When the war was over, Qi Shiqin and Chen Mingyuan and others returned to Beijing to face the saint. He did not bring Wei Jingshu, but kept three children with his little husband here.

Men are born with a desire to make meritorious deeds. This time of fighting, Qi Shiqin's inner ambition gradually rises. He likes a plain and warm life, but occasionally wants to kill unscrupulously and do whatever he wants.

When a drop of blood was sprayed from the wound, it bloomed freely in the air into a happy flower, dyed the red tassel on the gun, and his blood became excited involuntarily.

However, Qi Shiqin has an absolute bottom line and principles. He will not use his skills to harm innocent people. If a person is unconstrained and lacks moral standards, then it is despised. But on the battlefield, this is an absolute platform that can satisfy all his desires and hopes without being condemned by his conscience.

Precisely because he didn't want to go home to farm and teach, he kept Wei Jingshu here and waited for him to return.


Qi Shiqin, who returned to the capital, was favored by the emperor. Although the expression on Yuan Zong's face did not change particularly, it was still a dead face, but Grandpa Zhang, who had been serving the emperor since he was a child, was able to raise his hands and feet to express that he saw his assistant After the National General, the emperor's mood improved a lot.

No, I have to send people to the palace every day to talk, so I have to leave them overnight.

Qi Shiqin probably realized something from the fragmentary conversations of the emperor.

Not long after, news came from the south that several neighboring countries united to fight Da Zhou. This is not surprising. In the past, there were often frictions between countries, but generally after the people were beaten to the ground, the other party would seek peace, and then the defeated country would offer tribute to the victorious country every year.

But this time in the Great Zhou Dynasty, a country was directly wiped out. The vigorous and vigorous style aroused the vigilance of the small neighboring countries, and they worried that they would be the next golden country.

Leaving aside this, even if Da Zhou didn't plan to attack them immediately, the small neighboring countries wouldn't want to watch the country around him expand. Thinking about getting a piece of the pie.

It is said to be a small country, but there are also two middle-sized countries among them. The combined forces are quite large, and it is not easy for Da Zhou to resist.

The military force in the south is mainly in charge of the General Marshal of the World Soldiers and Horses, who is also Yuan Zong's uncle Yuan Cheng. But now that he is old, and I don't know how many years he can hold on, Yuan Zong has been looking for another way since he was in the top position.

Soon, Qi Shiqin was sent to the south by Yuan Zong to assist Yuan Cheng. Although his official rank was not low, but his age was too young, Yuan Cheng's qualifications and merits were enough to overwhelm him. What's more, this matter was originally used by Yuan Zong to train him, and Qi Shiqin was not unhappy.

And what arrived at Lucheng (where Yuan Cheng was) earlier than Qi Shiqin was a letter sent from the capital.

Yuan Cheng took the secret letter and looked at the content, but there was no emotion on his face.

In fact, Yuan Zong had recommended this person to him as early as a year ago, and he was also tempted in his words. Simply Yuan Cheng is not a person who is greedy for power. He has always controlled a large number of military powers just to ensure that Jiangshan belongs to his Yuan family. He doesn't care who is sitting on the throne, as long as it is their Yuan family.

He sighed, people have to get old, and in the past two years he can always feel his body slowly declining.

Lets see.

Therefore, after Qi Shiqin came here, it was quite subtle to discover that the old general had raised his nose and eyes on the one hand, but on the other hand he had been teaching him with great care. Adhering to the tradition of respecting the old and loving the young, Qi Shiqin said that he should not care about the elderly in general.

Yuan Cheng was faintly relieved when he discovered that Qi Shiqin was not the kind of greedy person with uncomfortable ambitions. Gradually, the old and the young get along more and more harmoniously. The only thing that makes Yuan Cheng feel uncomfortable is that every time he asks questions to test each other, people treat him like a naive child.

It's simply outrageous.

Time passed quickly, and Wei Jingshu was escorted by Qi Shiqin's soldiers in Yecheng. The war continued. Within two years, Yuan Cheng's body was gradually aging until he passed away. After that, Qi Shiqin took over Yuan Cheng's military power, repelled Liang, Fang, Ji and other countries, and his prestige in the Great Zhou was increasing day by day. The soldiers around him were also distributed in several large cities to the south.

Ten years later, Emperor Yuan Zong decreed to invite Qi Shiqin to return to Beijing.

On the official road, a carriage slowly moved forward, and the man who was sitting outside was wearing a straw hat, which made people look down on his face.

In a short while, a brother with a look and temperament that few in the world could compare came out. Wei Jingshu took two handkerchiefs and placed them on the car panel. Only then did he find a comfortable position to sit down. He leaned on Qi Shiqin's shoulder and asked worriedly: "It's so dangerous outside. I don't know Xiao Ge and How is Guoguo now?"

Guoguo is only ten years old, and Xiao Ge is only sixteen. These days, he has been worried that his children can't find food, that his money bag has been stolen, that he would be drugged while staying in an inn, be bullied, etc.

Qi Shiqin calmly said: "It's okay, they must be fine." After asking too many questions, it is difficult for him to comfort Xiao Fulang with full of affection.

Wei Jingshu said again, "Why don't you care about your children at all when you're a father? I told them a long time ago. Let them go with us. You must disagree. With three children, Guoguo is just like a three-legged cat, Xiao Yanye. Almost. Do you know how sinister the rivers and lakes are? There are so many bandits and bandits, what should I do if I take Xiaoyan away?" Such a good daughter-in-law flew away.

Yes, Lin Yan is actually a brother. In fact, there are situations in this world where the gender is not obvious when you are young, and it only becomes apparent after you grow up, but it is very rare.

He accepted the change of Lin Yan's status quite quickly. People of the same S*x always have more common language.

What's more, this child has been very well-behaved since he was a child, especially listening to him.

After all these years, Wei Jingshu has been so squeamish and innocent. It is only his inner thought to let Lin Yan be his daughter-in-law. After all, the child is good-looking and treats him well, so of course he has a great affection.

Apart from telling Qi Shiqin about this kind of thinking, he also didn't tell Qi Ge that children have their own choices. But this does not prevent him from yelling at his husband.

Qi Shiqin was helpless, "Just put a hundred minds on it, Xiao Ge's arena is rich in experience and won't be tricked, they can protect themselves. And…" He seriously looked at Wei Jingshu who was pouting, and said: "Look less at the textbook, the imagination is too rich. After reading it for so many years, isn't it not tired?"

At this time, Qi Shiqin's most incomprehensible question, but Wei Jingshu immediately replied: "But the script is very interesting. The creators often have new settings, which are not boring at all. And you, I'm busy all day long. , Don't accompany me too much."

"Don't I always accompany you? Besides, there are three children with me." Qi Shiqin said.

"How can it be the same? Besides, do you stay with me every day? Every time I fight, I don't even bother to return home. I can't sleep well at night, for fear of you having problems…" Wei Jingshu complained. When it comes to this, he has countless things to say. He didn't dare to say it at first, because he was afraid that it would be too exhausting for people to run around. Now it is finally over.

Qi Shiqin shut up, what he knew, the first two years to the south was indeed hard work for Wei Jingshu. He took Wei Jingshu's shoulder with one hand, kissed his lips, and stuck his tongue in to entangle him.

Wei Jingshu's beautiful face was dyed with a pale pink, and he muttered dissatisfiedly: "It's so annoying to perfuse me like this every time."

"I didn't perfuse you, I just wanted to kiss you." Qi Shiqin lowered his voice, biting his white and tender earlobe, "Why, don't you kiss you?"

Now his face was completely red, and his ears were red, and he stammered: "No…no. You…you are too much." Wei Jingshu raised his head, rather irritated, "This is outside." Well, if I was seen!"

Any more teasing would make people angry. Qi Shiqin didn't get tangled up and kissed anymore, only said: "No one on this road, when did you see me steal your kiss?"

It is not true, Wei Jingshu thought so. Then he realized that he was being led astray, and he bit Qi Shiqin's arm bitterly, "Speak well, and I will ignore you if you make trouble."

This person is really true. He blushes himself every time. He didn't think about revenge, but he was the one who cried in the end. When Qi Shiqin couldn't bear the temptation and bewilderment, he threw him on the bed, and then his whole body fell down, his strength seemed to resist even if he wanted to struggle.

There was a faint sound of people talking in front of him, and Qi Shiqin quickly sat down, pretending to be okay. Wei Jingshu returned to the carriage with his face that had not yet erased its fresh color.

His childhood education made him dislike seeing strangers.

Along the way, Qi Shiqin took Wei Jingshu to the famous mountains and beautiful waters that passed by and visited the Buddhist temples. He was just like this, and it took him twice as long to return to the capital.

Yuan Zong looked at the person who was kneeling on one knee not far from the desk, his eyes narrowed, and after looking at it for a long time, he said, "Get up."

"Xie Emperor."

Yuan Zong: "Why did you come back so late?" It is obvious that the imperial decree was passed on so early, and it should have arrived long ago.

Qi Shiqin was not frightened by him, and replied: "The minister remembered that he had sent a letter to the emperor that he was going to travel with Fulang, and he would come back later. Over the years, he stayed there with me, too hard. Now, the minister is overwhelmed, so he can simply take advantage of this opportunity to take a good look at the beauty of the world."

Is there such a thing? Yuan Zong said that he had forgotten everything. He glanced at the little eunuch behind him, and the little eunuch nodded slightly, indicating that this was the case.

Yuan Zongcai slightly joked: "I don't think it is your husband who wants to play everywhere, but you want to play." He still remembered that year.

Qi Shiqin smiled and said: "I didn't expect the saint to remember this little hobby of the minister. It is really a kind of enjoyment to walk occasionally to see this vast world."


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