After arranging for Zhou Cicui, Qi Shiqin went out. He just said a lot of things with his mother, but he didn't hear about Dad, and there was no second person in the house. He subconsciously felt that something was not good.

He went around the road and chose to go to the third brother's house. In this case, he believed He Yue even more.

He Yue was pulling carrots in the yard next to her. She raised some rabbits and was going to raise them and cut them to sell. The rabbit meat was also good. Both daughters are married, and there is still some money left in the family. For the rest of her life, she will not worry about food and clothing, so it is better to do something she likes.

It happens that the rabbit is fluffy, looks cute, and the touch feels irresistible.

"Sansao." There was a low voice that seemed to be familiar. He Yue looked up and recognized it at a glance. She subconsciously said: "Sixth brother is back. It's been many years. I thought you won't be back. "

About ten years or eleven years, He Yue can't remember.

"Is the third brother here?" Qi Shiqin asked fluently.

"I'm here, I'll call for you." Before Qi Shiqin refused, He Yue shouted with his hoe directly: "The third child, the third child, come out quickly. I have something to look for you."

"Hey, what's the matter?" Qi Laosan replied when he heard the sound. Then people walked out, and when they saw Qi Shiqin, they were also taken aback. Then they were joyful and said with a smile: "Sixth brother is back, come in and sit down, Xiaoyue, why don't you ask people to come into the house."

He Yue walked back holding the carrot leaves, a little behind two steps, and looked at Qi Shiqin's face. She thought that this little uncle has been over ten years old. Apart from his temperament eyes, he looks the same as before. .

The three people were sitting at the table, Qi Laosan made a cup of tea, and Qi Shiqin asked, "Brother, I came today to ask about the situation at home, what's wrong with her mother, how is her life? And father , He…" He didn't finish that sentence.

Qi Laosan received a smile and said, "Sixth brother, he passed away four years ago."

Qi Shiqin's heart trembled, why? Obviously he took care of his parents before leaving, so why couldn't he stop time?

There was a bad premonition before, but it was confirmed that Qi Shiqin didn't know what he was feeling in his heart. He never exposed his emotions easily when someone was there. After being silent for a while, he asked again: "Well, my mother, I don't think what she wears and uses is not very good."

"I know this." He Yue said: "There is nothing in the village that cannot be spread. If you speak louder at home, you will hear everything outside." This is a bit exaggerated, but if it is a quarrel, it is generally speaking. I can really hear that when the time comes, women who are familiar with each other in the village will comfort people, and this comfort will not know everything.

When people are sad and angry, they always think of someone who can understand themselves, and it is inevitable to say too much.

"My mother has been sick since Dad died, and then she was bedridden. At first, several sister-in-laws treated her very well. Suddenly my mother found that she couldn't get up, she couldn't accept her, and she had a bad temper, but everyone I didn't care, but treated her better and better."

"But you know, when things go wrong, they are monsters. They are not kind and filial people." He Yue sneered and continued: "Everyone has their own selfishness. They coaxed their mother to give money out. The grandson buys a house in the city. How expensive is the house in the city, and the money will soon be almost spent. Those few people are not considered to be of good character. In the past, my mother could hold them down, and Dad and you were there. They don't dare to make trouble."

So she didn't make a mistake in her decision to separate her family.

The older sister-in-law Zhou looks calm, but she actually has a lot of calculations in her mind. The second sister-in-law Wu's mouth is tricky, unreasonable, and greedy for petty and cheapness. The four younger siblings are gloomy and not talkative, so that the children who have finally gotten can live well, and are afraid that they can do whatever they want.

With this calculation, Zhou Cuicui is considered good, although she often talks, curses, and loves to make people work, but she herself is always idle for a moment. When she had just crossed over, the original owner had also drunk a lot of medicine, but she hadn't seen it well until Zhou Cuicui stopped the money. There were so many people in this family that she really didn't save much money.

Thinking about it now, He Yue can also understand, although she still can't get close to this kind of person, and she doesn't want to get close.

He Yue said: "But now, my mother is ill and needs someone to wait, and my father is gone. The eldest brother is a filial man, but he has to work as a helper in a restaurant in the city all day long. He rarely comes home. Sister-in-law has quarreled many times, but Sister-in-law herself is justified. Anyway, she only cares about the few days allocated to her, and she doesn't care about others at other times."

"The other brothers just yelled a sentence or two. After a few days, they are gone."

Qi Shiqin nodded, "Okay, I see, the third brother and the third sister-in-law, I will go back first."

He Yue and the couple didn't keep him, got up and sent them out.

Walking on the road, Qi Shiqin felt very heavy. To be honest, he did not hate a few sister-in-laws at all. After all, the bloodlines are different, and his mother can't be said to treat several daughter-in-laws well, and it's weird that people can be sincere.

What he was really angry about was his brothers. It was not easy for his parents to raise so many boys with their hard work. Now that his mother is sick, they are not at all concerned.

He didn't want to hear anything about quarreling with his own wife about this matter, and even beat her daughter-in-law about it, these didn't work. If you really wanted to, the mother's room would not have such a stinky smell, the quilt would not be so trendy, and the new clothes would not have two.

There is also the matter of paying for the old lady's private house. This is said to be done by the daughter-in-law, and there is no acquiescence behind it. Could this money be spent?

He remembered the year he was leaving, because he wanted him to save He Yue, the third brother gave Zhou Cuicui the two thousand taels of silver from the family. He persuaded his mother that every house in the house earns money and saves it by himself, and it is always bad to turn to the public. After all, the children in each house are already very big. Whether you marry a wife or a daughter, parents must want to give more to their children. Be prepared.

Zhou Cuicui thought that she already had a lot of money, and she didn't want to be the way she used to be, and she agreed with her fingers to figure out how to feed a large family.

At the time, it was also said that the money for schooling for grandsons was still paid out of public office, and some would also be paid out for marrying a wife.

If I want to raise my son, I don't know how I earn it, but I am worried about the little money in the hands of the old man. The more Qi Shiqin thought about it, the more angry he became. He returned home and sat on the stone bench in the yard without saying a word. Wei Jingshu and the two children did not dare to come over and talk to him.

The sun has risen to a high level, Qi Guo touched her deflated belly, and whispered to Wei Jingshu: "Mother, I'm hungry."

Wei Jingshu went back to the room and opened the baggage, and brought out some snacks for the two children. "First, eat something to cushion your stomach, and mother will cook. Your father is in a bad mood now. Don't quarrel between you two."

Qi Ge and Qi Guo nodded together, each of them took a few yuan in his hand, followed Wei Jingshu to help set the fire, and occasionally gave him a bite, "Mother, you eat too."


When Zhou rushed back from the field to cook lunch, she could see the smoke rising from the roof. She stepped into the courtyard and saw Qi Shiqin sitting on the stone bench. The heart slammed immediately, Zhou Clan maintained the calm demeanor of being a sister-in-law a little nervously, and said, "Xiao and Xiao Liu are back."

"Yeah." Qi Shiqin replied, looking at Zhou Clan and said: "Jing Shu is making a mother's meal, Sister-in-law go and help."

"Fine." The eyes that fell on her made Zhou's body tremble, and she couldn't stop her guilty conscience, she replied repeatedly. Very quickly disappeared in the courtyard.

It wasn't until she entered the kitchen that she recalled anxiously how Zhou Cuicui was doing these days? They rotate every three days, this time it's time for the second younger brother and sister Wu.

She was swearing secretly in her heart. Wu, a person who is unprofitable and cannot afford to be early, must have not served a good mother. Sometimes the old lady can't control it, and she will have incontinence.

When the meal was ready, she passed by the courtyard and saw Qi Shiqin look up at her. Zhou smiled cautiously and said, "I…I'll call someone back for dinner."

I really felt a chill behind my back. Of course, they knew that Qi Shiqin seemed to be a high official, but he couldn't hold his family on the battlefield, and he encountered attacks from neighboring countries one after another.

Several sister-in-laws wondered that this little uncle didn't give them any benefits when he was an official before, and that the benefits should be grasped in their own hands. Moreover, I haven't come back for so many years. Isn't there a saying called "General White Hair"? They felt that it would be difficult for the uncle to return home in this life, maybe they would have to wait for decades.

Zhou Cuicui was already in his seventies, and when my uncle came back, the day lily was cold.

After all, they just feel that Zhou Cuicui is so old and can't live for a few years, and can't wait for Qi Shiqin to come back. Besides, the war is so urgent, maybe people died there that day, and they won't be able to return for a lifetime. That's why they are so unscrupulous.

But I didn't expect people to come back like this!

The second and fourth brothers weren't nervous about their younger brother's coming back. They didn't think there was anything wrong with what they did.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, Older Qi smiled loudly and said: "Little Liu, we heard my sister-in-law say that you have gone home. That's true. The second brother wants to kill you." He walked to Qi Shiqin and wanted to put his arm on. The younger brother's shoulders were unprepared at all.

A cold smile appeared on Qi Shiqin's face, and he hit the smiling face of Qi Lao Er with a punch. Qi Lao Er was completely confused, "Xiao Liu, what are you doing?"

Qi Shiqin ignored his reply, grabbing a person is really fistful, hitting wherever it hurts.

From Qi Lao Er's screams, we can feel that he is absolutely merciless in starting. Several people were stunned for a moment, and they came forward to try to pull Qi Shiqin away, "Sixth brother, let go of your second brother. It's bleeding, it's bleeding."

It's okay not to persuade, Qi Shilang voluntarily came to the door, and Qi Shiqin naturally grabbed them and beat them together. There was a loud noise in their place, and soon, villagers who came back to eat outside the door passed by. Seeing this scene, they hurried in to persuade them to fight. Of course, there is no shortage of pointing aside to watch the excitement.

Wu looked at the swollen face of his husband, Lao Gao, his eyes were dark blue, and there were faint blood stains, and his mind was a little unconscious. She had always been the only one who had the advantage to run people. This made her feel dizzy, and the hoe she brought back when she went down to the ground hit Qi Shiqin's head.


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