"Mother, why are you laughing? Tell me quickly." Wei Jingshu urged Zhang's hand. His eyes were full of curiosity, and he knew from his mother's expression that this must be an interesting story.

Zhang stopped smiling and said, "That child is not your father's."

Wei Jingshu couldn't help but opened his eyes slightly, "Then…who's that?" I didn't expect the second lady to be so courageous. Once found out, this would be a capital crime.

"It's just a manager in the Zhuangzi. No one found it, but he couldn't hold back that the child looked like someone else. Your father used to say that the child looked familiar, and she also said that because the child looks like a father." Zhang Shi held a handkerchief and smiled, "Isn't that just like his dad."

Wei Zhifu, with a green light lingering on his head, was immediately furious, and did not listen to the second wife who was lying on the ground begging for mercy. He drowned the child directly in front of her, and then sold the second wife to the kiln.

At the same time, Wei Zhifu threatened people not to seek death, otherwise her body would be exposed and exposed, and her daughter would follow her to accompany her.

I have to say that the irritated old man is even crazier. The son Wei Zhifu had been hoping for for half his life turned out to be a wicked one, no wonder he was like this.

After staying in Qingzhou for two days, knowing that everything was fine with my mother, Wei Jingshu reluctantly followed Qi Shiqin and set off again.

Lifting the curtains on the carriage, Wei Jingshu poked his head out from inside and said, "Daddy, you have to take care of your body. The two of you should be fine."

Zhang leaned on Wei Zhifu's body and wept. Wei Zhifu nodded, "Well, you have to be good too. Come back and see your parents when you have time."

He liked this even more with the two children, but because of Liu Qianqian's incident, he also moved his anger to Wei Qingqing, seeing that this daughter was particularly unpleasant. If it weren't for the impossible, he was worried that this wasn't his daughter either.

Therefore, for Wei Jingshu's departure, the prefect of Wei was also very sad.

"I see, father." Wei Jing called.

"Goodbye, grandpa and grandma." The two children waved their hands to say goodbye.

The carriage gradually moved away.

After half a month's journey, I finally returned to Dahe Village. The scenery outside the window did not change much from the previous year. Qi Shiqin felt a little softened. The two children also knew each other not to make a noise in the carriage when they saw their father's expressions.

"Call~" The coachman tensed the rope, stopped the carriage steadily, and said, "General, here it is."

Qi Shiqin opened the curtain, and after jumping down, he turned around and hugged Wei Jingshu who had come out. Qi Ge looked at his father's open arms in front of him, and said entangledly: "Father, I am so old." How could it be like when I was a child Let daddy hug it.

Qi Shiqin said amusedly: "That's OK, you can do it yourself."

Qi Guo, who was waiting behind, saw her brother go down, and quickly opened her small arms, yelling: "Daddy hug me, hug me, I don't despise you."

He triumphantly hugged his father's neck and couldn't get down, his feet stamped a few footprints on Qi Shiqin's clothes, and he looked at his brother's black face with joy, "Is the younger son caring? My brother doesn't like you, I like you. , I like it very much." He also emphasized.

Qi Ge said: "You come down."

Qi Guo snorted, "It's all right, my dad likes me the most."

"Come down." "Not down."

"Come down." ……

Qi Shiqin had a headache and patted the younger son's ass, "Don't keep arguing with your brother, you two dad like it." I have to say that the child's voice is clear and penetrating. He feels that at such a close distance. It's noisy in my head.

Qi Guo proudly raised her chest, "That's different, father, your favorite is definitely me."

"You dare to think, but you are the most annoying." Qi Shiqin doesn't know where Qi Guo's inexplicable self-confidence comes from. He can always automatically filter out the bad words. He firmly believes that his brother is a big devil and he is a little angel. , Everyone likes him the most.

In fact, fighting and skipping classes, throwing stones in the yard of others, etc., did everything possible to make trouble. Qi Shiqin cried and cried every time he was able to hit him, and his butt was swollen.

Qi Guo confessed his mistakes positively, but did not change after repeated teachings. The next time I commit the crime, it seems that I can't remember that I was given a severe lesson last time.

But there is one thing that Qi Shiqin admired the most for his youngest son. He doesn't hold grudges, and he will always live a particularly happy life. Even if the ass hurts and dare not move, the next day he will still behave like a coquettish at his dad the next day, and he will not be afraid of him.

This kind of person seems to have a kind of alias lack of mind.

But for the older brother Qi Ge, the only one in this family who can cure him is the eldest son.

But it's not blindly afraid. There are a lot of noises every day. Qi Guo left his brother's name when he got into trouble. The title of "King brother's young expert" has been lit since he was a child, and it is shining at the top of the science and technology tree.

Too lazy to bother about the children's quarrel, Qi Shiqin put down Qi Guo, opened the door and walked in. This has changed a bit. The house has been built bigger, and several houses have been built next to it. It seems that a large family should still live in a bunch.

"Is anyone at home?" He raised his voice and shouted.

I only heard the sound of heavy objects falling from the room, and an old hoarse voice called softly and quickly, "Little Liu, Xiao Liu, my Little Liu is back."

Before Wei Jingshu could react, he saw her husband's expression change and rushed in hurriedly. Before he could think about it, he quickly followed.

Entering this room, Wei Jingshu smelled an unpleasant smell in an instant. He held his breath somewhat impatiently. He watched Qi Shiqin pick up an old man lying on the ground and put it on the bed. He trot over to help. The quilt was pulled away.

I don't know if he is too squeamish. He always feels that the quilt hasn't been dried for too long, and it feels greasy to the touch.

"Mother." Qi Shiqin screamed tremblingly, and the people who killed countless people on the battlefield shed tears in such an instant.

"Xiao Liu, Xiao Liu…" Zhou Cuicui was smiling, with a happy smile on her face, "It's fine to come back, it's fine."

Occasionally, she speaks a bit uncomfortably, and her speech rate is slow, but she can be heard clearly, but her voice is not as loud as before.

Qi Shiqin held Zhou Cuicui's hand that he wanted to stretch out to him, and touched it with his cheek. It was a little cold, and then he held it firmly, saying: "Mother, my son is back, and he will never leave again. He has been with you. "

Tears drenched from the corners of Zhou Cuicui's eyes, and Qi Shiqin hurriedly wiped her dry. Looking at the two children who came in, he said to the elder son: "Xiao Ge, you go to the city and invite a doctor to come, hurry up."

"Okay." Qi Ge nodded, and immediately turned to go out, unloaded the carriage, rode away on the horse, and quickly disappeared at the entrance of the village.

Wei Jingshu looked at the environment in the room. The overall light was dim, the room was lifeless, and everything was old. He wondered that the quilt shouldn't keep warm. He reached into the old lady's bed and touched it, sighing in his heart. . To Qi Shiqin, said: "Mother, this body is cold, I will go to boil some hot water, and wait for the doctor to come, see if you have any attention, and give my mother a bath."

Qi Shiqin nodded, he was not careful, and he didn't even notice this at once.

When going out, Wei Jingshu took the youngest son out. It wasn't until he smelled the unusually different air outside that he realized that he had forgotten to hold his breath inside. Of course he can't stop breathing for a long time.

"Mother, what's the matter with grandma?" Qi Guo saw this scene for the first time, as if something was pressing down in her heart.

Wei Jingshu thought for a while. Although he had no affection for Zhou Cicui, the old lady loved the two grandsons very much. So he said: "Grandma is sick and can't get up. Parents have to take care of her. You have to be sensible. When you were young, your grandma used to care about you. She always hugged you and talked to her later and coaxed her. "

"Good." Qi Guo agreed. To speak nicely, he is good at it.

When he said that, he broke away from Wei Jingshu's hand and ran back quickly. Qi Shiqin embraced him and said to Zhou Cuicui: "Mother, do you remember the little guy you held every day when you were young? Now that you are so big, you can't be naughty all day long. He always makes trouble for me. It's still the same after it's done, but it makes me angry."

Zhou Cuicui's smile never stopped. She was happy when she saw her little son. She said, "Don't hit the child. If you have something to say, you can see that your mother never hit you when you were a child."

"That's right." Qi Guo's small mouth was pouting, and he said with jealousy: "Grandma, you don't know, he always likes to beat me, he doesn't beat his brother, it's not fair at all."

Qi Shiqin said irritably, "Are you embarrassed to say that your brother is as disobedient as you? You don't even listen to you. How many times have you made the same mistake? Has your brain been eaten by Erbao?"

Qi Guoxin thought: How did he know if Erbao didn't eat it? The puppy just didn't like playing with him, it was too bad, and he obviously liked it so much.

He never thought that he would always give Er Bao a "hold up" every time, and the meat that he ate in Er Bao's belly would be squeezed out. Er Bao, who is a little flower in the greenhouse, would never accept any discomfort, and of course he chose to leave him.

Qi Guo didn't quarrel with her father and father, and directly complained to her grandma. He could see that grandma would definitely defend him. Alas, it's not his fault that he is always so cute and lovable, he is so charming.

Relying on the sweetness of their mouths, the three people get along very warmly and happily, and there is constant laughter in the room.

Qi Ge rode a fast horse to Yuecheng, asked someone about the best medical clinic, and went straight to the place. Although the big medical hall generally does not go out for consultation, after listening to Qi Ge's explanation, he also reasonably agreed, but the consultation fee is more expensive.

The doctor was almost fifty years old. He looked very healthy, but he didn't mind riding a horse. He took a horse from his medical clinic, and the two of them arrived at Qi's house in a short time.

Zhou Cuicui's disease can only be maintained, and it cannot be cured. The doctor prescribed a warm and tonic prescription and blew up to make the ink dry faster. "Eat according to this first. Light, eat more digestible, and often eat eggs and the like. I have written the notes here, and you can read it for yourself. The old lady is exhausted inside, I am afraid that she will not live long, and take good care of her. Spend your old age."

Qi Shiqin took the prescription with a calm face, "Trouble the doctor, please see if there is anything else to pay attention to, I want to wipe my mother."

Under the guidance of the doctor, Qi Shiqin washed Zhou Cicui's body with warm water, and he found a new set of sheets and quilts from the room next to him, which were fluffy and soft, and smelled of warm sunshine.

The furnishings in the room were also soaked and cleaned by Wei Jingshu with a veil. When the window was opened, the sun shone in, and the window was bright and clean. It made people feel comfortable when I saw it.

Wei Jingshu took a breath, smiled satisfied, and finally there was no strange smell.


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