Qi Shiqin woke up after sleeping for more than half a month. When he opened his eyes, Wei Jingshu was holding a small spoon and feeding him liquid food intently.

"Are you awake?" Wei Jingshu suddenly saw those dark eyes looking at him, couldn't help crying with joy, and pounced on him: "You bad guy, don't you know how sad I am these days? I thought you couldn't wake up like this. coming."

Wei Jingshu's voice choked and said, as if he was about to release all his grievances and fears for so long, he cried more and more loudly.

In his heart, the most important thing is his mother-in-law and Qi Shiqin, and even now, Qi Shiqin's weight is heavier.

His heart is small and not that strong. If Qi Shiqin really didn't wake up, he wouldn't know what he would do. A child can live well without him, but he cannot live without Qi Shiqin.

Qi Shiqin stroked his soft black hair with a big hand, patted his back, raised his head and kissed the top of his head: "I'm awake, don't cry, my stomach is hungry, on the first day I was thinking about coming back for dinner during the war."

Wei Jingshu hurriedly sat up, wiped away tears with the back of his hand, and said, "You have been asleep for half a month. How could you not be hungry? I will bring you porridge again."

The ones he had fed Qi Shiqin before were not very useful, but they didn't let his body lack water.

"Okay, take more." Qi Shiqin smiled and watched Wei Jingshu walk out quickly.

After Wei Jingshu completely disappeared from his sight, he closed his eyes for a moment and felt the abnormal changes in his body. Only one step away, he knew in a deep breath that a little more would be a qualitative leap, and he would reach another level.

And this step, let Jin Guo fill it up.

Soon, Wei Jingshu returned with the porridge.

Qi Shiqin looked at him helplessly and said, "Actually, I can eat by myself, my body is not so bad."

"No." Wei Jingshu immediately rejected him. Not to mention whether Qi Shiqin really needs care, just watching the omnipotent person in the past just lie on the bed and take care of him, it is kind of unspeakable!

"Open your mouth." Wei Jingshu put the spoon to Qi Shiqin's mouth, and Qi Shiqin had no choice but to obediently accept it.

Not to mention, it's very comfortable to be served by someone.

After being forced to rest in bed for a day, Qi Shiqin had to go to the ground. He hadn't seen the situation in the barracks with his own eyes, so he was absolutely uneasy. The next day, he and Lin Quan rode to the outside of the city.

Lin Quan woke up a few days earlier than he did, but he didn't feel well after waking up. He couldn't lift his arms at all, his legs were stiff, and he was able to get well after being massaged and taking medicine.

The green leaves on both sides of the road ran farther back. Lin Quan endured it or couldn't hold it back, and he stammered and asked: "Little Liu, that day…I…in my body always…I feel like I can't use up my energy, you, you……"

He has always been diligent in martial arts, and he can endure hardships, but that was a few days, and Lin Quan didn't think he could really survive it. And the only possibility is…

Qi Shiqin avoided this question, but said: "Let's hurry up." Then he drove away quickly.

Lin Quan was stunned, is this a default? Seeing the man running away, he hurriedly followed up.

In the barracks.

Along the way, Qi Shiqin found countless reverent and awe-inspiring eyes. The soldiers secretly looked at him, but when he looked over, those people shuddered and pretended that nothing happened.

Qi Shiqin frowned, "They seem to be… afraid of me?" Is there a mistake! They all belong to one country, so what's to be afraid of.

Lin Quan, who was catching up, said with a grin: "Don't you think that you are more sullen? Those eyes, one pair of eyes, scared people want to pee their pants." Killing tens of thousands of people is really different. But he doesn't seem to have changed much!

"Stop making trouble."

Lin Quan was dissatisfied, "I didn't make trouble. Seriously, it's okay for you at home, especially when you arrive at the barracks. When your face becomes cold, even I feel a little worried."

Qi Shiqin looked indifferent, "I don't see how worried you are." Obviously, he was still scornful.

"I have an extraordinary talent." Lin Quan brazenly praised himself, "However, we have done a great job this time. Now the people in Yecheng like us very much. The storyteller in the teahouse praised us as heaven. There is something underground, and I blush when I hear it."

"There are still some scripts, but the words are even more powerful. What is the wave of the hand, the world is pale, thunder is bursting, I don't know when you will attract rain."

Qi Shiqin directly ignored his tricks and asked: "Could Chen Mingyuan just let our prestige rise like this?"

This shouldn't be!

Lin Quan shook his head: "These are all real things. What can he do? Jin Guo calls you as the devil. No matter how powerful he is, he can block people's mouth, and the Northwest can be regarded as us. He can't do much in such a short time.

Besides, we are very lucky. From then on, they probably couldn't compete with us. "

This is also true, Qi Shiqin nodded in approval.

Until now, Chen Mingyuan hated his son's gluttony. It was obvious that everyone was looking for a restaurant to eat out these days, but he was hungry, so he went to eat with the soldiers again. It's just such a coincidence, a missed opportunity.

When it comes to eating, Chen Shi is not picky about eating. Whether it is elaborate delicacies or large pots of rice, he has a great appetite for eating.

Of course, the result is that Chen Shi's recovery is slower than ordinary people, and although he is extremely powerful, but in the category of normal people, Chen Shi can't persist for several days like two people. The mental insufficiency is also destined to make Chen Shi unable to feel sorry for the lives of other people. He slapped and rested several times to find some food to eat.

At this critical moment, life is at stake. If Chen Mingyuan hadn't carried him around, Chen Shi's reputation would have gone wrong.

After entering the main account of daily affairs, Lin Quan was surprised to see a man with a moustache. He cried, "Uncle Qin, when did you come back?"

An expression of joy spread unabashedly on his face, and Lin Quan rushed over and hugged the man, expressing his excitement.

Seeing this thin middle-aged man, Qi Shiqin breathed a sigh of relief without even noticing it. He also smiled slightly and stepped forward and said, "Uncle Qin, you are finally back."

Qin Yun, almost forty years old, was a military division in the Northwest Army and had been with Ding Yuanhou for many years. Some time ago, I left because of some personal affairs, but I only returned now.

Qin Yun patted the shoulders of the two juniors, and said, "I just arrived a few days ago. I have heard about your affairs. They are all good, and I didn't shame Master Hou." He quickly understood after returning. In the situation of the two little guys, after working here for a few days, they didn't look for them first.

The two of them instantly figured it out, presumably the uncle's handwriting should have been the rumor that was spreading in the city.

Chen Mingyuan and others have been standing not far away watching them renew the past, and when they were almost done, he stood up and said, "Since I'm back, let's take a look at this imperial decree."

As early as the beginning of the battle, Yecheng continued to send the battle to the court, and Yuan Zong was a staunch leader, he opposed all dissenting opinions and asked Qi Shiqin to destroy the Kingdom of Jin and promote the prestige of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

It was this imperial decree that made Chen Mingyuan choose to quiet down temporarily, and the timing was wrong. His trump card is the child born to the daughter in the palace, and the prince gradually grows up. Regarding that position, he has to plan carefully.

This year, Da Zhou formally attacked the Kingdom of Jin. The winter was forced to cease the war due to the cold. After a year and seven months, the Northwest Army captured the capital of the Kingdom of Jin.

But Lin Quan finally killed his father and his enemy, and the second prince of the Kingdom of Jin was killed by him while fleeing in fear. Looking at the head of the enemy in his hand, Lin Quan's eyes were a little red. It was such a useless attack and let his father die by shooting arrows.

How ridiculous, how worthless.

Qi Shiqin stood beside him, silently expressing his comfort. There was constant fighting around, and Lin Quan quickly recovered his calm, saying: "I'm fine for a long time, but my emotions are suddenly out of control. The war hasn't really ended yet, let's go."

In the Palace of the Kingdom of Jin, there were maids and slaves fleeing everywhere, and these were all killed by the Da Zhou soldiers who came across them. When they came to the hall, the old emperor of the Kingdom of Jin drank poisoned wine and barely kept a trace for himself. dignity.

The grand hall is magnificent, and the leisurely sentiment that he liked to visit all over the world in his previous life is still preserved in Qi Shiqin's heart. He looked at the palace in a somewhat different style from Da Zhou with a little admiration.

Suddenly, a dagger slammed into his heart from the curtain, and Qi Shiqin moved away neatly. After a miss, Ashina rushed forward again. The distance was too close for Qi Shiqin to use weapons. He seized the opportunity to pinch Ashina's wrist and closed his fingers.

"Ah ah ah ah ah!" screams sounded in the empty hall.

Ashina looked at Qi Shiqin with resentment, "You devil, one day…er, err…" She covered her throat with her hand, and the unbelievable look in her eyes was the same as before the lover's death.

Qi Shiqin didn't let her finish her sentence, and didn't want to hear people curse him.

The wealth of the Kingdom of Jin was a little unexpected. They found a lot of good things. According to the old rule, they took some of their favorites, the soldiers kept some, and the rest were turned over to the treasury.

Yuan Zong received the military report, and directly issued the imperial decree to make Lin Quan the king of Zhenxi, taking over his father's legacy to guard the northwest. The people of the Kingdom of Jin are still there, and the road to assimilation is still long. However, Lin Quan has grown a lot in the past year, and with the assistance of military master Qin Yun, it is not a problem to cope with this.

As for Qi Shiqin, he had to escort these properties and Chen Mingyuan back to Beijing to recover his Ming, and only then could he reward him with merits.


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