In the end, the city gate did not resist after all, and the army of the Kingdom of Jin broke in. Not to mention that many soldiers in the Great Zhou Dynasty were in some condition more or less. In terms of morale alone, the Golden State at this time was absolutely thriving.

"General, the enemy is coming in." Zhou Ling's voice trembled and hoarse.

Qi Shiqin remembered that Wei Jingshu had handed him a piece of peace charm a few days ago, "This is what I asked for in the temple, and let the Buddha bless you to keep you safe. You must take it with you so that you don't lose it."

Although he was acting like a baby, Wei Jingshu's eyes were very serious when he said this, and Qi Shiqin even felt that he saw the worry and fear hidden in his heart.

He didn't quite understand then, but now he seems to understand.

He is not a god, and there are always times when he can't handle it.

Qi Shiqin stretched his hand into his arms and touched the outline of the talisman, sure in his heart, carrying the long and spear and went down.

"Soldiers, behind us are our people, our parents, wives, wives, and children, for the great Zhou, for our family, fight with these miscellaneous things, die! I have to stand and die!"

"Kill—!" At this moment, countless soldiers roared out, and the soldiers struck each other with a harsh sound. Qi Shiqin did not dare to stop for a moment, and did his best to kill the people from the Kingdom of Jin as quickly as possible.

Jin Guo's little soldiers have fallen a lot, and their own side is gradually decreasing.

Qi Shiqin roared: "Zhou Ling, what are Chen Mingyuan and the others doing, did they give the soldiers the antidote?"

Qi Shiqin was extremely distressed to see that many people lost their lives because they couldn't even use their strength.

Zhou Ling: "General, the time is too short, and there is no time for the effect of the medicine."

I don't know how long it took, Qi Shiqin stood at the gate of the city and wiped out the enemy forces that had not yet entered. Lin Quan panted and hit him all the way, back to back, fighting for some time to recover.

Lin Quan breathed heavily, and said: "Little Liu, this time I'm tired of you, I…I escorted you away. You still have husband and son in your house, so you can't just die here. And my mother, just take care of you. Up."

He regretted that he had sent Zhou Ling to call Qi Shiqin. It was obvious that his family lived so happily.

"You don't fart." Qi Shiqin made a rare swear word. With so many supplements, he didn't actually consume too much energy. "Don't be squeaky, hurry up and finish it. We have to go back to eat at night. For dinner, I am a little hungry now."

Well, it should be time for lunch now.

Lin Quan smiled and said loudly, "Okay, then let's go crazy. A good companion on Huangquan Road."

Qi Shiqin is another sweep, taking away a few lives, "If you want to die, you die by yourself, I don't bother to accompany you."

After that, the two people were completely red eyes. When Qi Shiqin was replenishing his own energy, he also separated a trace of spiritual power on Lin Quan's body. The continuous breath of life made his whole body full of strength, so that he would not be exhausted. .

Lin Quan only regarded himself as the more courageous in the war, with someone accompanying him, which aroused the potential of the body without the slightest doubt.

The fierceness of the two door gods made the soldiers of the Kingdom of Jin cringe, and they did not dare to come forward. Many simply detour long distances and climb over the city walls with ladders. To a certain extent, Da Zhou will buy some time.

The strength of Da Zhou in the city was gradually recovering, at least he wouldn't just die without resistance.

"Princess Qiqi, there are two generals at the entrance of the enemy city. They are very brave. Our troops can't directly enter." A small soldier knelt on one knee toward Ashina.

"What?" Ashina asked in surprise, "Who are the two?"

Xiaobing: "It's the two generals who were originally famous in the northwest."

When Qi Shiqin came to the northwest, because of his good relationship with Lin Quan, Ding Yuanhou often sent the two of them out together, so he had some reputation.

Ashina said angrily: "Is there no one in Jin Guo who can deal with them? Let Helianping go."

"Princess." The soldier said a little embarrassed: "But General Helian and General Zhang have been killed by them. Now no one dares to face them directly." The only thing is to use the human sea tactics to consume. The key is still not exhausted. Finish.

"I'll go." Seeing Ashina's worry, Cheng Xiujie took the initiative to stand up.

Ashina looked at him hesitantly, "Xiujie, you don't have to force yourself so hard, we will just retreat." But after all, it is impossible to retreat, and finally there is such a good opportunity.

Cheng Xiujie waved his hand and walked out without speaking.

Seeing the coach coming, the surrounding soldiers walked away. Lin Quan raised his eyes and saw Cheng Xiujie riding a horse and holding weapons. He said, "Cousin? Are you really taking refuge in the Kingdom of Jin?"

"I'm also forced to be helpless." Cheng Xiujie said: "Cousin, you can't win by yourself, so let's fight against it together. You can still be your general when you arrive in the Kingdom of Jin."

"Heh." Lin Quan laughed disdainfully, and raised the long gun in his hand, "Stop talking, come on." He hadn't planned to ruin his father's wiseness yet, and didn't want to talk to this cousin again. Going on, it doesn't make sense to say more.

Cheng Xiujie hesitated for a while, then rode his horse forward, and the two fought together. Speaking of martial arts, Cheng Xiujie is really not bad, they are equally matched. Moreover, he is a person who is both civil and military, and he is more good at arranging troops, at least in this respect slightly better than Qi Shiqin and Lin Quan.

There was no one around to beat him, so Qi Shiqin stopped and watched them beat him.

At the same time, he was not idle. Lin Quan had been fighting on the battlefield for a long time. Even if he was watching over him, his mind was already exhausted. If he didn't help cheat now, he was just looking at people for death.

Cheng Xiujie was a little surprised that Lin Quan still had the strength to fight him for so long, and after a little change in her mind, she became more focused.

As for Lin Quan, although there was no major physical problem, he was exhausted, and the other party had an advantage in fighting immediately, and he was a little stupefied. Cheng Xiujie seized the flaw and went straight to the door of his heart. When death really came, Lin Quan's mind went blank, his eyes didn't blink, and his body was stiff and cold.

However, this long mace has not fallen for a long time.

He looked at Cheng Xiujie, and saw that the other party lowered his head unbelievably, and a long gun pierced his heart. Lin Quan looked back over him, and Qi Shiqin was smiling at him and showing two rows of big white teeth.

He also smiled unconsciously, unable to return to God for a long time.

He doesn't want to die! At the moment he was about to die, Lin Quan understood this truth.

He still has an old wife waiting at home, his wife hasn't married yet, and he hasn't touched a woman in his life. He has to live well and have a lot of children in the future to be considered complete.

"Hey." Lin Quan shouted with a smile, "Let's kill these barbarians together."

"it is good."

The death of Cheng Xiujie made Ashina completely mad. She ordered the soldiers to kill Qi Shiqin and Lin Quan, and she would never die!

This is a good way to reduce the pressure in the city. Qi Shiqin was reaping his life while thinking distractedly. Until now, he had formed a conditioned reflex. Basically, he didn't need to think, and he did it automatically.

The battle lasted for several days and nights.

In the Golden State Barracks, the second prince said with a sullen face: "Mingjin retreat!"

"No! I don't agree." Ashina's eyes were red, "Let them continue to kill me, but only two people. After these days, they should also fall."

In fact, it was almost the same. Both of them couldn't stand it a long time ago, and they were all supported by a will.

The second prince sneered, "You disagree, why do you disagree? Ashina, you still have to think about how to go back and explain to the emperor." The hundreds of thousands of troops that were taken out were only a little bit left.

That's good. With this scene, Ashina will have a lot more difficulty to win the throne.

Then under the order of the second prince, Jin Guo withdrew from the battlefield.

Standing on the sea of ​​blood on the corpse mountain, Qi Shiqin staggered and fell down as he watched the crowd receding. It wasn't that he was too tired to support it, but that he suddenly drew too much energy. He had been suppressed before, and he couldn't control it as soon as he relaxed, and earth-shaking changes began in his body.

Soon, soldiers came and carried the two of them back.

In the Hou Mansion, when Wei Jingshu saw Qi Shiqin who was unconscious, tears fell down, and he had to direct people to put his husband into the house properly.

He couldn't wait for the doctor to arrive, so he cried forward and pulled clean clothes, soaked the veil with clean water to treat the wound. He has learnt from others these days, and it really comes in handy.

"By the way, hurry up and call Xiao Ge over." He remembered that this eldest son seemed to have studied medicine very well.

Qi Ge heard that his father was carried back, and he ran over immediately. The worry in his heart was no less than that of anyone. He wanted to run to the battlefield to find someone.

After taking the pulse, Qi Ge said unsurely: "Father… he seems to be asleep."

"How is it possible?" Wei Jingshu said: "You see that he has so many wounds on his body, and his blood has turned black." He was anxious, seeing the doctor at the door hurriedly got up to meet him, "Doctor, come and see my husband. What's going on?"

Doctor Zhang took the pulse and changed his hand again, "Hey~ this is also surprising. The general seems to be just too tired. He is asleep now, and it's okay to wait for a long time to rest." It's been a few days and nights. It's a great fortune for me. .

"However, the general's arm is overused, and he may feel sore and weak after waking up. It is better to give him more massage."

Wei Jingshu asked about the method, and sent the doctor away after learning. He stayed in the room for the next half day, scrubbed Qi Shiqin clean, and changed his clothes. According to the doctor's orders, he gave people a massage. Qi Ge and Lin Yan also come here from time to time to see when Dad wakes up.

At night, he was lying on the bed, holding Qi Shiqin's arm with both hands pitifully, and there seemed to be tears in the corners of his eyes, and fell asleep with his head next to his arm.


The author has something to say: The setting is that Wei Jingshu stays in Yecheng, which is quite far away from the barracks. Every time the hero and Lin Quan go back, they ride horses. Yecheng also has military strength, but it is relatively weak. Then, if Jin Guo wanted to take Yecheng, he had to pass the previous hurdle first.

The battle was written quite simple and rude, but in fact it was pretty good. I wrote that the battlefield is easy to get stuck, and I actually squeezed so many chapters out.

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