After laughing, Yuan Zong began to regret it. He was still so angry just now, but now he wants to get angry again. Invisibly, an embarrassment spread.

Qi Shiqin smiled and coughed with a hand to his lips, "The emperor joked, and the minister was loyal to the emperor and to the Great Zhou. The emperor's life-saving gracious minister did not dare or forget. This son is better to sit down with the emperor. The minister never did. I have thought about it, the emperor, don't talk nonsense about wronging good people."

At this moment, the speech was not so respectful, with a hint of ridicule. Yuan Zong glanced at him, but he laughed unconsciously, as if everything was the appearance of secretly passing the book back then.

No one really wants to be a lonely family, and Yuan Zong is no exception.

For a long time, Yuan Zong whispered: "I thought you changed."

"It's not me, the emperor." Qi Shiqin said. Thinking that Wei Jingshu was still waiting for him, he stretched out his hand and put the tiger charm symbolizing military power on the case table, "The minister has things to do, leave first."

He walked simply and neatly, and disappeared at the door before Yuan Zong could react. Yuan Zong stared blankly, his heart was complicated and unspeakable, he knew that only himself could change.

Suddenly, Yuan Zong felt a little guilty.

At the gate of the city, the driver saw Qi Shiqin coming over and quickly said: "General." With the help of his hand pulling the curtain on the car, Qi Shiqin didn't care and got into the car with a hum.

As soon as he sat down, he lifted Wei Jingshu's chin and kissed him, the corners of his mouth slightly curled up. Wei Jingshu didn't care, and asked directly: "What did the emperor say?"

Uh…Qi Shiqin wanted to scratch his head very much. He seemed to have forgotten such a thing, but he still calmly said: "Well, it's okay."

Anyway, it is impossible for him to marry another person.

After hearing this, Wei Jingshu leaped into Qi Shiqin's arms happily, and said coquettishly: "Husband, you treat me so well."

Qi Shiqin happily enjoyed it, and the two of them felt so sweet.

In fact, since then, Yuan Zong has never mentioned his plan to marry Qi Shiqin. I handed in the soldier talisman, but now in the military camp, Qi Shiqin himself is better than this thing. Yuan Zong also understands this truth. This move is only an attitude.

Many people who joined the army have never read books and don't know what loyal emperor is. Compared with the emperor who is nothing and strange, of course, the generals who bring himself to life and death are more popular.

Because of this situation, it is difficult to say that Qi Shiqin has no points in his heart and knows that his position in the hearts of many soldiers is becoming more and more important, but he has not deliberately promoted the emperor's grace and allegiance to the emperor. He himself didn't feel that he should be inferior to others. All of this was made by his own life. When he bleeds, he must also say that everything is the emperor's credit. Then he really can't do it.

The future man, who doesn't have an ambitious dream? Guarding the territory and protecting the peace of one side, many of his subordinates swear to follow each other to the death, not afraid of the imperial power, only loyal to themselves.

Then Wanmin admired and left his name in history.

But Qi Shiqin really has no idea of ​​usurping the throne, and now he has realized his desire. So when Yuan Zong summoned him back to Beijing, Qi Shiqin didn't feel the slightest bit of reluctance, and he came back straight away.

Yuan Zong didn't know what to think, perhaps because he really saw that Qi Shiqin didn't have the slightest thoughts, and the two people recovered the tacit understanding of the past. Everyone saw that the two who were just still breathing each other were happy in an instant. Like a person.

Qi Shiqin became a big red man in front of the emperor.

After the dynasty, Qi Shiqin was called to the garden by Yuan Zong.

He reluctantly said: "What's the matter with you looking for me to visit the garden now? How many times have it been?" The two of them really didn't say anything about business, at most Yuan Zong told him a few words about Lin's case. How arrogant the attitude of the morning up.

Everyone is in the same place, and he can't see it.

Yuan Zong said: "You are actually impatient, do you know how many people want to talk to me?"

"Then you find them." Qi Shiqin said mercilessly: "My son sent a letter saying that he will be home today. I will go back and have a look. Also, I will go home in a few days, and it will take ten years. I haven't seen my parents before, I miss them very much, and I don't know how they are now."

Speaking of the back, he rarely felt a little melancholy.

Years, Yuan Zong sighed, he said: "Okay, you can go back."

When Qi Shiqin left, he pulled others' sleeves, "Wait, I'll go out with you. I haven't seen your two sons yet. Don't go, I'll change my clothes. . "Speaking of how disappointing their deep feelings are, don't fail to recognize them when you meet them in the future.

Under Father Zhang's help, Yuan Zong changed his clothes. At the same time, he was low-key and expensive, which tested the price of his eyesight.

Walking on the lively streets, the security of the imperial city is quite good. All kinds of businessmen who chase fame and fortune gather here. The various snacks and pastries seem to be more authentic and delicious than other places. Qi Shiqin bought a lot of them, and even Yuan Zong helped him get a few.

Yuan Zong looked at him sadly, and complained: "I didn't even have a bite to eat, so let me take so many things." He has never eaten these snacks. Things that were unclean before make him special. Want to eat.

Qi Shiqin didn't look back, "You are embarrassed to snatch the child's things, besides, do you want me to feed you into your mouth? Do it yourself."

"Don't ask how bad it is, you don't take the initiative to give it to me." Yuan Zong muttered softly, then threw the food on Zhang Gonggong, and ate it happily. Fu remembered again and asked, "Your eldest son should be fifteen or sixteen, right? Why do you still like to eat these?"

Qi Shiqin turned his head and stared at Yuan Zong's greasy lips.

Yuan Zong realized that he could understand Qi Shiqin's eyes, so he didn't ask any more questions. He hadn't eaten it before, and an unfavored prince didn't even bother to let the royal cook do it.

After thinking about it, Qi Shiqin still replied, "It's not just him. In fact, our family likes to eat. Every time we go on an outing together, we will play some rabbits, pheasants, and put some fish in the pond. , Bring the seasoning, it's delicious after baking."

In fact, Qi Shiqin's description is not so touching, but Yuan Zong listened to his deep magnetic voice, gentle tone, and even looked at the face that unconsciously wanted to smile. The quiet and joyful picture seemed to be from the sentence. Jumped out, vividly displayed in front of him.

At this moment, Yuan Zong wanted him to work overtime very much! And decided to pay for practice in the future.

He is a little jealous, his life is full of all kinds of complicated things, and the only thing missing is that simple happiness. In many ways, he felt that he and his general were actually the same, for example, he liked the simplicity. But what is different about him is that he loves rights the most compared to others, and I am afraid that he will not be able to let it go in this life.

When I returned to the General House, it was almost ten o'clock. When I walked into the study, I heard the noise of the two brothers. He smiled and walked in and asked, "What are you two arguing about again?"

I saw that the two recovered instantly, or Qi Guo was alone. After all, Qi Ge was mostly expressionless.



The corners of Qi Ge's lips rose slightly, and his eyes shone slightly. It seemed that he was really happy that Dad came home.

And Qi Guo's face showed a happy smile, brilliant and dazzling.

Qi Shiqin introduced the people who followed in to the two brothers, "This is Dad's friend, you can call him Uncle Yuan." Qi Ge and Qi Guo screamed obediently. He looked at Yuan Zong again, "Hurry up and give the meeting ceremony."

He knew that this person must be carrying.

Yuan Zong was holding his hand, but his mouth joked: "How can you be like you, chasing people to meet up." He took out the two jade pendants he had prepared earlier, "This is a gift from my uncle. Take it quickly."

The two children looked at Qi Shiqin together, and when they saw their father nod their heads, they thanked him for accepting it.

After walking around the mansion with people, and leaving people for lunch, Qi Shiqin sent them away.


A few days later, a carriage departed from the General's Mansion.

In the route planning, Qi Shiqin made a circle, and was going to see his father-in-law first. They hadn't seen each other for so many years. Wei Jingshu also wanted to go back and have a look.

Madam Wei, no, it should be the prefect of Wei now. He is currently serving as an official in Qingzhou. After he was promoted to the prefect, he was not outstanding, but he has a powerful son-in-law. He doesn't have to worry about the oppression of all forces, so he can barely count as a good official who is the master of the people. .

Over the years, his assignments have been equal, and when he ran from one place to another, his position remained the same.

"Master, son and uncle are back."

"What!" Wei Zhifu stood up abruptly, "Quickly, go and welcome in." As soon as he finished speaking, he said again: "Forget it, I'll go there myself."

All the way to the door, I saw that his son was still the same as he did in the past. After all, he had spoiled him for more than ten years, Wei Zhifu still thought. His eyes were wet and he looked at Wei Jingshu.

Wei Jingshu was also excited with tears in his eyes, and said, "Father, I'm back."

"Okay, okay, go into the house quickly." Perhaps the old man, Wei Zhifu, who has always been greedy for fame and fortune, secretly wiped the corner of his eyes while his son was not paying attention. But Zhang, who rushed over after hearing the sound, didn't have so much scruples, and the two cried with each other in their arms.

"Well, what's it like on this street?" Wei Zhifu scolded.

Only then did Zhang wipe away his tears, and back to the house with the support of his son.

"Mother, how are your years? Did the second lady bully you?" Wei Jingshu asked.

Zhang said, "Don't worry, my mother is pretty good. I have been my housekeeper in the house a few years ago. If I know my son is doing well, my mother won't worry about anything." She touched Wei Jingshu's hand. She was tender and her face was white, she just looked more beautiful, but she couldn't tell her true age at all. With this alone, she can conclude that the child is doing well.

Wei Jing wrote: "The second lady, she didn't give birth to a boy, I remember it seemed to be quite healthy. Dad cares about offspring so much, how could…"

Unexpectedly, Zhang suddenly couldn't help laughing.


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