The spring night was still a little bit cool, Wei Jingshu followed Qi Shiqin, and the maid led them to the seat. In recent years, Qi Shiqin's official position has been promoted, and it has reached a point where there is nothing to be promoted. He ranks first among military attaches, and his seat is naturally the first.

At this time, the Empress Dowager did not arrive, and the officials all spoke together in groups. Although he is not familiar with these people, being in a high position has such a little advantage. People in a low position will choose to come over and talk to him for a few words without appearing isolated.

Suddenly, a smiling voice came in, "Isn't this General Qi? It's been a long time since I saw it." A look of nostalgia appeared on the person's face, "I think when I first saw the general, the general was just a weak character. Scholar, there is no concealment of arrogance in his eyes. Nowadays, it has really changed a lot."

But still the same, it ignited his keen interest at a glance.

An official who was chatting with Qi Shiqin looked back at King Ping and quickly gave up his position.

Yuan Ping's eyes did not hide his strong desire. Qi Shiqin frowned in disgust, and cried out flatly: "Lord."

This person was the one who saw the good of the people at the beginning, so he took Qi Shiqin, who had come to Beijing to participate in the exam, into the mansion. The big prince who wanted to do something wrong was finally hit by Qi Shiqin. Then Yuan Ping might think that someone dared to commit the crime. It was so special!

Then he broke Qi Shiqin's legs. As a result, he was decadent for three years. He returned to the village and was criticized and his reputation changed.

Yuan Ping pretended not to see Qi Shiqin's unwelcome, he looked at Wei Jingshu, and asked in a frivolous tone: "This is the husband you married. The long one is pretty good."

Qi Shiqin stepped forward slightly to cover Wei Jingshu's face. He knew that the prince was a greedy and lustful rascal, and said with a grim expression: "The prince, please respect yourself."

Seeing Yuan Ping shaking his fan and still talking, Qi Shiqin sneered, "The prince's grace of broken leg back then is not memorable by the minister."

Yuan Ping's hand stiffened, and he felt a little upset in his heart. Who would have thought that in just a few days back then, he was actually a little concerned.

After Qi Shiqin finished speaking, he took Wei Jingshu and left, with an ugly expression on his face. Wei Jingshu pulled his sleeves a little worried: "Is it all right?"

Qi Shiqin replied, "It's okay. He is just a prince with no real power and can't do much." It's me, I should always settle the accounts of the year, and think about the bone pain and the end of the future when the leg was broken. With ruined despair, Qi Shiqin's eyes were cold.

The treacherous air pressure did not scare Wei Jingshu. He leaned against Qi Shiqin and snuggled in his arms. This action made Qi Shiqin smile at the corners of his mouth and walked in the garden for a while. It was estimated that the banquet was about to begin, and the two returned back.

"The empress dowager arrives, the emperor arrives." Everyone saluted.

"Zhongqing's family is flat, sit down, don't be too restrained." The queen mother said kindly with a kind smile on her face.

"Thank the Queen Mother."

After the presents and birthdays, it's time for performances. Everyone was enjoying singing and dancing, drinking small wine, and it was a happy scene for a time.

In the gap between a group of dancers, the emperor sitting in the upper position suddenly said: "General Qi."

Qi Shiqin hurriedly got up and saluted: "The minister is here."

"Today is the Queen Mother's birthday banquet. General Qi does not need to be polite." The emperor waved his hand to sit down and asked: "I heard that the general is only with one person by his side. It is inevitable to be lonely. I have a sister, Princess Tianluo, who is very beautiful. , The talent is not inferior to others, it is better for me to betroth her to you."

Yuan Zong thought for a long time and felt that this method was very good. He admired Qi Shiqin very much. If he became a member of his royal family, he would be more at ease.

"The minister is terrified." There were two people who knelt down. Qi Shiqin shied away: "When the minister asked to marry the Wei family, he promised that he would only be good to him in his life, and the man would believe in what he said. The identity of the princess Tianluo Noble, I am afraid that the minister is not worthy of the princess."

This is not a panic. Every time the two of them talked about love, he even made a reservation for the next life.

Yuan Zong still didn't give up his own thoughts, "General Qi has guarded the mountains and rivers for my Great Zhou for more than ten years. He is a well-deserved hero. A hero is just a beautiful person. Could it be that the general wants to resist the decree."

Hearing the emperor's tone becoming a little dangerous, Wei Jingshu's heart trembled, and subconsciously tilted his head slightly to look at his husband, his fingers trembling slightly.

Qi Shiqin shook his hand without looking back, with a resolute expression, "The minister is enough to have this person in this life, and ask the emperor to take it back and die."

The crows turned silent, and even the chopsticks fell on the ground. Yuan Zongqiang held back his anger, "Okay, that's it, don't talk about it anymore." He looked away and looked into the field. The singer-songwriter who was waiting on the side continued to perform the show tremblingly with her piano in her arms.

Qi Shiqin pulled Wei Jingshu back to his seat, clutching his cold fingers, Qi Shiqin whispered: "Don't be afraid, I will solve it."

Wei Jingshu's fingers curled up unconsciously, and for a long time he said with difficulty: "Don't hit the emperor too much, if, if it really doesn't work…" In the end he still didn't say that sentence, he didn't want people to get in. The two-person world, "How about we go home and return to Yuecheng, we are not generals anymore."

I have to say that these words of Wei Jingshu made Qi Shiqin seem to understand something. Yuan Zong left him a very good impression. When he came back, the emperor was also a good person, so that Qi Shiqin was stunned that he didn't understand what he was doing today. It suddenly changed.

He touched Wei Jingshu's hair and calmed him with a warm smile, "Well, I'll go and tell the emperor later, when we go back, we will also plant some vines in the yard, and in the Mid-Autumn Festival, we can still be there. Enjoy the moon and eat moon cakes. Bring both Erbao and Xiaolu, plus three children, it will definitely be lively."

The scene made Wei Jingshu amused, and his eyes were soaked with teardrops that were particularly black and bright. Qi Shiqin couldn't help but think that no matter how beautiful a beauty is, it is probably no better than this one in his family. It is like a little prince living in an ivory tower, who is not well versed in the world, yet arousing love and affection.

In fact, Yuan Zong, who had looked at them a few times above, also sighed in his heart that Tian Luo's girl, I am afraid, is really inferior to others.

Her only advantage is that she is young and energetic, but Wei Jingshu looks like she is seventeen or eighteen. The years have given them so much preference, and her face stays at the best age.

Yuan Zong was in a daze. Seeing Qi Shiqin ten years ago, it seemed like this, but his momentum became stronger.

An hour later, in the Imperial Study Room.

"Resign and return to my hometown?" Yuan Zong was about to laugh. "Are you threatening me?" The general was only welcomed back to Beijing by the people in the city a few days ago. He will go back soon. Tell the world, he is an emperor intolerant! Cross the river and demolish the bridge!

"I don't dare." Qi Shiqin was also angry in his heart. You said how nice you were to me at the beginning, and when you came back, you also talked and laughed. He also felt the emperor's sincerity. But suddenly he changed his mind, so he can't really let him take a woman back!

"Don't you dare you!" Yuan Zong slammed the tea cup to the ground and said in a loud voice: "What can't you dare? Half of the world's military power is in your hands. The people love you. I think it's simply Don't forget to be the emperor!" Grandpa Zhang, who was waiting outside the hall, trembled.

Are you angry? I'm not angry. He was originally trying to create a prosperous world and let the people live and work in peace, but there is a case of Prime Minister Lin in the court that restricts him, and the people who originally trusted with all his heart are also alienated. He was so embarrassed as the emperor!

I rescued you from Brother Da Huang back then, alright! A few years ago, we passed on the flying pigeons. Have you forgotten those days?

Qi Shiqin hadn't forgotten, so he looked at Yuan Zong who was angry and couldn't help but laughed. Yuan Zong immediately shook his eyes and came over, "Presumptuous!"

Now he laughed more freely. Yuan Zong glared at him for a while, and couldn't hold back his laugh.

As early as ten years ago, the two people who had been together for half a month felt a bit of a confidant who met very late. Yuan Zong was weak at the time and had great expectations for Qi Shiqin, a member of his own camp.

After Qi Shiqin went to the south, the two of them often flew pigeons and handed down books. Qi Shiqin had nothing to say, so he could only tell Yuan Zong about his uncle who made a fool of him. After reading it, Yuan Zong's reaction was of course hahahahahaha Hahahahahahaha, of course the emperor who was forced to see his friends suffer was gloating.

Perhaps they found the same feeling. The two men of Mensao forgot their identities in the small note, and they fought and teased each other. Of course, they didn't mind comforting the other when they were relaxing.

Especially Qi Shiqin, because Yuan Zong was two years younger than him, the impression of Xiao Douding on the other side when they first met was deeply etched in his mind. For the little emperor, he was always more tolerant.

In recent years, it was discovered by the Queen Mother that the emperor and his courtiers were not the ruler, and that the exchanges between the courtiers and the courtiers, especially Yuan Zong accidentally told Qi Shiqin about the Lin case, which made the queen mother extremely angry. This is equivalent to the emperor himself telling others the information in the court, this person is still a person with a growing military power!

If people are a little ambitious, Yuan Zong is like digging his own grave.

At this point, the Meng Sao little secret between the two men was interrupted.

The emperor who had been brainwashed by the Queen Mother also began to worry about Qi Shiqin's merits, but he was nostalgic, so he summoned Qi Shiqin back, ready to slowly remove the brand he made on the army.

However, after calling people back, Yuan Zong was a bit displeased with people, which may be like "death to the light" of netizens in the world. The little note will give him ideas, laugh at him, comfort him, and tell him funny stories. The person who tells him funny stories can't be a man with a cold face and no warmth in his eyes!

Yuan Zong refused to accept this reality. He stretched out his little paw, and said ugly rejection at the beginning. And quite seriously, I felt that this guy might be going to rebel, and what the queen said was true. There are always people who want to harm me. Otherwise, I would not even give me a hint of expression.

Later, when he saw his sister Tianluo, Yuan Zong felt that if she married Qi Shiqin, he could win people's hearts on the one hand, and by the way, he could monitor whether there was any disagreement. On the one hand, she is a family. My sister is so good-looking, maybe the beauty plan is useful.

Yuan Zong, who has three thousand beauties in the harem, never thought that a man would refuse to send the beauty to the door. He didn't believe in true love. There is only one person beside Qi Shiqin. In his opinion, his good brother is bewildered by a brother, or Qi Shiqin is just too lazy to marry again, saving trouble.

Anyway, I never thought I would be rejected.


The author has something to say: The emperor didn't know why he suddenly changed two, but he only showed his true temperament in front of the male lead. He is still a reliable, careful, vengeful, expressionless, indifferent, indifferent to the people. , A good emperor dedicated to overthrowing powerful officials.

Regarding Sui, I just want him to learn how to love, learn to treat children well, to pet each other, as long as the family is happy, it doesn't require him to grow up, after all, Gong is already so strong, and it's boring for him to become a self-reliant person. .

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