, several soldiers from the Kingdom of Gold fell. It's not that he doesn't want to open the city gate and go out to work hard, but that the number of Jin Guo's army itself is a little more than them, and now a large number of soldiers in the military camp are having diarrhea.

It belongs to the kind of trembling legs that can't hold back, and can't go on the battlefield at all. Even the big idiot Chen Shi is still screaming in the pit because of his gluttony.

Under this circumstance, if he went out on his own and was fine, it didn't mean that others were just like him. The proper one is for food delivery.


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