After some conversation, Yuan Zong let Qi Shiqin leave. He sighed when he finally walked away.

Zhang Kuan stepped forward to study ink for the emperor, and said in a slightly shrill voice: "Why is your Majesty so worried?"

"Hey." Yuan Zong's eyes rarely showed different expressions. He didn't answer, and Zhang Kuan stepped back consciously and stopped making a sound, leaving a quiet environment for the emperor.

After ten years is too long, people will change. The emperor was suspicious, even if he believed in petting Qi Shiqin before, but in such a long time, as Qi Shiqin's power gradually grew and his fame reached the peak among the people, he began to feel jealous in his heart.

Especially when he realized that this army had almost become Qi Shiqin's personal army, he began to worry about the position under his buttocks and worried about raising tigers.

That's why he chose to call Qi Shiqin back to Beijing.

In the conversation just now, Yuan Zong noticed that Qi Shiqin had changed a lot. His whole body was so biting that he didn't seem to be succumbing to others, and his dark eyes were dark and dark, making people unable to see the depths. It seems less straightforward and easy to understand before.

After thinking about so much, attributing to the root cause is nothing more than merits overshadowing.

The sun was getting higher, and when Qi Shiqin went out of the palace, the big sun was shining enthusiastically on the earth. He stretched his waist towards the sky. He didn't know that the emperor's inner drama was so full, and he thought about it all at once.

On the one hand, his appearance was taught by Yuan Chengtiao, and on the other, he was forced to start learning to be on his own. It was not easy for people to understand his emotions, and it was easier to shock the soldiers.

Too soft and not good.

Besides, he himself was cold temperament, plus he spent ten years in the battlefield, a place where he was accustomed to life and death, and he would change a little bit.

"Eh, it's you?" Chen Shi looked at someone's back quite familiarly from afar, and rushed over, and said cheerfully, "Where is your beautiful daughter-in-law?"

Qi Shiqin smiled when he saw it, but he didn't expect this stupid big man to remember Wei Jingshu. Thinking of Chen Yi's expression when he ran to the Hou Mansion to propose a marriage, he couldn't hold back a smile when he learned that she was his wife.

Qi Shiqin was not disgusted with Chen Shi, a really childlike person. He said, "He is at home."

Chen Shi suddenly became happy, his face seemed to light up, "Then can I go and play with him?" This is the best-looking person he has ever seen. Even if people ignore him, he feels happy to look at him. .

Chen Yi's face turned black when he couldn't help but Chen Shi couldn't notice the depression of his elder brother at all.

Qi Shiqin shook his head pretentiously, "No, he wants to play with me, not with you."

"No, no, no." Chen Shi jumped anxiously. "You can't fight with me. You have been with him for so long, so you can give me a little time to disagree and I will not do it." Then he hesitated again. Added a sentence: "Why don't I go to see you guys play?"

Qi Shiqin almost laughed. He pointed to the side and said: "Look at your brother's face, he doesn't agree with you to go, you have to be obedient."

Chen Shi obediently turned his face to look at his brother. Chen Yiqi's mouth was a little crooked. He gritted his teeth and said: "It's okay, you go, I'll go with you. It happened that I haven't seen General Qi for a long time. ."

His brother's mind was pure and straightforward and said that it was okay to see his wife, but he couldn't do that. Chen Yi still understands this.

He didn't even think about making trouble for himself. Today is different from the past.

Now it was Qi Shiqin's turn to change his face. He didn't expect that Chen Yi could be so shameless, as long as he took two people home with a stinky face. Of course, Chen Shi lived up to his name as a big idiot. He couldn't tell that his face was bad, and he was still humming his own little tune.

The indiscriminate attack skills make the slip as always.

After entering the mansion, Chen Shi yelled to find someone, "Hurry up, hurry up, where is it?"

Qi Shiqin took him around the garden and walked in. Wei Jingshu was setting up a grape trellis with people. Seeing Qi Shiqin came back, he raised his head and smiled brightly, "You are back, come and take a look." He just planted the vines. Yes, when the next spring comes, it will be full of shelves.

Looking at the people behind Qi Shiqin again, Wei Jingshu was about to say hello, and Chen Shi rushed over and asked, "Do you remember me? We met it back then." He reminded anxiously: "It's in the temple."

Wei Jingshu was taken aback for a while, staring at the people for a long time, and then said for a long time: "Oh-it's you, I remember." He actually didn't have any impression. It's been ten years. How could he still remember it, just this guy. Stupid and looking forward to it, his eyes are clean, he is not very good at telling the truth.

Chen Shi was not happy after hearing it, his face was full of smirks, "Just remember, just remember, I will let him take me over to play, I want to play with you."

"Why do you want to play with me?" Wei Jingshu was puzzled. It's like someone who knows you well.

Qi Shiqin stepped forward and embraced Wei Jingshu and walked over there: "Leave him alone, are you done?"

"It's almost there." Wei Jingshu ignored Chen Shi and looked up at his profile. Qi Shiqin looked down at Wei Jingshu. From this angle, he was extremely attractive. Thinking of the two light bulbs behind him, he regretfully stopped his thoughts of wanting to kiss him.

This vine is very strong, and it is wrapped around a tall wooden stake. Wei Jingshu thinks that there will be a large shady place here in the future, and the sun will shine through the cracks, and he will feel happy in his heart. Of course, the most important thing is a bunch of round and plump purple grapes. The taste is the most important thing.

Following Qi Shiqin's years in the south, Wei Jingshu gradually let go of the reservedness of the official son. Originally, he was raising some flowers and plants, but Qi Shiqin disliked him because he occupied space and couldn't eat anything. Maybe he had listened too much, and he gradually felt the same way.

No one in the family would have any opinions about this, and he would not feel that he was deprived of his status, so he started planting fruit trees with enthusiasm.

Of course, the heavy work is done by the subordinate, he just wants to feel the fun in it. When there are fruits on the branches, that kind of joy is even more unspeakable.


When the two brothers of the Chen family were finally sent away, Qi Shiqin also began to discuss with Wei Jingshu, "When tomorrow is the birthday banquet of the Queen Mother, you can prepare the gift."

Wei Jing said: "Tomorrow? This is too sudden, right?" It was only two days after they came back.

Qi Shiqin said: "We are just in time. There will be a dinner tomorrow. You can see what clothes you are going to wear. As for the gifts, go to the warehouse to find them." Some of his things have already been sent back. From that moment, Qi Shiqin knew that his chances of going to the battlefield were slim.

Seeing Wei Jingshu's nervous expression, Qi Shiqin laughed and said, "Is it that serious? Isn't it just going to a banquet with a nice dress? Don't you hold it often yourself."

"Can this be the same?" Wei Jingshu retorted irritably.

That's the Queen Mother.

"If you don't know what gifts to give, just pick those valuable and meaningful gifts, it should be almost the same. Besides, the queen mother is fine and won't talk to you, and she doesn't know you."

Hearing Qi Shiqin's words, Wei Jingshu was relieved.

The next night, I entered the palace.


The author has something to say: It's going to explode, conspiracy, conspiracy and trickery! I can't think of it at all, I only know what the result should be, Cavinka's dying.

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